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August 5 & 6, 2007 - Days 37 & 38

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>> Daniele is Head of Household - Jen used veto - Kail & Eric are nominated <<

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Hustle & strut (Monday)

Eric goes into the nomination chair, right on schedule, and starts shmoozing around, right on schedule

Amber seems to be a priority for both nominees.. shmoozing & waffling will likely go round the clock til Thursday

I'm more interested in the subtleties though, and the not-so-subtle slaps, such as Dustin approaching Zach to try to get his vote (Dustin's working up a vendetta against "the Donato Family" - you'd think we've turned into a crime family drama here)

Anyway, Zach's quick to point out that he knows that nobody likes him in there, but at least Dick has always talked to him - and not just when he needs a vote

They've ordered the bunny suit wearers to complete their ensembles and wear their ears again, as suggested here.. yes, I'll take credit for that one - why not? It's all I got

Kail must have a bunny ears pass or something: hers are never on.. Jessica wisely sleeps through everything, getting woken up at 9pm when another fight breaks out.. Dustin's spent most of the day psst psst'ing about The Donato Family - Dick finally counters about a certain veto comp speech and a Barbados trip

This might be it for today.. like most feedsters, I'm sick of them all

Daily videos

Zach/Daniele and Jen/Kail strategy meetings re-enacted by bunnies (see also link of the day); Dustin tells Amber her crying is a problem; Dick interrupts Dustin's whispering with Amber & Jameka; Dick does BB5 Cowboy and talks about editing are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

Dear Dick, (Sunday)

Shut up

Just shut the fuck up.. please! Every time I put on the feeds you're mouthing off again.. I appreciate your truce with Jen because that stuff got way out of hand weeks ago, but now you're stuck on Eric & Kail again

Yes Dick, you're almost right about Eric, but you've misled yourself into Eric fantasy lands made of your own paranoia.. and your obsession with Kail has sent you over the top: you are 99% wrong about her - she is as far from a mastermind as one can get in this game.. she only knew about last week's dodgy vote because Dustin spilled all those beans to her

Consequently, your constant rants & tirades standing over everyone, shaking your finger at them and repeating the same everlasting bullshit is only hurting yourself, your cause, your daughter's, and most of all Jessica's - the innocent bystander in your persecution complex

You did good by cheering on the dunkers overnight and I was ready to give you a fresh start for that, but today I find you back on your rant wagon.. everyone's heard it! Too many times! And most of it's wrong! Shut up!!

Your pal,

Meanwhile, the bunny suit club's become so lax between dunkings that they look more like Marcellas wearing his white bathrobe everywhere - we haven't seen any bunny ears or feets for 24 hours.. Kail doesn't wear her suit at all anymore.. Daniele can't seem to shut up either.. Jen & Zach are the same as always, and both are treated almost like citizens now

Dick & Daniele round up Jen plus doubters Jessica, Jameka & Dustin to harangue the same stuff about Eric again - they've all heard it all before.. they're also pushing the Nick as martyr campaign

This meeting goes up to and right past 4.30pm, and the final dunking buzzer does not go off.. I guess the producers figure they can get some angry footage to splice into the show out of context, and they already have enough of the stoopid dunkings

Fight night again

I'm hoping for a BBQ Smackdown three-way annihilation round later, but this season disappoints a lot

They finally get a buzzer for the final dunking, an hour late.. I don't think many of the hamsters come out to cheer but that doesn't stop Zach, Jen, Jameka & Kail from carrying out their duty, with attitude

Dustin starts hallucinating or something, telling Kail how Jen made a two- or three-week deal with Dick & Daniele - very loudly, within feet of the others.. then Dick starts on Eric

It's a relentless attack, not personal, but game-only accusations.. Eric doesn't have much to counter with since the majority of it's true

Afterwards they each to go their corners and try to recruit the rest of the hamsters to their respective sides again.. it's all so tedious

Eric finds a safe spot in the gym and tries to shmooze Jessica like the old days but it's not the same.. he also dishes some dirt on Amber that he has no business dishing - whether true or not - Jessica seems to be questioning his words and motives now

Dustin joins them, and later Dick goes at Dustin in the backyard - he doesn't hit him with the oversize croquet mallet, but he doesn't get to the bottom of the "leak" to Kail last week either (when Dustin gave her the names of all of the seven and outlined their plans)

You & me to the end

It's become more of a joke or cliché - few actually really say it

Eric does though in so many words, to Jessica, as voted by the viewers apparently - which is odd, since most of his AP choices have seemed tv-based only.. feedsters know about Eric & Jessica's cute friendship but TV viewers haven't had much to go on there to have voted for her

Well she was assigned anyway, making it a super-easy task for him and absolutely no drama for us (boo).. it does kind of put him in the Boogie category of motivation though, especially since he chased her around the habitat for a couple pre-dawn hours trying to get her alone to make his pitch.. by my count, he's now just one task shy of $20,000

Daily videos

2.30pm dunking with dedications; Dick versus Eric; Eric & Jessica in the gym; Dick versus Dustin; and Eric's AP task are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

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Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Daniele is Head of Household
Kail & Eric are nominated

Which of them should Eric promise to go to Final Two with? (truthfully or not) Polls closed at midnight: Jessica. Last one who should he 'get nominated' was Jen.

Tuesday, August 7 at 9pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Sunday's show was #1 for its timeslot with a 5.0 rating and 9 share, ahead of 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' with 4.2/8.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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People are getting mad at me now claiming I'm no fun - like it's my fault we have ten drips in there! Daily ratings are based on entertainment value, and there isn't much of that. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Sunday's was the Nick the Martyr Memorial Show with special guests Shifty Eric, Teary Amber versus Teary Daniele, and special guest star Loud Hinky Dick. Why do they even bother having Jessica, Jameka or Zach stuck in there? They're certainly not a part of the air show. Talking about banner flyovers used to be cause for a 'penalty nom' (which is a make-believe concept on its own) but now a banner's the star of the show - what's that about? Did CBS buy that one to get rid of mouthy Eric and obnoxious Amber? They got the order right on the convos of the Evict Eric Plan but I think they changed the HOH comp somewhat.. but who cares? Not me. I don't even care that they added a Julie voiceover about birdie poop (how classy) nor that they cut Daniele's 'Eww, what a horrible picture'.. I told you the other day it wouldn't count because it wasn't Jen.

She really needs to stop swearing on her daughter's life about not lying, especially when it's about something she's lied about. SEND HER HOME!

Maybe she's handicapped in there by her dad's big mouth but she couldn't keep her secret plan quiet either.. heaven help this family if they ever try to plan a surprise party for someone. Kudos for doing the dunking with less complaints than expected, but that doesn't come close to making up for leading the charge to make Nick a martyr. He was working all sides until he quit playing in favor of laying around all day. He got outplayed and he's gone. Get over it.

He completely ignored my advice and mouthed off louder than ever to Eric but the little weasel had it coming. It's not going to help Dick any but hey, he's the first to admit he's got a big mouth that gets him in trouble. Retroactive upgrade to neutral for cheering on the dunkers in their overnight dunks, adding hot water to their kettle of dunk, and even bringing the rest of them out there for a couple dunks. Moral support is everything in a stoopid task like that and nobody else showed any whatsoever.

Joe was the fan and Dustin the tag-along but now he fancies himself an expert in all things BB, so he's going around not believing logic and making up far-fetched stories to spread around as fact. Amber must have rubbed off on him: he's no fun at all anymore.

9 of 13: $10k so far.
Everyone's all of a sudden concerned for 'poor Eric' and whining that 'it's not fair' he might go up for eviction and out the door. Well, how is it fair to the rest of them that he's raking in extra cash to mess with all their heads three times a week? This guy could have danced his way out of the accusations about the two votes but instead he makes up more lies about them and talks more trash. He's the single most destructive influence in that house, and that's saying something! He started 'Zach's creepy' (not to mention the far worse Zach-usation that I won't even repeat here) and he's probably behind the original Jen Hate Campaign too. He has a vicious mouth and a filthy vocabulary and after trashing everyone in there, he deserves every bit of heat he's getting.


Absolutely nothing sticks to her. Last week at this time it was all about horrible Jameka and her Bible-directed veto but nobody even remembers that Jen's the one who's holding it now. All the attention's on the manipulating dad/daughter team and shady Eric. Go Jen!



He was first to the dunkings every hour, he has no problems wearing his bunny suit, let alone being shunned by the entire house for weeks, and even when he's got something to say he gets shut down cuz Dick knows everything.. not to mention the horrible things Eric has said and spread about him. He may be a little odd but he's not a bad guy - nowhere near as despicable as most of them. It's official: I'm rooting for Zach now.


He went from designated pretty boy to badass with pink nails but remained ambiguous. He got blamed for just about everything but spent most of his time laying around with Daniele so missed his chance to get in the game.


He was on Big Brother 8. Barely. His game was like Drew's but without Diane, and without winning anything.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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