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Liz is Head of Household
Becky, Johnny are nominated
Liz did not use veto
Vanessa, Johnny, Steve are Have-not
Their supplement is pork chops


Thursday night/Friday: Middle size table is due
Friday: Nominations
Saturday: Veto comp

Next show: Thursday 9pm
Eviction, HOH comp, assorted drama

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Day 63 - Wednesday 8/19

Insert a toe pun here

Becky finally got her sore toe seen to by a medic and was given antibiotics and painkillers.. she's often said she's had problems with that toe in the past, but the skating/jug filling and then OTEV comps exacerbated whatever's going on there.. she was clearly in pain, and commenced hobbling around and telling stories about the toe and other maladies past

They finally got their second and apparently final take-out meal of the three they earned way back on August 4.. it sounded like they were given a choice between In 'n Out or Chinese.. Vanessa doesn't like Chinese so they got the burgers, and most were overfull and groggy afterwards

Being Wednesday, bowling was on the agenda and while it didn't go over as well as other weeks, they said whoever's still there each week should carry on the tradition all the way up to finale week

As that broke up, they had a massive candy pelting session.. Meg and twins holed up in the parlor, chucking chocolates with every door crack and being chucked at in return by Austin and James in the hallway.. as always, that was more laughs than anything else, especially when the girls grabbed pillows to run through the habitat to the dental office, where Meg and Liz crouched behind and under the dental chairs sleeping Steve was slung across, as James pelted them some more


Vanessa donned her green knit cap again and attended an HOH meeting where the twins and Austin told her what she wanted to hear - and Johnny and Steve did the same when they joined - mainly that they were all unified to go against James or Meg (but really they're all unified against Vanessa, including Meg and James).. Becky's still going tomorrow, even though Vanessa suggested to AusTwins that she might be better to keep, as she wouldn't be able to compete well tomorrow in either a physical or mental comp

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Day 62 - Tuesday 8/18

Hamsters behind bars

Becky might look desperately imprisoned here, but she was just cleaning the stairwell area - sorry for any confusion.. there was quite a bit of habitat cleaning today, and they also did their weekly picture-taking exercises

A little gametalk happened but nothing very noteworthy.. Steve and Johnny tip-toed around each other some more, with neither really giving up everything they know again, and Vanessa did some more double-talking with chess analogies and other symbolism.. James piled up Meg in pillows and blankets in her bed and later on the hammock.. Steve joined in on each of those, which James complained about later

Liz and Austin got a little busy in the HOH bed overnight and again this afternoon, sending the BB twitterverse into orbit.. you'd think people had never heard of non-penetration sexual activity between consenting adults before, and most definitely didn't approve of such things.. I don't recall this much brouhaha or over any prior hamster sex event in all the years I've been doing this, and that's saying something

At any rate, both events are on the tally below.. I'm not clear exactly what happened in either situation and don't think I want to (and yes there are additional details I'm not even going to mention because.. well.. no) but bottom line, Austin and Liz seem fine with it and each other, so who am I to argue? At least they aren't overly slurpy when they make out, and for that I'm grateful

They came up with yet another evening activity, a trial: Becky was the sober judge; James was the bailiff and defendant, accused of pelting Grandma Meg with chocolates and defended by Austin; Meg was represented by Vanessa; and the others portrayed witnesses and jurors.. they found James guilty and sentenced him and his attorney to ten minutes in jail - that turned out to be the stairwell, oddly enough, which is where we came in on this episode


They were told they'd be locked in at 5.30am Wednesday morning, which means either a huge HOH comp apparatus or perhaps a skill or crap shoot of some kind they'll get to practice Wednesday night.. update: they didn't get a practice, so it's a big comp on Thursday

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Day 61 - Monday 8/17

Losers corner

So said Johnny when he invited Becky to join him after the veto meeting, since Liz didn't use it on either of them.. Johnny's role in this week's scenario was to act defeated and he's been doing it well.. his deadpan humor may not have been entirely welcome with Becky but she might realize she's going - she's also planning to win the revival and return

The reasoning for Liz not using her veto has been discussed at length: it wouldn't benefit Liz (or Julia or Austin) to make an open enemy of Vanessa now, especially with revival coming; everyone is on to Vanessa now so she's not a threat; plus the HOH trio figures anyone/everyone else will put her up and out next week

Meanwhile, James happily announced his and Meg's engagement to us - her reponse: "I can't STAND him!" laughing all the way.. Vanessa made a Final Two pitch to Austin, saying they could "stake" her gambling afterwards.. he pretended to go along with it (as all of them are doing with all of her pitches), but later when he retold that, he reiterated again that he thinks she's probably won millions gambling

BB Chopped

A cooking challenge was cooked up for the evening, which was great fun for all.. the teams were Julia and James versus Liz and Austin, with Meg and Becky as judges plus Have-nots John and Vanessa guest judging presentation and creativity.. Steve just kind of hung around.. some of the best parts were the planning and prep, especially Julia and James - Flashback 8/17 4.50pm

The competition got underway at 8pm with a footrace to the pantry for ingredients, and they were off.. each team was to prepare an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.. James began by pounding corn flakes into crumbs like a madman, although they wouldn't be needed until the second course.. when the cereal bag broke, he brushed them onto the floor


Appetizer courses were coincidentally similar: James/Julia did a toasted corn tortilla with marinated diced chicken, fresh homemade salsa, and guacamole - Liz/Austin made a five-cheese quesadilla with homemade Southwest salsa.. Julia/James won that round 8.5 to 6.75


For the main course, James/Julia made five-cheese macaroni with crumbled corn flakes, maple bacon, and fresh tomatoes topping - Liz/Austin made chicken cordon bleu with a vegetable medley and homemade sauce.. trash-talking picked up in earnest as they went on, with Liz saying Julia and James were making "basic bitch macaroni".. Liz/Austin won that round 8.5 to 8


For the dessert course, James/Julia made crepes with carmelized bananas, strawberries, ice cream and chocolate - Liz/Austin made Nutella French toast with maple glazed bananas, blueberries, and chopped pistachios.. Liz/Austin won that round 9 to 8, giving them the win for best two out of three, although James/Julia actually had 1/4 point more in total scores


It was really a fun time, especially the banter between the competitors - especially the twins - and the judges and onlookers, and the dishes they came up were pretty impressive considering their limited ingredients.. afterwards, they got a third small but welcome booze delivery in as many nights

Steve and Johnny did a bit of gametalking through all that, including tentatively tip-toeing around forming a formal alliance but still nothing solid was decided there.. later the twins, Steve, Johnny, Austin had a meeting about working together (effectively replacing Vanessa with Johnny in Scamper Squad) but again nothing was solidified.. they did agree to tell Vanessa whatever she wants to hear - bear that in mind when they do.. Johnny said he'd love to win the next HOH and get Vanessa out, but they also tossed around the idea of keeping her until after revival because whoever's revived would go after her too.. as of now, Becky's still going on Thursday but it's a very long time until then and we know how this group can be - keep it in pencil

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Johnny: If the zombie apocalypse happened, I'd be ready for that

Julia about Shelli: She put all her eggs in one Clay basket

Austin to twins: Our goal is just to make sure Vanessa feels like she's back in the game

Julia, planning cooking challenge: OHHHH we'll make crepes! That's what were gonna do!
James: I don't know what the hell creeps are

Meg: What are you most confident about going into this competition?
James: Taking one of the judges home tonight
Meg: You are disqualified

Julia: This is the round we need the corn flakes, James!
James: We got the corn flakes, they're all over the floor

Liz: That looks like watery dogshit
Julia: Okay, we're not insulting you so don't insult us
Liz: Can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen

Liz: The appetizer round is just miniscule, who cares about the frickin appetizer round.. no one cares, no one cares

Johnny: Cook from the glutes, not from your back

James to Liz: Did you just throw grease on me? You just threw grease on me!
Johnny: You shoulda been wearing an apron

Liz: Austin, you cut the tomatoes the wrong way again!


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Liz's HOH blog

Big Brother 17 The Saga Episode 8 by @WilHeuser

On The Block McCrae and Spencer with Alec and Peter all seasons stats, comps, factoids, and fun stuff by @attwx

Confessions of a BB feed watcher by me! for Reality Blurred

Ratings - Rabies 101 edition

Ratings are dedicated to the fans who take it all more seriously and more personally than the hamsters themselves.. Producers rating is sincere, but the others might entail a little sarcasm

I always marvel at how they pull off the double eviction shows with few hitches, considering what a logistics nightmare it is and especially because they're doing it all with amateurs. That said and ups granted, the Goofs Tally below is a shambles this year. It's riddled with basic spelling errors and the kinds of BB mistakes that even the most casual fan knows are wrong. I simply don't understand how a major media outlet and public corporation can be this sloppy.

Won: Outback dinner (guest)
He's infinitely hateable because he's got tattoos, long hair, and a beardytail. He's doubly despicable for liking a girl and treating her like a queen, especially since he's had no discouragement from her about it. Plus he's still there and hasn't even been nominated, how dare he exist?

Won: $10,000; Never Not pass; Outback dinner (guest)
Curse her for being the girl next door type, curse her middle management job because it's in retail and not show biz, and curse her chirpy demeanor too. And that train story, she made it up right? She found an obscure Munich news story and made it her own because who wouldn't do that when they go on Big Brother?

Won: Outback dinner
He's a horrible prankster and he's always wasting candy, and all those tinfoil creations - what if somebody needs to cover up a tray of cookies and all the foil's gone?? Plus he's a non-deadbeat dad, he loves his cat, he makes jokes all the time, and he hated hearing he's been called sexist. Get him gone!

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
His shouty Diaries, weird Beavis laugh, and random jokes are just too much to stomach. He doesn't gametalk for hours, he doesn't say nasty things to or about the others, and worst of all, he's pale and skinny with sticky-up hair! If I hear one more dental hygiene tip I'll scream! I just can't with him. And where's his penalty for eating a couple cookies by mistake? SO UNFAIR! <footstomp>

Won: ½ week Wackstreet
She doesn't take any of it nearly as seriously as she's supposed to, and she laughs a lot - how dare she?! She's part of a solid trio plus a supersolid duo but nobody's targeting her, so she has no business being there. She and her voice and her voice's genetic match have got to go.

Won: ½ week Wackstreet, Outback dinner
See Austin. Also see Julia. Which one is which anyway? It's not fair putting twins in there.

Won: Gronk party cruise
Don't even get me started on her! She's so dumb, she told Liz to 'use the Vanessa card' on Vanessa by telling her this week is 'a house decision'. She's so bad at comps, she finished third on OTEV after recent knee surgery. She's so pleasant and fun most of the time, it's disgusting.

How dare he love his momma and win comps when he has to, the nerve! Socially awkward people should only watch Big Brother and never be on it, this is known. We don't want intelligent, ordinary, regular fans in there ever - dummy recruits only! All together now, 'STEEE-EEEVE!'

Won: Outback dinner; 24 hours polishing Jackie
She's everything we love on our feeds: an expert manipulator, a hissy-fitter, a gametalker deluxe, a liar, and a deal maker/breaker. And best of all, she's paranoid as hell for our amusement. But that everlasting green hat? OMG she must die.

Won: 1 week 6 days knight; 24 hours polishing by Vanessa
She came in as a stuntcast cross-promo opp with Jeff and she was easily the better of that duo, even if she was barely seen for weeks. She had a better grasp of this show and game than he did, and she talked some big talk but didn't get a chance for us to see if she'd put it in action or not. She did her costume week with a good attitude, and she was a good-natured participant in most of their non-game activities. She gave us some behind-the-scenes 'Amazing Race' info which was fun and different. Like Victoria last year, she doesn't need all that fake hair but at least hers stayed in pretty good shape most of the time.

Won: 2,400 battles
She's the type who had Star of the Season potential but she didn't quite make the cut. She was volatile, emotional, controlling, and prone to hissy fits, and she took most things personally. But she was also an unexpected comp beast, especially on the endurance wall, and she wasn't afraid to make 'big moves' even if Vanessa had a heavy hand in most of them. She did her 2,400 battles largely (and surprisingly) without complaint, and she gained some hard-earned respect with that. Her thing with Clay was odd and uncomfortable to watch, and she easily won Death Race 2015 with her curious and unflattering taped-in extensions.

Won: Ireland trip; Outback dinner (guest)
He started badly, calling himself a 'superfan' after being recruited at a basketball game and marathoning a few seasons. He said BB is about making new friends and memories, and he had a problem with lies and backstabs except when he was doing it. He spent most of his time stapled to Shelli and they got a lot of mother/son jokes, but I saw them more as creepy Lannisters, especially when she went on about how like her brother he is. He provided loads of unintentional comedy, weird mouth things and mumbling translations, he peed in HOH shower, and he got out just in time.

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
Another superfan who found out it's easier to play BB from home, he fell into Vanessa's disastrous Renom Roulette wheel and went out earlier than many hoped. He got mouthy about many of them and popped some good funnies, but he laid around most of the time until it was too late. He gave us some of the best reaction faces of all time, especially the night they played squicky truth or dare - he even had a dedicated cam for much of it. He mentioned this site often, usually saying it's 'hard to navigate' so he'll probably never see this.

Won: Nothing
She was erratic and unpredictable, and the random ways she kept them stirred up made for some of the best feeds in ages. And as a bonus, she featured in all the fights, many because the others didn't believe her telling truths. They did buy most of the fibs, and without 'empirical evidence,' but they fell for her wacky gameplay more than twice. She marooned herself in a bed and a dental chair, with some laughs in between, and she got the 2nd ever penalty vote. I enjoyed watching her, and will miss her.

Won: Nothing
I haven't given many empty wheels before their time, and I don't think any of those got them as early as he did. But we've never had such a misogynistic, inappropriate, and unfunny pig before. CBS let him get away clean and that's what it is - I'm just glad to see the back of him.

Won: Power to nullify 3 votes
She wasn't afraid to confront people nor to keep fighting to stay, which was good for us, but didn't help her much. She figured out the twins early but didn't leverage that to her advantage soon or well enough. Her 'game on' fight with Audrey and pantry rant to us were memorable, especially her catch-phrase 'get your life!' She was smart, funny, and volatile. She didn't let us take full advantage of #DaVonneHasADaughter, a hashtag that was too good to be true.

Won: Nothing
He was like a parody of all the former surf boys we've had, with all the worst qualities of asshat hamsters past rolled into one. He verbally beat up on Steve a few times but the primetime version earned him viewer loathing, even if his actoring was lousy. He ranted, streaked, flipped us off, and mostly talked about himself, but he promised to save us all someday through music.

They erroneously said last year that BB16 would have 'the most houseguests ever' but this year they really did, with 17 total after the twins split into separate entities. Now my symmetry for this section is out of whack and I don't know what to put here.


HOHs in order *denotes surviving HOH for BOB weeks
James*/Jason; Becky/Shelli*; Austin/Vanessa*; Shelli*/Lizia; Jackie/Vanessa*; James; Becky; Steve; Liz

BOB wins in order
Becky/John; Steve/Jason; Meg/Jason; James/Jackie; James/Lizia

Veto wins in order
Steve; John; John; Vanessa; Clay; James; Steve; John; Liz

Evictions in order
Jace 12-1; Da'Vonne 7-2; Jeff 7-4; Audrey 10-1 (9+1 penalty vote); Jason 7-2; Clay 9-0; Shelli 8-0; Jackie 6-1

Evictee Twitters
@NikolaPoe; @DayDaVonne_; @JeffWeldon21; @OddreyM; @TheJayRoy; @C_Honey25


Late arrivals: 3
Jeff, Jackie, Julia

Twist delivery guests: 3
Phil Keoghan
Kathy Griffin
Rob Gronkowski

Fights: 8
Audrey vs Jace 6/28 8.21pm
Audrey vs Jace 6/30 3.25am
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 6/30 1.38pm
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 7/8 1.52pm
Audrey vs Meg 7/11 1.10pm
Audrey vs Clay plus Vanessa
 3 rounds starting 7/19 12.54pm
Shelli vs Clay 7/27 2.51am
Vanessa vs James, Clay, Johnny
 plus James vs Clay 8/6 2.20pm

Pinkyswears: 2
Becky with Austin, and with Liz 7/27 2.29am

Makeout pairings: 2
Clay and Shelli
Austin and Liz

Sex events: 2
Austin and Liz 8/18 3.18am
Austin and Liz 8/18 6.30pm

House meetings: 1
7/19 8.43pm

Twin switches: 14
4 on 7/2 show recap
1 at 7/2 vote - Julia in
7/3 11.58am - Liz in
7/6 3.07pm - Julia in
7/9 10.34pm - Liz in
7/11 11.07am - Julia in
7/13 6.24pm - Liz in
7/17 2.05pm - Julia in
7/20 6.12pm - Liz in
7/22 6.26pm - Julia in
7/24 3.27pm - Liz in
7/30 show - both in

Incredible backstories: 1
6/25 9:35pm Becky and the train

Uncanny coincidences: 3
7/1 4.53pm Meg & John say 'weird situation' in different rooms at the exact same time
7/8 3.47am Jason & Clay say 'hey Arnold' in different rooms at almost the same time
7/11 12.15am Jeff & James say 'beefcakes' in different rooms at almost the same time

'The Soup' mentions: 1
7/31 Johnny's dental school cadaver

Scandals beyond BB world: 1
Jeff/Julia 'sticky spot' incident

Self-service: 3


 1 Mixed up BB10 Steven with Memphis Bob
 2 Renamed Rachel 'Linda Donahue'
 3 Got Boogie's seasons wrong
 4 They probably meant #exasperated
 5 6/25 show: Julie omitted Alison Irwin in her & Phil Keoghan's BB-to-TAR rollcall
 6 Dental x-ray graphics upside-down
 7 Misspelled Dan Gheesling's name
 8 Closed captions symbol, for a minute
 9 PROMO instead of PROM
10 Wrong show time on Jeffish loop
11 7/2 show: Dead air + Julie audio leak
12 Veto comp workers on feeds
13 HOH prep workers on feeds
14 Misspelled Shelli's last name
15 Goof #10 still not fixed a week later
16 Julie got special guest's name wrong
17 Wrong show days on Youtube
18 Staff person's reflection seen
19 They erased Jeff for CBS show
20 Misspelled 'receives'
21 Mixed up Christine and Candice
22 Wonky fishies cam plus workers' feet
23 Shelli's last name again plus ordinal error
24 'Official snack' brand mixup per 7/25 slopcorn delivery of Skinny Pop and other brands
25 Misspelled Jackie
26 Julie said 'a twist every week' + BOB 'all season'
27 The Wall was HOH comp, not BOB
28 Omitted Julia from post-twins poll
29 Beauty to beast photobooth feeds vote task was given to them before vote was posted
30 '12 Craftiest BB Alliances' double screw-up
31 Same poll as #28 - no results on August 6
32 Showed Steve with veto on noms show
33 Misspelled regimen
34 Majorly misnamed feeds highlight
35 Wrong show time on Snapchat promo
36 Misspelled Derrick
37 #32 scene reused pointlessly, with veto erased
38 Misspelled argument
39 Called Steve's third comp win his first
40 Misspelled two and pyramid
41 Your/you're error on the CBS show
42 Pantry stocking staff on feeds
43 Winner does not get $1 million
44 Jeff/Jackie were not the only pre-existing pair
45 Ian never veto'd Dan
46 8/4 news quiz earned 3 meals, they only got 2
47 Wrong twin: Julia's partner was James
48 Misspelled Jocasta

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Rating = % of all TV households
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Big Brother 17 FAQ
June 18 was Day 1 move-in. June 24 was CBS premiere, Day 7. Finale will be September 23, Day 98

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

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The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) will play BB air shows and other CBS shows, but not feeds. Use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

Liz and Julia had to survive five evictions in order to play separately as individuals, which they did, with Julia officially entering the game on Day 43. They switched places every few days. They had a limited time in Diary to change clothes, adjust their appearance, and exchange info. The non-playing twin was sequestered in a 'house,' possibly the jury house.

BB17 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits or those with established pre-season fan bases might get more.

The habitat has 80 HD cameras (up four) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.


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