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Big Brother After Dark will be back midnight to 3am on Showtime (SHO2) in USA and Slice in Canada. It will probably run 1am to 4am on premiere night and eviction Thursdays.

BB14 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others probably still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. The returning veterans get more.

The Glass House premiered June 18 on ABC and will run for 10 episodes. The winner will get $250,000 - half the usual BB winning amount.

Apparently the glass hamsters go into hotel sequester on weekends - no, I don't know why.

Big Brother Canada premieres February 2013.

The habitat has 53 cameras (up one) and 97 microphones (up two).

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

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Guest post: First impressions by @BestBBEver

Janelle was going to do a post for me again this year with her first impressions of the cast, but now she's occupied elsewhere ("in Greece") so alas, we'll have to do without her for a few more days, but I'm happy to welcome some additional guest posters this season! First up is BestBBEver - please to enjoy

Hello all my fellow Big Brother addicts! I am scrambling to fib my schedule free so that I can enjoy my favorite summer guilty pleasure in peace and I may be a little late but here are my first impressions. I have not looked at anyone else's, although I would love to, I just haven't had time. It will be interesting to see how mine hold up or compare with other contributors.

I have been mildly disappointed in every season since BB6, still the pinnacle for me but I do have high hopes for this season even with the lame "mentor" twist. God, when will they quit with the twists & realize that BB gold happens when you throw humans in a house together with nothing to do but entertain US! Let the games begin:

Jojo Spatafora
From her photo: Dear Jojo, please do not attempt to recreate some nasty faux jersey housewife personna or worse, some gawdawful Snookie bs. Both of those are done to death so please be yourself & ps. tone down the makeup. What are you trying to hide? Is life in the Garden State really that traumatic?

From her video: "Like I speak very fluent italian & I've been way too busy watching myself in the mirror to be troubled with a strategy or a plan." Please. Type-casting 101 & may I just say Bye-Bye from every other big-boobed-bimbette that left the game 1st, 2nd or 3rd. And uber boring which is her biggest crime.

Kara Monaco
From her photo: Desperate. 29 is not old but in Orlando Disney years it is ancient so she may be in a panic to "make something happen." She needn't be. She is lovely & kind & her life will continue to be blessed with the largesse that is always afforded pretty people. Yawn city if she doesn't have some kind of personality to back up that 'purty' smile.

From her video: Playboy bimbette goes Disney? Hilarious!!! Britney will either make her the target of her vicious, vile hatitude or they will be besties & recreate the Monet/Britney hate club. Boring. Unless she gives us drunk slutty Barbie, I call boring & out early.

Shane Meaney
From his photo: Puhleease! Can you say "trying too hard?" Dial back the teeth whitener & the scruff & the ridiculous five-years-too-late hairdo. Pick ONE trend, not twenty ya doofus. Plus, I am getting the stench of BITTER, table for one. Like this dude was so cock-sure he was going to rule the world by now & he is flipping houses? His ego is his worst enemy. O & please burn that freekin beyond-ugly yellow shirt, ok?

From his video: Has a lot going on? So much that he dropped it all to spend his summer on Big Brother? Loser dude from ego-hell. Oh, and a college degree in personal training? Harvard & I collectively sigh. What a tool. Jeff on steroids without the redeeming fast quips. If I have to spend the summer watching him suck up to Britney or worse, watch married Britney flirt with him, I will demand my life back from Grodner.

Wil Heuser
From his photo: Fabio, your heir & hair apparent has arrived! Granted, he will have a hokey southern accent rather than a mildly sexy euro-trash one but if he keeps his mouth shut he could GO. ALL. THE. WAY. But he won't keep his mouth shut will he? Not a chance, not for this fun loving, opinionated sex boy-toy. No sirreee, you better know girlfriend that this guy is going to bring it with a SNAP and a big diva Z!

From his video: Fascinating. I am hooked. I have no clue what direction our token queen is going to go in but I am along for the ride, No. Matter. What. I love him! I could do without the bad drugstore hi-lights but if that is the only flaw I could find YAY YAY YAY FOR THE GAY!!! A young, gorgeous gay Renny? God I love Big Brother, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Kassting!!! But he better bring the funny, I could not make it all the way through his video although I watched more of his than any other. I hope he wins and with his athletic skills, it could happen!

Willie Hantz
From his photo: Could it be? Is there a relatively sane member of the Hantz family and will we get to know him this summer on Big Brother? Not even a chance. The smiling face and sparkly eyes seem almost innocent but the red shirt, modified mohawk & last name all portend a force of nature that will either entertain all summer or be the first evicted.

From his video: Was not prepared for him to be attractive. Either I need a shrink appointment STAT or I am losing my eyesight. OMG, I haven't paused or stopped his video. I do not believe he is going to be the most interesting, sexy player. Am I on drugs? I love that he has a plan of "divide and conquer" and is too stupid to call it that. LOVE his shifty looks at the camera. Could be the best fun of the summer & if Boogie falls for him & follows him around like a puppy; BONUS. Sweet BB karma.

Ashley Iocco
From her photo: NO NO NO NO NO, not another Rachel. Please NO. I hope I am wrong. I championed Rachel during her first season simply because Britney's cruel mean-girl bullying was beyond the pale but ONE RACHEL is more than enough.

From her video: Look how wrong I can be. Not anything like Rachel, more like a strange new-age version of Janelle & Britney, please dear God, more Janey than Britney, please. Lots of drama & lots of sippy nipple slips in our future (wait. isn't that the definition of Rachel? SMH) if she doesn't get kicked to the curb 1st, 2nd or third. Could be fun but is she a competitor? I hope so. She wants to love everyone so either her porn tapes will surface soon or we have another season 9 clinger on our hands. Little girl lost is not a strategy, SHUT UP! Uh-oh, I am yelling at her before the game starts, NOT a good sign.

Danielle Murphree
From her photo: Be afraid, be very afraid. This photo has all the hallmarks of a devious, conniving, sorority-girl-beauty-queen type. Think brittle Britney without the peroxide. I pray to the God she will tell us all about, that I am wrong but that pageant pose and pancake makeup speak volumes.

From her video: Oh, completely missed the nurse occupation. Perhaps there is hope for her. Why not? If someone hides her makeup bag I fear a complete meltdown; other than that, Boring Boring Boring. She knows she is smart & I will bet money she is not. She is on a freekin summer reality show. Boring & stupid does not make for good viewing & she just used the "morals & integrity" clause. Oy to the vey kick her out now!

Frank Eudy
From his photo: O mother of god! He doesn't have a clue and neither do I. This has got to be the first unemployed slacker from Arkansas with faux pearly whites. Did Big Brother make him do that? Does he have family money? If he does have money, why didn't he spend it on a decent haircut & better clothes... Wait a minute. Is that a stoner wearing a plaid polo oxford? All bets are off on this trust fund wannabe. Definitely not a good decision maker or a leader, lets hope for the class clown schtick.

From his video: Oh god, an uber fan. The rat returns in stoners clothing. Boring. I'm done with him before the feeds or the game begin. Have a feeling the house will feel the same way.

Ian Terry
From his photo: Love him, love him, love him. Maybe I am projecting the intelligence of James Franco & the good looks of Orlando Bloom onto a geek but it is my guilty pleasure & I get my eye candy where I can. Shy, funny & intelligent? Take me to the way-back-machine and register me for classes at Tulane, STAT! Please let me style him when this is all over, please can I Mommy, please? And please Mommy, please let him lean towards dry intelligent humor not sad geek humor like that uber fan/geek, what was his name, you know, the rat?

From his video: OMG, I fell asleep before he finished his first sentence. Please dear BB gods, give him booze or viagra or speed or something! But.... I can't wait to see how he tries to maintain his "integrity." Ha & double HA! And I do like that he likes Matt from BB12. One of my faves.

Jenn Arroyo
From her photo: Clearly the "Nakomis" cast member but I say NO. Anyone willing to spend that much money on tired permanent ink does not have the sense that god gave a gnat or our Gnat who is the former BB houseguest I fear Jenn will remind us of the most. (Long grammatically incorrect sentence, sorry.) This Jenn, short for Jennifer, also Nakomis' real name, is sad and bitter. "Where is my music career? Where is all the money I blew on tats & blow? Where is the baby I forgot to have and the husband I chased away? Issues with a capital I I I I I I I, meaning it is all about ME. Her, not me! I hope I am wrong & she is funny & charming. HA!

From her video: Exactly what I expected. Sad. And I will not be able to look at those eyebrows all summer. No, I will not. I do like that she is not an uber fan & I hope she has some good sippy antics up her tat sleeves. Other than that, I fear she will be a very freudian roller-coaster from hell. Gorgeous skin. Really gorgeous.

Jodi Rollins
From her photo: Pretty. Nicely dressed. Bright smile. All a facade. Jodi will bake some of her feces into a fudge pie and serve it to you a la mode without batting an eye. She has seen it all & been there, done that & is destined to get really angry at the filth privileged white kids generate & blithely ignore. Will make it far only because she will be ignored and is too smart to pull a Chima or a Marcellas. Yes, I mentioned two of the minority houseguests because clearly Jodi is this summer's token. If she can get through the summer without getting drunk and humping pillows and shouting about her "needs" she might rival Danielle for best minority player on Big Brother & be the first to win it all. You go Girl!

From her video: Uh-oh a newlywed. She may have "needs." She also referenced chess so maybe she will be the Black Queen that Kalia promised but never brought! She is a fan of Danielle so I got that right but dullsville on the "conversating." Please let her personality pop out before those bodacious boobs pop out! Oh sass city, yeah, bring it girl....... I see her & Britney going at it unless they somehow end up on the same team, even then we might see some great fireworks! Bite that brittle bitch Jodi!!!

Joe Arvin
From his photo: To quote from the lyrics of my favorite Talking Heads song:
I can't seem to face up to the facts
I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax
I can't sleep 'cause my bed's on fire
Don't touch me I'm a real live wire

Psycho Killer, qu'est que c'est
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away
Psycho Killer, qu'est que c'est
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away

You start a conversation you can't even finish it
You're talkin' a lot, but you're not sayin' anything
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed
Say something once, why say it again?

From his video: I couldn't find one. Does God really love me after all?

Well kids, that is my first impression of the new Big Brother 14 houseguests and while I am not overly optimistic and already dreading a summer of Britney's bitchery, I am definitely looking forward to Mommy Janey and this kast! I am as addicted to Big Brother as ever & please if there is going to be a Big Brother arrest on camera, please let it be Boogie, when his anonymous Craigslist sugar daddy discovers him on TV & "fingers" him for stealing his stash of rare phallic symbols.

And thank you Hamsterwatch for all that you do for us all summer!!!

Thank you! I think we may have found the Joan Rivers of BB. Check the many links below for pics & video to see if you agree, and be sure to follow BestBBEver on Twitter for more of the same this summer.. note that a video for Joe finally surfaced from CBS today

Coming soon, first impressions from @MissCleoBB14


Know your hamsters

I'm going to let this ride for a bit until I finish my pre-season ratings (yes I'm terribly late), as there's a lot of clicks to work your way through, and there will be a quiz.. it's all but confirmed by Julie that the four has-beens are Janelle, Dan, Boogie, and Britney

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Jun Song rankings (text) - first impressions (video)

Ashley Iocco, 26, single, mobile spray tanner, alleged feedster, West Hollywood, CA via Pittsburgh, PA
Twitter - Twitpic - Facebook - Instagram @ashleyiocco - (her Model Mayhem was deleted)
Bronzique tanning (owner) - actormodel demo reel - promo video - Guide to Muslims satire video - photo shoot - another photo shoot

Danielle Murphree, 23, single, nurse, Tuscaloosa, AL via Grant, AL
Twitter - LinkedIn - nursing resume
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Frank Eudy, 28, single, unemployed, alleged BB superfan, Naples, FL via Marion, AR
Son of wrestler Sid Vicious (aka Sid Justice, aka Psycho Sid)
Twitter - MySpace pic with dad

Ian Terry, 21, single, Tulane engineering student, alleged BB superfan, New Orleans via Pitsburgh, PA
Facebook - possible Tulane NORML officer - probable post about past BBs

Jenn Arroyo, 37, single/new relationship - gay/bi possible, musician, Brooklyn, NY
Vocals/guitar for JENNCiTY, bassist for Suicide City, former bassist for Kittie and Spine
Twitter - Twitpic - Facebook - another Facebook - YouTube - MySpace music page - Instagram @jenncity

Jodi Rollins, 42, married (Rodney), 5 stepkids, restaurant server, alleged superfan, Calipatria, CA via Englewood, CO
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Joe Arvin, 41, married (Sarah), chef, Schererville, IN via Lexington, KY
Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube
Mad Love Cooking - SmashMouth Burgers (owner) - pic & profile with wife - YouTube profile

JoJo (Josephine) Spatafora, 26, single, bartender, alleged BB superfan, Staten Island, NY
Twitter - Model Mayhem
Rock Show Girl of the Month October 2011 - boxing ring girl - piloxing

Kara Monaco, 29, single, model, Los Angeles, CA via Orlando, FL
Playboy Playmate of the Year 2006
Appeared on Girls Next Door, CSI Miami, Passions, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Twitter (our first verified) - Twitpic - Facebook official fan page - IMDb - Instagram @KaraMonaco - Google images
Party Hardy strip - Rag Doll strip - Playboy montage - Making of 2009 swimsuit calendar - Red carpet interview
WPIX interview - Zap2It interview

Shane Meaney, 26, single, house flipper, Bennington, VT
Twitter - Twitpic - LinkedIn - Tumblr - Ask Me Anything - YouTube
On Display Men - Be Mine - Cosmo 2010 Bachelor Blowout - Explore Talent - modeling pic - Makeup shoot - Prom shoot - Catwalk for Kidneys - more Catwalk for Kidneys - with Mr Catwalk for Kidneys

Wil Heuser, 24, single/gay, Louisville, KY, marketing consultant
Appeared on American Idol (weirdos segment) and Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show
website - YouTube - MySpace music page
American Idol appearance - Still hot at the mall

Willie Hantz, 34, single/girlfriend, tankerman, Dayton, TX via Vinton, LA
Survivor Russell & Flipped Off Shawn's brother, Survivor Brendan's uncle
WPIX interview - Zap2It interview

Mike, sailing instructor
We lost Mike between the July 4 TV ads and July 5 cast reveal


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Good grief, let's just call it what it most likely (99.9%) is: Janelle, Dan, Britney and Boogie will return to the habitat this summer in the role of mentors. That remaining 1% will come from Julie on Thursday.

Jorff are doing a web show for CBS called Jeff & Jordan Do America.

Brenchel are coming back to TV again on a home-buying show on HGTV (owned by CBS).

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Messy lawsuits: 1 ABC

CBS goofs: 5
- 'Every day' on vets poll skipped 2 days
- Wrong seasons for Howie & Jeff
- 'Biggest cast ever' = same as BB9
- Mike disappeared
- Their copyright expert used illegal videos to make his case

You know this area will get filled sooner or later



CBS to each of them: What would you do if 'Big Brother' made you famous?

more to follow


Party with BB13 Adam in New York BB14 premiere party with former hamsters & fellow fans

The Talk ladies in the habitat - the segment will run on Thursday's The Talk

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