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Emmett won Part 1
Gary won Part 2
Gary won Part 3 and final HOH, and evicted Emmett
Jillian won BB Canada 4-3


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The BB14 untwist resulted in no eviction, and all coaches entering the game. Boogie was the only one who didn't vote to enter. If all had said no, there would have been a hamster revival.

Willie was ejected for head-butting Joe. Threats & verbal attacks are legal - aggressive physical contact is not.

They called pre-show sequester 'convention' or 'knitting convention', and they're calling Diary 'the wizard' or 'dairy queen'.

Ashley revealed they wear earpieces for nominations, at least early on.

CBS shows were Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm.

Big Brother After Dark aired midnight to 3am nightly (1am to 4am Thursdays) on Showtime (SHO2) in USA, and on Slice in Canada at various times - check your local listings.

BB14 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Kara and Jenn may have gotten more.

The coach of the winner would have gotten $100k without the untwist. Returning veterans got $20k to show up, and/or a higher stipend after the untwist.

The habitat has 53 cameras (up one) and 98 microphones (up three).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

The Glass House premiered June 18 on ABC and ran for 10 episodes. The winner got $250,000 - half the usual BB winning amount. The glass hamsters went into hotel sequester on weekends.

Big Brother Canada premieres February 2013.

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Live chat with Adam Poch

After 1,001 shout-outs to me last summer, the heavy metal teddy of BB13 was gracious enough to sit in with some Hamsterwatchers on July 8, 2012 to answer some very good questions about his experiences on the show and provide a bit of behind the scenes information.. everlasting ups to Adam for his time, his articulate replies, and for being my loudest (if not my biggest) fan! Follow Adam on Twitter, Facebook, and catch his new show with BB12's diabolical supergenius Matt Hoffman every Tuesday on SuperPass


heavymetalteddy love you all!!! especially DINGO! before you ask me questions - i have one for dingo. what drinking game did you come up with for me last year?

dingo trying to think. once i post something, it goes whoosh outta my head

heavymetalteddy everytime i mentioned tori?

rissmeek it had to do with cruddy

Big Brother Buddy yeah, cruddy

ihatebigbrother or bacon

dingo i'm sure i had a bacon mention at some point

heavymetalteddy you would all have been hammered

DrunkEnough adam, we'd all be dead

Amber I still have a hangover

attw x we go through so many drinking games - too many brain cells lost to remember yours

heavymetalteddy attw - by the way - love your site too!

attw x ty <3

dingo is the best bb history site ever

danthebbfan it wasn't any time he mentioned dingo or hamsterwatch?

dingo oh yea i did that too!

Big Brother Buddy so, i guess this proves it... ADAM ISN'T DINGO


dingo so who's got the first question for adam? that he hasn't heard 100,000 times

mamafoxof3 I have a stupid question. As a smoker I'm curious, how many cartons of cigarettes did you bring, and did they last?

heavymetalteddy no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people that ask questions - hahahahaha. i brought 10 cartons (100 packs). i was told it would be about 3 months - so i figured i am a pack a day smoker - that would be enough. i went through 73 packs including the one i gave to jeff.


Big Brother Buddy what is your #1 regret? what one thing would you have done differently?

heavymetalteddy BBB - good question.... i mean, looking back - i could have used the veto to save P & K and get rid of Jordan, but i felt like that would have killed any chance with the jury & p & k would have taken each other - so i knew whichever way i went i would be 3rd. so by me not using it - i tried to show i was a man of my word - R&J kept me over shelly - so I had to do what i said i was going to do. playing an honest game almost worked


danthebbfan i think jury would've picked you over P or K possibly

heavymetalteddy yeah - i would have prob beat p or k - but dont know if i would have gotten to the final 2 with either


welchy did they ever yell at you for mentioning hamsterwatch so much?

dingo that was mine too, how'd you get away with it for so long

heavymetalteddy welchy - NO - they never said anything to me about my shoutouts on the feeds. nor my shoutouts to Fara. not my "speaking lyrics" of songs. i think they may tell the new people to stop cause i got carried away with it. so I lucked out

dingo they had told previous seasons not to shoutout sites on the feeds, so it was bizarre (but very very nice :)


danthebbfan there's been claims of people being 'influenced' to do something in the DR. did you notice this from your experiences? or can you not say? and i mean in terms of game decisions

heavymetalteddy honestly - i never got the feeling the DR was leaning / pushing me to do anything - i feel like they just let me be me - and see where it got me... sadly though i did not like my edit on CBS cause i was doing a lot of work keeping myself not a target - and they did not show it - i said many times on the feeds - i am not playing a sexy game, i am playing to get myself to the final 2 chairs and then try and talk my way to 1/2 mil

dingo we're all feedsters here, we don't buy CBS edit of anything

DrunkEnough comparing feeds to truth is one of the joys of this show

attw x 4 feeds but they only show 2 or 1 - leaves alot of off camera time - you had to know when off camera and what did HGs do with all that down time? sleep?

heavymetalteddy attw - I had no idea what feeds were on - and if i was even being shown when i would do my adamlogues (as fara called them) but i knew when nothing else was happeneing, when everyone was sleeping, they had no choice but to air me


rissmeek What was the part that you hated the most? Being away from Fara, being w/o info, slop?

heavymetalteddy the part i hated the most was no time away from the game - to just put my brain on pause and just enjoy myself - i was always thinking thinking thinking... the closest was when everyone hid from me in the HoH and i went outside and chilled. no one around - at that point still 12 people there

dingo that was hilarious! you totally didn't bite

rissmeek thanks adam, i think not having peace would be hard too

heavymetalteddy so for me - it was a break.... but i was also still in game mode... i wanted to win a movie or something to just stop thinking game for 2 hours...


welchy how much did the producer talk to you in the house, did you feel like it was too much? as a fan, did it ruin the illusion?

heavymetalteddy before every live show - we would have a "walk through" where the producers would chat with us for a bit - but never ever revealing any info inside or out. and no - did not ruin it for me.. i mean, i know it is a tv show - i work in the music biz behind the scenes and know so much needs to be done - so i respected everyone that worked on the show. i found out after a lot of the staff loved me for that reason alone


abt amys_bus_ticket here ;) Hi Adam - just wondering how long it took after you got out to stop feeling like you were being watched (from everywhere) .. or did it ever stop? And ... do you forgive me for capping you all season? (lol)

heavymetalteddy hey amy! as soon as I got out of the house - i knew it was over - so i was able to take a shower that night - and walk around the hotel room naked and not worry about anyone seeing me (except FARA!)


Big Brother Buddy Did being a contestant change your outlook on the game in any way?

heavymetalteddy great ? not really - again, i knew that its a TV show first - and they need ratings... the whole "pandora's box" when rachel & jordan got to stay was like - WTF??? but then again, it forced one of us to step up and beat her - which we never did. so.... they throw wrenches in our plans - but that forces us to change our plans - in the game you have to change the way you play time to time - and that is no excpetion. the house is always a player as well... so you have to compete against it. i cannot wait to be a fan again, and see what happens and know there is more to the story


danthebbfan who do you keep in touch with? anyone who really changed outside of the house? any alumni you met that was not like what you expected?

heavymetalteddy nice ? dan. i still talk to a lot of people - both from my season and older seasons. all the alumni have been cool - even though a few talked shit about me - i confronted them, explained what i was thinking - and then they were like - ok makes sense. Michelle Costa walked up to me and smacked me in the head before ever saying hi. She knew i had a good chance of winning and thought i blew it but now we are good friends - even James Rhine who was calling me Adumb and i are friends now


Amber Did TPTB ever explain why they treated ya'll like you were on Dr. Drew's show & didn't cough up more than a 6 pack for 8 or 9 people? Why so stingy on the booze?

heavymetalteddy no - they did not... but for me - it was good - on my bday - they gave us a 6pack of beer and everyone let me have it - after 3 beers i was feelin a little tipsy - so i stopped. anyone that has ever been sober talking to a drunk friend can figure out why i stoppped


ihatebigbrother I have a 2 part question. 1. Is Cassi as hot in person as she appeared on the feeds? 2. Looking back, do you think you would of won if it was an all newbie cast?

heavymetalteddy great ? 1 - even hotter - I saw her at finals and was like - HOLY!!!! Her eyes are just insane - Olivia Wilde... but i prefer girls with more curves - so.... 2 - i think if it was all newbies - i would not have gotten as far as I did. being a quirky 40 yr old metalhead - made me a little different from everyone - and i think they may have gotten me out early before the battle lines were drawn cause i was different. with so many targets in the house - i could just be goofy and no one looked at me as a threat. not the game plan i had going in - but quickly realized this can work


abt After the 'newness' of being< in the house wore off - did you really think constantly about strategy or did it just kind of meld together and turn into more just dealing with personal relationship battles?

heavymetalteddy never stopped thinking strategy - i did not sleep much at night - running through every scenerio. personal relationships i was making was going to be a big part of my speech to the jury at the end - i think i bonded with everyone on a personal level - and social game is just as important as pysical or mental

abt i still have to know if Adam forgives me ;)

heavymetalteddy forgives you for what?

abt << has a little screencap habit. lol - nevermind

heavymetalteddy i went on a TV show where they were going to show me 24 - 7 - i am a fan - i know all about the Whamber, and making fun of people - i dont care what you say about me - i know who i am and what i did - so nothing gets me down.. in fact any hate - i love cause when someone takes time out of their day to make fun of me - it means i am on their mind, mission accomplished.


nawa if one of the twists this summer was to have america vote IN a former HG, and you were one of the options, would you do it?

heavymetalteddy a) that would never happen.... but b) if it did - i would be honoroed and if i could get the time off of work again, i would - i cannot screw up the rest of my life for another 15 minutes of fame. lets face it - the cat ladies love Jeff - he would be voted back way before me... and there would be plenty of others that would go before me. if all of them could not go - and i was the last choice - HELL YEAH!


supes414 are you under an agreement, even now, to keep some of production secrets secret? (and Hi. Very much enjoyed you last year)

heavymetalteddy HI SUPES! thanks. i can tell you anything i want to tell you... my contract with CBS is done as soon as the first show airs - so i can finally do other TV / movie work (if anyone is a casting director - email me...hahahahah) not saying i have a lot of offers - but it is good to know i can persue it


chumlord Just wondering what kind of tips you would give someone looking to be on a future season?

heavymetalteddy if you want to get on - first thing - read (or listen to) dan's book... he does a great job telling you whats up... my advice is simple... be yourself - hit on a few personal characteristics that make you unique (metalhead who loves 90210 and appletini's say what?) and own the room if you are in an open audiiton they want big personalities - not wallflowers lol thanks alot! but sometimes the big personbalities turn into wallflowers in that house cause you have SO MANY big personalitied


attw x when tori spelling came to visit - did you know ahead of time? that was so cute - i'd have been a mess if my favorite star showed up - feeling star struck now ;)

heavymetalteddy no clue she was coming - at best i thought MAYBE she would be at finale night. i knew if i said her name enough people would tell her and she would know who i was - thats it... but the fact she came in is BB History - and no matter how much my game sucked - i will live in infamy hsahahaha


Amber How do you feel about the "mentor" twist? Do you think it's jumping the shark a bit to keep integrating vets? But if you could have chosen a mentor for your season, who would it be?

heavymetalteddy the "jury" is still out on this mentor twist - i do not know what they will be doing - i think it has some great if they are just there to give advice and lead the team,. but not play - like a baseball manager. i know CBS had to do something cause the show was getting a little stale - especially the last few weeks of the season if i had a mentor? wow evel is my fav, janelle a close 2nd - and ronnie 3rd. i would take Will over any of them to show me how to be as cunning

attw x hey ronnie was a number 1 pick too

heavymetalteddy hell yeah i loved ronnie- super fan - nerd - just like me. also at one stage of the game, i felt like dan...just do what i had to do to get to final 6 and earn the win


ihatebigbrother my question is about this season as well, have you had a chance read about or watch any of the new cast interviews? If so, have any favorites to win? If so, why?

heavymetalteddy ok first off - i am rooting for Jenn - metalhead, ny, and we have a lot of mutual friends - so i would love to see her do well but i gotta say - this cast is so diverse - and i like a lot of them for different reasons. Ashley is gonna be fun to watch cause she is crazy! i would hate to live with her - but will love to watch her. Ian is gonna be a nice one too, he has a lot of knowledge of the game. i hope he sniffs out Hantz and they call him out and get rid of him early. but until i know what the twist is and how it is gonna play out - i do not have any favorites yet thats why we watch - cause you never know who will step up


redtootsiepop How much goes on in the first few days, we don't see on the feeds... alliances already seemed formed when they do come on- do hamsters start right in immediately ? Who did you bond with first?

heavymetalteddy i really wish we had a flashback feature and could see those first few days of everyone getting to know each other. we had a Library allianace - me, dom, lawon, and keith - we all got along great that first week - little did i know about the regulators (aka worst alliance ever - aka first 4 out)


junipersf Hi Adam--loved you! Did you feel pressure as a fan to be entertaining to feedsters? and how aware were you of the entertaining us factor?

heavymetalteddy of course i knew i had to entertain... thats why i did so much stupid shit - to entertain you all at home, and myself / the other HGs to try and avoid going bonkers but i did not know what was being seen and what wasnt - so i would constantly try and do stupid stuff but thats why i would talk to the feedsters at night - so you could at least get your 9.99 worth a months. why shelly never did is beyond me


mamafoxof3 At casting calls, is it good or bad to announce that you're a big fan of the show? Is it better to advertise you're a 'superfan' as they are calling people who watch feeds and/or read websites, just kind of keep that on the downlow?

heavymetalteddy they see so many people and as you see every year there are only a few superfans - not recruits... so if you are a superfan - say you are a superfan... if you lie, or hold anything back - they will see right trough you


rissmeek Is/Was there anyone who is the complete opposite of the person they are in the house vs outside the house?

heavymetalteddy Shelly - maybe not complete opposite - but she is awesome and she is really a caring person... we all get pulled into a deep pit of hell while playing - and as she saw she was able to manipulate people - she kept going - i do not think she would do that in real life - but that house makes you do crazy things. the backlash she got was insane - and she handled it great. kudos to her


danthebbfan the pairing up in the beginning... why did you pick dominic? also... thinking back what would have been best (besides dominic) and worst case scenario for who to pair up with?

heavymetalteddy i picked dom cause i wanted someone strong that could help me win physical comps... i thought we would be a great team, brains & braun (although my brain fart during the 3rd HoH screwed us - but in the long run helped me) worst case would have been porsche (knowing now what i know - she was friends with Janelle and Dick knew it) so he made the vets keep her week 1. i would have been keith - 1st out


Amber It seems like BB casting can be incestuous (how many have been cast from one of Boogie's bars or restaurants?) and/or "Hollywood" (through agents). How realistic is it that a "real" person can be cast?

heavymetalteddy last year - there were 8 of us that made the show - 3 of us were fans and 5 were recruits (lawon, me, shelly) this year its about the same ratio - about 5 of the 12 were fans / open calls remember - it is a TV show - needs to generate $$ or it goes bye bye. i am not sure if keith was recruited - or open call but he had been on another reality show before look at Wil this year - he was "on" American Idol. hantz, jenn, were also recruits, ian is a fan, frank is a fan, (tidbit of info) Frank was in my finals group from last year. so glad to see he made it this year.


wrigh279 i love that psycho sids kid is a fan of the show

heavymetalteddy i know he was not a fan of mine - just like i was not a fan of enzo's cause i felt he took my spot. i now love enzo - and when i have a chance to talk to frank after - he will be a fan of mine


Big Brother Buddy For you, how bad was the paranoia that comes along with not knowing who is actually talking to who, when, where and about what? In real life, that stuff doesn't bother me, but I assume it would weigh on my mind quite heavily while in the house.

heavymetalteddy another reason i could not sleep at night - i would listen for the whispering... the week i was against dom to go home, i saw kalia talking to shelly - 10 feet away from me... i knew if i blew that shit up - it would come back to haunt me. i tried not to let it get to me - and i tried to make the rounds with the people i was working with - to make sure all the stories i heard would match. i knew shelly was playing a game and throwing me under the bus - but i kept my mouth shut. all i could do was be myself and use what info i had to help me get further


smellykelley If you have watched the 'cbs' version of your show, did they "production" twist or edit in a way that showed something different on the show than what was actually said or happened in DR? Do they try to get you to think/believe in a different way then you intially were? We dont get the full DR's as you know (would be nice though!) So its just interesting what really goes on in there.

heavymetalteddy i answered somethign similar already - but i did not think they were leading me on... others maybe - but not me - was not a fan of my edit - especially when the big fight before the live show - between shelly & jeff - i was a lot more vocal - but they did not show that. also when keith freaked out week 1 after dick left - i was a lot more vocal - they showed me talk for like 1 second in the DR - when I made a much bigger speech about how he was screwing himself and us


Amber The feeds cut out when the HGs talk about a friend or family member who hasn't signed a release. How does that process go? And if you have to keep it secret that you're going into the house, how do the HGs get releases signed, to explain to them what they're signing? And how many are they allowed to ask to sign?

heavymetalteddy the people that were at my key ceremony - all had to sign waivers, so they were free game... i also gave them a list of like 30 people i wanted them to reach out to - they would tell you when someone signed the releases and if someone didnt - dont talk about them


wrigh279 1) Any chance I/we can see your audition tape for hopefuls out there? 2) What does slop taste like? and thx for the birthday shoutout a few weeks ago Adam!

heavymetalteddy 1) i went to open audition - so no tape for me to show. 2) LIKE SHIT! its like grainy oatmeal that after three bites - no matter what you put on it - it still tastes like slop. (yw for the bday shoutout)


welchy how much did you go into the DR, did you only go when they called you or did you go when you wanted to, nad when you went int wht was the proccess like?

heavymetalteddy DR - they woudl call you and you would have to go over everything - some sessions were 5 minutes, some were an hour or longer. we would also go when we had a question for production, needed meidcal or psych assistance. when we were on long lockdowns i would always ask how long - so if i needed to put on a nicotine patch i could.

welchy did you ever need psych assistance

heavymetalteddy no i never did - once i almost did - but i wont talk about that - it was a family matter that i needed to get a message home


abt Do you think male or female players have the advantage in this game or any age demographic? And did you use Psych? .. ;)

heavymetalteddy attw could give you the breakdown - but other than i think Dick & Boogie - no winners were over 30 and there have been i think 8 male winners and 5 female winners, so it looks like men under 30 have a better chance, but just like anything in life - those are past statistics - does not maen what WILL happen next


Amber Are you watching Glass House? If so, how do you feel about the role that fans play in the show (THEY can talk about their DRs with others) and do you think BB should integrate the fans more, or have more of a say than in what disgusting food supplement gets paired with the slop? (Like in first season) Do you think GH is a ripoff of BB?

heavymetalteddy first off - i am loving GH - i call it BB Lite - the reason I love BB so much is the cross section of people they bring in - that would never prob meet in the real world. the fact that it is that much different take on the same concept is also what I like. i am not a live feeder for that - nor do i really care enough to follow spoilers. i watch it cause it is on Mondays and until Bachelor Pad starts - it will be my Monday to watch show. the fans have a bigger say in what happens which is good - but then it comes down to a popularity instead of a game. lets see what happens by the end of the season and if it comes back how it is tweaked


wrigh279 How does the food supply work? if you like a certain cereal/type of food is it in the pantry or do you have to wait for your HOH to get it?

heavymetalteddy they stock the fridge and pantry - we eat what they give us - and if you want specific stuff - you can ask for it in your HoH. i was so happy the week i was on slop i got beef jerky cause that was the #1 thing i asked for on my HoH list. DONE!!!!


dingo thanks hamsterwatchers for really good questions, and THANK YOU ADAM for great answers and for your time!

heavymetalteddy thank you all for the great questions.... i cannot wait to watch with all of you - and make sure you watch Tuesdays on Super Pass, Matt Hoffman and I are doing a show, called Rants & Raors

danthebbfan oh damn I forgot to ask what you thought of Dick charging for RTVzone hahah!

heavymetalteddy ok - i will answer that. i will be doing stuff with Dick (RTV) also - and hey - he can ask for $ on his site - cause no one else gets the past HG he does. the best way to know what is really happening is from peopel that have lived it, so fork over the $10 he is asking for - or get friends to all chip in and have one account. hey - he is not here in life to make friends - he puts a lot of time into this - and should get paid

heavymetalteddy have a good night everyone. I AM NOT DINGO!

Huge thanks to Adam for chatting with us, and to @mamafox for invaluable editing assistance!

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