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Wil evicted 6-2
Shane is Head of Household
Boogie & Frank are nominated
Britney is safe from nomination and re-nom
Nobody is Have-not


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The untwist resulted in no eviction, and all coaches entering the game. Boogie was the only one who didn't vote to enter. If all had said no, there would have been a hamster revival.

Willie was ejected for head-butting Joe. Threats & verbal attacks are legal - aggressive physical contact is not.

They're calling pre-show sequester 'convention' or 'knitting convention', and they're calling Diary 'the wizard' or 'dairy queen'.

Ashley revealed they wear earpieces for nominations, at least early on.

CBS shows are Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm.

Big Brother After Dark airs midnight to 3am nightly (1am to 4am Thursdays) on Showtime (SHO2) in USA, and on Slice in Canada at various times - check your local listings.

BB14 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The coach of the winner would have gotten $100k without the untwist. Returning veterans got $20k to show up.

The habitat has 53 cameras (up one) and 98 microphones (up three).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

The Glass House premiered June 18 on ABC and will run for 10 episodes. The winner will get $250,000 - half the usual BB winning amount.

The glass hamsters go into hotel sequester on weekends.

Big Brother Canada premieres February 2013.

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Clusterquack (Friday 8/17)

It was a horrific day fishies-wise but we did get a few glimpses of feeds.. they came in from a lockdown to find a path to the arcade machine, and discovered it now holds a cube with a question mark (code for Pandora), but nothing came of it yet

They finally did their noms and Shane put up Frank & Boogie, as planned.. we came back from trivia to the two of them confronting Shane about it.. Boogie said things like "we're not gonna be assholes or anything" (rats) and "nominations don't mean shit" (really?), and lots of Britney bashing.. Shane said maybe he's been used by her, and that lots of people told him to nominate Froogie but mostly Britney, leading to Boogie saying "we will avenge this fucking situation with her - not you!" and he guaranteed he or Frank will win veto - Flashback 8/17 7.08pm, and just keep it rolling

They left, and then Britney came up to accost Shane (she'd been turned away earlier), and started with "what did they say about me?".. Shane soft-soaped it in a big way and didn't cop to anything he'd said to them about her (or things they said that he hadn't argued with).. exit Britney and enter Danielle, to whom Shane said "I'm not taking the whole frickin - the blood on this!".. meanwhile Britney confronted Frank & Boogie, with Boogie sprouting such gems as "the talking merry-go-round is just - actions speak louder than words" as he highlighted Frank's comp wins

And then it turned to Dan.. Britney said "I feel the check's already made out and there are only three possible options for who will win this game: Dan, Danielle, or Frank".. Frank said no way, why him, and Boogie went on to finger Dan some more, and more still when Britney left.. he and Frank realized that Clean Hands Dan is in the game, and they plotted accordingly

Britney went back to Shane with a vengeance, saying how she "took a verbal smackdown from two grown man", laying a lot of coach guilt on him, and moving on to acknowledging that she's "not half the player that these coaches are" - Flashback 8/17 8.47pm.. Shane has begun to catch on to the fact that he's been a pawn of an HOH (again).. his attempts to be a double-dipper were shaky at best, but he told her he'd take the blame

On and on it went: Dan came along with his weakened mist, and eventually a meeting was held in HOH with Boogie, Frank, Dan, Britney and Shane - Flashback 8/17 11.20pm.. Danielle came up to join but was turned away, and that became her focal point for the rest of the night - understandably so perhaps, since it was reminiscent of Janelle's knock-knock being ignored before she was put on the block

Dan and Boogie went at it but in a controlled way for each (which is why vets are bad: newbies would have been screaming) - neither gave up much at all but they kept going.. eventually we landed in the parlor with Boogie, Frank and Danielle.. Boogie cross-examined Danielle in his roundabout way, shmoozed her some, and she got more and more wound up and her voice got higher and higher as her audience rotated in and out, and the door shun became more and more important in her world.. she and Britney did a hilarious recap plus bonus kooky mime dance routine as they bitched silently to each other about it all in the parlor - Flashback 8/18 12.40am

Danielle finally rolled out the waterworks for Shane, but I can't face it - Flashback 8/18 2.38am

The day in short (too late, I know): Frank & Boogie were blindsided, everyone's on to Dan but he's still passing himself off as innocent, Ian got away almost clean and Frank & Boogie still aren't aware he's the extra party involved.. in poker terms, one Ian beats a pair of Froogies, or simplifed even more, QuackPack > Silent Six

In other news, a big veto comp was being built in the backyard through all this, Joe's cooking show featured turkey burgers, Jenn & Ashley enjoyed another day of sunshine and free food, two items were added to the CBS goofs tally (below), and the fishies are still dying


What did she say? (Thursday 8/16)

Thursday had lots of the usual laying around and living in the future.. Boogie told Frank he's sure tonight's a Fast Forward and that he'll win HOH and veto, and boot Britney.. it probably isn't a Fast Forward since they usually pre-announce those to us to lure viewers

Boogie, Dan and Danielle were laying around having an unchecked convo about their Diaries and the like, when Boogie asked to be reminded how they found out about the endurance comp a couple weeks ago (so they'd know to dress in comp clothes).. Danielle replied "Rich [Meehan, co-exec producer] told us when he was telling us who to vote for" - Flashback 8/16 2.55pm F2

That's the quote - check the Flashback if you don't believe me.. consider also: 1) I think they do a run-through of the voting procedure to ensure show timing, etc.. 2) they actually didn't have a vote that night (but the hamsters probably didn't know that ahead of time).. 3) Danielle says a lot of things that aren't true, as we know.. I'm not declaring this one one way or the other, just putting it out there for your interpretation and/or enjoyment

However, along with Jeff showing up tonight to save the Nielsen day, they're apparently going to have some sort of live voting from us, something to do with the HOH comp.. I once again seriously urge you DO NOT VOTE on these polls of theirs to send the message that we want a better show from this fantastic concept they've ruined.. chances are better than good that your votes don't affect a thing (the show is not ruled by game show laws), and even free online votes just make more money for CBS Corporation by increasing site traffic, thereby allowing them to charge higher ad rates across all of call it a mini #bbstrike if you like

Tonight's HOH comp is the skating in oil/soap and filling bowls with a teacup endurance thingy.. Wil would have done well, as a long-distance runner.. maybe the vote is to determine which color lane they use or who ends up a Have-not

Update Yay! tonight's poll was not a $1/online event but rather a Twitter poll for should they offer $10k or a Have-not pass, so they're just spamming Twitter in hopes of trending, and not getting rich on it tonight - well done, BB! Wil was evicted 6-2, surprising nobody.. next week will be a "double eviction" per Julie - sounds like a Fast Forward but she didn't call it that.. good luck with the new drinking game


Swamp skating

Swamp water meaning Crisco, in this case.. the HOH comp had a noms safety plus a $10k side jug they could opt to fill instead of the main HOH jug.. Boogie went for the cash, like he does, and got it.. Britney, Jenn, Ashley, Joe went for safety, and Britney got it.. Shane won the comp in just over an hour and a half

Most of them took a lot of very hard splats.. Danielle fell a lot and will likely be displaying (and counting) her bruises again this week.. Ian and Joe were also down a lot and crawled several laps.. Jenn took at least one especially hard fall.. Ashley played it very delicately due to her back

They sat around waiting for Diaries, and then Shane hollered about seeing his HOH room.. Frank slept through the first part but the others went dutifully up the stairs, including Jenn who was hurting bad

He should have hollered "Who wants to hear my HOH room?" since that's what we did as he showed them his new pics, clothes, treats, and read his letter from sister Shannon - we watched the fishies.. it looks like they've been restocked

Frank & Boogie left early and went to bed grouching.. the rest of them sat around forever even though Shane had dropped a big hint saying everyone could go to bed early tonight.. they got a late and comparatively hefty booze delivery and Britney, Ashley, Danielle had a drunken bubblebath, complete with a broken glass.. Britney swapped out for Ian, and Shane directed a double kiss

They finally broke up into their various corners, and then the Quack Pack regrouped in HOH and agreed on putting up Frank & Boogie, with Ian's key placed last in the box "to keep up appearances" - his suggestion


Ratings - Crisco Wristwatch edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value - some arrows have been revised for Friday
VTE = Voted to evict

Friday: Enough with the freaking fish. #bbstrike will happen again for Sunday's show if things don't improve on Saturday, all day and all night. Trivia for the veto comp is acceptable, if they don't force it for too long before or after.
Thursday: They had a vote for only half the country to choose between $10k and a Have-not pass when the cash was a given, especially since there aren't many Sunday shows left to feature Have-not comps. They could be over, so it was pointless all around if so. Not to mention the fact that they copied Glass House by telling the hamsters about some current events and by asking for a public vote - on Twitter no less! ABC should sue them. Julie also 'borrowed' Jeff Probst's patented 'on my go' but he's on the same team so that's probably okay. They fed us fishies for Shane's HOH room but we've seen it before so no biggie there. The attempts to block stuff we already know have become comical, and combines with the healthy booze delivery to earn them solid ups.

Friday: Downgrade from neutral because her best line 'I just want to lay down with people' was way under par for a day like this.
Thursday: She had a hard time making it back and forth, and later said she got confused and started filling a different jug than she started with. That would be upsworthy in the humor department for most, but it's expected from her. Patting Ian and playing with his hair tonight was uncomfortable for all concerned.

TEAMIES: Frank, Ian, Jenn
Friday: The smarmysmooth style is neither an appetizing nor an effective intimidation tactic, and it makes me feel a little pewky. Remaining outwardly calm might be mature and commendable in the real world, but this isn't.
Thursday: Boogie going for the cash surprised nobody except Frank, and that started a tiny hairline fracture in the Froogie team. But Shane's win made Boogie's grouchy guy come back and he'll likely return tomorrow in a big way after noms. He might come up with another magical plan to save his day, but he won't need it: for some reason, they're all more scared of Frank than they are of him, but all they see is competition competition.. Boogie's dangerous in other ways. They should all know that, but apparently they don't. Dimwits.

TEAMIES: Shane, Willie, JoJo
Friday: Super big ups for drama and more drama, and for coming up with the hospice/deaf-mute line in the midst of it all. And as a bonus, she was married on the 18th - not the 17th. (See Lines of the Day)
Thursday: Good for her for going for and winning the safety jug since it offered everything the HOH jug did but without the enemy-making, plus she gets to play in the next HOH comp, plus it was a lot smaller and easier, plus it guarantees jury pay.. hello, why wouldn't they all see that? She got to parannoying in a big way when Ian told her she was the next target for Frank & Boogie, and her drunk girl is always good fun.

TEAMIES: Kara, Danielle, Jodi
WON sushi party
Friday: Downgrade from neutral due to the sad lack of drama, with the addition that after all that, he laid into Danielle with a severe daddy tone that was all the more noticeable since it followed a long fishies blockage. Manipulation is one thing; taking advantage of her utter controllability is another.
Thursday: He was mostly silent for hours after the comp, almost sulky, and then he guilt-tripped Danielle for not telling him Wil had told her about his past career highlights - oh, and about the plan to backdoor him last week. He really pulled out the dad attitude with her and that could develop into something, but I don't know what. She's got Final Two deals with both Dan and Shane, and that will develop into something when it comes out. Dan's the worst culprit by far for fishies caused by singing and I'm starting to resent him for that.

Friday: Upgrade! It's her world and they're all just living in it. I like to think of her as Rachel Lite.
Thursday: I don't think I'm ready for another week of As Danielle's World Turns yet but here we are again. 24 hours after she & Britney declared Shane the enemy and their main target, she was in his bed again, shrieking and squealing like the drunk girl she was - never mind that she made Wil pinkyswear to tell Trey she's still interested, AND she's still dreaming of Hayden. The others are getting tired of living in Danielle's world and they're sniping where they can, but she keeps rebounding and bringing everything back to her, like a weeble that won't fall over.

WON 1 week spiritard - NOMINATED
No vote (HOH)
Friday: Another one who had every right to blow, and didn't. Where's the guy who hollered 'eat your fuckin' Froot Loops'? We need him back.
It wasn't the best night for Frank. He was sulky, annoyed at Boogie, and Jeff took his Julie home-skillet spot. He still hasn't voted once this season and might not again next week, but he could get his talk with Julie.

WON $3,000, 24 hour dog's life
Friday: Downgrade to neutral for not getting involved (even though his name came up a lot) but he's still mostly in the clear, and nobody killed him.
Thursday: He's annoying most in there (especially Boogie) and many out here with his constant BB stats, and annoyed hamsters are good for us. He's like a walking talking version of but she doesn't go around rattling everything off to everyone who didn't ask. They're finally catching on to his real game, but I (want to) believe he's still one step ahead of them.

WON $1,000, Hawaii trip
Friday: Whatever. I can't even be bothered to change her arrow.
Thursday: She put in an effort tonight but she's suffering for it. If she's still hurting tomorrow, we'll see even less of her than usual, especially since Wil's gone and the only convos she'll be having will be casual.

No vote (nominee)
Friday: He can do no wrong in my book these days. Who cares if he added bacon to his low-fat turkey burgers or doesn't wash his hands? I don't have to eat it.
Thursday: I didn't see much of his family's segment but I gather they were a big hit, so that should counteract some of the hating on him out here. Easy ups for saying they're playing for $1 million tonight, and for explaining how Boogie schooled him about Diaries: 'KNOW YOUR ROLE - JUST BE REAL'. Those aren't necessarily the same thing, and while he plays his role to the hilt, I'm not sure he realizes what it really is.

WON Veto ticket
Friday: Upgrade for going through with it, and for finally realizing he's in a game that's not just about winning comps but still coming up with doofus lines anyway. I have to hand it to him for keeping his cool with Danielle's hysteria and mood swings, although I'd rather he just tell her to STFU. Just once.
Thursday: Last night's early morning study session with Joe was hysterical because they're both so clueless about everything, and he followed that up tonight by whistling around his room while his noms were being decided outside. When he was given the plan by Danielle and later the rest of the quackers, he was all for it even while realizing it'd make him the bad guy in Frank & Boogie's eyes. The poor guy doesn't even realize that jury begins after this next eviction and there will be a Froogie survivor sticking around. Somebody really should draw him a diagram with M&Ms - maybe it'll be BB in the form of Pandora's Box. They kind of owe him that after shafting his last HOH.

He came in with the most entertainment potential we've seen in awhile but other than a few spectacular bursts such as his drunken sushi birthday, he failed to deliver on a regular basis. His Sharon Osbourne was spot-on and so was his Joe, but his quick wit wasn't enough to combat the overall doldrums of the season. He fiddled his hair constantly (like Kaysar), and he pinkyswore Janelle out the door. He starred in two of the three 'The Soup' segments to date, and he'll be missed.

TEAMIES: Wil, Ashley, Joe WON Nothing
She was the first coach casualty but she went quietly, robbing us of an updated 'bye-bye bitches'. She didn't have a Howie or Kaysar to work with (or entertain us) this time, and her teamies either didn't know or didn't care how loyally she plays BB. She had some sippy fun but this cast didn't get her shtick, and she had pork rinds thrown at her and mean girl chatter reminiscent of BB6. She drove the early game but didn't play in any veto comps, and that was a huge loss for the season.

She promised to bring it, but apparently she left it on Staten Island since she failed to fight even when confronted. She talked a lot but it was mostly the same loops over and over: she only gets along with East Coast girls, she's street-smart, she's loyal, and she's loyal, know what I mean? She was scouted via Facebook to get here, and that's where she should have stayed. Now she can get back to modeling and piloxing.

(Possibly forfeited stipend)
He spent two weeks laying in HOH bed, parannoying his brains out even though he was perfectly safe, and his fall from HOH was the hardest we've ever seen. He head-butted himself out the door when he might have been saved by veto, so he'll go into the BB blunders pile. I didn't come in with Hantzophobia so I'm grateful for the cheap entertainment he brought, especially the Froot Loops war and Willieisms like 'key-hos', 'corn-ho', and 'totin' pole'. He's the first hamster to pose for his mug shot while his season was still underway.

TEAM DAN - WON nothing
She brought a big name and rep to the show but didn't live up to either. She seemed like a nice enough girl but she didn't bring much to the feeds, and her sister wife wardrobe greatly disappointed her pre-existing fanbase. She'll be remembered for extra shiny knees and little else - she didn't even campaign to stay.

TEAM DAN, for a minute - WON nothing
Most were looking forward to seeing what she'd bring, but she got a raw deal and was gone before the feeds even kicked on. She'd said she was worried about lack of privacy & sleep, missing her family, and slop, so maybe BB wasn't for her, and she got away without airing any dirty laundry. It had to be humiliating to go back in for the group bikini pic but that's how they do things.


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> $10k


Thursday's live show remained in first for the hour with 6.31 million viewers, 2.3 rating and 7 share, ahead of football on FOX with 5.19/1.9/6, Time Machine Chefs special on ABC, and Saving Hope on NBC.

Monday's 8/13 Glass House remained in third place with 2.094 million viewers, 0.7 rating and 2 share, behind Grimm on NBC and Hawaii Five-0 rerun on CBS.
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Police sergeant Kevin Braun won Glass House debut season and $250,000 - the finale airs Monday. Feeds were free on ABC's site and have now ended.

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Pointless HOH weeks: 1½
1 Shane due to untwist
½ Willie self-evicting the day after his

Messy lawsuits: 2
Anthony Marini vs Ashley

Major fights: 1
7/17 10.25pm Willie vs Frank + Boogie

House meetings: 1
7/17 10.54am Newbies

Diary leak scandals: 1
8/9 10.08am

Wild sushi makeout/streak parties: 1
7/28 9.50pm

Additional makeout pairings: 1
8/15 12.15am Frank/Ashley

Pinkyswears: 4
7/29 CBS Shane/Danielle
8/8 8.28pm Wil/Janelle
8/14 9.36pm Wil/Danielle
8/17 2.14am Shane/Danielle

Premature exits: 3
Mike, Jodi, Willie

Sleazy pasts uncovered: 1 Ashley

New mug shots: 2
BB5 winner Drew
BB14 ejectee Willie

Editing logistics problems: 1
Jodi's in the group bikini pic

'The Soup' mentions: 3
Wil getting his key invitation
Danielle & Ashley about Shane
Wil about lemon/lime humping

CBS goofs: 20
- Missing/bad URL
- Forgot an important instruction
- Julie's intern polling about something they didn't air
- Staff seen building veto comp
- Old news + a blatant lie
- Mixing up alliance names
- August 8 CBS daytime ad had Willie HOH and Kara/Frank nominees
- Wrong trivia loop
- Another staffer caught on feeds
- Omitting a very important key word
- Calling Shane's shun 'flirting'
- Misspelled Britney
- Fuzzy math
- Staffer caught with the Hamburglar
- Wrong time on CBS main site
- 'Every day' on vets poll skipped 2 days
- Wrong seasons for Howie & Jeff
- 'Biggest cast ever' = same as BB9
- Sailing instructor Mike disappeared
- Their copyright expert used illegal videos to make his Glass House case



Britney to hubs: Happy 5-month anniversary honey, sorry I missed 25% of it

Boogie about Britney: You're a housewife, you should be cleaning up -- well, you know, I mean because she's married

Shane to Danielle: Like, we could be Final Five!



Shane: Why do I always have to get my hands dirty to benefit us five?!

Shane: I'll take repercussions, I'll take all the blame from now on

Shane: How does one decision affect so many people? Holy Christ!

Dan: On my wife Chelsea, your names never came out of my mouth
Frank: what does that mean anyway?
Boogie: why do people do that?

Britney: I'll just act like I'm in hospice and be a deaf-mute so I can't influence things

Jenn: Whose bandana is that? That's nice

Frank: I'm gonna look like an idiot with all that blogging about Silent Six

@ScrappyNatalie: I love the hate, I thrive off it and im flattered. Thank u everyone. For those who didn't hate me maybe someday ill change ur mind

Boogie: The day it was endurance last time, how'd we find out?
Danielle: Rich told us when he was telling us who to vote for

Danielle: Did anyone see me fall right on my tailbone?
Hamsters: No


Boogie: <fart>
Frank: Damn, son!
Boogie: I was hoping you were asleep

Dan to Danielle: Ian's going to win this game, I hope you realize that

Dan: That was the whole storyline last week, that there was talk about getting me out.. cut to fishies
Dan: 70% of my DRs were - that was the whole storyline, was me getting backdoored.. cut to fishies

Danielle to Shane: Do you and Ashley have this weird flirting thing going on?

Jeff to Julie: That's why you're sitting here and I'm dot-com


HRNN Update: 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Dead Fish, Bluey Fish by BB11HouseRodent

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