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Caleb is HOH
Paola & Joey are nominated
Have-nots are over

Team America (fuck yeah) is Joey plus two to follow


Thursday: Julie on The Late Show with David Letterman
Friday: Nominations, BOB?
Saturday: Veto comp?
New comp schedule is still unclear

Next show
Thursday 9pm: Live eviction, HOH comp, assorted drama


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Last looks & first looks (Wednesday 7/2)

The new photo wall is really snazzy looking, but especially at night I think.. this is the last time all 16 of them will be in color, so soak it up before Joey goes black & white - kind of ironic since she's got the most colorful appearance

The day before eviction is usually a busy one for the nominees, but not with this crew.. Paola didn't campaign because Devin told her it would make Joey go crazy if she found out, and apparently Paola believed that.. Joey did a quick round of high-speed campaigning as they were being locked down for comp building.. she added a bit of unintentional comedy as she made a stop at the photo wall between stops, as if she was checking off a to-do list and/or she forgot who all's in there

Speaking of comp apparatus, there are some giant cubes with dice-spot holes sitting around the habitat.. it's a fair bet these will factor into an upcoming competition, whether HOH or BOB or veto or even Have-not, if they're doing one of those.. there are also four big cable & pulley arrangements so BOB might involve flying

Back inside the walls, bikini hour was followed by fart and cuddle hour, plus a peculiar Zach & Victoria convo in which they each said they knew the other hated them - they each denied it of course.. this was all said with what seemed like a flirty tone to me but that changed later, at least on Zach's end, when he told first Frankie and then us how much he hates Victoria, her high school, her neighborhood, and that he hates her with a passion and he's going to ruin her life - Flashback 7/2 8.24pm.. I don't know if this is all an act or what



Then things spiraled out of control: after a couple days of slow burn, Caleb finally scheduled another appointment with Amber, so Frankie, Jocasta, and Paola herded her off into the toilet to prepare.. right around the VERY SAME TIME, Devin announced he was calling a house meeting! Coincidence? You be the judge: Devin's the one who's been stirring Caleb's pot all week

So Amber sat down with Caleb in the honeycomb to discuss the only thing he ever discusses - Flashback 7/2 10.56pm (go quads to see Frankie & Jocasta busting up about it), and Devin woke up Donny to tell him that he (Devin) was the one who urged his nomination, and that he's sorry and he has a daughter

The rest of them then assembled in the living room (with popcorn, and Paola brought the Vaseline) except Caleb & Amber who were still going at it.. Devin got up and made a teary speech about what he'd told Donny, revolutionizing Big Brother, he has a daughter, people who can't differentiate reality and not, his integrity, and he has a daughter - Flashback 7/2 11.18pm

By this time, Caleb & Amber had buried their respective hatchets (going by appearances anyway), and were laughing and smiling like they were finally on their first date.. Devin retreated to the HOH toilet to cry for a long time, and the rest of them exchanged giggles and astonishment over what had just happened

Frankie was called to Diary and came out beaming, as if he'd just been told he's on Team America (fuck yeah) or something.. the Have-nots finally ate food at midnight, eating with gusto and relish, like they do.. Amber had promised to cook a feast for them the other day but she didn't get away from Caleb in time.. when she finally escape, she gave him the mandatory hug this time and said "I love you" and of course he said "love you too"

The night and the retells eventually wound down and they scampered off to their beds, but not before Caleb started up his new and improved loops about hoping (expecting?) to date Amber after the show and how good the hug felt and so on and so on.. he told one round of this while sitting on the HOH pot, to Frankie.. that went on for the longest time and the feedmasters made sure we knew where he was talking from - I only post the cap here because you wouldn't believe me otherwise

PS Like so many other hamster plans, their prom that had been scheduled for tonight didn't happen - even before all the drama, nobody was talking about it.. typical

Confused? Click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what came before, and/or get all the juicy details plus loads of caps & Flashback times in the Updates section where @UgotBronx has been updating her brains out.. but you really should get the feeds because this season's a doozy


Farm report (Tuesday 7/1)

Overnighters Cody & Brittany had a very lengthy chat early Tuesday morning, with a very interesting segment.. Brittany said "I think Frankie & Zach are gonna have a showmance" and Cody, after making her swear she wouldn't repeat it, told her about something that happened on Day 2 when they did the bikini photoshoot - most of them didn't know each other yet

Cody: [Zach] came up to me at the photo thing and he was like "bro, I'm gonna fuck Frankie"
Brittany: Oh my god!
Cody: I was like what?!
Brittany: At the photo thing he walked up to Frankie and he was staring him up and down, and he's all "you're making my dick hard, you're turning me on"
Cody: I hadn't spoke to Zach yet and we really hit it off and we started bullshitting.. and he's like "bro I wanna fuck Frankie so bad, he is turning me on so much".. I didn't know if maybe he just hadn't come out yet or maybe he was like bi or something.. then me and him talked about it a little and he said he's never had a gay friend

So there's that, for whatever it's worth.. Zach & Frankie have been very close this week but Zach's also a self-admitted liar, so who knows what's going on there - Flashback 7/1 6.28am


A new hamster and an old story

They got the camera (surprising several of them) and Caleb wrote his tweets and blog, and he also took a few viewer video questions.. caps of the photo-taking and all the HOH communiqués are in the Updates section

Out of the blue, Alex appeared: a loud, rude, crude lumberjack character of Joey's who stomped around the habitat hollering about vote campaigns and big ass balls - Flashback 4.04pm.. Brittany had thought Joey was going to channel her nice gay brother and was upset that Joey had "scared everyone".. the amount of "it was only a character" explanations that circulated afterward was ridiculous and sad, as was Alex's low energy return for the After Darkers

I thought Team America (fuck yeah) tasks wouldn't come along until all three were in place, and I've been told those tasks would be voted by viewers.. this might have been just Joey doing her thing and letting off steam, or The Powers That Be may have thrown a $5k bone at her on her way out the door since that twist started out with a thud

Caleb kept running his Amber loops ad nauseum all day, dwelling largely on the "fact" that nobody thinks he's all about himself, and that Amber probably shunned him because of her period.. Frankie tried to tell him how Devin's unstable moments aren't helping their game, but I don't think that sunk in - Caleb went right back to running his loops

They had an impromptu talent show that was loud, raunchy, and fun - Flashback 7/1 11.53pm.. Joey had yet another bright spot in this day with her spot-on zingy comments.. Caleb just stared at it all with what's become his 24/7 miseryguts face.. we got a sneak preview of his loops for tomorrow: he's now announcing how he'll tell Amber "when four or five people are gone, you're next, so don't feel safe" - now you can avoid him on feeds and not miss anything

I don't mean to dwell on just a handful of them but these are the ones starring in the current storylines - it'll get better.. as always, click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what came before and/or get a whole lot more detail plus loads of caps in the Updates section.. you really should get the feeds to watch it unfold yourself


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Ratings - I Love This Cast edition

Ratings are still Monday's, based on entertainment value, but they all deserve ups at this point

Sunday's show was pretty darn good, from the snappy new titles (other than misspelling Jocasta) to the HOH eggs and miniature key boxes to the swinging champagne comp. Never mind that they barely acknowledged Joey, their star for the next couple shows. This cast has the freshness of Canada's two seasons, and that's a welcome change from the heavy reliance on casting formula of the last several USA seasons. I think fan applicants should fill every slot but if that can't happen, I don't mind a mix of hardcore feedsters, casual CBS-ers, and clueless newcomers: everyone loves a good blindside and that's a surefire way to get them.

I know hardcore strategy fans are feeling disappointed but that stuff will come along when some of the eejits get bounced. The new and different personality types we have this year are making this season the social experiment it was always meant to be. But the best part of this cast is we don't have an overabundance of attractive but dingy or catty or emotionally crippled women, but we do have Caleb and Devin. Gender reversal within the formula has been needed for a long time, and I love that it's finally happened.

She's gone from zero to 60 since Caleb professed his [whatever it is] for her. She gets around, she interacts, she gametalks, she prays, she had surprise double entries for opening day of Deathrace 2014. She did not hug Caleb at the end of his [whatever that was], no matter how many times he says she did.

She's not around an awful lot (unless you're watching midnight to dawn). I think she might be a contender but I'm not sure yet. Devin's gotten SO MUCH mileage from being a dad, many have forgotten Brittany also left kids at home - three of them. Take that, Devin! She often reminds me a bit of BB Canada 2's Sarah Miller but I've been unable to capture the likeness in a cap.. yet. Overnight update: we might have to start putting out Amber Alerts for her.

That confession of [whatever it is] to Amber was the most eagerly awaited convo on BB feeds for ages, and it didn't disappoint. His retells didn't disappoint either, but I'm afraid there have been reports of some cases of alcohol poisoning due to the related Hamsterwatch drinking game.. sorry about that. Then Devin buttinsky'd to Caleb that Amber's not into him, dumping misery on us. Hopefully Caleb will recover soon and talk some more about his 'estrogen problems' and what noodles have to do with it.

Seeing her and Nicole teamed up on the Sunday show was a very nice surprise, and we've now seen Team Nicotine gametalking on the feeds. Each of them gets around to the other non-pinup type hamsters as well, and I have high hopes for the 'regular people' to outdance the actormodels this season.

Speaking of pinup types.. I don't have anything against him but shouldn't he be on something like 'The Bachelor' where he can skate by on his looks? His psoriasis surprise allowed Joey to give us one of the best of many, many priceless facial expressions this group keeps delivering.

Ups on behalf of wife Jana and daughter Tenley who came through adenoid surgery Monday without incident. For all Devin's constant yap about his daughter, we really haven't heard much about herself. Derrick is another story as he brings a smile to my face when he talks about his daughter and the things she does. He's also proving to be a very savvy hamster who has all his ducks in the right rows, at least for now. VOTE DERRICK FOR TEAM AMERICA (fuck yeah) because hashtag #undercovercop would be a terrible thing to waste.

This guy is like a Rachel-less Brendon. I don't want to feel bad for him, but Drunken Devin came alive Sunday night and was happy, laughing, and likable. Many folks do that with booze or drugs, but it's a problem when the booze or drugs become a problem for them. It's like Devin doesn't know how to be sober, or how to express himself when depressed. But enough of compassion and empathy. If you follow Devin around the feeds, it usually feels like he's in a role-play game and the rest of them are all NPCs to him.

Donny: There must be a airport near here
Need I say more? He's a keeper.

I was all prepared to dislike him based on being a stuntcast, but it's difficult to stick to that. Topping off his masterful social game in general and specifically letting Zach think he's in charge, Frankie gives surprisingly good Diary. I was expecting another shouter, but he sounds like he's actually just telling us what's going on and how he feels about it.. how unique and refreshing!

He describes himself as immature and self-awareness of these things makes them a bit easier to stomach. He's also bright, funny, unique, and he seems kind, and that's an unusual mix on top of acting like he's Howie's little brother. He seems a bit smitten with Nicole and she doesn't seem ready or willing to be smitten back, but maybe she's being showmance and/or camera shy. Regardless, they're a cute pairing, but I hope he doesn't screw up her game.

She was neck and neck with Victoria for the hamster most likely to need a Daily Sighting reminder, but that was before Jocasta did an imitation of Devin running the yard, sweating, and chanting 'BREAD you did this to me!' Her bow ties also give her an edge, as do her incredible and wondrous facial expressions.

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Joey didn't excalate to hurricane status (yet?) but no matter, she's brought her share of entertainment these last few days, and then some. She's been doing some intense campaigning including bouncing back and forth between Caleb and Devin like a dented ping pong ball, and on Monday she told Hayden she had 'America's Favorite'. More dumb Joey moves? Yes, but she has nothing to lose at this point. Anyway, if we didn't have dumb moves, we might as well be watching scripted TV.

Her birthday wasn't as drama-funny as April's, Sarah's, Keesha's or McCrae's, but a good time was had by all and she'll always remember her 22nd. She's turned out to be the flame that the boy moths are drawn to, and she doesn't seem particularly interested in any of them. This is refreshing in general but especially in that habitat, and I hope she goes the distance - preferably with Christine and Derrick. She had a mini meltdown Monday night when she thought she'd said something she shouldn't have, and the pressure of being watched 24/7 'because of last year.' Hayden reminded her (correctly) that she's the designated sweetheart role, and the others reassured her that it's all good.

She kept insisting she only needed another C to turn CALTORU into CALCULATOR in the veto comp, but she may finally have been convinced otherwise. Once that airs on Wednesday night, it's going to land on the all-time BB WTF list.

See Jocasta. The fact that Sunday night's belly dance class never happened didn't help her in my eyes, and I hope she starts to step it up before she drops to Who? status.

He thinks he's going all the way with Frankie but he doesn't realize Frankie's social game is light years ahead of his, and possibly his comp skills as well - we'll see. I'm seeing the comedy of Zach's arrogance more and more, and I'm hoping we get some bonafide buffoonery along with it soon. He was telling Donny that he probably has a BB Wikipedia page about him already, and I figure Zach will be that guy who's constantly editing his own.


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What food supplement should the Have-nots get? Polls are closed
Vegan S'mores (43%)
> The 'Wurst BLT (57%)


Wednesday's show won the hour with 1.8 rating, 7 share and 5.61 million viewers, ahead of America's Got Talent rerun on NBC with 1.4/5/6.35, So You Think You Can Dance on FOX with 1.3/5/3.98, and The Middle and The Goldbergs reruns on ABC with 0.9/4/3.85 and 0.8/3/3.22 respectively.

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HOHs in order: Frankie/Caleb*
* indicates the surviving HOH

Veto wins in order: Donny


BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

Big Brother 15
Round 1: BBQ 1, Helen 1, Jessie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Helen 0, Jessie 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Spencer 0
Round 4: BBQ 1, Spencer ½, Judd 0, McCrae 0

Big Brother 14
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

Big Brother 12
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

Big Brother 11
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ ½, Ryan 0

Big Brother 8
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

Big Brother 7 All-Stars
BBQ training sabbatical

Big Brother 6
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

Big Brother 5
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, CBS 0, Nakomis 0


House meetings - 3
First eight, on premiere #1
Joey's (semi-formal) 6/28 5.56pm
Devin's 7/2 11.18pm

Fights - 1
Devin vs Brittany 6/29 12.21am

Pinkyswears - 1
Devin & Paola 6/29 1.35pm

The Soup mentions - 1
Donny's smarts

CBS goofs - 4
- Happends
- Jill, for the 2nd year
- Premiere 2 wasn't live
- Misspelled Jocasta 6/29 show



Zach to Cody: Dude, I can't believe you haven't aten food for a week

Zach to us: All of my energy is going to go towards ruiNing Victoria's life, I hate her with a passion!

Caleb: Wouldn't that be something else, if I tried out for 'The Bachelor' and she ended up being on there too?

Caleb's blog:
I fought hard and won with battle scares to prove my fight inside
I should have no problem winning this season of big brother

@TheBryPie: I think Devin might have to recruit a new member to the Bomb Squad, to replace him

Caleb, trying for an age joke: I used to play kickball with Moses' son
Christine: What did you use for a ball?
Caleb: We tied our clothes up in a bundle

Frankie, winding up meditation: Give your body what it needs
Donny: [burp]

Brittany: Caleb, are you taking a picture? How'd you get a camera?

Nicole: I took a picture next to a model! and I don't look that bad next to a model!

Caleb, still about Amber:
I dunno if her mood swings, if her period is jacking her up or what it is
I think the majority of this house knows that I'm not all about myself

Zach about eviction/HOH: It's so soon, it's like basically tomorrow, but not really

Brittany: I knew this wouldn't be easy.. if it was easy, everybody would sign up for it

Paola: I touched Cody's butt today, it was nice
Jocasta: Oh gosh, why?
Paola: To see how firm it was, it was really firm

Donny: Remember, I can't hear without my eyeballs


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