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Power Status

Evicted: Brittany 1-0

Winner Part 1: Turner
Winner Part 2: Monte
Winner Part 3 and Final HOH: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20

Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

Ratings Watch
Friday's clip show placed third with 0.3 rating and 2.326 million viewers, behind Friday Night Smackdown on FOX with 0.5/2.338, and Shark Tank on ABC with 0.4/3.583, and ahead of College Bowl on NBC with 0.2/1.805.

Thursday's live show placed second with 0.6 rating and 3.009 million viewers, behind Law and Order SVU premiere on NBC with 0.7/5.765, and ahead of MLB Baseball on FOX with 0.6/2.999, and Norman Lear Special on ABC with 0.4/3.197.
Overnight rating: adults 18-49, percent of all TV households

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Daniel; Jasmine; Turner; Monte; Michael; Taylor; Michael + Terrance; Turner; Michael; Turner; Monte; Taylor

Veto winners in order: Michael; Michael; Brittany/Michael; Daniel/Kyle; Michael; Kyle; Brittany + Terrance; Michael; Michael; Monte; Brittany; Monte

Evictions in order: [Paloma left]; [Nobody]; Pooch 12-0; Ameerah 7-4; Nicole 9-1; Daniel 8-1; Indy 7-1; Jasmine 2-0 + Joseph 2-0; Kyle 5-0; Terrance 4-0; Michael 3-0; Alyssa 2-1; Brittany 1-0

Cast Twitters: @poochie_maneee; @DowntownDurston

Cast Instagrams: @paloma.angeliki; @poochie_maneee; @ameerous; @thebutchergoddess11; @danieldurston

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Feeds will end Sunday morning

Viewer favorite voting is open through Sunday morning

Finale is Sunday, September 25 at 8pm, two hours

Usual show schedule was Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, Thursdays 9pm

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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 81 - Saturday - September 24, 2022

All three were in bed by 3.30am and Monte and Turner were up mid morning, small-talking their way through their next-to-last day. Today will be a lot of that, plus pairs talking about the final cut whenever the third is elsewhere, plus a lot of jury speculation, more memory lane convos, and packing probably. As of now, Turner's promised Monte he'll take him, Monte's been telling Taylor he'll take her and letting Turner think it'll be him, and Taylor's been working on both in hopes of getting to the end. Unusually, a lot of those duo convos have been reported to the third, although not necessarily completely.

They were sent to bathroom lockdown (different) a little after noon for a couple hours, and we had adoptable anipals meaning it was a scheduled lockdown, so maybe they did the tech rehearsal for tomorrow's live portion today? No way to know, as when feeds came back, Taylor and Turner were both horizontal and Monte was sitting silently alone, with no indication anything unusual had happened. A bit later Taylor installed her stunt hair as she told Monte she'd talked with Turner last night but didn't expect him to take her, and Monte again reassured Taylor he would be taking her but he "just can't find the words" to tell Turner. They were told to pack today - mostly Monte had to do that, as Taylor and Turner hadn't really unpacked since Thursday. Monte said he guessed they should start thinking about speeches? Taylor said yes, likely already having hers ready, should she get the chance to use it.

Taylor told us she really wants this win, and "this season could mean something" but said she was worried about the jury because she didn't win Part 1 or 2. She said she hopes she "didn't walk through hell for nothing" and wondered how to convince the jury her story was bigger than people's evictions, adding "Monte might have gotten more blood on his hands but I bled more." Then she enjoyed some Lay's chips, as Monte paced and worked on his speech in the cars room. It sounded like he'd out his showmance with Taylor as part of it. Turner joined him and talked about a nominee-type speech rather than finalist, asking if it was okay with Monte if he mentioned their longstanding F2 deal or if he shouldn't "for Taylor's sake." Monte said that'd be fine.


They had another weird lockdown, this one in the Jetsons bedroom, where they played rummy. Again, there was nothing unusual when they came out so it must been something for the tech crew to prep for tomorrow. They were told they'd be saying goodbye to use in the morning shortly after wakeup. They had a final booze delivery, the 27th for the season (including HOHs), the same number as last summer per my tally, which has to be a weird coincidence. Tonight they got a six-pack of blackberry hard cider, which they opened and toasted to themselves with their casual dinner. They continued herding as a trio as they remembered this and speculated about that, and played more cards. They separated for awhile, with Taylor muttering to herself that Monte's hot, but not what she wants, and Turner announcing he was going to steal something from the Jetsons room. He laid down in there awhile (maybe having grabbed some bauble first? I don't know), then he looked through the empty closets and drawers, laid down again to study semi-aloud, then snored on all four feeds very much aloud.

Monte and Taylor talked quietly some more about the endgame and his speech, and she continued to help him study. He got choked up and broke down, saying he didn't want to blindside Turner tomorrow if he wins Part 3, and he hoped to find a way to let him know beforehand, and Taylor said he's not that guy, to cut Turner when he's not expecting it. (It'll be hard for Monte to come up with any kind of warning that won't get him cut if Turner wins. Also, this talk would indicate Monte's been truthful to Taylor about taking her to the end but he's still very hard to read, and especially given his history, it's possible he was choked up over thinking about having to cut Taylor? I'm not usually so skeptical about them, but again, there's a very checkered history here.) He kissed her good night and went to bed, as Turner had done before, leaving Taylor the Final Girl and sole survivor for the last night of feeds. She talked to us about her season and the endgame, her frustration at not winning Part 1 or 2, and the weight the jury is likely to put on comp wins, and she worked on her F2 speech in hopes she'll have a chance to present it.

I'll post some parting thoughts and shots tomorrow, as usual, as well as all the obits and a recap of the finale.

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

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Day 80 - Friday - September 23, 2022

They were up til around 3am, and woken again at 7am - who needs sleep after an adrenalin-charged combination of a live TV show, heavy dinner, physical competition, and lengthy Diary retells of all that? Word to future hamster hopefuls: one of the biggest assets for going on this show is an ability to function without much sleep. The adoptable anipals returned for probably the last time at 8am for Taylor and Monte to do Part 2, and music finally returned to the anipals a little before 10am.

Feeds came back a little before 11am and our final trio didn't say who'd won, but Monte went into his room and did a small praying hands gesture and fist pump, so it's safe to assume he won Part 2. Turner and Taylor returned to their beds, where Taylor would almost certainly have given us an indication that she'd won if she had. There was no talk of what the comp was either, but that will probably come along later. It was individual runs as they were isolated while the other did their run. So now it's a long dull weekend of probably mostly nothing, and then this season will be a wrap.

Early afternoon was snoring by whichever two weren't doing their lengthy Diary retell, plus more construction-type banging and crashing than I've heard on feeds in a long time. Verbal confirmation finally came around 2.30pm when Taylor got up and sat at the kitchen island to say she'd lost Part 2. She'd first told herself "not yet.. don't cry yet, not yet" and then said she was pissed and embarrassed, that the only way she saw herself winning was if she took herself there, and she'd lost it by 20 seconds. She said "it was so important to me to not be taken to the end" and "now I have to watch two guys battle it out in the last comp while I do nothing."

Eventually all were out of bed at the same time and we got a little info about the Part 2 comp. They did individual runs, sitting on star platforms amid buildings in a cityscape setting. There were 30 comp title tiles total, including a few decoys with slightly wrong names like Turn It Up, Mind Your Step, Pie Party, Snooze-a-Thon. Both Dyre and Brochella titles were included for the split week comp tiles, so that answered that often-asked question. They had to slide along something with two correct comp tiles per trip, presumably to satisfy whatever question was asked. Monte said he made six trips, which may or may not include one he did wrong. He said he'd estimated about seven minutes for his run and was worried to see Taylor's time of 7:04. So his was around 6:44, since she'd told us earlier she missed by 20 seconds.

Taylor went to Diary, and Turner told Monte "no matter what, as far as I'm concerned, we're both gonna be in the end." Monte said "yeah man, yeah" and they did a bro shake/lean/hug. Turner said they've been saying the two of them since Week 3. Monte participated but not as enthusiastically as he had been having the same convo with Taylor. Maybe he'd been (over)acting with her? I honestly can't say. Turner asked Monte for complete honesty, and stated categorically he'd take Monte to finals if the choice is his, and asked if Monte believed him. Monte said yes, and implied he'd do the same, but again didn't say so specifically. Turner also told Monte about his talk with Taylor last night when Monte was in Diary, saying it was "very interesting" and that she'd take Monte rather than Turner if the choice was hers, and that she thought she'd have a better chance against Monte than Turner.


They got friendship bracelet kits but they opted to play usual rummy instead, at least for now. They opened their extra bottle of champage for that, and did some snacking of their fancy meal leftovers, and talked about post-finale plans in SoCal. The memories/clips show ran and I made a thread of the segments for your fast-forwarding pleasure. It ended with the start of Part 1 from last night, which was Weinerpalooza, a classic BB endurance with simple instructions that were simply "hold on to your weiner." We already know that Taylor came off first, then Monte.

They attempted friendship bracelets but the directions were complicated and they didn't have scissors or ruler to cut the pieces as directed. BB gave them scissors, and tape(?) but neither Monte nor Turner were interested, especially after Taylor was called to Diary. The two guys talked over their school days and assorted other rerun stories and topics, and then Monte started up his anti-Taylor loops yet again. He said she's not self-aware, and he brought up the goddaughter comment and headphones incident again. It's so tiresome. Turner told Monte he didn't think he has a chance of beating either Monte or Taylor, so bringing Monte to the end would be like "I'm bringing my friend." He then asked Monte directly if he thought he'd beat Turner. Monte once again didn't answer directly, and said it depends on the jury and what they value, and he started to go down the photo wall to rehash about the individual jurors.

Taylor then came back, and Turner left, and Monte retold Turner's part of their convo, about saying he thought he'd lose to either of them. He said he hadn't given Turner any reassurance that he'd take him, and added that Turner was waiting for him to say it. Later, with Monte gone, Taylor and Turner went through the jurors, and Turner seemed to realize he might have a shot at the win against Taylor but not Monte. Taylor let him know the Part 3 questions could be complex ones about season events, which seemed to surprise him, and she helped him study a bit.

There's just one more full day of feeds, Hamsterwatchers, we can do it!

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

The biggest thank you for continuing to visit! And to everyone who got their feeds through me, and especially those who made donations! I've been juggling a lot this season and am embarrassed to say I haven't sent individual thank yous, but please know how very much I appreciate every one! I couldn't do this without you guys ♥

Day 79 - Thursday - September 22, 2022

As regretfully promised, overnight activities included a Taylor/Monte HOH shower around 2am, after which Monte slept over after a joint study session. Today Brittany, Monte, Turner were up at 10am. Taylor stayed in bed a bit longer, and then did a study session on her own. As far as I know, Monte has not yet told Brittany he's voting her out tonight, and Brittany has not yet told Taylor she voted her out last week. After today's tech rehearsal lockdown, the HOH room will be closed as there will be no HOH until they finish Part 3 on Sunday's finale. So Taylor and Monte might cool it with the sexytime, or they might not, since Turner probably wouldn't care.

Taylor (again) told Brittany that she'd tried to get Monte to keep her but she didn't think it would happen. Brittany choked up a little and said when they watch it all back, if she'd said or done anything to hurt Taylor could they please talk about it and Taylor said of course. Brittany still didn't confess her vote last week - it was like she wanted to but couldn't bring herself to do it. Taylor finally asked her outright and Brittany said yes, adding "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" but Taylor was unbothered as usual, and did an I Knew It dance on the bed, kicking her feet in the air. Brittany continued apologizing, and explaining the circumstances and her thinking at the time, and etc etc. Taylor also told her about BrittFlea comic being about latching on and being carried (by Michael), but Brittany seemed to cling more to the Head Itch In Charge tagline, and Taylor may have told her about her and Monte, but that was unclear. They skipped the usual noonish HOH lockdown for tech rehearsal downstairs, which was unusual and interesting.

Feeds finally went to adoptable anipals at 4.19pm. Last year feeds didn't come back til 11pm after 4th place eviction, after they'd done their memories meal and Part 1 of the final HOH comp.

The show kicked off with recaps, recaps, recaps including the Taylor/Monte goddaughter comment plus headphones incident, which led to the bathtub breakup. We know that didn't take for more than 24 hours or so, but I think they left the casuals thinking the mance was over.

Then came a lengthy jury house segment with Terrance, Michael, Alyssa arrivals. Jurors enjoyed Michael's speedy exit as much as we did, and they were all surprised when Alyssa spilled that Taylor and Monte had been bedmates, especially Joseph. Contrary to the fan fiction-turned-fact out here of the last couple weeks, no punches were thrown and nobody left or was kicked out, but props I guess for being the most gullible fanbase around once again.

We saw the F4 watch their videos from home from the other day: Taylor's mom and grandma, Monte's dad, Turner's mom and Megan Belmonte, and Brittany's hubby Stephen had them all choked up, awww. There was no veto meeting since it was moot, and Monte evicted Brittany, as expected. She was as animated as ever in her sit-down with Julie, and she seemed upbeat and accepting of her fourth place finish. Julie told her she was off "to jury" so we won't see Brittany dicovering she won't actually go to the jury house with lots of time to rehash.

Julie then congratulated the Final Three and they finally learned finale is Sunday, rather than Wednesday. And the viewer favorite vote opened, 15 minutes later than stated in the official rules, so that's a goof tally item. Julie then welcomed the Cookout members onstage, and each of them shared some thoughts about the season.

Taylor opened the traditional F3 champagne with a major flourish but there was enough left for each of them to get a glass and toast to their success at getting to this point as the credits rolled. Like last year, feeds stayed down so they could do their memories meal for tomorrow night's clips show, after which they did Part 1 of the Final HOH comp.


Feeds returned at 11.37pm and Turner had won Part 1. All three were quiet, tired, and perhaps not feeling well as the comp had a spinny component. Turner said it surprised him that he won due to that, as he'd said all season he'd definitely puke and bail for anything spinny. He didn't puke, and neither did the others, even though they'd had their fancy meal beforehand. It also had hanging on, bucking, and tossing components, and there were hot dogs involved (but you knew that already if you've been keeping up here). Monte was called to Diary for the first retells, leaving Taylor and Turner to talk about the jurors. Those two hadn't done much gametalking all season but recall even once these comp retells are done, Diary will still periodically call in one of them so the other two can beg, plead, wheedle, promise, and/or lie about the third place cut.

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

The biggest thank you for continuing to visit! And to everyone who got their feeds through me, and especially those who made donations! I've been juggling a lot this season and am embarrassed to say I haven't sent individual thank yous, but please know how very much I appreciate every one! I couldn't do this without you guys ♥

Ratings - No edition

Ratings will be finalized with all obits Sunday

Noms count: original/renom


Won: TBA

HOH 2 - Veto 2 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1


Won: Week 5 surviving Bestie pick; 48 hr Fancy tied to Joseph; Movie guest

HOH 2 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/3
Have-not 0


Won: Movie guest

HOH 3 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1


Won: $7,500 finish bonus; Week 1 Backstage Pass; Week 1 viewer safety vote; Week 5 immunity (HOH Bestie)

HOH 0 - Veto 2 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 5/0
Have-not 0

8th juror - 12th evicted - Day 79


She came in a 'superfan' who'd never tried feeds, and she wanted to hide her hypnotherapy but then gave them multiple group sessions. She stressed about being left out of alliances and/or being at the bottom of them, and she didn't help her cause by frequently blabbing secrets to the wrong people. She often said she wanted to be the weakest competitor so she'd get dragged to the end (a valid strategy, though not often admitted out loud), but at the same time she hyped up her wins. She used the Have-not room as her office and often cried and talked to us from there when it wasn't being used as Alyssa and Kyle's sex lair. In fact, Brittany probably talked to us more than she talked to her roomies. She was stapled to Michael all season until he exposed her on his way out, and then she decided she'd carried him.

Won: $5,000 + $5,000 finish bonus; Week 1 Backstage Pass; Movie guest

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 4/0
Have-not 1

7th juror - 11th evicted - Day 72


She was good for comedy bits between her very faulty geography and her overall ditzy manner, not to mention her apparent pride at having been in five car crashes due to texting/mapping while driving. She bonded right away with Paloma but backed off when it was clear that ship was sinking, and she participated in the early Taylor bashing. She was clueless about the game going on around her and seemed to have only one goal: Kyle. He tried to fight that but wasn't able to, due to inexperience and immaturity. She gave him info about her side of the house that was instrumental in Leftovers forming and eventually taking out all of Alyssa's friends. She felt betrayed by Kyle about that but it didn't stop her from doing ten seconds with him on the Have-not pool floatie and her bed.

Won: $2,500 finish bonus(?); Movie screening

HOH 3 - Veto 5 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 2/1
Have-not 1

6th juror - 10th evicted - Day 65


He was visibly uncomfortable and socially awkward at first when there were so many of them, and he landed on the block, but he won that first veto and started to settle in better. Then he won the next veto and normally that might have put a target on him, but then Leftovers formed and brought him in with Brittany, partly because of his valuable comp skills. He went on to break the veto record with six, along with three HOHS to tie Janelle's longstanding record. He settled in pretty well and he was well-aligned, but he isolated with Brittany too much and hadn't covered his get-around bases enough when Leftovers fell apart, and his bad timing for outing Kyle's problematic pitches plus his comp skills got him the boot. He went out with a bang and a swift, iconic exit.

Won: Week 4 surviving Bestie pick; Week 4 immunity (HOH Bestie); 1 week 4.5 days Ink 182 temp tats

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 4/1
Have-not 1

5th juror - 9th evicted - Day 65


Sometimes he was friendly and charming, and other times he was nasty and vile. He tended to tell people what they wanted to hear, and that might be nice things or it might be awful things, depending who it was about and when. He wasn't plugged in to what was going on around him so he and his fellow 'Convenience Store' teamies were continually outplayed and occasionally blindsided. He did win the Dyre Fest HOH and veto, and he fell for Kyle's rehash version of things when they were in the backyard, because Kyle got to him before Joseph did. He said later he regretted that, but what was done was done. He did have some good stories, and he told them well, and he was a good sport about his 182 tattoos task.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 0/3
Have-not 1

4th juror - 8th evicted - Day 58


He was in a very good spot, juggling multiple alliances successfully, and he was pivotal in Leftovers forming when he spilled things Alyssa had told him, betraying her confidence. Then they kissed and he started leaning her way over both his bros and Leftovers, and then they did sexytime and that was it. He blew up all his alliances, spilling everything to Terrance in Dyre Fest in order to get Joseph gone, which happened. But Kyle only got one extra week from that because his Cookout 2.0 theory came out via Michael and Brittany, and that was the end for him. He'll be remembered for that, and for his self-admitted 10-second sex, and for generally being an immature boy in a grown man's body.

Won: Week 4 immunity (HOH Bestie); 48 hr Skid tied to Taylor

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1

3rd juror - 7th evicted - Day 51


He often said he hoped this wouldn't be a season with fights and hostilities, and for the most part it wasn't. But it's still a dirty game and he played loyal, even while he was double-dipping, at least until he had no choice among the Dyre Fest outsiders, since Kyle spilled the Leftover beans out there way before he did. He often gametalked for too long, but he was good at creating chaos, and he also had great stories about his childhood and teen adventures. His birthday joined the epic BB birthdays when the Leftovers formed and took aim at the other side, taking them out one by one (with several bonus blindsides) until the split house twist split them up, and he was the first casualty of that. His friendship/flirtmance with Taylor was fun to watch.

Won: Week 3 immunity (HOH Bestie); London trip

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1

2nd juror - 6th evicted - Day 51


She participated in the early Taylor bashing but eased up on it as her friends left and she lost people to bash with. She was the comic relief of the season in so many ways, from her ridiculous Diary accent and lines, to her twisted ankle that went on and on and on, not to mention her inability to use crutches or cane properly for it. She annoyed many of them as a roommate, she stashed her favorite foods, and she talked incessantly about herself. #JasmineStories sounded like tall tales, especially as they continued to pile up, but her old Twitter account proved quite a few of them were true, or at least had a basis in truth. Her ongoing feud with Turner was a season highlight, especially when he stole half a muffin and she made a federal case about it.

Won: Punkaroo 1 week concerts

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1

1st juror - 5th evicted - Day 44


She was often loud and often acted more like she was playing BB Brasil than USA, with more attention given to her frequent (loud) shoutouts and camera messages than to the game going on around her. She was another of the early season Taylor haters but it lingered on with Indy after the others left or backed off. Indy was one of the few who confronted Taylor face to face (over soup), but her most vicious was a tirade to Joseph saying she HATES it when he and the guys talk with Taylor. But she was often fun and upbeat, and she was a better sport about her Punkaroo punkitard than most expected. And I always give kudos for non-native English speakers in this game that's based around whispers, conversations, and retells.

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 1

4th evicted - Day 37


Day 18 to Taylor: 'Don't speak to me until finale. The thing you did to Paloma you're trying to do to [Nicole], you can fuck right off. You don't think America's watching all that? You don't think so? From here on out do not speak to me. I will never forget what you did to Paloma. You think she didn't spiral because of you? You didn't add to that? And now you're trying to do it to Nicole, mind game. Do not speak to Nicole like that ever again.'
Don't get it twisted. First, mental illness doesn't work that way. Second, Terrance first suggested all that, Nicole planted it in Daniel's head, and he's the one who ran rabid with it, with her urging and blessing. They were peas from the same rotten pod and each fed off the other's vileness. I hope I never hear about either of these Toxic Twins again.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 1

3rd evicted - Day 30


Arrogant, aggressive, entitled, overbearing, self-serving and self-centered. She took over the Taylor hate train when Paloma left and ran it off the rails. She had no redeemable watchable qualities, least of all being entertaining in the slightest. I thought about doing Ozark ratings some week but I lost my Wendy Byrde with her exit. Verbatim quote from this 'superfan': 'They've done something that no other alliance has ever done in this game, in Big Brother history, they created a pact of people to make you think you're safe and say I got your back, and then this [betrayal] happens.' Hello? Welcome to BB.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 0

2nd evicted - Day 23


She was one of the Taylor haters under Paloma's direction, but she kept it up after Paloma's exit, even after Turner referred to it in his noms speech. That was one reason she went on the block as backdoor target and eventual exit, along with Michael and Kyle stressing her general smarts. She pushed for Pooch to go after he volunteered himself, and then she was blindsided when it was her own turn to meet Julie.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Boss/immunity

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1

1st evicted - Day 16


Volunteering to go on the block is always dicey, but especially as early as he did before any real trust is formed. And now he knows why. He's lucky Julie was COVID-distanced or she might have whacked him. He put all his eggs in a broken Oasis basket, and he irritated a lot of them with his antics and touchy-feely. When Joseph tried to help and warn him about that, he just got mad at Joseph. Like Paloma, he talked constantly and very, very fast. He seems like he's got a good heart so good luck to him from here.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0
Have-not 0

Left the game - Day 8


She drove the game at the start, and she ignited and fueled the unjustified Taylor hate which continued to thrive even after she left. When she started to spiral, her conspiracy theories and delusions would have been comical if they weren't indicative of something more serious going on. It was probably best for her to go when she did, and for me - her nonstop superfast talking was stressing me out.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0
Have-not 0


He was replaced pre-season by Joseph, but you can catch him on America's Got Talent and The Circle.

Lines and Links of the Day


Monte: Is Taylor still laying down?
Turner: She does that

Taylor: OMG I just got toothpaste in my eye, what the fuck! OMG! I'm fine, OMG it's so minty!

Taylor: Have you guys noticed this dead mosquito that's been by the DR for weeks?
Turner: Yep
Monte: Yeah

BB: No napping, houseguests
Taylor: You're joking

[Turner and Monte shouting about a rummy misunderstanding]
Taylor: Fuckin psychopaths, my God

Taylor to Brittany: Oh my God, you're so easy to read when you do things you don't want to do



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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

House meetings: 1
-Day 54 not on feeds/on Sept 1 show

Nominee speech scorchers: 3
-Taylor about Nicole
-Daniel about Michael
-Michael about Brittany

Blindside evictions: 2

Booze deliveries: 27
-Day 1 move-in champagne
-Day 1 Daniel HOH wine
-Day 12 Wine & beer
-Day 16 Turner HOH beer
-Day 23 Monte HOH beer
-Day 26 Wine & beer
-Day 30 Michael HOH hard cider
-Day 33 Wine & beer
-Day 35 Wine & beer
-Day 37 Taylor HOH hard cider
-Day 40 Wine & hard seltzer
-Day 43 Wine & beer halfway party
-Day 44 Big Brochella beer
-Day 44 Michael HOH hard cider
-Day 47 Big Brochella beer & margaritas
-Day 51 Turner HOH beer
-Day 58 Michael HOH hard cider
-Day 61 Wine
-Day 62 Beer Labor Day party
-Day 65 Turner HOH beer
-Day 66 Monte HOH hard cider
-Day 68 Wine
-Day 72 Taylor HOH hard cider
-Day 74 Wine
-Day 75 Wine
-Day 79 F3 champagne
-Day 81 Final night hard cider

(Day 9 Jasmine HOH? maybe)

Minor fights: 1
-Day 30 Daniel vs Monte (8/7 show)

Makeout pairings: 2

Sex events: 10
-Day 38 Alyssa/Kyle (retell 8/14 1.59pm)
-Day 41 Alyssa/Kyle ('10 seconds' 8/15 5.44pm)
-Day 42 Alyssa/Kyle (another '10 seconds' 8/17 2.59am)
-Day 57 Alyssa/Kyle (probable/unconfirmed)
-Day 57 Alyssa/Kyle (probable/unconfirmed, again)
-Day 71 Monte/Taylor (probable/unconfirmed)
-Day 73 Monte/Taylor (not on feeds/mentioned later)
-Day 74 Monte/Taylor (not on feeds/mentioned later)
-Day 77 Monte/Taylor (not on feeds/mentioned later)
-Day 79 Monte/Taylor (probable/unconfirmed)

Flop/derailed twists: 1
-Week 1 Backstage Pass

New and interesting twists: 1
-Week 7 Split house

Fires: 2
-(Ongoing) Turner's vocabulary
-Day 37 Indy's oven mitt on hot cooktop

Broken habitat items: 13
-HOH doorbell
-Shower shelf
-Golf ball snow globe toy
-Swiffer (Michael fixed)
-Kitchen/bathroom hall door
-Pantry door
-Trash can
-Pool cue (by Turner)
-One Dyre Fest porta-potty
-Kitchen floor from Taylor's stiletto
-Backyard balcony plank

Scandals that spread outside our BB world: 8
-Marvin's reality career
-Taylor's ostracization
-Daniel attacking Taylor
-Omitting Michael's HOH letter from the show
-Kyle's anti-Cookout campaign
-Sid and Nancy costumes
-Kyle's ten second sex

Premature exits: 1

Pre-season cast swaps: 1
-Joseph for Marvin


Production Goofs

 1 Wrong show time on Julie's Twitter
 2 Misspelled 'feisty'
 3 Press pics misspelled Paloma's first and last names
 4 CBS cast page requires a few toggles to get to the current cast
 5 CBS ad labeled Pooch as an attorney
 6 Staffers seen in the backyard
 7 After Dark is STILL on P+ main BB page
 8 Veto comp setup seen on feeds
 9 Fly on the Wall site still shows BBAD
10 Anipals on feeds, for quite awhile
11 Press pics misspelled Pooch's last name
12 Julie said $750 million prize
13 The show tweeted wrong show time, and forgot premiere was live
14 Wrong show time on the show's Twitter profile
15 Forgot to add Xavier to 'complete' winners list
16 Wrong day for postponed eviction show
17 P+ tweet used 'commenced' wrong
18 Press pics captioned Kyle as Michael, twice
19 Press pics omitted Terrance ID
20 Subtitle text on 7/27 show misspelled 'bawling'
21 Swinging Diary star light on 7/27 show
22 Adjusted Central time the wrong direction
23 Show went gray for a sec on 7/28 show
24 Julie eviction/nominee mixup 7/28 show
25 Forgot to update browser tab text to 2022
26 Swinging Diary star light on 7/31 show
27 Press pics put Pooch eviction on wrong show
28 Audio glitch on 8/4 live show
29 Mispelled Alyssa's name on 8/4 episode description
30 8/7 show press pics forgot to update day/date
31 Two vetos shown for OTEV comp when a Besties trio played
32 Press pics got Turner's name wrong
33 Tweeted 'down pact' for 'down pat'
34 Youtube misspelled Terrance and Monte
35 8/11 wall comp was technically 2nd endurance
36 Left three vetos on the wall after Besties ended
37 Were/we're error
38 8/14 recap credited Leftovers with Pooch's eviction, which happened before they formed
39 Episode description used 'fast' for 'fest'
40 Staffer heard on feeds
41 Press pics misspelled Jasmine's name
42 Episode description said 'who will joins Terrane'
43 Dyre Fest glimpse on feeds when they were off limits
44 Another Dyre Fest glimpse on feeds
45 Press pics still misspelling Tiffany's last name
46 The show's Twitter didn't update the revised episode time
47 Wrong hashtag
48 Press pics labeled Monte as Michael
49 'No signal' on feeds several times
50 'Veto kind' instead of 'veto king'
51 Upcoming shows info screen glitched on 9/1 show
52 Grammar problem on Youtube
53 Flashback stalled at September 1
54 Typo 'shes's' on Taylor's comic
55 Tech title card on 9/7 show
56 Chenbot malfunction on 9/8 show
57 Fishies flashed on 9/8 show
58 Press pics misspelled Kyle's last name
59 Press pics have wrong time for 9/8 show
60 Tweeted wrong time for 9/11 show
61 Short Taylor Diary audio leak
62 BB9 shown for 9/14 episode on Youtube TV
63 Julie contradicted herself for Alyssa's exit QA
64 Press pics have wrong time for 9/15 show
65 The show's Twitter didn't update the revised episode time
66 They revised after deleting the above goof, but the wrong direction
67 Press pics had correct date but wrong day for 9/18 show
68 Feeds temporarily blinking out
69 One feeds temporarily freaked out
70 No music for pre- and post-show anipals on 9/22
71 AFP vote opened 15 minutes late
72 Staffer heard on feeds
73 Tweeted wrong day for finale
74 Extra wrong date on press pics for 9/23 show
75 Probably about Monte/Taylor but 'HOH homeroom paradise'?

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-Five inside Big Brochella and five outside Dyre Fest
-Each side plays week as usual with HOH, noms, veto, eviction
-The sides play separately, no contact with each other
-Winner & runner-up of starting HOH comp determined HOHs, who were Michael (Big Brochella) and Terrance (Dyre Fest)
-HOHs picked their teams playground style

-Surviving nominee chose another set of Besties to join
-Same rules applied as before for trios

-Everyone was paired with another
-Besties nominated and compete as duos
-Have-nots are also in pairs
-HOH determines noms but their pair has safety
-One duo to play veto with HOH duo and nominated duo
-Anyone on veto winning team can choose to use it
-Both nominees come off if veto used

-Pooch picked Backstage Boss card at move-in
-He had Week 1 immunity, couldn't compete or vote
-He picked Alyssa, Brittany, Paloma for Backstage
-They couldn't compete, be nominated, or vote
-They weren't guaranteed safety
-Twist was cancelled when Paloma left, with no repercussions



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