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[37] nights without a sleepwalking incident
Last was: 8/3 10.11am (discussed 10.17am, 2.46pm, 2.50pm)


Who should get a prize or power? One win per hamster
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#1 Never-not Pass
 > Natalie
#2 Nullify two votes
 > James
#3 1 week immunity + costume
 > Nicole
#4 Co-HOH select 1 nominee
 > Michelle
#5 $5k to bribe someone
 > Corey - given to Victor


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FAQ and season stats

Power Status
Natalie evicted 3-0
Corey is Head of Household
Paul and Victor are nominated

Nobody is Have-not

Upcoming Events
Friday night or Saturday: Veto comp

Remaining shows:
Sunday, September 11 8pm: HOH comp, nominations
Tuesday, September 13 8pm: Veto comp, eviction, HOH comp (taped Monday September 12)
Wednesday, September 14 8pm: Final veto, live eviction, begin final HOH Part 1
Friday, September 16 8pm: Season highlights?
Wednesday, September 21 9.30pm: Finale

September 28: New Big Brother season exclusively on All Access

Show Schedule
Sunday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm, and live eviction Thursday 9pm on CBS (Global in Canada)

After Dark schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight to 3am, Tuesday 11pm to 3am, Thursday 1am to 3am on Pop (Slice in Canada)

HOHs in order
Nicole; Paulie; Bridgette; Paulie; James; Paul; Victor; Corey; Victor; Natalie/won + Michelle/awarded; Nicole; Victor; Corey

Veto wins in order
Paul; Paulie; Bridgette; Corey; Michelle; Paulie; Paulie; Corey; Victor; Paul; Nicole; Corey

Battle Back wins in order
Jozea; Victor; Victor; Victor

Roadkill wins in order
Frank; Victor; Frank; Tiffany

Evictions in order
Glenn (no vote); Jozea 7-4-0; Victor 9-1-0; Bronte 5-4-0; Tiffany 8-0-0; Frank 9-0; Da'Vonne 6-2; Zakiyah 3-2; Bridgette 5-1; Paulie 5-0; Victor 2-1; Michelle 3-2; Natalie 3-0

Evictee Twitters
@GLENNNBX, @jossie_flores, @bbbronte18, @TiffanyAlexis04, @Frankeudy

Day 87 - Friday, September 9

Home stretch

All five hung out in HOH for awhile, like hamsters tend to do when their numbers are reduced to a handful, and Paul soaked his aching muscles with some Taylor Swift and a bubble bath - the first of the season I think, which is actually a blessing when you think of all the awkward and soapy couplings we might have been subjected to, ugh

Paul and Victor told Corey and Nicole last night that they wouldn't be surprised if they were nominated since there aren't enough choices to avoid it, but they still thought it would be one of them plus James right up til Jeffish arrived for noms - oops.. they also got in an almost-heated argument with each other just before noms, about VMAs of all things.. James gave us a lengthy talk where he explained his do-nothing strategy, as if we hadn't noticed he's done nothing all season

Julie continued the one-sided illusion agenda by saying in one interview Natalie had been "at the very least a little bratty and at the very worst a little psycho" last week.. Psycho? Really?? I wonder what Natalie did to tick them off - it sure seems like there's more there than meets the eye

Corey nominated Paul and Victor as planned.. the feeds went down for most right before they came back - the entire CBS site did along with some CBS affiliate sites - but the hoped-for fireworks mostly fizzled anyway.. Corey, Nicole, James went upstairs to celebrate (and hide), while Victor and Paul grouched around.. Victor was more upset of the two because of the betrayal factor and their Final Four alliance not lasting til they were final four.. Paul was calmer and more logical, saying it made sense for Corey and Nicole, and now they have to win veto.. he also said he knew it was coming because Corey had gone all pale before turning the little keys

Paul assumed James had gotten to Corey and Nicole and pitched a deal but I'm not sure if he did or not - even if he did, these noms were decided before.. Victor did some stress-cleaning as he got more wound up about it, telling Paul he'll remain stand-offish now with the others, adding that's only until after the game/show.. James left HOH and Paul went up to shmooze and throw James under the you-know-what, and later Victor joined them.. there were a few direct guilt hits made by both nominees and while Corey didn't seem fazed by them, Nicole did

Paul and Victor turned in early, after another short joke/laugh session, and James hung out in HOH as if the last week or two had never happened.. the nominees popped back up later, like hamsters do, and they all five chatted together for awhile.. Victor finally gave up his secret that he's the gym ops manager and not a personal trainer, and he was finally able to talk about his job and daily life a bit, and James gave up Natalie's of having been a Jets cheerleader (apparently she'd told him he could if he wanted to, after she was gone).. Corey and Nicole did their bed/sex/whatever thing, and Victor and Paul had a good time late into the night talking about everything under the sun

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Day 86 - Thursday, September 8

Waiting for skating

Good news! Tonight's HOH comp will be on the feeds, and All Access is offering a free month for a limited time!

Sign up now and use promo code FALLACCESS for your first month free.. you can watch Thursday's HOH comp live - I think it'll be the slippy skating/fill a jug one, which is always fun to watch.. you can also watch the rest of this season play out plus Flashback to see anything that's come before, be ready for Big Brother Over The Top premiere September 28, and see any BB episode or a zillion other CBS shows.. free month offer expires September 16

Hamsters go splat

Julie said "Jatalie" out loud, Michelle was delivered to the jury house (sans Pablo), and Jeff and Jordan got the now-routine couple interview, where Jordan explained in true Jordan fashion how she got knocked up on vacation a year before their planned wedding date

Natalie walked the plank unanimously as expected, after a second edit in as many days painting her as an evil witch who betrayed superstar hero James, and stomped on his heart as a bonus.. the actual events were a lot more both-sided and the two of them had made up but hey, that's show biz.. she took Bridgette's basil plant Mr Jenkins with her and held it on her lap for her exit interview, where she told Julie she didn't know what might happen with James in future, but called him her soulmate

Julie sent the remainders out to comp and it was indeed the slippy skating one, this time with a popcorn theme.. they had to fill a jug with eight gallons of "butter" by scooper, and no prizes or hollas were involved.. they could opt to go for a smaller jug first to earn a bigger scooper, and Nicole and Paul went for that.. Corey took an early lead and Nicole did pretty well, but James and Paul splatted and bounced more than they skated, and both of them crawled the uphill return leg after every fall.. most of the falls were hard ones, and Corey and Nicole also went down hard a few times.. Victor was a good cheerleader, and enjoyed soft pretzels and hot dogs from his spot at some functional concession stands

Nicole filled her small jug but had a hard time getting the ball out, as did Paul when he filled his.. Corey looked exhausted and winded but he kept at it, eventually filling his big jug first after about an hour and 15 minutes, becoming the next HOH.. they don't yet know (but they've made some educated guesses) that his reign will only last a few days

My guessed schedule I've had posted above for awhile now was correct: Julie announced to us (but not them) that the next and final pre-finale evictions will air Tuesday and Wednesday.. she did not mention the Tuesday show will be taped Monday, because they don't like to let the TV-onlies in on that one.. feeds will likely be down Monday afternoon until after the Tuesday show airs, but that hasn't been made official yet

Nicole pestered Corey about whether she was really safe and was there really an all guys alliance or not.. he goofed with her about it, as did Paul and Victor.. she probably will be safe but it's mind-boggling how these female hamsters continue to set themselves up to get Britney'd.. Corey got his room a little after 11 instead of the usual midnight, the last WHO WANTS TO SEE we'll see this season.. he got the usual stash of snacks and cereals, Taylor Swift, a pillow with his doggies, foot cream, socks, sausages, and a letter from sister Kelly.. it's awkward having someone on ignore when they win HOH but oh well.. Corey told Nicole he wants to put up Paul and Victor, because he'd rather it be them versus James plus one, than them versus another duo

GET YOUR FEEDS so you can watch it unfold for yourself, click Previous Hamsterwatch episode up top to see what's come before, and click Feeds Updates way up top for detailed play-by-play with tons of screencaps by @UGotBronx

Big Brother fall season, Australian Survivor, BB Australia

We now have more info on the fall season: it will be called Big Brother Over The Top and it will premiere September 28 at 7pm PT/10pm ET.. the press release says the new hamsters will move in that same day, and promises we'll be able to "see everything play out live, including ceremonies and competitions" and that there will be viewer voting power - that might mean fluff votes or it might be something substantial

Of course it'll have 24/7 live feeds, plus a weekly one-hour episode with live evictions on Wednesdays, hosted by Julie.. it's scheduled to run 10 weeks, grand prize will be $250,000, and it'll be exclusively on All Access.. sign up now and you'll be set to watch the rest of BB18 play out plus Flashback to replay anything on the feeds all season as well as the new fall season, along with zillions of CBS shows including BB1 thru BB18.. reminder, they recently launched a new commercial-free option


Australia's premiere season of Survivor is underway, and is getting good reviews and positive comparisons to early USA seasons.. you can watch online at Australian Survivor official site.. outside Australia, use HideMyAss and connect to an Australian server

Unfortunately, Big Brother Australia is on hiatus, possibly permanently, but they used to do the hamsters-in-a-house concept better than most.. their 2013 season is my all-time favorite BB ever, and I can't recommend it highly enough.. here's the premiere to get you hooked started.. all episodes are on YouTube but from a few different uploaders.. there is a playlist but it skips a few episodes, so just YouTube search: Big Brother Australia 2013 and remember which ep you're on.. I promise you won't regret it


James to us: My strategy all season has been to lay low, throw comps, and not really try too hard

Paul: Told you
Victor: Eh, it is what it is, got a veto to play
Victor: I could have done that to them last week
Paul: It doesn't make sense - [James] got the last word in with them

Victor: Our downfall literally in this game is trusting people
Paul: Sorry bro, it is
Paul: Third time's the charm?
Victor: Dude I have 100% chance of going home, if I'm on the block

Paul: You going up [to HOH] or not?
Victor: Fuuuuuuuck no, for what? To tell them it's okay? No
Victor: It's got my blood going, I'm pumped

Victor: America, we just got fuuuuuucked
Paul: Again

Victor: If I stay, you ready to be my teammate? Ha ha ha
Victor: I was literally stabbed in the back three times, do you realize that?
James: Welcome to Biiiiiiig Brother
Victor: HA HA HA

Paul to Nicole, Corey: What irks me is James literally slid through.. it irks me, he didn't do shit all season

Corey: I'm a sitting freaking duck next week
Victor: Know if I stay, I am gunning hard, I will be relentless, ruthless

Nicole to Corey: Now I feel like such a jerkface that we're the ones to break up the alliance

Corey to Nicole: Victor's making it look worse than it is, he's making it look like he's the victim here

Corey, about nom plans: You're arguing putting up James, what's going through your head?
Nicole: I'm just giving them footage


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Differences between BB Canada and USA and Confessions of a BB feed watcher articles by me, for Reality Blurred

Ratings - The Final Fatal Five edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value
VTE = Voted to evict

Ups for the third long comp in a row on the feeds! But those ups are neutralized for the bizarre edits lately. Even the audience they seem to be pandering to aren't so utterly stupid that they need everything in black or white. The fact that this show is even classed 'reality' anymore makes no sense, it's simply 'low paid, non-professional actors' TV these days. Hamsters are in fact human, and humans are complex and nearly always many shades of gray, even on television, and that's the draw for reality fans! Obviously they have to select storylines to focus on and streamline them to fit between commercials, but it just seems they could have a far better show if they ran both sides of a story, or at least let viewers know there's more than one side.

Won: $2,500; Care Package #5 $5k bribe (to Victor); Trip to Atlanta MacGyver set; 1 week patriotard

VTE Natalie
As I said above, it's tricky when a premature empty wheeler sticks this long and wins HOH, but I can't get past the goat, not to mention the other stories and telling the guys he'll dump Nicole before the wrap party. His game and personality are so similar to BB5 Drew's, I can see him dumping her at F3 like Drew did Diane, but I really hope he doesn't get that far because again, the goat. The photo doggie pillow was pretty cool though.

Won: $5,000.25; Care Package #2 nullify 2 votes; Immunity 1st 2 evictions

No vote (nominee)
So many cries of RIGGED! lately and so what, it's their show and they can do what they want, even if we don't like it. Me, I just want good feeds. But with the last couple show edits painting lay-around James as superstar hero and heartbroken tragic soul has me what-iffing.. what if he's got a guaranteed AFP repeat if he doesn't go to finals? Stranger contracts have happened, and it would help explain his constant focus on it (even more than playing BB) as well as the self-editing he's done with his own stories compared to his last time around. Or maybe he figured that part out for himself. It's food for thought anyway, question authority and all that.

Won: $2,507.50; Trip to Anywhere USA; Care Package #3 1 week immunity plus safety costume

VTE Natalie
Kudos for being the last female standing, that's always an impressive milestone in this usually male-dominated game. But you have to question why she wanted that spot so badly? A female has never beaten a male in BB USA finals, and most of us would love to see a female alliance that went the distance. But alas, once again it didn't happen this time around either, and we can debate casting formula theories or whatever, 'it is what it is'. But she's done well for herself to get this far, and deserves credit for it.

Won: $500; 1 week secret service; Outback dinner (guest)

VTE Natalie
He'd said he would throw this comp but a) hamsters say things all the time and b) he's not a professional stuntman, so I have trouble believing he took all those many hard falls just for show. I think both he and Victor have worked harder than the others to get to this point so I'd love to see the two of them against each other in the end, but they (and we) probably won't be so lucky.

Won: $5,500*; TV/tablet/phone; 2 Revivals; Immunity 1st 2 evictions
* includes $5k bribe from Corey

No vote (HOH)
See Paul re my hopes for the Sitting Ducks to stick to the end, and I also have to give Victor kudos for being a good cheerleader while the others were slipping and splatting their guts out. He's got a quick wit and a good sense of humor (most of the time) and that's the most precious commodity possible at this stage of the game. Paul can also be funny and the two of them are a good comedy team, but a little Paul can go a long way. Victor's easier for extended doses.

Won: $0.25; Care Package #1: Never-not; Immunity 1st 2 evictions

She was an interesting hamster, all fluff on the surface but with more substance and smarts than she let on. She was a better sport than most about James's pranks even when they left her covered in mess, and her showmance with him was unexpected and refreshing, at least at first, before their spat/makeup cycles sped up and became repetitious and predictable. She managed her self-esteem issues well but the BB habitat has a way of magnifying things like that and allowing them to take over. She knew more about what was going on than many, she was a champ on the spinny endurance, she won the Black Box HOH, and along with Bridgette and Michelle, she was instrumental in ending Paulie's reign of terror and BB career. She was a breath of fresh air, especially early on, and she'll be missed.

Won: $0.25; Care Package #4 co-HOH; Black Box 30-second bonus; 8 days pixel suit; Outback dinner

She was equal parts volatile, boring, unpredictable at least til the end, when she slept up to 20 hours a day. She said 'superfan' way too often but her BB knowledge was often faulty. Her feuds with Bridgette and Nicole were childish and tiresome, as were her self-esteem issues and crying, but she embraced Paul's #VomitCrybaby tag after the spinny endurance. She had some great moments like Drunken Big Meech, winning OTEV against Frank, and making pew-pew explosion sounds behind Paulie when she 'blew up his game'. Some of her nasty online posts preceded her, and her sisters' Twitters were a show of their own. She earned a #Deathrace2016 honorable mention when she put her stunt hair through the wash. She's the 22nd USA/Canada first-in to not win.

Won: $1,000*; TV/tablet/phone*; Make apple pies (6); 8 days pixel suit; Outback dinner
*Per feeds/not shown on CBS

He gave Cody & Derrick more airtime than they had on BB16, and had the most raging case of HOHitis we've seen in ages, never mind most of them just let him think he was driving so they didn't have to. His smugness was out of control, he was obsessed with saying Tiffany was Vanessa and had issues with Bridgette being a feminist, and he self-directed a World's Worst Haircut to launch his mini-me Paul era. He cuddled and more with Zakiyah while plotting against her, berated her when she asked what's up, and bragged that he 'boned' her all over the habitat. He peed in the hot tub, refused to make pie, cussed non-stop, cried when he lost, and he picked up Julie a foot off the ground. Good riddance 'type thing'.

Won: 8 days pixel suit; Outback dinner

She was super perky and upbeat, with a dark side that was fun and fascinating. She was in a pixel bikini when feeds began, and she formed a solid friendship/alliance with Bronte and Natalie. She baked cookies nonstop and gathered intel for the Spygirls as everyone overlooked her and gametalked around her in the kitchen. Michelle hated her over a misunderstood eyebrows comment, and then Bridgette became everyone's target when she buddied up with Frank and won an HOH and veto the same week. But she survived two evictions after his, and openly confronted Michelle about their drama, eventually winning her over. She embraced Tiffany's Cabbage Patch tag, and she'll be missed.

Won: Outback dinner (guest)

Stunningly gorgeous plus photogenic, she came in as a fan since BB3 but said she was up for a showmance. She focused on the latter when she took a shine to Paulie, and that progressed from awkward overlong hugs to bumping in bumpercars. He gave her several verbal beatdowns but she kept going back for more, even as he plotted her demise with his boys. She also took a shine to a stuffed giraffe and gave it a birthday party, and she formed a couple friendships that might last beyond BB, notably with Da'Vonne and Michelle. Game-wise she didn't do much and she went eight consecutive shows with no Diaries. She had a Murphree-esque mirror routine but she avoided #Deathrace2016 - best stunt hair to date.

Won: Outback dinner (guest)

She lasted longer than last time, but not as long as she hoped. Like Frank and Nicole, she started gaming too hard and turning on her fellow vets, when the four of them could have steamrolled the eejit noobs and gone all the way. Da'Vonne played better than some, planting little poison seedbombs against others that took root and grew, but they came back to bite her. She gave us good Diaries again, creative turns of phrase, hair flips, deadly if-looks-could-kill glares, reaction faces deluxe, and occasional belly laughs. Now and then she dropped her game face and gave us a funny, relaxed one instead, and it was always good to see.

Won: 8 days pixel suit; Outback dinner

He made a rookie mistake by playing too hard and fast, way too early, when he should have laid low and enjoyed the safety that was handed to him. But he played for his life last time, and he was mentored by the sidekick rather than the master. His social game was the best of the bunch till he got in trouble for slapping asses and being mouthy, but he's not a bad guy overall and his exit was a fatal hit for the feeds. Pixels were his third costume, a hamster record (until Nicole tied it). His friendship with Bridgette was fun to watch, with funky movie retells and baking, and every random topic under the sun.

Won: $2,500

She came in looking and sounding so much like Vanessa it was spooky, but it didn't take long to realize her game was more Audrey-style chaos and sabotage than poker-faced strategy. Paulie's the only one who didn't get that memo but that's Paulie for you. Two weeks in a row she didn't campaign to save herself nearly as much as others campaigned for her, but when she transformed into Free Agent IDGAF Tiffany it was a joy to behold. I'm surprised #They let one of the six stuntcasts go before jury, but it just goes to show the whole thing isn't as rigged as some believe.

Won: Immunity 1st 2 evictions

She went in saying she'd use behavioral sciences to maneuver her way to the win but she spent most of her time with Bridgette and Natalie who were barely playing BB. Her huge confession to them about being the 'secret nerd' and aspiring mathematician was just silly, and she'll always be remembered for not knowing what 9x9 is. She didn't bring much to the table beyond her abnormally high voice and hair bows, and even the hair bows didn't stick around. She seems like a pleasant enough person but like so many others, she should have gone on a dating show instead.

Won: Nothing

One of the most delusional hamsters ever (and that's saying something), he was convinced he owned the house, he was the messiah of the newbies, the savior, the sanctuary, and the next Mario Lopez. He wore his doggie comp suit for days, but mostly he just wore underpants. His gametalks with Paul and Victor were pure comedy since they had no clue whatsoever how far out of every loop they were, and The Jozea and Paul Talk Show concluded with the two of them roaming the house looking for a camera that worked. Jozea's shtick got old fast for many, but he was feeds gold for trainwreck fans like myself.

Won: $2,500

I didn't like having to combine an intro with an obit, but that's how the dog biscuit crumbles. He seemed like a fun guy with potential for fun feeds, especially his admission that he'd be 'willing to flirt if necessary' but he also might have gotten into heated political discussions, and BB is not the place for that. He didn't technically get Jodi'd since he got to compete twice, but gone before feeds is never good, and neither is trial by combat. Too bad the token older/regular person/fan got the first boot but young, pretty, hormonal hamsters are all the rage anymore.


Revivals: 2
Victor 7/21
Victor 8/25

Fights: 8
7/14 7.08pm Frank vs Da'Vonne
7/25 4.51am Frank vs Paul
7/25 9.58am Bridgette vs Michelle
7/30 3.05am Paulie vs Zakiyah
8/13 9.32am Paulie vs Paul, Natalie, Michelle, Victor, James
8/19 7.16pm Paul vs Natalie, Michelle
8/20 12.12am Paul vs Nicole plus Corey
8/25 2.08pm Paul vs Michelle, Natalie plus James

House meetings: 3
6/24 8.54pm - Jozea owns the house
7/25 3.11am - Frank's veto plea
8/11 1.46am - Paulie hates Natalie

Paul Secret Service RED ALERTS: 17

Paulie apple pies: 6

Hot tub pee incidents: 1
Paulie 8/8 8.55pm

Nominee speech scorchers: 3
7/14 Tiffany's gassy dictator & Cabbage Patch Kid
8/11 Michelle anti-Paulie on 1st eviction
8/11 Michelle anti-Paulie and Nicole on 2nd eviction

Sex events: 9
Subject to interpretation/selected from among many
7/18 8.47am Corey and Nicole
7/19 3.38am Corey and Nicole
7/25 7.25am Corey and Nicole
7/30 4.04am Corey and Nicole
8/22 3.40am Corey and Nicole
8/1 6.19am Paulie and Zakiyah
8/3 11.02pm Paulie and Zakiyah
  plus Corey self-service
8/4 6.22am Paulie and Zakiyah
8/11 4.57am Paulie and Zakiyah

Uncanny coincidences: 1
8/20 12.37am Nicole and Paul say 'jacuzzi' in different rooms at the exact same time

Corey sleepwalk incidents: 2
7/17 3.14am
8/3 10.11am - discussed 10.17am, 2.50pm

Pinkyswears: 7
Pre-feeds/premiere #1: Michelle, Tiffany
Pre-feeds/premiere #2: Corey, Nicole, Tiffany
6/29 8.29pm Natalie, Tiffany
7/8 9.55pm Bridgette, Bronte, Natalie
7/13 show Bridgette, Bronte
7/17 3.23pm Tiffany, Bridgette
7/25 10.01pm Corey, Nicole

Injuries: 9
Paul's head lump from crashing the headboard
Bridgette's sprained ankle celebrating veto win
Paul's nose infected piercing + awning attack
James's nerve trauma from endurance HOH
Paul's welt & bruise from Michelle's thrown apple
Bridgette's sore knee from rolly ball HOH
Victor's cut up hands from hanging spinny HOH
Natalie's pulled neck from showering
Nicole's sliced finger from chopping onions

Deaths: 11
Michelle's laundered stunt hair
2 fishies on Nicole's 1st HOH
1 fishie on Paulie's 1st HOH
1 fishie on Bridgette's HOH
2 fishies on Paulie's 2nd HOH
1 fishie on James's HOH
Ernest the fly
1 fishie on Victor's 1st HOH
1 fishie on Nicole's 2nd HOH

Stuntcasts: 6
Paulie, Tiffany plus Da'Vonne, Frank, James, Nicole

Scandals outside BB world: 2
Corey's old tweets
Corey's goat story 6/25 11.05pm

RIP The Soup


 1 Mixed up James and Da'Vonne
 2 Highly promoted cast reveal postponed
 3 PopTV shows BBAD starting a day early
 4 3 days? 4 days? Close enough
 5 Whose/who's error
 6 Omitted Boogie's winning season BB7
 7 Mixed up Michelle and Nicole
 8 Wrong dates/links in feeds highlights
 9 Tech adjustments on feeds
10 Julie's intern made up a new hamster
11 Wrong show time on Jeffish
12 7/3 3.19pm BB called last year's cast names
13 7/11 Only 1 feed worked for hours (computer)
14 Wrong date for Battle Back show
15 Mixed up Kaysar's name and season
16 Wrong date for Battle Back, again
17 Mixed up Corey and Frank
18 Battle Back was four rounds, not five
19 Julie forgot BB9 Sharon in THR Q&A
20 Another apostrophe problem + typo
21 'All OTEVs' article omitted three
22 Allison forgot BB1 in another THR Q&A
23 Mixed up Frank and Paulie
24 Tweeted 'now' but show's delayed 40 mins
25 Maintenance staffer seen on feeds
26 Voting auto-tweet links go to wrong show
27 Non-other
28 Beefcakes caught swapping tables
29 Beefcakes caught cleaning fishtank again
30 Premature blocked feeds announcement
31 Baseball not basketball, sight not site
32 Fishies on 8/25 CBS show
33 Corey's pic prematurely black/white
34 Care package bribe rules were changed
35 Problems counting to 9
36 Problems trying to fix counting to 9
37 Leaked noms control room prep on feeds
38 #33 again, now posted on CBS main site
39 BB Youtube said begging for beginning
40 Different shoes in Black Box edit
41 Beefcakes caught tearing down skating comp

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Thursday's live show remained second for the hour with 1.7 rating, 6 share, 5.51 million viewers, well behind football on NBC with 8.5/29/23.33, and ahead of $100,000 Pyramid rerun on ABC with 0.6/2/3.60, and Bones rerun on FOX with 0.5/2/2.43.

Rating & share = adults 18-49
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Big Brother 18 FAQ
Day 1 Move-in was June 15
Day 8 CBS premiere was June 22
Day 9 Feeds began June 23
Day 99 Finale is September 21

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and Flashback remains accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

Big Brother After Dark is on POP and airs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight to 3am, Tuesday 11pm to 3am, Thursday 1am to 3am. The aired blocks are recorded earlier on the same night.

HOH's team members had immunity from nomination all week. Unlike HOH, the Roadkill winner could nominate someone from his/her team.

HOH named the renom if veto was used on one of his/her nominees. If the Roadkill nominee came off, Roadkill winner named the renom.

The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) plays BB air shows and other CBS shows, as well as feeds, or you can use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

BB18 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Siblings might and veterans definitely get more.

The habitat has 87 HD cameras (up seven) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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