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This site is about the Big Brother 15 feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me, and it isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior. Your pal, dingo


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Feeds are streamed by CBS this year rather than SuperPass.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (changed from Tuesdays, live Wednesdays, Sundays).

Big Brother After Dark is on TVGN for two hours every night starting at midnight (9pm BB time), and is censored.

Canada runs the TV episodes on Global, and After Dark on Slice, uncensored.

The MVP selects the third nominee, privately, and he or she doesn't have to tell anyone they are MVP. If the MVP's nominee wins veto, MVP selects the replacement.

Jeremy's tattoo says 'Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds' (Einstein).

BB15 winner's prize is the same: $500k for the winner, so I assume 2nd still gets $50k. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week (up from $750), including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits may get more.

The habitat has 65 cameras (up 12) and 98 microphones (same).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

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Unfortunately, new rules for affiliates made it such that I could no longer post nekkies from the Big Brother 15 feeds - and there were plenty of them

BB10's Steven Daigle is making a return to porn, with a feature titled "Cum Whore".. it's also his "bareback" debut, meaning no condoms - the porn equivalent of a tightrope walker performing without a net

Click for more pics and info

BB Canada slips from the feeds - click pic for full size

Emmett Blois' milkman
Canada's first season in winter/spring 2013 had a mini scandal when a prank went awry: Tom Plant opened the shower door on Alec Beall. Alec was greatly upset, but it wasn't seen on the feeds. However a few weeks later, dairy farmer Emmett Blois let it all hang out in a quick flash during a shower with his showmance Jillian MacLaughlin. Thanks to Online Big Brother for catching this one! Canada had no Flashback feature, so capping was a catch it or lose it situation.

BB5 Will Wikle is remembered for sayings like "karma is a boomerang" and being nice, friendly, and fairly quiet, but he has gotten more "outgoing" since then. He's been dating porn actor Mason Star, was recently seen dancing around Manhattan in his undies, and has now posed for photographer Edwin Pabon

Click the pic for full size uncropped version, and/or visit Edwin Pabon's site

Later Will posed with porn star Benjamin Godfre for Rolling Blackouts - again, click the image for full size, full monty - err, monties

Steven Daigle was the star of this page, but then BB14 had Kara Monaco, 2006 Playboy's Playmate of the Year

She's got so many nekkid pics on the interwebs I'll just let you browse Google images on your own, or visit DogDave and I Hate Big Brother for their hand-picked selections all season

BB14 slips from the feeds - click pics for full size

Danielle Murphree ass flash

Danielle Murphree and Britney Haynes shackle shower

Janelle Pierzina nip slip

BB12's Lane Elenburg is the latest hamster to be caught on a phone with his pants down


Click the pics to see them bigger (but not more explicit) - this one came about via a report on the feeds hoax that took over much of Twitter a day or two before the feeds actually started - read about it here (PDF file) by @TattierPub - no names have been changed to protect the innocent or otherwise

Some have questioned the tattoo placement - my brain gets lost trying to figure out multiple mirroring effects (and these guys like to use mirrors for self pics) - I just pass along the info as received for you to judge for yourself

The Glass House Jacob (first off the ABC show) performed for porn webcam sites before going on TV - click pic for uncensored full size pics

BB11 Michele Noonan and Braden Bacha (who also appears below) were each on Playboy TV's Foursome reality show, on different seasons - Season 4 promo with Michele. Michele also appeared on Playboy's Money Talks.

BB 10's Steven Daigle is was the star of this section, since he's become a professional porn actor. He posted his almost-full monty on Twitter last year - you can see the full pic here

But that was just a precursor to him making a professional gay porn movie, called XXXposed, and then he made another called Stalked, and others

Click here to see XXXposed - Click here to see Stalked - purchase, rent, or pay per minute

BB13 slips from the feeds - click pics for full size

Rachel Reilly boobie slip

Jordan Lloyd nip slip

Brendon Villegas shows his weiner, again, for the few who haven't seen it yet

Rachel Reilly nip slip and butt cheek

Brendon Villegas Penisgate - click pics for full size

Between BB12 and BB13, while dating Rachel, Brendon was caught sending his weiner to various people via Skype, much like a Congressman might do. Everyone found out and he posted a tearful YouTube apology to Rachel, which was ridiculed even by Julie Chen & the ladies of "The Talk" who said it was pathetic. Rachel took him back, and they became engaged.

Nick Starcevic - click pic for full size

Not to be outdone by Brendon, BB8's Nick was also caught weinering online

BB12 slips from the feeds - click pics for full size

Rachel Reilly nip slip

Kristen Bitting boobies slip

Rachel Reilly ass shot

Monet Stunson boobies slip

BB 11's Braden Bacha has a naughty past that's already turned up: he was in the horror/soap/gay pornish cable series Dante's Cove, and appeared nude in it

bare chest pic - Braden's full monty

oh, you didn't think the full monty pic was him?

Clips from BB9 Sheila Kennedy's movies (thanks to Fudge for finding these)
The First Turn-On - 1984 - avi (8.0 mb)
The First Turn-On - 1984 - avi (15.2 mb)
Dead Boyz Can't Fly - 1992 - avi (8.7 mb)
Point Doom - 2001 - avi (10.5 mb)

Scroll down, click Free, and wait for download link

BB9 James Zinkand in hardcore gay video
James XXX Video     James XXX Video

James masturbates - wmv (52 mb)
Scroll down, click Free, and wait for download link

Scatological Monkey - James drunk and pooping on the beach
He's also in the others on that page - vomiting, jumping off a bridge, etc

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