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March 16, 2008 - Day 38 (or 39)

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>> James is Head of Household - James used the veto on Sheila - Ryan & Matt are nominated <<

The backdoor opens again

James followed through with his latest plans, and Matt isn't happy about it

He finally cried as he'd been threatening to for a few days, but for a different reason.. he went right to work, hitting up Sheila about his own single mom and working his way through the others.. he's regretting having stayed in Natalie's bed, and he's looking at Joshuah & Sharon for votes - but he doesn't know they were in on the plan

Sheila's ranting as if she's still nominated but she's being cocky again (as is James).. she's wearing some sort of Peter Pan outfit today.. Sharon said she "looks like ass every day except Wednesdays & Sundays" and then auditioned for "CSI"

Campaign rounds

Matt spent most of the day hitting up each of them in turn

He gave up love to be on tv, he's there for his mom, she's a single mom too, he'll have to spend his birthday alone in sequester, he'll miss out on the icebox cake Diary promised him, etc etc etc

Sheila made her rounds to most of them too.. I don't know what she's saying anymore - I've reached my limit there


James & Chelsia laid around a lot, like they do, exchanging his 'n hers crotch grabs


When Sharon was dressed up for tv today, Joshuah said her hair looks nice when it's done, and she should do it more often.. someone else agreed.. she kept it down for much of the day after that, but eventually went back to this

As usual, none of them seem to realize they're on the feeds 24/7 and half of every show is recaps from their less-than-glamorous everyday looks

We got popped into HOH to find James & Chelsia looking decidedly "after", both in undies but topless - hmmm.. downstairs the ice cream came out on cue.. they're all gaining weight this time

They got some booze and stacked it up, but they didn't get enough to add any fireworks or fun.. Ryan took a faux swing at his new co-nominee.. the guinea pigs are ready to fly a banner over the habitat: GET US OUT OF HERE

The hoped for and desperately needed explosions didn't come today, and neither did much else but yack yack yack.. if Alex had come back, he'd have been putting on shows and coming up with all kinds of activities for them, but nooooo

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Daily videos

Matt & James about votes and possible tiebreaker is posted in the forum, linked top & bottom of every page

Daily ratings - Quickie edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value, and I'm tired of the same ones still in there

Sunday's the only night they don't go up against 'American Idol' but they sure don't take advantage of that. Despite more 'shockwaves' and the 'house turned upside down' again, this show was dull and hard to follow: it seems it'd be even more so for tv-only viewers. Per editing, Sheila was nominated virtually out of the blue (at least since the first few minutes of the episode), and I could be wrong but I think only a few minutes passed between James & Natalie striking their deal and Natalie coming off the HOH apparatus - not 20 minutes. Their golden boy James won't come out smelling so rosy after they run today's veto meeting, even though they didn't include his 'honorable game' and 'not gonna backdoor anyone' stuff, or his p.s. saying the Natalie/Matt deal included veto replacements. Joshuah is the other CBS darling for some reason, but he was silly by any standards talking about people coming back and avenging their evictions.. to Sharon!

They honed in on one of the true gems of this season with their 'Bible Buddies' segment, but the voiceover redo 'Jacob married two girls in one week' was a desperate attempt at being PC, and it was too little, too late.. besides, 'bitches' was what made that line funny. Resounding negative rating and WTF #742: they've revised the day count again! Julie said on Wednesday 3/12 it was Day 35, perpetuating her wrong count since her first live show, but tonight's show said that was Day 36, which is two off from accurate! They've since convinced the hamsters of the wrong count so just wait til they have a comp regarding that topic, and cry foul. What on earth is wrong with them - no calendars in the production office, or just too busy doing damage control lately to bother to use one?

Won: Motorcycle
Paired with Sheila

He's still there, trying to avoid getting cornered by Matt and definitely avoiding making any commitments to either of his buddies.

Paired with James

She's still there, topless and looking like she'd just gotten some. Or more likely given some, considering what her relationship with James is like.

Paired with Chelsia

About his veto replacement, he said 'This is outta control.. I know people at home are like, holy shit!' Not really, James. Don't let your mom's letter about fan clubs go to your head anymore than it already has.

Paired with Neil  Sharon

He's still there and being vocal, catty & bitchy again now that he's safe. Click to see his crowning moment of the day - be warned, it's skeery.

Paired with Natalie

He cried, he moped, he whined, and then he campaigned his brains out. I don't want to have to root for a pig, but if he goes, about half of our entertainment goes with him. I have a feeling Diary 'suggested' that James put him up as they don't know what to do about the BJs.

Paired with Matt

She cried, she moped, she campaigned for Matt, and then she got stuck listening to Sheila for hours and hours and hours.

Won: $10,000
Jen's boyfriend Paired with Allison

'Just another day on the block for me.'

Paired with Jacob (her ex)  Joshuah

I'm not sure if she's still there or not.

Paired with Adam

She's adopted Joshuah's former strategy: when you're safe, make as big a stink as possible about everything. I can't believe it, but she's actually worse when she isn't nominated than when she is. Seriously, she needs to shut up for awhile or I'm going to lose it.

Paired with Ryan

She called it manipulation - I call it emotional blackmail with a lot of 'poor me' thrown in. One of the most delusional hamsters ever (and that's saying something), she's the poster girl for Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It. She did give us some confrontation doozies and fireworks deluxe but trust her, like one million percent, she does not care.

Revive-a-Hamster winner & loser
Paired with Amanda

He started out looking like he was on board with Matt's showmance plan and CBS picked up that angle, but then we got to know a bright, charismatic, and goofy guy who had everything going for him in there except his partner. His diplomacy was remarkable and he might have gone the distance, but he went out as another casualty of 'Til Death Do You Part'.

Paired with Alex

She began with hysterics & drama and was at the center of the biggest BB fight ever, but she went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Her moods dropped as fast as her blood sugar but to her credit, she rebounded just as fast. She & Allison had dual 911 events, but Amanda's collapse brought unexpected (and uniformed) guests into the habitat and onto the air.

Won: $5,000
Ryan's girlfriend/Paired with Parker

She & Ryan could have gone far if she hadn't opened her mouth in the first days. She made loads of enemies in a short time and took Parker down with her. She'll be remembered for super-quickie sex in the bathroom and a rash on her backside.. hmm, coincidence?

Won: $5,000
Paired with Jen

He was good watching at first til he gave up and went on strike. He bounced back a bit at the end but his doom came early when partner Jen couldn't keep her trap shut about her & Ryan. She had to go, and he was just the innocent bystander casualty. 'I'm sick of people's dumbass assinine ass comments' might be Line of the Season.

Paired with Joshuah

He left suddenly and mysteriously but wrote on his MySpace that he didn't leave for health reasons and that he won't be back. He seems like a good guy and I wish him well.. he's probably lucky he got out when he did, unscathed.

Paired with Sharon (his ex)

Gone before the feeds kicked in: he didn't even make an appearance. All that potential for rehashing their breakup and/or a jealous rage up in smoke. To make it worse, he & Sharon didn't even get an exit interview in Julie's boudoir - how rude!

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Mass quantities of waffling with a chance of fights

No food comp this week

James is Head of Household
Ryan & Matt are nominated

Evictees are surfacing: sequester is over for them

Finale is April 29 but 'subject to change'

First place earns $500k, second gets $50k. The others earn $750 a week, including jury sequester weeks for those that go there

Sunday's show placed third with a 4.1 rating and 7 share, behind 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' on ABC with 7.1/12 and 'Dateline' on NBC with 6.1/10. 'The Simpsons' and 'King of the Hill' on Fox was fourth for households, but had slightly more viewers than 'Big Brother 9'.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Tuesday, March 18 at 9pm: Veto comp, veto meeting, assorted dramas

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Sex: 3 (all Jen/Ryan)
Oral: 4 (all Natalie/Matt)
Self-service: 3 (James, Adam, Matt)
Makeout session pairings: 4
  (Jen/Ryan, James/Chelsia,
  Alex/Sharon, Matt/Sharon)
Nekkid makeout pool orgy: 1
Nekkid party favor: 3
 (Natalie, James, Chelsia)
Nekkid party trick: 2 (James, Natalie)
Ambulance rides: 2 (Amanda, Allison)
Returned evictees: 3
 (Sharon, Ryan, James)
Revive-a-Hamster vote hoaxes: 1
Major fights: too many to count

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