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Currently Liz is the 'active' twin

Audrey evicted 10-1
(10 includes 1 penalty vote)

Jackie is deposed HOH
She nominated James, Lizia - they won BOB

Vanessa is Head of Household
Clay, Becky are nominated

Nobody is Have-not


Saturday: Veto comp

Next show: Sunday 8pm
Nominations, BOB comp, Leaning Meg vs ironing board?


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Day 37 - Friday 7/24

Johnny gets a bye

Nominations came to pass as elaborately planned, with Jackie putting up James and Lizia to throw BOB, and Vanessa putting up Clay and Becky

Johnny was thrilled to catch a break, and he asked Clay if the real target was Austin or a twin.. I don't know if Austin's figured out the ruse yet or not - he may have been too busy waiting for his lady love Liz to return, which she did, before the BOB comp.. Austin explained his version of the noms plan to her but she probably got the real story from Julia, so we've got yet another comedic farce underway

The final Wackstreet signal came and our boy band did a rousing final performance with big finish, then rushed off to find something to wear after their week in whites

The best laid "foolproof" plans of hamsters went awry when James and Lizia won the BOB, deposing Jackie as HOH, and leaving Becky and Clay on the block, and ensuring that Liz and Julia will be able to come in as separate entities.. the comp was another messy one with paint, desks and trashcans, and spelling of last year's cast names


True something

Fallout carried on through the evening with more psst-pssting than I cared to follow.. Clay and Vanessa seemed hardest hit, and she was also upset because her face was breaking out

Vanessa had instructed Julia not to tell Liz about the whole Austin situation and "foolproof" plan, but Julia did tell Liz at least some of it.. Liz in turn told Austin that Jason had broken Austin's confidence and spread the word, and that Austin "might be trying to hurt" the twins (by hoping/trying to get Julia gone), which led Austin in turn to tell Liz he'd been getting a lot of Diary questions.. some feedsters were disappointed that Julia had spilled to Liz after being told not to, but I would expect identical twins to trust each other before say, Vanessa, who they've only known for a few weeks (about half a month each, technically)


Much was also made of the fact that Liz jumped into Austin's arms at the end of the comp, but she kind of did it again afterwards, and without an audience.. she initiated a big happy hug, which then led to him picking her up.. she was smiling.. I don't know what to make of any of this Austin/Liz situation, nor do I understand the True Romance cap I happened to snap


More later, maybe

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Day 36 - Thursday 7/23

Feet of the beefcakes

The Thursday pre-show schedule was as usual, casting doubt on wildfire rumors that the show would be pre-taped as some special consideration for Audrey's eviction.. but gripes galore carried on inside and outside the habitat when she was allowed to lay down in the secondary/Pandora HOH room for their usual Thursday lockdown.. meanwhile, the fishies camera got knocked over in the tank and when lockdown was over, we not only had a wonky view but also caught staffers walking around in there

If you missed it, I recommend you check yesterday's episode as noon plus overnight developments landed Austin in some pretty deep hot water, which will likely be a major factor in the new week

After a live Wackstreet performance and home visit package with Audrey's family and assorted catch-up, Julie confirmed that Audrey had been assigned a penalty vote, and she walked the plank with nine additional votes.. Austin cast his hinky as planned, with the goal of pinning it on Steve.. HOH comp was pop jingles about the season's comps, which Jackie and Vanessa won.. Britney Haynes did a short sit-down with Julie, with her patented snarky humor.. no takeover, no twist, or theme was announced



Vanessa held and ran a pre-noms meeting with Jackie, and they agreed one of the Austin/Liz/Julia trinity should go.. they had a "100%" handshake they wouldn't backdoor the other, and then ran circles including an elaborate backdoor and mini-backdoor hierarchy system


The weekly ritual of hollering and squealing over pics and junk food took place.. Jackie's letter was from her dad, who lives in Colombia and is recovering from brain surgery for Parkinson's - that was an interesting story, best wishes to him! - and Vanessa's letter was from her mom.. then the psst-pssting started in earnest, and we didn't even get to see the Have-nots enjoy their food at midnight

Vanessa spread Jason's Austin story to those who hadn't yet heard it yet (except Johnny), including Julia who wasn't thrilled about it.. Austin fibbed to Vanessa about all that, which didn't help him any.. it was a long process but eventually noms were agreed upon

Yet another "alliance" was formed and named - I know! Dark Moon consists of Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Jackie, Jason, Meg, Becky, and James, and between them they hatched a plot for Jackie to put up James and Lizia to throw the BOB, and Vanessa to put up Clay and Becky.. Austin is everyone's target with Steve as alternate target if needed, and Johnny finally gets a pass.. they seemed to have shmoozed Austin for the most part, but he may have noticed the nominees weren't overly upset.. Dark Moons planned to go after twins next, and all agreed their plans are "foolproof"

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Julia: I got a shoutout from the real Backstreet Boys last night, that made my life

John: Yo Clay, who's the target, Austin or the twin?
Clay: Umm I think both, I think Austin actually - if all fails, we still got Liz

John: You guys aren't throwing it, are you?
Becky: No, are you kidding? We're legitimately playing

Austin to Liz: Everyone in the house is on the same page, even Jackie

Johnny to Becky: It's just a veto - you survived a train

Jeff Schroeder to Jeff Weldon: You kept it classy, I think that's why the live feeders liked you

Audrey: I guess they thought I was trying to plant seeds of doubt against Vanessa - and I was, but it was genuine

Shelli: I'm understanding the drawing Skittles thing, because it gets down to this point

Vanessa to us: Austin just lied to me, point blank, why did he have to lie to me? Why?

Jackie to Meg: It depends who wants to go up, like we're gonna leave it in your guys's hands kinda

Jason: Post Audrey, it's like AD, BC
Jackie: 9/11

Becky: I'm glad I'll be back on the show this week though


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Jeff chats: Audrey - Lance Bass - Britney Haynes

Mrs Robinson by @BB11HouseRodent

Confessions of a BB feed watcher by me! for Reality Blurred


Ratings - TBA edition

Ratings to be udpated later, based on entertainment value or some other arbitrary criteria.. free neutrals for now
VTE = Voted to evict

VTE John

VTE Audrey

VTE Audrey

VTE Audrey

VTE Audrey
Nominated by Jackie - Won BOB

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
VTE Audrey

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
No vote (nominee)

Won: 1 week Wackstreet
VTE Audrey
Nominated by Jackie - Won BOB

Won: Gronk party cruise
VTE Audrey

No vote (HOH)

VTE Audrey

VTE Audrey

Includes 1 penalty vote
Won: Nothing
She was erratic and unpredictable, and the random ways she kept them stirred up made for some of the best feeds in ages. And as a bonus, she featured in all the fights, many because the others didn't believe her telling truths. They did buy most of the fibs, and without 'empirical evidence,' but they fell for her wacky gameplay more than twice. She marooned herself in a bed and a dental chair, with some laughs in between, and she got the 2nd ever penalty vote. I enjoyed watching her, and will miss her.

Won: Nothing
I haven't given many empty wheels before their time, and I don't think any of those got them as early as he did. But we've never had such a misogynistic, inappropriate, and unfunny pig before. CBS let him get away clean and that's what it is - I'm just glad to see the back of him.

Won: Power to nullify 3 votes
She wasn't afraid to confront people nor to keep fighting to stay, which was good for us, but didn't help her much. She figured out the twins early but didn't leverage that to her advantage soon or well enough. Her 'game on' fight with Audrey and pantry rant to us were memorable, especially her catch-phrase 'get your life!' She was smart, funny, and volatile. She didn't let us take full advantage of #DaVonneHasADaughter, a hashtag that was too good to be true.

Won: Nothing
He was like a parody of all the former surf boys we've had, with all the worst qualities of asshat hamsters past rolled into one. He verbally beat up on Steve a few times but the primetime version earned him viewer loathing, even if his actoring was lousy. He ranted, streaked, flipped us off, and mostly talked about himself, but he promised to save us all someday through music.



HOHs in order *denotes surviving HOH for BOB weeks
James*/Jason; Becky/Shelli*; Austin/Vanessa*; Shelli*/Lizia; Jackie/Vanessa*

BOB wins in order
Becky/John; Steve/Jason; Meg/Jason; James/Jackie; James/Lizia

Veto wins in order
Steve; John; John; Vanessa

Evictions in order
Jace 12-1; Da'Vonne 7-2; Jeff 7-4; Audrey 10-1 (9+1 penalty vote)

Evictee Twitters
@NikolaPoe; @DayDaVonne_bb17; @JeffWeldon21; @OddreyM



Late arrivals: 3
Jeff, Jackie, Julia

Twist delivery guests: 3
Phil Keoghan
Kathy Griffin
Rob Gronkowski

Fights: 6
Audrey vs Jace 6/28 8.21pm
Audrey vs Jace 6/30 3.25am
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 6/30 1.38pm
Audrey vs Da'Vonne 7/8 1.52pm
Audrey vs Meg 7/11 1.10pm
Audrey vs Clay plus Vanessa
 3 rounds starting 7/19 12.54pm

House meetings: 1
7/19 8.43pm

Twin switches: 14
4 on 7/2 show recap
1 at 7/2 vote - Julia in
7/3 11.58am - Liz in
7/6 3.07pm - Julia in
7/9 10.34pm - Liz in
7/11 11.07am - Julia in
7/13 6.24pm - Liz in
7/17 2.05pm - Julia in
7/20 6.12pm - Liz in
7/22 6.26pm - Julia in
7/24 3.27pm - Liz in

Incredible backstories: 1
6/25 9:35pm Becky and the train

Uncanny coincidences: 3
7/1 4.53pm Meg & John say 'weird situation' in different rooms at the exact same time
7/8 3.47am Jason & Clay say 'hey Arnold' in different rooms at almost the same time
7/11 12.15am Jeff & James say 'beefcakes' in different rooms at almost the same time

Scandals beyond BB world: 1
Jeff/Julia 'sticky spot' incident

Self-service: 3


 1 Mixed up BB10 Steven with Memphis Bob
 2 Renamed Rachel 'Linda Donahue'
 3 Got Boogie's seasons wrong
 4 They probably meant #exasperated
 5 6/25 show: Julie omitted Alison Irwin in her & Phil Keoghan's BB-to-TAR rollcall
 6 Dental x-ray graphics upside-down
 7 Misspelled Dan Gheesling's name
 8 Closed captions symbol, for a minute
 9 PROMO instead of PROM
10 Wrong show time on Jeffish loop
11 7/2 show: Dead air + Julie audio leak
12 Veto comp workers on feeds
13 HOH prep workers on feeds
14 Misspelled Shelli's last name
15 Goof #10 still not fixed a week later
16 Julie got special guest's name wrong
17 Wrong show days on Youtube
18 Staff person's reflection seen
19 They erased Jeff for CBS show
20 Misspelled 'receives'
21 Mixed up Christine and Candice
22 Wonky fishies cam plus workers' feet
23 Shelli's last name again plus ordinal error


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Thursday's eviction show won the hour with 1.8 rating, 7 share, and 5.79 million viewers, ahead of Wayward Pines finale on FOX with 1.2/5/3.91, Dateline Mystery on NBC with 1.0/4/5.19, and Mistresses on ABC with 0.7/3/2.91.

Rating & share = adults 18-49
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Big Brother 17 FAQ
June 18 was Day 1 move-in. June 24 was CBS premiere, Day 7. Finale will be September 23, Day 98

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

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Liz and Julia have to survive five evictions in order to play separately as individuals. They switch places every few days. They have a limited time in Diary to change clothes, adjust their appearance, and exchange info. The non-playing twin probably stays in hotel sequester.

BB17 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits or those with established pre-season fan bases might get more.

The habitat has 80 HD cameras (up four) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.


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