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Frank is Head of Household
Dan & Danielle are nominated
Ian & Jenn hold vetos
Dan is Have-not
Frank in carrot suit 1 week
Frank can't play 2 HOH comps
Jenn's on slop for the duration


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The BB14 untwist resulted in no eviction, and all coaches entering the game. Boogie was the only one who didn't vote to enter. If all had said no, there would have been a hamster revival.

Willie was ejected for head-butting Joe. Threats & verbal attacks are legal - aggressive physical contact is not.

They're calling pre-show sequester 'convention' or 'knitting convention', and they're calling Diary 'the wizard' or 'dairy queen'.

Ashley revealed they wear earpieces for nominations, at least early on.

CBS shows are Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm.

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BB14 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Kara and Jenn may have gotten more.

The coach of the winner would have gotten $100k without the untwist. Returning veterans got $20k to show up, and/or a higher stipend after the untwist.

The habitat has 53 cameras (up one) and 98 microphones (up three).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

The Glass House premiered June 18 on ABC and will run for 10 episodes. The winner will get $250,000 - half the usual BB winning amount.

The glass hamsters go into hotel sequester on weekends.

Big Brother Canada premieres February 2013.

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Crimes and punishments continue (Sunday 8/26)

Disco Dan's party kept going on & off all or most of the night.. a few zooms on his face in the wee hours showed he'd rather be getting a solid night's sleep, but that's how it goes.. Frank continued his chum buckets with dunkings at approximately 6.10am, 7.31am, 10.55am, 12.12pm, 12.22pm, 1.42pm, 2.34pm - see my Twitpics for some caps of the chummy goodness.. another party or charity event with music was going on nearby so they were herded back inside

Unlike international editions, our BB producers and many viewers have forgotten the meaning of the phrase Big Brother over the years, but these punishments have made for a very fun interlude.. hamsters should be made to dance for our enjoyment rather than just being paid to attend summer camp, and it's been especially nice having these two do so simultaneously - I just wish they'd required Dan to literally dance as well

The Chain Gang Girls were unshackled and Disco Dan was released around 4.23pm, so 22 hours plus or minus, not bad for The Powers That Be.. Dan overacted up a storm, feigning insanity, panic, weakness, you name it - and they bought it hook, line and sinker (except Joe)


Dan's house meeting

He paced around rehearsing, exactly like he did when prepping for the jury that gave him $500,000 last time.. I was afraid they'd kill the spontaneity by making him wait Showtime but no, it kicked off at 7.51pm and it was a doozy

He gathered them round and welcomed them to his Big Brother funeral, asking that they keep it fun and light until Thursday, and if anyone tries to gametalk to him, he'll scream at the top of his lungs so everyone knows about it.. he told them there's no crying in Big Brother, but he and the rest choked up a few times, and also chuckled

He said Joe's like an older version of himself, a 41-year-old kid.. he said Shane's proof there actually is a Captain America.. he said Jenn's the first lesbian he ever met and with her tattoos he normally might have felt prejudice, but she wiped it away.. he said Britney's a co-newlywed he initially mistrusted, mentioned her famous "stink eye" and epic Diaries, and said Ryan's a lucky guy.. he counseled Ian to keep having fun, and that the two of them have the same brains, just wanting to mess around and have fun.. he said he has much in common with Frank, that they're arch enemies in the game but Dan respects him and his game, and urged him to fight for his life in there

And then he came to Danielle.. he told her to just enjoy herself and not feel awkward.. he reiterated his threat to yell at the top of his lungs if she tries to gametalk.. then he said how she'd reminded him at first of Memphis Bob and how they'd always had each other's backs, but now "in this game, you're dead to me".. to say she was shocked would be the understatement of all time - I think her face froze for a full two minutes

Dan went upstairs with Frank and she broke down, surrounded by an army of caretakers as she questioned what she'd done, between sobs - her voice got so high only dogs could hear it.. meanwhile upstairs, Dan explained everything to Frank about everything, including Ian, and they agreed to work together to get Jenn to use her veto on Dan, and Frank will put up Britney in his place.. presumably Ian's veto goes first and he's said repeatedly that he won't use it.. Dan also assigned Joe to BB10 Jerry's role, and was surprised he hadn't thought of it before (really?).. it was all made richer because Dan was talking to a carrot

Eventually Danielle agreed to Dan's request for an audience, at which point he told her it was all for show, which shocked her even more and caused her to lash out with "You humiliated me in front of the whole house! Can you at least give me a warning next time?" He said he couldn't as he wanted a natural reaction, reverting to BB5 Drew's tried and true (yet sleazy) formula.. Jenn agreed to go along with it, and retells ensued throughout the habitat.. Britney clearly seemed suspicious of something, Ian seemed confused, and Joe openly questioned what the hell's going on - he also questioned Dan's "illness"

All in all, COMEDY GOLD for feedsters from start to finish, and not a single fishies break for any of it


Crimes and punishments (Saturday 8/25)

Ian and Frank had a few gametalk convos, but Ian's still saying he wants to wait til he's drunk to talk strategy going forward.. Frank pointed out they're the only two BB fan applicants left - all the others were recruited or recycled (and that holds true back to when Jodi was there, she was the only other actual applicant this year).. Frank had a long monologue this morning about Ian, and made it sound as if he's buying the "just here for the experience" routine that Ian keeps dishing out

Feeds went to trivia for the veto comp around 2.30pm and returned just short of four hours later.. their comp was based on Draw Something submissions, with points, buzzers, and punishments.. Frank was disqualified for saying something out loud? Several agreed it was unintentional, including Dan talking to himself/us.. Jenn won the veto.. Ian hosted, and Joe didn't play

The various repercussions as I understand them: Jenn's on slop for the duration and some clothes were burned; Frank had a green bath, is in a carrot suit for a week, can't compete in the next two HOH comps, and will get chum showers for 24 hours whenever a horn blows; they threw paint on Danielle, and she & Britney are ankle-shackled 24 hours (from 6.50pm); Dan ate something gross, and is in solitary for 24 hours (from 6.30pm) - his Have-not room was converted to a disco with lights & "Solitary Dance Party" music, and cake & champagne.. it doesn't sound like Shane got anything

There was yet another party on the lot so they were kept inside until after midnight to avoid any music leaking onto our feeds and causing royalties to be paid.. the first chum horn sounded at 12.35am, waking Frank from a sound slumber.. I don't know what BB chum is made of, but the others said it was quite stinky

Frank dumped a bucketful on himself with full force.. it was chilly out there tonight - 60 degrees per my weather widget - and the hot tub wasn't turned on.. he shivered through a cold shower in the yard, and crawled back into his carrot suit

Chummings timeline, plus or minus: 12.35am, 1.16am, 1.51am, 3.20am, 4.00am.. a mouse was spotted by the grill - move over, ants, there's a new coach in town!


Ratings - Dan's Ultimate Mist edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value

Sunday's show filled in a lot of drama gaps we'd heard about but missed, and we missed still more drama after Saturday's veto comp. We also missed a disqualification that remains semi mysterious and could remain so, depending how they edit Wednesday. I wish they'd stop encouraging the alliance naming but they seem to like that stuff. To their credit, I don't think they've flubbed any day counts yet this year, and they went very easy on the fishies for Sunday's feeds bonanza, so big ups for that alone. I wonder how soon after Wednesday's show 'Solitary Dance Party' will go on sale at iTunes?

TEAMIES: Shane, Willie, JoJo
WON: 1 week safety, 24 hour shackles
She was good as one-half of the Chain Gang Girls, especially when she won their tug-of-war over which way to go and then let Danielle go get what she wanted anyway. She may not know exactly what's going to hit her in the morning but she's not stupid and she'll notice Danielle had a very quick and thorough recovery from Dan's tongue lashing, and that just isn't like Danielle, much like her blasé acceptance of being nominated these past couple of days didn't fool Dan.

TEAMIES: Kara, Danielle, Jodi
WON: Sushi party, 24 hour disco
Very solid ups for not one but two shows of actoring deluxe. First the Ferris Bueller type illness faking was classic and hilarious, and then the House Meeting that blew the roof off the joint, as Letterman would say. He used his 22 hours to come up with a brilliant plan, and stuffing his face with cake beforehand lent a certain aura to his room as well. If his plan works or not remains to be seen, but it will go down as a valiant effort for the books even if it doesn't. If he ever gives up the Catholic church, he could form a powerful cult without even trying. But really, he has to stop with the naming of alliances: Renny-gades 2, Rock Boys, and Dark Knights are all absurd. Frank's suggestion of LCC Last Call Crew is only marginally better, but it's better.

WON: 24 hour shackles
Sunday was like a sweeps week special for As Danielle's World Turns, as she ran the gamut of emotions (and associated screencaps) from comical to oblivious to shocked to outraged to crumpled-in-a-heap to confusion to mopey to salvation, and she ended the night with calm confidence. She also added yet another pinkyswear to the tally, promising 'to the end' with Shane even after everything went down with Dan. The public excuse for Dan's smackdown on her was that she threw the veto, but I'm convinced some of it was also because of her double triple quadruple F2 dipping, and that she reacted from being not only found out but called out, as well as campaigning all over town while professing not to. Maybe he'll save that up for his jury speech in a few weeks.

WON: $3,341.49, 1 week spiritard, 1 week carrot, 24 hour chum showers
Props for being honest with them about how much cash Pandora dished out, along with most other things. He was a good sport about his carrot, his chum, and also his green bath by all accounts - we'll see that Wednesday. A lot of his haters are upset because they think TPTB are tweaking things for his benefit but I say fight the real enemy, and take that up with them. He was smart to pitch a partnership to Dan before everything hit the fan, and it looks like it might pay off for him - at least for now. He had nothing to lose anyway so why not? At least it makes for a good show for us, and that's all that matters.

WON: $3k, 24 hour dog's life, veto
I'm still Team Ian and glad he's safe this week thanks to his little gold ball. I continue to hope I'm not overestimating him and while his name came up a lot Sunday, he still seems to be a lesser target than many in there. I just hope he can lay low and stick til the end - although the best outcome for us would be if he goes ahead and uses his veto anyway, just imagine how they'd all scurry then! Despite my famous tagline about not caring who wins (I really don't), I'd love to see him and Frank in finals since they're the only fan applicants of the bunch, plus I think the two of them would provide good final days feeds - especially if accompanied by Joe or Britney. Cheap entertainment above all else!

WON: $1k, Hawaii trip
You have to give her props for winning a veto that had this many punishments, and all she lost was an outfit and family dinners. I don't think she's complained yet about slop but I'll be holding her against Ian not making a peep about it for 3.5 weeks (plus the Have-not beds before they were allowed to slide onto the floor), and she has a long ways to go. She's gone from Who? status to being a major player in a matter of days, and while using her veto might not be the best move for herself, it'll sure make for a memorable week with some good feeds ahead, so anticipatory ups for that.

Despite his volume, nobody listens to him and that might be their undoing. He may not know the details, but he always knows when things are dicey in there and he's usually pretty close to what it actually is. They're still eating everything he dishes up food-wise and not asking him to wash his hands, so that's on them and we needn't concern ourselves about it unless they come down with food poisoning. 'THERE'S SHIT ROTTEN IN DENMARK SOMEWHERE' is an easy contender for Lines of the Season.

WON: Veto ticket
Along with Joe, he's the other swing vote they'll need to court with the plan to replace Dan with Britney, but at least Joe suspects it's coming. Shane's still being shmoozed by Danielle and that included yet another pinkyswear with Shane after she laid down her life for Dan. One problem though for the new plan: have they all forgotten that Shane sided with Britney once before and voted to evict Danielle? He might pinky Danielle but he often swears his allegiance to Britney, and with gratitude for having gotten him this far. Nevermind that he won two HOHs and starred in As Danielle's World Turns for another week - those three weeks at the top might have something to do with the fact that he's still around, Britney or no Britney, but he gives her most of the credit.

She was ditzy and kooky, and didn't seem like she knew what show she was on most of the time (which fits, since she landed here after being rejected from a dating show). She had back problems that looked legit, and worked in her favor more than once. She brought a kitty-cat sleep mask, creative counting methods, unicorns and dreamboard strategy, and while she seems like a nice enough girl who would have been a hit in 1967, her monotone voice won't be missed.

TEAMIES: Frank, Ian, Jenn - WON: $16k
He started a bit better this time but degenerated to his old self. His friends in production couldn't save him this time around and he got got. His team survived him but only Frank stuck with him til the end, even though Boogie went for cash rather than working to help him. I'm very relieved to see the back of him for a third and hopefully last time, and I only wish we had a feed for when Dr. Will smacks him upside the head.

He came in with the most entertainment potential we've seen in awhile but other than a few spectacular bursts such as his drunken sushi birthday, he failed to deliver on a regular basis. His Sharon Osbourne was spot-on and so was his Joe, but his quick wit wasn't enough to combat the overall doldrums of the season. He fiddled his hair constantly (like Kaysar), and he pinkyswore Janelle out the door. He starred in two of the three 'The Soup' segments to date, and he'll be missed.

TEAMIES: Wil, Ashley, Joe WON: nothing
She was the first coach casualty but she went quietly, robbing us of an updated 'bye-bye bitches'. She didn't have a Howie or Kaysar to work with (or entertain us) this time, and her teamies either didn't know or didn't care how loyally she plays BB. She had some sippy fun but this cast didn't get her shtick, and she had pork rinds thrown at her and mean girl chatter reminiscent of BB6. She drove the early game but didn't play in any veto comps, and that was a huge loss for the season.

She promised to bring it, but apparently she left it on Staten Island since she failed to fight even when confronted. She talked a lot but it was mostly the same loops over and over: she only gets along with East Coast girls, she's street-smart, she's loyal, and she's loyal, know what I mean? She was scouted via Facebook to get here, and that's where she should have stayed. Now she can get back to modeling and piloxing.

(Possibly forfeited stipend)
He spent two weeks laying in HOH bed, parannoying his brains out even though he was perfectly safe, and his fall from HOH was the hardest we've ever seen. He head-butted himself out the door when he might have been saved by veto, so he'll go into the BB blunders pile. I didn't come in with Hantzophobia so I'm grateful for the cheap entertainment he brought, especially the Froot Loops war and Willieisms like 'key-hos', 'corn-ho', and 'totin' pole'. He's the first hamster to pose for his mug shot while his season was still underway.

TEAM DAN - WON: nothing
She brought a big name and rep to the show but didn't live up to either. She seemed like a nice enough girl but she didn't bring much to the feeds, and her sister wife wardrobe greatly disappointed her pre-existing fanbase. She'll be remembered for extra shiny knees and little else - she didn't even campaign to stay.

TEAM DAN, for a minute - WON: nothing
Most were looking forward to seeing what she'd bring, but she got a raw deal and was gone before the feeds even kicked on. She'd said she was worried about lack of privacy & sleep, missing her family, and slop, so maybe BB wasn't for her, and she got away without airing any dirty laundry. It had to be humiliating to go back in for the group bikini pic but that's how they do things.


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Which food supplement should Have-nots get?
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Sunday's show dropped to second place with 7.318 million viewers, 2.5 rating and 7 share, behind football on NBC, and ahead of The Simpsons reruns on FOX and Once Upon a Time rerun on ABC.
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Pointless HOH weeks: 1½
1 Shane due to untwist
½ Willie self-evicting the day after his

Messy lawsuits: 2
Anthony Marini vs Ashley

Major fights: 1
7/17 10.25pm Willie vs Frank + Boogie

House meetings: 2
7/17 10.54am Newbies
8/26 7.50pm Dan

Excessive feeds blackouts: 1
8/18 Almost 7 hours

Diary leak scandals: 1
8/9 10.08am

Wild sushi makeout/streak parties: 1
7/28 9.50pm

Additional makeout pairings: 1
8/15 12.15am Frank/Ashley

Pinkyswears: 5
7/29 CBS Shane/Danielle
8/8 8.28pm Wil/Janelle
8/14 9.36pm Wil/Danielle
8/17 2.14am Shane/Danielle
8/27 11.54pm Shane/Danielle

Premature exits: 3
Mike, Jodi, Willie

Sleazy pasts uncovered: 1 Ashley

New mug shots: 2
BB5 winner Drew
BB14 ejectee Willie

Editing logistics problems: 1
Jodi's in the group bikini pic

'The Soup' mentions: 3
Wil getting his key invitation
Danielle & Ashley about Shane
Wil about lemon/lime humping

CBS goofs: 20
- Missing/bad URL
- Forgot an important instruction
- Julie's intern polling about something they didn't air
- Staff seen building veto comp
- Old news + a blatant lie
- Mixing up alliance names
- August 8 CBS daytime ad had Willie HOH and Kara/Frank nominees
- Wrong trivia loop
- Another staffer caught on feeds
- Omitting a very important key word
- Calling Shane's shun 'flirting'
- Misspelled Britney
- Fuzzy math
- Staffer caught with the Hamburglar
- Wrong time on CBS main site
- 'Every day' on vets poll skipped 2 days
- Wrong seasons for Howie & Jeff
- 'Biggest cast ever' = same as BB9
- Sailing instructor Mike disappeared
- Their copyright expert used illegal videos to make his Glass House case



Danielle: When have you been a stickler for the rules?
Britney: Since I decided to start following them
Danielle: When, day 51?

Britney: Where's Bangladesh?
Danielle: China? I have no idea
Ian: I want to say Indonesia.. or maybe around Pakistan type region

Dan to Frank: The medicine ball was rocking back and forth

Dan: I'm dressed in all black for a reason, welcome to my Big Brother funeral


Shane, about cocktails (or not): It's an Alabama slammer and kamikazi in one drink

Jenn: Are you sure you want me to do this?
Danielle: Yeah, don't pull me off

@hamsterwatch: Disco Dan enjoys some more of his party cake
@bridge36: is there a golden veto ball in there?

Frank to Ian: There's two people in this house who this was their DREAM and it's us two

Ian to Frank & Jenn: I'm gonna use................... my best judgment

Britney: You guys haven't kissed since week 3 - this relationship has taken a turn for the worse

Ian: Danielle & Britney are the only people left in this house that like dick

Danielle: Am I clingy or something? Am I missing something?


Dan has another visitor chop by @MissCleoBB14

HRNN Update: Missing Hair Snot by @BB11HouseRodent

Latest alliance diagram by @89razorskate20

Boogie's legal problems

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