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McCrae is HOH
McCrae used veto on Candice
Jessie, David, Elissa are nominated
Andy, Helen, Howard, Elissa, Judd are Have-nots


Monday: HOH pics, blog

Next show Tuesday 9pm: MVP, veto comp with American Baking Competition's Marcela Valladolid, veto meeting, various mances


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Some of them are calling Candice 'Reptar'

Jeremy's tattoo says 'Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds' (Einstein).

BB15 winner's prize is the same: $500k for the winner, so I assume 2nd still gets $50k. Stipend for the others is $750 or $1,000 per week (to be confirmed), including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits may get more.

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Hair of the rabid dog (Sunday, 6/30)

Apparently David was tipped off about everyone seeing him changing in & out of his swim shorts, and he's now doing it under a towel.. of course he would have been informed about all the cameras and 24/7 feeds before he went in, and he signed a contract agreeing to it, but I guess some of them just need a little extra help with reading comprehension

One would think they also were warned about the shitstorm out here over the bigotry that came out last night, and perhaps they were, but it just kept coming.. by my count, the roll call for racist/homophobic/misogynist remarks now includes Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, David, Jeremy, Spencer, and Amanda, in varying degrees

Elissa brought it out in the open, kind of, by telling Spencer & Howard about last night's Hatgate and fallout, and said she was biting her tongue when the comments flew.. later McCrae called Amanda on her "homophobic shit" - she countered that it's "so fuckin over the top inappropriate" that it was okay, in fun, and that she's a gay activist

I've not overlooked all this nasty business but I don't want to dwell on it either.. many others are and any repercussions will or won't happen regardless of my input or lack of.. anyway it's all overshadowing why I watch the feeds: amateur psychology and cheap entertainment, so let's get back to that

Today we had Helen directing one hell of a brutal workout routine which Spencer succeeded in keeping up with, even as feedsters were waiting for him to keel over - maybe her strategy is to kill them off one by one (yes, that's a joke and yes, I hate that things are already so deadly serious and touchy that I have to add that disclaimer)


Jeremy spoke in class today

We had another nice respite from the ugly and the gametalk too when several of them broke into spontaneous handsprings, girl-lifting, somersault lessons, hamster pyramids, and boy-lifting.. the CBS show came and went, and McCrae threw out not one but two of my catchphrases on the air, dingoisms if you will, so I've added a new item to the Extracurricular Tally in case he keeps that up

They got a booze delivery near the end of the BBAD block, which is the logical way to counter the TVGN censorship and still keep us happy.. sloppers got to eat at midnight, and they did so with relish, and then we had the first big fight of the season - flashback 7/1 12.22am.. it went for five rounds: Jeremy vs Have-nots, Jeremy vs Amanda, Jeremy vs Kaitlin, Jeremy vs Candice (remember how I had Jeremy as Most Likely to get in a fight in my pre-season predictions? check) plus a follow-up Aaryn vs Candice.. it revolved largely around wine, pizza, and Hatgate again/still - I know, go figure


MVP what? (Saturday, 6/29)

McCrae used his veto to take off Candice and replace her with Elissa, who told the HOH crew how grateful she was once she heard the plan was to evict David instead.. wait a minute, back up a second: we haven't had a hamster give thanks for being nominated since Lawon, and isn't she supposedly the Most Valuable Player? Perhaps MVP stands for Most Visible Player, or will when the editors are done with the past couple days

As I noted earlier, MVP was usually more along the lines of Most Visible Penis in the past, and David earned that one today: flashback 6/29 2.21pm and again 6/29 9.27pm.. due to new rules, I can't post pics of this kind of thing for you anymore, sorry

Meanwhile controversy continues over what happened in the HOH greenlight this morning: flashback 6/29 5.40am and judge for yourself.. most think Amanda gave McCrae a handie due to her hand-wiping a few minutes later, but others think that had more to do with herself and her comment about it being "like Seaworld down there".. I've put it on the tally as a sex event either way, which McCrae will appreciate, and his sister Morgan contributed a Line of the Day for the ages

The HOH bedmates did share a little peck of a kiss an hour or two later - flashback 6/29 7.14am for that.. I thought it looked like a sleep-smack and McCrae said the same to Amanda later.. he also said it had been a mistake that won't happen again and her attitude changed a bit, and a bit more when he told her she had to stop trying so hard to win the social game with everyone (as he won this round of his social game with her).. elsewhere, Kaitlin & Jeremy are canoodling in the open now

Gametalk-wise, it never lets up.. the mathematics alone of 16 of them, each seeming to have deals with everyone, are way beyond me to keep up with, especially this far away from a vote



Evening brought our first booze delivery, and the habitat exploded on cue.. all of them sat around the hot tub sipping their small rations and chatting, while Nick jogged laps around the yard, and then things got weird

Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Amanda, and Jessie were sharing the hammock and had a group dump.. GinaMarie spent a long time trying to convince Nick there will be 10 votes (there will be 12), and she gave Judd enunciation lessons - think about that for a minute.. McCrae and Amanda went undercovers in HOH after he'd told her that stuff was over, adding another notch to the tally.. Candice had little hissy-fits all over town about a hat that got sat on.. Spencer told extra-raunchy stories using derogatory terms for women, and then Aaryn mouthed off about Andy, Helen, and Candice, using derogatory terms for gays, Asians, and blacks.. the BB interwebs went nuts

Jeremy told Kaitlin about the "secret" plan to evict Elissa, so that should spread tomorrow and shake things up a little more.. knowing how these kinds of things go in Big Brother, they might end up evicting Jessie when the dust settles.. it's one hell of a season already and I'm hoping tonight's ugly stuff (and fan reaction) doesn't take all the fun out of it, but get the feeds and see what you make of it all


Ratings - Aaryn Nation edition

Ratings are Saturday's, based on entertainment value, and should have been updated for Sunday's fight, but I was too busy laughing

The feeds quality is great, flashback works great, the fishies are minimal most of the time, and a booze delivery was an excellent idea. The cast seemed great at first but just a few days in, we're seeing cracks. I don't understand why they cast people who have scripts for mood-altering drugs - a certain amount of instability is a strong possibility with those prescriptions, and unstable people have no business in there. And do they put racists and homophobes in there just to stir up controversy and make headlines? Maybe it's time to stop giving these horrors more airtime than they already have. Also, it's surprising they didn't make the three lookalike brunettes adjust their hair color like they usually do. Maybe that's one of the details Ms Grodner takes care of - I think she was distracted this pre-season by other things she had going on.

I do enjoy The Aaryn and David Show, it's the kind of feeds comedy that I live for because it's just so ridiculous. Her nasty remarks will outlive her time on the feeds and even if CBS doesn't air them (you know they won't), it's a safe bet she'll get a chilly exit interview with Julie when her time comes. There will always be someone around who knows what she's about, especially at BB events, even among adoring fans, someone will know.

I don't know how she ended up in HOH and McCrae's bed but she's barely left it since the feeds came on four nights ago. I hope she doesn't wreck his game for him but if she does, she does. She just needs to stop talking so much.

He's getting around pretty good and while we don't get much time with him, what we do get is pleasant and fun. He cried a little listening to music in HOH but I think that was just a pressure outlet and/or musical emotion. I really don't think anything Aaryn said would have affected him like that - he's likely heard it all before.

She's barely there most of the time but Hatgate was a nice comic interlude to an otherwise unpretty night. Look, if you go borrow somebody's stuff, you're responsible for it if it gets damaged - doesn't she ever watch Judge Judy? You never know when someone might sit on a hat.

He clearly has no idea there are cameras on him and people watching 24/7, but that's his own fault for not reading his contract, the rulebook they have, or paying attention to what anyone told him on the way in. He'll find out when he gets out, but of course it's too late now.
P.S. He was one of the ones whose momma is a fan and got him to audition - I wonder if she's a feedster. Oopsie.

She's nothing like Rachel but she doesn't bring much as herself either. She seems pleasant enough and all that, but she's like window dressing in there. It'll be interesting to see how they turn her barely there status into the main storyline of the week.

Between not being able to count higher than the number of fingers she has, trying to get Judd to speak like her, a 'pinky promise' with Andy, and general lunacy, I think she's a keeper, except she too joins in on the ugly talk. She seems pretty well plugged into the game goings-on, but none of that matters if she's remembered like Aaryn's going to be.

She definitely knows what's going on in there and she makes quiet little private visits here and there to further secure her spot. It's nice to have a grownup in there and she has some good stories. I hope she comes out a bit more as their numbers thin so we can get to know her better.

Sympathy ups because he seems like a good guy but we only see him when he comes out to eat. The whole Have-not isolation mode due to slop weakness is so ridiculous but as we know, they do it to have a colorful and humiliating comp for CBS, and then they forget about the hamsters enduring the consequences.

Won: Permanent Have-not pass
He's sitting pretty right now, with Kaitlin in his bed or on his lap most of the time, but he's already told his bros he's ready to cut her loose at a moment's notice. Must be nice to be that carefree and get his rocks off at the same time.. it worked out okay for Boogie on All-Stars anyway. I wonder if Julie will call him out on it at some point.. I kinda hope she does.

Another nominee who's barely there. What's up with Big Brother anymore? It used to be the nominees were the only ones we'd see because they were so busy running around trying to save themselves. Now they just lay down to die and wait for the votes to be read, while everyone else is busy working three weeks ahead.

This guy needs a LOT more time on the feeds.

I don't know how she feels about Jeremy but now that I've heard she's just a hamster with benefits to him, I'll be starting to listen for her side. I'm not sure but I think they may be going to fishies for mentions of her father? Maybe he didn't sign a release.. he does have a sketchy background. She too says some things she shouldn't, and she might be next for the outraged fans hotseat currently occupied by Aaryn.

He won't like finding out he was downgraded to neutral so soon, but pretty much all he did today was lay around in HOH with Amanda, and he's forgotten to give me or his chat roomies any shoutouts lately. He seems to be in a good spot with most of them, which is pretty surprising for the first HOH, but now is the time he should be out & about and cementing his safety for next week. At least he doesn't have a case of HOHitis.

I really think he believes he's above all of this and all of them. He doesn't seem to think much of BB terms or protocols, and that kind of attitude could make him really start to lose it as the days and weeks drag on. I can see him ending up being a mic-in-the-pool or a Froot Loops & pork rinds kind of guy.

He can be very funny when he gets going but he takes the raunchy stuff too far. He probably doesn't realize the demographics of this audience might not appreciate his particular brand of humor as a whole, at least at the rate he turns it out. I don't think there's any malice towards women from him, unlike Aaryn's various comments, but if 'it's not okay for one, it's not okay for all' -Cherryred.


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HOHs: McCrae
MVPs: Elissa
Veto wins: McCrae

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Big Brother 14
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
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Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
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Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
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Big Brother 7 All-Stars
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Big Brother 5
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Major fights - 1
7/1 12.22am Jeremy vs Have-nots, Jeremy vs Amanda, Jeremy vs Kaitlin, Jeremy vs Candice, Aaryn vs Candice

Makeout pairings - 3
Jeremy & Kaitlin
McCrae & Amanda
David & Aaryn

Sex events - 3
Jeremy & Kaitlin 6/28 3.21am
McCrae & Amanda 6/29 5.40am
McCrae & Amanda 6/30 1.11am

Pinkyswears - 1
GinaMarie & Andy 6/30 2:43am

McCrae dingoism mentions - 3
HOHitis (on CBS)
Fishies (on CBS)

CBS goofs - 5
- BB site shows two premiere times
- Jill? on feeds signup page
- Misspelled Judd's last name
- Feeds launch Y2K type midnight problem
- Peculiar trivia goof



McCrae: We figured out the twist, if you sit on someone's hat you get $25,000

Aaryn: I don't know why you call them hair binders, they're hair ties
Kaitlin: Whatever.. tomato, tomorrow

Jeremy: I wish they'd let me bring my book 'What Einstein Told His Barber'

Judd: I wish we had a camera in here so we could see what it looks like

Spencer re Amanda & McCrae always in HOH bed: You're like Willy Wonka's grandparents

Jessie: Can I borrow your Bible?
McCrae: Yeah, but it's just the New Testament, not all the good shit

Ivonne Rodriguez on my Facebook: I think McCrae has some people in his deep freezer at home. Seriously that dude looks crazy.

McCrae to Amanda: It felt like a dream because I was sleeping, then I wasn't, then I was again - it was a mistake, it won't happen again

David to Amanda: So am I probably the most quietest surfer that you know?

Jeremy to Nick, re Kaitlin: I'll kick that bitch out

@Morgasim_9: Hand job? Amateur move Amanda

@aaryneliza: Attractiveness comes from inside. What would you look like if your looks mirrored your words and actions?


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