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August 3 & 4, 2007 - Days 35 & 36

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Bunny suits (Saturday)

The blues come and go, like they do

Jen's wearing the veto necklace again, this time with a bunny suit.. Daniele, Kail and Zach are also wearing ears & tails

Jameka's crying and praying - on Howie's jack shack

It sounds like the four bunnies and Jameka will be woken every hour to be dumped with "fertilizer" (Dustin says it's really slop, dirt, Kitkat bars and stuff from their butter comp).. $10k was thrown around.. Kail & Jameka can't compete in five future HOH comps and Jen can't compete in four, and Jen & Kail are on slop for the week and/or the duration and/or 720 hours.. Jen may have given up half the money if she wins the game

I'll try to update the details here as they become clear - I'm not that concerned with who "won" what though, it'll all play out.. I'm just glad Jessica didn't win the veto

The time comes for the first couple of slop & Kitkat dumpings as Big Brother 8 goes Nickelodeon.. they do them mostly behind the blues to make sure all their stage directions are followed properly

How ironic is this? A few days ago cries were raised all over the internet about Dick pouring iced tea over Jen.. according to many, that was "assault" - apparently this is meant to be "comedy".. but hey, it'll get more bikinis on CBS & Showtime and that is the goal, after all

Truce and consequences

It's official: Dick will no longer rant at Jen

Nor will he rant about her, trash her, or otherwise be an ass about her

Eric's shady ways are catching up to him and fast.. Zach was meant to be the perceived back door target with Eric as the true veto replacement, and Eric has been working double time to shmooze things over

It has nothing to do with him being the AP aka producers' pet: this trash talking everyone behind their backs to everyone else didn't work for James in BB6 or BB7, and it isn't going to work for Eric in BB8 either

Post-veto comp meetings take an unusual turn as Daniele spills everything to Jen.. it's a pleasant convo all around and each of them learn some stuff.. the bunny suit and Kitkat/slop shampoo is giving Daniele a sort of Grace Kelly look

Eric works on Kail while the two top bunnies share his secrets, but Kail goes up next and is once again promised by Daniele that she won't go home.. next Dick tells Jen "It's done" (his feud with her) and they each go their separate ways to spread the news

Jen tells Jessica what she's got on Eric, and she believes it.. she seems crushed - this is the first time we've seen Jessica down since this whole mess started.. she talks to Dustin about it all, who responds with a crack that possibly wasn't meant as an insult, but is rather nasty nonetheless

Dustin: I can't just flip my script the way you do.. I need to evaluate things

What's the point of bunny suits without ears?

The bunny suits strip down to bikinis once an hour for Kitkat/slop dunkings.. their hair stays wet in between, in towels, so we lose the ears and their comical aspect almost as soon as we got them

Dick threatened to go off on Eric with Daniele & Jen as backup/material witnesses, and when some of them sit down to dinner it's a tense time waiting - especially for Eric

But the promised explosion doesn't come

Eric spends a long time working on Jessica, naturally.. whether he gets anywhere or not is hard to say but I'm not sure it's in his best interest to keep telling her how much he genuinely likes her - she obviously knows that, but I don't think he's her type.. that stuff could be causing him more harm than good

Amber & Jameka continue to listen and whisper - I don't know what they're saying

Daily videos

Post-comp bunny suits; Dick & Daniele still parannoying about Eric; Jen & Daniele about the veto, vote, Kail, Eric & Dick; Daniele promises Kail again; and Jen & Dick truce are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

Can we talk? (Friday)

Daniele's HOH room is a hotbed of chats, which isn't at all unusual for a Friday

She asks most of them who they think cast the extra vote and gets a variety of guesses.. she's still planning on putting up Jen & Kail with the idea of backdooring Eric after veto, but I don't think she's aware of just how far Dick's paranoia has run away with him and how many seeds he's planting around the habitat to make their plan a bit shakier than planned

Each of her nominees visits her, and each knows they're about to go up - Kail gets another safe guarantee.. the Waffle Alliance/Late Night Crew pretends they're still an alliance and meet to confirm the (mock) plan

Dick & Daniele compare notes and while they're getting along very well, there's an undeniable bit of body language going on here.. Zach tells Daniele he'll do what she wants if he wins veto, and she asks him to appear nervous til then.. Jessica & Eric talk more about Dick & Daniele's plan

Finally the blues come and go, like they do, and Jen & Kail are back in their usual spots on the block

In the updates department, it appears the order of hamsters coming off the apparatus last night was: Amber, Jameka, Eric, Zach, Dick, Jessica, Jen, Kail and Daniele

"We're nominated again - yay us"

I don't think Kail & Jen say those words specifically, but they come close.. each of them has yet another opportunity to blow this dump and get back to whatever they were doing before, and they congratulate each other on being nominated yet again

This has become the most tedious, most boring and most pointless summer ever

Dick barbecues some steaks, uneventfully - even the grill isn't interested in messing with this group.. Dick & Dustin lean in the pantry, or something.. Jessica makes a sundae between rounds of being talked to death by all and by sundry

They get oversize croquet mallets - maybe it's an attempt to revive the lost Alice in Wonderland theme or maybe it's an attempt to create some fun and humor.. if so, it doesn't really work

Maybe I expect too much.. or maybe trying to watch ten hamsters lay around, eat, trash each other and complain has lost its appeal.. maybe I'm just sick of hearing dozens of repeated demands for them to stop singing and stop talking about Diary be ignored by these spoiled, self-centered eejits - when do the fines come along? When will they do something - anything - to enforce some of these supposed rules that none of them pay any attention to?

Sorry, that's all I got today

Daily videos

Random Jessica/Eric banter; pre-noms talks between Dick & Amber about LNC leaks, Jen & Daniele, the full LNC, Kail & Daniele and Zach & Daniele; plus Kail & Jen celebrating are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger including Dick & Eric morning fight

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Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Daniele is Head of Household
Jen & Kail are nominated
Jen won veto

Who should Eric 'get nominated'? Polls closed at midnight: Jen

Sunday, August 5 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Thursday's show placed 2nd for its timeslot once again with a 4.6 rating and 9 share, behind 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' with 5.1/10.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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Sorry, I got nothing. Daily ratings are based on entertainment value and I'm not seeing much of that. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
I'm rerunning Tuesday's here for Thursday's show - I'm tired of all the nit-picking about their fictionalizations, and this would have made a better show anyway: Nick goes on a murderous rampage after being nominated, causing him to shave his head and beat Eric to a bloody pulp. He did bring Daniele & Jen together though, but exactly how he did that is too steamy for primetime CBS. (Showtime's going to release it on DVD though.) Dick & Kail kissed and made up, and she broke up with hubby Darin in Diary as a result - much to Dick's amusement, since he'd already moved on to Amber, who finally stopped crying over Dustin rebuking her advances by making a big speech about how he's happy ever after with Cap'n Crunch. Just before Julie announced the new evictee, Zach tore out of the house and through her boudoir as he'd seen a plane banner offering him a job at Discovery Channel. Jameka & Jessica won the House of Cards HOH comp in a tie thanks to yet more faulty questions, and proceeded to evict everyone else and proclaim themselves the winners.

Still yapping, still parannoying, still crying.

She's proven herself brighter than many thought but she still whines more than her share. Granted, most 20-year-olds do - and that's a big reason they shouldn't have made an exception to their rule by letting her on the show to exploit their stoopid 'twist'.
Update: Good on her for getting off her high horse long enough to talk to Jen about Eric & all, acknowledge that they have Dick's dickness in common, and even hang out with her awhile in the evening.

Neither 'The Soup' nor 'Best Week Ever' picked up his tea pouring so you know nobody's watching this mess, which means he did it for nothing.
Update: Good on him for volunteering a trashing truce with Jen, and let's hope he can stick to it. He's convinced himself and a few others that not only is Eric full of poop but that he's in cahoots with Kail and she's pulling the strings. This Kail obsession of his is just nuts.

See BB5 Will.
Update: The guy who's barely seen the show is leading the pro-Eric charge for the remnants of the seven - and the sheep are believing him!

7 of 12: $10k so far.
People are feeling bad for him now but read what it says: he's already $10k ahead of the rest of them and three tasks away from $10k more.. I wish I had such troubles! If he can stop talking game for 5 minutes I might listen to him again but I can't take anymore of that for now.
Update: He's toast.

She used to be fun.. now she's not.

She's 10 times gutsier than Dick thinks he is, but unless somebody's yelling at her she isn't doing much lately that's very fun to watch. Maybe that's because she mostly only talks to Kail, who's on my top six list of hamsters to click off.

Somebody needs to dig a tunnel in there and help her escape.

She's the antithesis of fun in every way possible.

He's a step above Kail on the watchability scale, and while that's not saying much, he does try. A little. Sometimes.


He went from designated pretty boy to badass with pink nails but remained ambiguous. He got blamed for just about everything but spent most of his time laying around with Daniele so missed his chance to get in the game.


He was on Big Brother 8. Barely. His game was like Drew's but without Diane, and without winning anything.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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