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August 7 & 8, 2007 - Days 39 & 40

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Happy family (Wednesday)

Wednesdays are when the camera comes out and they pose for smiling pics for the CBS site that make them all look happy and friendly.. today's no different, at first

Morning starts with Jen seeking a remedy for her dunking-instigated earaches - all these comps & ear problems later, they still don't supply them with earplugs for this stuff

Jessica's up and at 'em while the others sleep off the busy night.. she works out and plays solo tetherball, and seems to be enjoying a bit of solitude.. Dustin fills her in on the night's activities and how they're going to kick out Eric after all.. she's not surprised - she says she picked a one-person lounge since he keeps dogging her so much

Dustin also explains how he'd apologized to Daniele last night, and then says - with a smile - "But I made her cry"

Zach's building something with M&Ms, sorted by color in baggies.. he helps take pics of the girls

Then he's the topper bunny in a group sofa shot.. it's quite an elaborate production, and has a very tricky dismount

There are other pile-ups too - Dustin's usually involved.. but mostly it's a good time for all

Amber rips into Eric

They're on inside lockdown and Amber says she'd like to say something to Eric.. she lets loose a torrent of rage and doesn't let up til she's said it all

She doesn't cry at all.. in fact, at the end says how good she feels for letting it all out

People who haven't watched the feeds, or seen or heard Eric's nasty talk about most of them behind backs probably think this is just Amber being nuts again, but those who've followed Eric's methods know that it's well deserved

In short, she found out last night that he'd been dangling some dirt about her as bait for a future tool or weapon.. but said dirt was told to him in confidence, or so she'd thought

She goes off on him like a runaway train and he doesn't say a word.. everyone is there watching and listening, silent.. Jen covers her face with her bunny ears

It's irrelevant in my book that Amber also confessed her secrets to the internet - I honestly don't think she's aware that she did, and so I won't repeat them here - they can be found (ironically in the same scene that CBS used misleadingly about his latest task).. after the kinds of things Eric's said about her, Zach, Jen, Kail, Dustin, and nearly everyone but Jessica, I cheered Amber on for this one

Afterwards Eric talks to Kail, goes to Diary for awhile, then talks to Daniele, and cries, after many excuses and more unnecessary lies.. he talks to Jessica and tries to tell her he likes her outside of the game, but she's not having it - later she cries talking about it to Amber, feeling like she's been had.. Eric repeats the same sorry spiel to Jameka and he's got an appointment later with Zach that I'll probably miss - it's predictable anyway: he'll want his vote

I'm not going to comment about the sensationalist journalism going on today.. Amber's going to have enough problems when she gets out of there facing the largely unwarranted hatred toward her (even though the haters don't seem able to show that they're any better than her, Dick or the rest).. I hope somebody's setting up Amber & her girl in a witness protection program


Dustin spells out some sign language to Amber.. this used to be strictly forbidden in there, but apparently isn't anymore - or they just don't bother to enforce any of their rules

Eric tucks his tail between his legs and goes shmoozing into the night.. he says at one point (in so many words) that Diary urged him to fight, same as they did Carol and Kail

He works on Dustin awhile, whose words sound possibly encouraging but his face & tone of voice don't.. he works on Zach and acknowledges that it's their first conversation.. Kail gets a chance with Zach then and needs a dialogue coach.. the most telling perhaps is Eric & Jen: he seems terrified of her, and can't even look her in the eye when he starts his sorry spiel

Zach [to Kail]: You're an idiot

Jen's ear has gotten worse and she's really suffering - it starts bleeding even.. they have a small earthquake (only a few feel it) but apparently they've not been provided an emergency plan anymore than they're provided with earplugs for dunking days, as nobody mentions it or wonders if they should get to wherever they should get to in case of quake.. Dustin tries on a bunny suit since he likes to try on everything - why didn't he earn his own bunny suit if he wanted one so badly?.. Zach heads off to bed looking downright cherubic

By the end of it all Dustin, Amber & Jameka are a-waffling again after a long Diary session for Amber - hmmm.. maybe Eric succeeded yet again in driving wedges between The Donato Mob Family and the others, or maybe Diary's working on them extra hard to keep their 99¢ boy alive

Dick almost has an episode with the grill but burgers that fall apart can't hold a candle to all this stuff, so BBQ Smackdown remains at just the one round still, sadly, but we're only at the halfway point now: there's time

This is really a full day's episode worth of stuff and deserves a new sidebar, but they've worn me out - and tomorrow's Thursday again

Daily videos

Dustin & Jessica morning check-in about Eric; Amber rips into Eric; public reaction; Eric shmoozes Daniele about it and cries; Eric & Zach - he "could be swayed"; Zach & Kail - "you're an idiot"; Zach & Dick; Eric & Jen; Dick solo croquet; and Dick & Daniele father/daughter chat are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

Kail's rules (Tuesday)

I don't know what you call this.. but I don't call it bunny ears

It's looking like Kail must have a No Bunny Ears clause in her contract

The others are wearing their bunny suits as directed - feets too - without complaint, but Kail just doesn't seem to bother.. Jameka keeps working on Amber's braids

Remember when everyone hated Jen, in there and out here? She wears her suit gladly, as does Daniele who usually complains about everything.. Zach's got the most bunny spirit though


I don't think I've used the term Nerd Herd in these pages unless quoting, but Big Brother has all but officialized it now, right down to their candy

The bunny suits help the image.. I can't help but remember the good old days of The Jessica & Daniele Show seeing them sit here like this.. Jameka finishes her marathon braiding job and Amber's pleased with the results.. the city of New York isn't going to be very pleased with her though

I'm not going to link to Amber's latest blunder - I think she'll have enough problems from that.. unlike the writer from 'Best Week Ever' I honestly don't think she is aware she's being recorded 24/7.. if so, that's her own (glaring) error obviously but I'm not going to make it worse.. anyway, not much could be worse than calling her 'Lil Miss Hitler'

Food close-ups used to be safe but even they bring ulterior motives & meaning with this crew as Dustin's king complex turns into a persecution complex

Dustin: [Dick] didnt make a plate for Eric or me, specifically
Jameka: This is all alleged, right?
Dustin: Yea, alleged

Booze arrives and Dustin goes a little nuts with Jessica urging him on.. they stay in there during dinner so no telling if the no-plate allegations are true or not but Dustin will hang on to it anyway

Amber gets worked on

It's not been her best day, all things considered

I kind of wish she & Dustin would just go ahead and have sex.. if all this stuff is "just friends" it's getting a bit creepy

At the very least, it's a bit much

Dustin goes a-peeking some more.. Dick, Jen, Daniele & Amber have a nice convo in the backyard - nobody saw that coming a week ago.. then Dick goes to work on Amber about Eric & her vote

He's ranting again and wagging that finger again, but making valid points.. Amber's in a tough spot having (foolishly) "sworn on her daughter's life" but Dick works through that.. it turns into a comedy partway through as a bunny walks by, and then again as Eric tries to come outside

Daniele joins in and eventually Amber says that yes, she probably will vote him out.. Dick even offers up a one-week safe deal for Amber & Dustin.. Amber reports back to Dustin, who comes out (in king robe) and finally agrees to evict Eric so Amber doesn't have to.. (but it's only Tuesday)

Dick points out to Dustin something really astute, saying how Eric's continuing his "game" in that Dick & Dustin have been on each other all week out of virtually nowhere: "as long as somebody's warring, Eric stays safe".. it's true, and it makes me think that maybe Eric's game would have been exactly the same as he's played it even if he weren't "America's Player"

Daily videos

New (old) music accompanying the blues; drinky bed bouncy; Dick, Jen, Daniele & Amber chat (yes, together!); Dick & Amber about her vote; Amber reports to Dustin; and Amber, Dustin, Dick & Daniele reach agree to kick out Eric are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

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Eric & Jessica convo in the gym two hours before the AP polls closed and the real one at 5am

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Congrats on #756 and a new record!

Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Daniele is Head of Household
Kail & Eric are nominated

Which of them should Eric flatter incessantly to ensure his safety? Polls closed at midnight.

Thursday, August 9 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Tuesday show's dropped to 3rd place for its timeslot with a 4.7 rating and 8 share, behind 'America's Got Talent'/'The Singing Bee' on NBC and 'Primetime: Crime' on ABC.

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EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Everyone's all 'Waahh, poor poor Eric' but nobody seems to care that they're making a mockery of this whole AP thingy. The convo they counted as a 'successful task' for his Final 2 promise took place two hours before the polls even closed. He actually fulfilled his F2 spiel to Jessica at 4.45am. Same results yep, and ditto with the dodgy who he should 'climb in bed with' but they're going about this stuff in a very shady way that smacks of scam and I have no doubt is illegal since they are taking cash for this. (Much like a well-known tiara bought with 99¢ text votes.) Nobody seems to care much except me though. I won't go into detail again about the various out of sequence and out of context stuff they put on Tuesday's show.. even some who see these things unfold on the feeds seem to swallow whatever CBS feeds to them, so who am I to argue?

I love 'Best Week Ever' but their writer went too far on their message boards in my opinion, so I'll just leave her and her new braids alone today. I will add one thing: she is hands-down the worst comp host ever.

She's smarter than we were led to believe but just as whiney. Bla bla blah blah blah. I'm just saying.. do you know what I mean? She's not complaining about her bunny suit though and in fact is quite photogenic in it.

The Dick at Night Show? Hide the bunnies? Where's that fun guy we used to know and like?

Could he get more full of himself? Could he bring out his king robe more often? It's comical anyway, since he's usually so far off the mark with his theories and his paranoia about 'The Donatos' mob. The latest game is take a drink every time Dustin says 'Dustin' - make sure you have a ride home though.. you're gonna get plastered.

9 of 14: $10k so far per my tally:
#1 sob story to Kail - success
#2 evict Carol - success
#3 nominate Jessica - fail
#4 sleepwalk - fail (on a technicality)
#5 evict Joe - success
#6 nominate Jen - success
#7 vandalize Jen/mustard - success
#8 evict Kail - fail
#9 nominate Jen - success
#10 'I'd do that for a dollar' - success
#11 evict Kail - fail
#12 nominate Jen - success
#13 promise Jessica F2 - success
#14 flatter someone ?

Nice braiding work and it took her hours upon hours to do it. That's all I got.

Her pariah days are over: she's a full citizen now, hanging with most anyone she wants to and getting around like a regular hamster.. well, a hamster in a bunny suit anyway.

Just keep giving her beer and keep the cameras off the rest of them and I won't have any complaints.. not many others will either. Hopefully Eric's nasty mouth will get gone Thursday and he'll stop monopolizing all of her time & energy.

Does she think she's too good to wear a pair of bunny ears or something? She better watch out: I'm still sitting on a couple links about her that I don't really want to post.. but I will if I have to.

He's much better in a bunny suit than he was before - maybe he could wear it as long as he's in there? Like Jen, his newfound citizenship is palpable, but it's going to his head a bit. He speaks too often now and when he does, it's the same kinda lame stuff as at the start before everyone hated him.


He went from designated pretty boy to badass with pink nails but remained ambiguous. He got blamed for just about everything but spent most of his time laying around with Daniele so missed his chance to get in the game.


He was on Big Brother 8. Barely. His game was like Drew's but without Diane, and without winning anything.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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