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James is Head of Household
James didn't use veto
Clay, Shelli are nominated

Liz, Julia, Austin are Have-not
Their supplement is lollipops

Jackie's in knight suit one week


Next show: Thursday 9pm
Live eviction, HOH comp, much drama plus #slurpydurp


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Day 49 - Halfway Point - Wednesday 8/5

Operation Redirect and Minimize

That's Vanessa's latest plan because she said she saw James talking with Becky this morning, and James is "bullying" everyone into doing his bidding.. the plan is a two-step affair in which Part 1 is to have Shelli and Clay out Becky for playing both sides, and Part 2 is for Austin to have a (fake) fight with Shelli and then tell everyone that Shelli's the one who will go after him and the twins (so the others will want to keep Shelli).. as always, the active roles in this Vanessa plan will not be played by Vanessa

The plan may have derailed before it even started when Meg approached Shelli and Clay about "the Austin thing" (Judas, tattoo, etc) but Shelli jumped her with "you guys played me like a fool" and Clay said Meg is "guilty by association" because she knew James never meant to use his veto, and that James used the situation to gather info.. Shelli finally said "I don't like the energy in this room right now" and Meg eventually left with an offer to bake them some cookies.. Meg's retell to James included "they're terrifying" and "Clay was just snapping at me".. meanwhile, Vanessa told Austin and twins that Clay and Shelli finally kissed last night

Liz and Austin entertained them with their wrestling routines, and Jackie and Liz did their tag team beating him up - Julia hadn't seen it before, nor had some of the others.. they had their halfway party, right on the day (rare), consisting of music, photo cake (sans Jace), and booze, but I don't think it was much of a party, especially compared to some prior seasons, as they barely mentioned it afterwards.. they also did their usual Wednesday night bowling

Clay and Shelli sat around mostly on their own for most of the day and the evening again - packing, kissing, chit-chatting, whispering sweet nothings and making their wounded animal cooing noises.. as far as I know, we're still at 5-4 Clay goes, but that's very much in pencil and could easily change.. Shelli knows that's the plan, but Clay doesn't.. Liz, Julia, Austin waffled well into the night, even saying they might wait to decide depending whether Julie announces it's a double eviction or not (we know it's not, but they don't).. others waffled and psst-pssted as well, including Steve telling Shelli that Becky's been campaigning against her.. since we have four former hinky voters voting tomorrow - Austin, Steve, Liz, Julia - we might not know the outcome this time until they cast their votes

The twins said they'd probably dress alike for tomorrow's show because BB made them buy a bunch of matching outfits, even though they never dressed alike even as kids.. Liz jumped out to scare Julia at one point, successfully, and she set out to scare Austin later but she hit the deck instead, and hard - Flashback 8/6 3.56am


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Day 48 - Tuesday 8/4

Pics and nips

The camera came out and James wrote his blog.. before they did the happy poses and duckfaces, James took some candid shots of them, so that should make the posted gallery more interesting than usual (just my opinion).. Clay and Shelli isolated themselves - marooned, if you will - and missed being in the requisite happy family group pic.. so did Steve - I don't know where he was

They had some activity behind Jeffish in which they were given some current events, and they'll get three nights of takeout food at some point from that.. Austin and twins continued their hilarious anti-Clay crusade.. Steve promised Shelli his vote, making her happy - she didn't report that to Clay; instead the two of them continued their strange blend of adolescent cuddling while making wounded animal noises.. Becky and Liz had slight nip slips within minutes of each other - Flashback 8/4 2.29pm and 3.06pm - I won't tell anyone if you look.. Liz had one a little later but it wasn't really on feeds

They got Chipotle and booze delivered, and all 12 sat down to eat together, Have-nots included.. they all enjoyed it except Steve who didn't like the choices and also had a bad tooth - he might get it seen to tomorrow.. I know what you're thinking, but Johnny isn't licensed to practice in California.. Becky kept up a running commentary and launched them all into dental horror stories, and Liz and Julia giggled together at their own inside jokes

Other than that, Clay and Shelli remained mostly "marooned" most of the day and evening.. Vanessa wasn't feeling well and approached Steve with a babytalk plea to give her a peptalk later.. later she moussed his hair, and told him about a planned meeting between everyone to decide who to target next.. in addition or in lieu of that, Vanessa joined Austin in HOH and ran her loops, then made them "give their word" one by one that they won't turn on each other on Thursday, especially if it's a double: Austin, James, Jackie, Meg, Becky agreed, as did the twins who were summoned for this latest scam deal of hers

But that's not all! Vanessa also secured permission from James and crew to vote to evict Clay, because of a supposed promise she supposedly made.. so if the 5-4 vote plan holds and Clay goes, Vanessa will be sitting pretty once again, leaving Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve out to dry.. meanwhile, Clay and Shelli finally made out, and it was every bit as smacky-noisy as feared.. afterward they giggled like teenagers about it - Shelli said "we should have done that a long time ago".. they did more of it #slurpydurp

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Day 47 - Monday 8/3

Green double zeroes

Shelli recovered surprisingly well from her 2,400 battles, trotting around the habitat literally all night with Clay begging for understanding and leniency to all and sundry, but unwilling to give up any names or info except the fact that they had names and info.. meltdowns ensued, lengthy harangues, angry tears, hamster desperation, marathon sit-downs and endless retells.. in one of them, James basically lectured them like naughty petulant children (which they basically are), and told them yet again that he'd given up $5,000 and a trip in order to secure the veto and his noms

In the end, this week's Renom Roulette landed on double zeroes, delivering that well-known gotcha that's bitten many on a winning streak.. in other words, James did not use his veto and Shelli and Clay remain on the block.. they didn't explode, but they took to their bed for awhile after the meeting

Meanwhile we reached another season milestone, when the backyard mouse made its debut - watch the blue mat on the right of the gif.. so far it's gone unnoticed by them, but that won't last for long.. maybe it'll make it inside this year (for real, not a phony task for cash), what with all the popcorn and candy, and slighly messier hamsters than usual, kitchen-wise anyway

Scrambled hamsters

Austin and Liz carried on their thing they do, giving us some funny lines that squicked and ticked off a few folks who don't watch all this for the entertainment value

Elaborate stories were concocted to cover up the various secrets leaks and supposedly hidden alliances.. Vanessa showed her cards in a big way when Austin told her, twins, and Shelli that he wanted to continue to deny his Audrey hinky vote, and Miss Integrity 2015 Who Hates Liars said "yeah, I don't see why not".. I simply cannot believe none of them catch on to these Vanessa contradictions - maybe they do, and they just aren't letting on

The rest of their plan to cover up their alliance includes Austin's BB logo tattoo and the Judas wrestling name, with scandals about both to be blamed on Shelli (ahem, once again, Vanessa was the one who made a huge stink about those, especially the Judas name), and the age-old BB conflicting definitions of "floater".. Austin explained it correctly as those who float to the power, but the other team uses the do-nothing version (who should be called coasters, or extras).. since the overnight talks included a lot of talk about "putting up a floater" as renom, this confusion apparently helps to cover up the various he said/she said problems

Vanessa was pushing to get Clay evicted, along with Austin and twins, and she lured in Steve to be the fifth, but you know how this group waffles and it's only Monday.. I wouldn't be surprised if Vanessa makes them all flip three or four times before Thursday, just for kicks

As usual, they're making all of it ridiculously complicated for no reason at all, but it had amusing repercussions.. Austin went around all day complaining about Clay's aloof behavior making him "uncomfortable" (as if!) and Shelli gave Clay a world class eyeroll and exasperated "Clay!!" when he had problems keeping up with the story

Perry plus a guessing game

They found a praying mantis in the yard, delighting almost all of them.. they named it Perry and watched it travel the fake grass and the weights, then they moved it into the fake castle and proclaimed him (or her) king of it.. Johnny in particular made friends with it, telling them mantis factoids like "he's destined to get eaten by a lady mantis - after they hook up, the lady mantis eats the dude".. James fake-pranked Meg, pretending he had Perry and scaring her in the kitchen.. she threw water on him, and Liz in particular laughed til it hurt

After most went to bed, James told Steve about the talks last night, and named the six he thinks will vote to evict Shelli: Meg, Jackie, Becky, Austin, Liz, Julia.. Steve was a good double agent and didn't give up any contradictory info, such as those last three are currently planning to evict Clay.. meanwhile Liz whispered to Austin in their dental chairs that Steve was "probably out there making deals with James"

Most of them think this week could be a double eviction - we know better, since Julie always pre-announces those, but here's a thought, suggested by @IdolKnights: suppose they put this week's evictee on ice, do a double next week and put those two on ice, and then bring those three back to comp for one to be revived on August 27 with whoever's evicted that night.. that would leave us with nine, and back to an old-school jury of seven.. who knows what they'll do but it's fun playing with the numbers and trying to figure out how it'll unfold

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Julia to Liz: If we keep Shelli, she's a bigger target.. if we keep Clay, we go with the house, and whoever wins next should put up Clay

Shelli to Clay about her brother: Like you guys are identical, I swear, it's so weird

James about Shelli/Clay: It's their damn guilty conscience eating through their soul

Johnny to Clay: By not being told anything, you can figure out a lot on your own

Clay to Shelli: Can I shave you?

James about his gigantic cat: He has his baby meow toward me, then he has his regular meow toward everybody else

Big Brother: Please raise the outside awnings
Clay: Noooo, let someone else come out here
Shelli: Can't someone else come out here and do it?

James: I gotta go back to Biblical terms, there's nothing more wrathful than a scornful of a woman

James: Don't take it for a grain of salt though

Liz to Julia, Vanessa about Austin: Sometimes I feel bad for myself and sometimes I don't, I'm a confused 23-year-old

Clay about a friend: He's like the kind of token black guy, and he is the most lovable..
Shelli: Ohhh I love those!
Clay: He's the most social guy
Shelli: Is he good looking?
Clay: Yeah, he's a good looking black guy

[after 'floater' definition discussion]
Vanessa: Austin, do people think Steve's a floater?
Austin: He's THE floater
Steve: Whaaattttt?!!

Austin: I do want to deny the Audrey vote
Vanessa: Yeah, I don't see why not

Clay: We're gonna have leprosy this week
Shelli: What?
Clay: Leprosy
Shelli: What?
Clay: Leprosy
Shelli: I can't understand you, what?
Clay: Leprosy
Shelli: What is that?

Twins to Shelli: We forgive you, and we want you to stay over Clay, unfortunately

Liz: We're the last showmance standing
Austin: I know, it's a serious thing, we have to really honor that for the feedsters
Liz: Rub my tummy

Becky: Usually I have to be on the block to make the show


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Live like a hamster! Habitat items available from Amazon: squirrel suit - Jonathan Adler chess set - blow-up giraffe - duckie chlorine dispenser - whale pillow - you might also like Crazy Cat Lady action figure and board game

Dick at Nite free episode #19 recorded August 5 with Evel Dick Donato, James Rhine, Zach Rance, Shannon Elizabeth

James HOH blog

Big Brother 17 The Saga episode 6 by @WilHeuser

On The Block best game analysis show, with McCrae and Spencer all seasons stats, comps, factoids, and fun stuff by @attwx

Confessions of a BB feed watcher by me! for Reality Blurred

Ratings - Dead Man's Chess special edition

Ratings are based on symbolism

If you hadn't noticed, chess is the mack daddy of symbolism where Big Brother is concerned. You've got two sides going to war, different pieces with different moves, casualties that are both inevitable and surprising, and one winner in the end. Every move has repercussions: some are immediate and some don't hit until many moves later. Those generally credited as 'good players' tend to plan many moves ahead, but they sometimes overlook obvious and immediate consequences. Others go far by playing recklessly and even foolishly, their movements either misinterpreted by their opponents, or sometimes they simply get lucky.

That's why, despite the lack of activities outside of comps or an occasional hula hoop, there's always a chess set in the habitat. It's a different set every season, usually correlating to the decor, and it's often unique or fancy. The different sets for each season are among the many fun things tracked at, along with the more traditional records kept by @attwx. The pieces below are your basic wooden classics, but this year's set is a stylish (and pricey) lucite affair by designer Jonathan Adler.

Won: Outback dinner (guest)
No question he's a big hulking rook, standing guard and threatening to plow down anyone in a straight-line path. But this rook is more bark than bite. Instead of lashing out to attack (which he easily could), he chose instead to use his unique 'castling' power. Normally that move's done to protect a king, but this guy castled himself to stand guard over a mere pawn.

Won: $5,000; Outback dinner (guest)
She sees herself as a queen, or perhaps a bishop or knight, but she's just another pawn who talks big sometimes. Even if she accepted that, she'd see herself as that one brave little pawn who can make it across the board to be magically transformed into a princess - err, queen. That probably won't happen, but she's going to stick around longer than most pawns.. some just do.

Won: Ireland trip; Outback dinner (guest)
He probably fancies himself the king and deserving winner, as well as the noble, just, brave, and loyal. But no, he's just a pawn, and an expendable one at that. The mealy mouthed, big talking pretty boy isn't all that - he really is just a furless bat.

Won: 1 week knight; 24 hours Vanessa polish
She probably sees herself as a queen, or at least a fancy-dancing knight (especially this week), but she too is just a pawn. Granted, she's one of those passive-aggressive pawns who seems prepared to take out a diagonal victim here or there, but she hasn't proven she's capable of more than big talk. Yet.

Won: Outback dinner
Would it be too punny to call him a dark horse? Okay, sorry. But it's kind of true. He was the first to step out of the gates, ahead of and over everyone else, and he got away relatively clean, while directly and indirectly setting a whole lot of things in motion that are still rattling. His ability to do those L-shaped maneuvers have served him well, both defensively and especially offensively. Queen Shelli and Pawn Clay never saw him coming, and Queen Vanessa still isn't sure what he's about.

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
Holy catty-corner, Batman! Nobody's quite sure what he's up to, but like a traditional bishop of lore and legend, most think he's generally a good guy and not much of a threat. But some of those medieval church guys were ruthless and violent, and incredibly powerful, not to mention sketchy as hell. Time will tell if John's game will earn him the win, nice guy kudos or viewer favorite cash bonus, or if he'll make a reckless diagonal move that will leave him as vulnerable prey.

Won: ½ week Wackstreet
She's an identical image of her counterpart pawn but at the same time, she's completely different. Neither's really done much yet game-wise, and they might not, but I think Julia might be more liable to take that little diagonal step to slay an opponent than Liz. She'd probably take out another pawn rather than someone more powerful, but there are plenty of both to choose from. Then again, she might just keep standing around until they're much farther along, with an occasional one-step to keep her from rusting.

Won: ½ week Wackstreet, Outback dinner
Most say she's the more outgoing twin but I'm not so sure about that. She's the one willing to let herself be 'protected' by the hulking rook Austin who somehow mistook her for a king and castled her into a corner. In fact she's not only willing, she's aiding and abetting that protection racket, even while her sister pawn is grossed out by the whole thing.

Won: Gronk party cruise
Yet another pawn (there are many of them in chess and BB), she leaned back on home row for almost the entire first half, and then she burst forth with a delicate one-step or two. I don't see her doing much more than that in the future but I'd like to be wrong on that, it would be a pleasant surprise. Otherwise, she'll either stand still and be another casualty, or she'll accidentally step into a firestorm space that three or four others will move into and take each other out in bloody sequence.

Won: 2,400 battles
Queens are the most powerful pieces in chess since they're the only ones who have free reign to go almost wherever the hell they want to. I say almost, because while they can move in any direction over any number of free spaces, they have to travel in straight lines. Shelli actually believes she's the 'good' queen playing an honest game, but she's simply BB-delusional about that. Her real problem is that she wants to change directions with each move, and that just isn't allowed.

Like rogue Bishop Johnny and Knight James, Steve is also unpredictable and hard to figure out what he's up to. Just when you think he's going to move one forward/two right, he goes two back/one left. And also like each of them, he may or may not know himself why he did what he's done before or what he's going to do next. A good knight can play a very effective and fierce game, stunning opponents with those crazy Ls, or they can be wiped out in a blink by a poor choice, especially when it involves one of those firestorm spaces.

Won: Outback dinner; 24 hours polishing Jackie
Like Shelli, she's got the power and she's got the moves, and she's very adept at baiting everyone into her traps. Also like Shelli, she talks a lot about her honest game, albeit using bigger words to get that message across. Vanessa's every bit as shady as Shelli, more so even, but I think she might actually be aware of that and is consciously and intentionally only paying lip service about her integrity totem pole. That self-awareness (if it really exists) could be her ticket to the win, but hasn't she often told them she gave up poker because taking other people's money felt bad? An interesting quandary indeed.

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
Jason was ready to go the distance and make a fan statement if not a half million, but he sat in his starting space for a little bit too long. That worked okay in the old days but historians have to keep up with current events, and modern BB begins at the get-go. When he did finally start his moves, it was mostly because Austin landed next to him in his castling maneuver. Jason then jumped ahead two spaces, then another, but when he attempted a diagonal take-out, he was the one taken out instead. But he was standing in a firestorm space and his exit left it open. Now the game has really begun, and there will be blood.

Won: Nothing
She was clearly playing a bishop role with her astrology, dream interpretations, comp prophecies, and dark mooning. Unlike all the 'straight shooter' types, she moved diagonally and always ended those moves a bit farther or shorter than anyone expected, or could work with. She made it interesting though, and she kept them hopping. More importantly, she fooled them once, she fooled them twice, and she practically fooled them a third time before they finally caught on. But rather than shame on them, they burned her as a heretic.

Won: Nothing
He probably thought he was a king, having been ushered in by reality royalty in the form of a Phil Keoghan cross-promo opp. He didn't really realize he was surrounded by knights, bishops, and rooks more powerful than himself until it was too late, and he'll probably never admit he was taken out by a queen. In the end, he was just another pawn, and a rather grimy one at that.

Won: Power to nullify 3 votes
She woulda/coulda/shoulda been a queen but instead she became a rook, strong and powerful but ultimately reduced to a pile of rubble. Spectators cheered as slings and arrows bounced off her in early assaults, but those early attacks aren't the important ones. She moved out left and right, forward and back, taking long strides too soon, leaving herself exposed, and those who relied on her for protection were left vulnerable. If she'd used her twin knowledge to castle them before Austin, or not fallen for Audrey's diagonals, everything might have been different.

Won: Nothing
In BB, the word pawn is something of a misnomer: they say pawn when they mean decoy. In chess, pawns are numerous, relatively powerless, and mostly expendable. They're often sacrificed intentionally by those who play several moves ahead, and they're ideal for setting off firestorms. Jace fits that description to a tee, except for the firestorm part. He lurched out with two big steps but didn't realize he was limited to singles after that, and then it was too late. He was already out there alone and exposed, and he was shot down instantly without anyone even working up a sweat.

I don't usually include evictees in theme ratings, but you can't play chess with just 12 pieces. You can't play it with 17 either, but that's beside the point. Hence the inclusion here of the pieces that have already been removed from the board. By the way, you might notice there are no kings assigned to anyone above.. that's because no matter what else happens, BB production and CBS always win in the end.


HOHs in order *denotes surviving HOH for BOB weeks
James*/Jason; Becky/Shelli*; Austin/Vanessa*; Shelli*/Lizia; Jackie/Vanessa*; James

BOB wins in order
Becky/John; Steve/Jason; Meg/Jason; James/Jackie; James/Lizia

Veto wins in order
Steve; John; John; Vanessa; Clay; James

Evictions in order
Jace 12-1; Da'Vonne 7-2; Jeff 7-4; Audrey 10-1 (9+1 penalty vote); Jason 7-2

Evictee Twitters
@NikolaPoe; @DayDaVonne_bb17; @JeffWeldon21; @OddreyM; @TheJayRoy


Late arrivals: 3
Jeff, Jackie, Julia

Twist delivery guests: 3
Phil Keoghan
Kathy Griffin
Rob Gronkowski

Fights: 7
Audrey vs Jace 6/28 8.21pm
Audrey vs Jace 6/30 3.25am
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 6/30 1.38pm
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 7/8 1.52pm
Audrey vs Meg 7/11 1.10pm
Audrey vs Clay plus Vanessa
 3 rounds starting 7/19 12.54pm
Shelli vs Clay 7/27 2.51am

Pinkyswears: 2
Becky with Austin, and with Liz 7/27 2.29am

Makeout pairings: 1
Clay and Shelli

House meetings: 1
7/19 8.43pm

Twin switches: 14
4 on 7/2 show recap
1 at 7/2 vote - Julia in
7/3 11.58am - Liz in
7/6 3.07pm - Julia in
7/9 10.34pm - Liz in
7/11 11.07am - Julia in
7/13 6.24pm - Liz in
7/17 2.05pm - Julia in
7/20 6.12pm - Liz in
7/22 6.26pm - Julia in
7/24 3.27pm - Liz in
7/30 show - both in

Incredible backstories: 1
6/25 9:35pm Becky and the train

Uncanny coincidences: 3
7/1 4.53pm Meg & John say 'weird situation' in different rooms at the exact same time
7/8 3.47am Jason & Clay say 'hey Arnold' in different rooms at almost the same time
7/11 12.15am Jeff & James say 'beefcakes' in different rooms at almost the same time

'The Soup' mentions: 1
7/31 Johnny's dental school cadaver

Scandals beyond BB world: 1
Jeff/Julia 'sticky spot' incident

Self-service: 3


 1 Mixed up BB10 Steven with Memphis Bob
 2 Renamed Rachel 'Linda Donahue'
 3 Got Boogie's seasons wrong
 4 They probably meant #exasperated
 5 6/25 show: Julie omitted Alison Irwin in her & Phil Keoghan's BB-to-TAR rollcall
 6 Dental x-ray graphics upside-down
 7 Misspelled Dan Gheesling's name
 8 Closed captions symbol, for a minute
 9 PROMO instead of PROM
10 Wrong show time on Jeffish loop
11 7/2 show: Dead air + Julie audio leak
12 Veto comp workers on feeds
13 HOH prep workers on feeds
14 Misspelled Shelli's last name
15 Goof #10 still not fixed a week later
16 Julie got special guest's name wrong
17 Wrong show days on Youtube
18 Staff person's reflection seen
19 They erased Jeff for CBS show
20 Misspelled 'receives'
21 Mixed up Christine and Candice
22 Wonky fishies cam plus workers' feet
23 Shelli's last name again plus ordinal error
24 'Official snack' brand mixup per 7/25 slopcorn delivery of Skinny Pop and other brands
25 Misspelled Jackie
26 Julie said 'a twist every week' + BOB 'all season'
27 The Wall was HOH comp, not BOB
28 Omitted Julia from post-twins poll
29 Beauty to beast photobooth feeds vote task was given to them before vote was posted
30 '12 Craftiest BB Alliances' double screw-up

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Rating & share = adults 18-49
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Big Brother 17 FAQ
June 18 was Day 1 move-in. June 24 was CBS premiere, Day 7. Finale will be September 23, Day 98

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

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The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) will play BB air shows and other CBS shows, but not feeds. Use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

Liz and Julia had to survive five evictions in order to play separately as individuals, which they did, with Julia officially entering the game on Day 43. They switched places every few days. They had a limited time in Diary to change clothes, adjust their appearance, and exchange info. The non-playing twin was sequestered in a 'house,' possibly the jury house.

BB17 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits or those with established pre-season fan bases might get more.

The habitat has 80 HD cameras (up four) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.


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