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Sheila Kennedy will be doing a chat on SuperPass on July 2 at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

BB10 premieres Sunday, July 13

Eviction shows will have a live audience - first one is July 16

Q&A video chats with Adam & Matt, and with James are available to replay - only on SuperPass

BB2/7's Dr. Will and Boogie are featured on a new installment of 'Where Are They Now: Reality Stars' currently airing on VH1.

Sunday's finale was third for the hour with a 4.4 rating and 7 share, behind 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' on ABC with 7.4/12, and 'The Simpsons' and 'King of the Hill' on Fox, with 4.6/8 and 4.0/6 respectively.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

First place earns $500k, second gets $50k. The others earn $750 a week, including jury sequester weeks for those that go there

Rumors are swirling that they'll have an older, more diverse cast this summer, but we've heard all that before.. time will tell.

If you want to be on it, click for the eligibility requirements and application. Watch Craigslist in May/June, sign with actormodel agencies they use (such as this one) or go right to the horse's mouth, the BB casting director. Stay informed about upcoming casting info with BigBrother Casting Calls.

Round 1, The Teaser: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2, The Stinger: BBQ 1, Adam 0
Round 3, The Singe: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
See the grill's illustrious career recap

Sex: 7x (3 Jen/Ryan; 4 James/Chelsia)
Oral: 4x (all Natalie/Matt)
Sex tallies are minumums, based on overwhelming circumstantial evidence

Self-servicers: 3 (James, Adam, Matt)
Makeout session pairings: 4
  (Jen/Ryan, James/Chelsia,
  Alex/Sharon, Matt/Sharon)
Nekkid makeout pool orgy: 1
Nekkid party favor: 3
 (Natalie, James, Chelsia)
Nekkid party trick: 2 (James, Natalie)
Ambulance rides: 2 (Amanda, Allison)
Rodent bites: 1 (Ryan)
OB Incidents: 1 (Ryan/Adam)
Returned evictees: 3
 (Sharon, Ryan, James)
Revive-a-Hamster vote hoaxes: 1
Favorite juror vote hoaxes: ½
'Best Week Ever' mentions: 3 (Adam)
'The Soup' mentions: 1 (Alex/Amanda)
Major fights: too many to count
Chelsia abortion/baby mentions after Diary said one more and she's out: 2

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DogDave BB9 by any name, still the first to find big news, all the edgy stuff & the best mini-recaps in town

Attw x's houseguest tributes all seasons fun & reference by BB's number one fan

BuddyTV - Big Brother 9 TV supersite with news, articles, discussions

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This site isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.


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"Position the habitat of your hamster somewhere light and airy, away from drafts, heaters, direct sunlight
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