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August 2, 2007 - Day 34

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Time's up

Primping, cuddling and the blues is the order of the afternoon, naturally

There's a short audio leak from the crew in the backyard, something about putting a bird(?) in front of a mic

Showtime (CBS version) and Nick walks the plank as expected, getting a few surprises in Julie's boudoir, but he doesn't even know the half of it yet.. he may have gotten one the rawest deals of any hamster - well, of the raw deals dealt by fellow hamsters' lies anyway.. BB5 Nakomis & Diane still lead the overall raw deal tally

I'll be updating the endurance comp tonight here as well as text alerts and MySpace.. both are in linkage as always

They start by getting on pendulums which begin to swing.. before Julie even takes off she tells them to hang upside down "like bats" and some (fake) birdie/bat guano dumps on them

No feeds as of 7pm.. apparently the comp was halted due to a banner flyover (pic from Myspace "Big Brother 8")

Why people can't spend money for this stuff wisely is beyond me - opinions out here are as worthless to them as in prior seasons.. why not fly something useful like, oh say, ERIC IS DOING WHAT WE TELL HIM

Feeds are back around 7.10pm: Kail, Jessica, Jen and Daniele are left - the others are off

7.40pm: Jessica's off.. trash-talk is underway in a big way

8pm: Dick says Jen broke the rules by touching the bar - she isn't on the feeds for the entire comp, so we don't know.. feeds go to blues and when they come back, Jen's off.. Daniele swears to Kail she won't go home, and Kail drops - Daniele wins

Murmurings are underway about Eric's vote again.. Daniele cries and says "Somebody set me up"

"Eww, that's a horrible picture"

Oops nevermind.. it isn't Jen who says it so it won't count

They head up in a herd after pizza - which the sloppers are extra happy to get, naturally - and gather round the pics & junk food, like they do

Daniele's not too thrilled with her hoodie from The Gap either, but we don't mind since we got ripped off from seeing Dustin's HOH room last week

The ooh's and ahh's grow a bit more sedated each week as the hamsters realize this ritual is as much a death toll as a celebration - most of them fold their arms for the duration this time.. Daniele's beaming though, and she has every right to

Dustin makes the exit move and holds the door as most leave together.. Dick stays behind a few minutes for Daniele to inform him about Eric and the phantom votes of this week and last.. then he leaves her to read her letter

Daughter knows best

Dick has a little tantrum after realizing Eric's been full of it

He goes back to HOH after awhile and Daniele explains it all to him, and while he tries to take credit for figuring it all out, she's quick to remind that he didn't: she did

And to his credit, he acknowledges that.. game aside, I think it's a valuable bit of healing for these two

Dick: Don't forget who blew all this up with my HOH
Daniele: Don't you forget who's gonna take it all down!

They decide to keep quiet about it and nominate Jen & Kail, as usual, with the hope of putting Eric up and out with the veto.. they bring Jessica in on their plans who seems surprised but willing.. later Dick works Eric for awhile, letting him dig his hole a little deeper with every word

The banner seems to have shaken up Amber and she parannoys at Dustin for awhile - while he cleans his ears over the food (lovely).. Dick couldn't contain his rants to his usual Kail/Jen subject matter so he's got them all worried about the extra votes now, and pointing at him & Daniele.. Eric, Dustin, Jameka & Jessica yack about it all awhile, but Jessica doesn't spill a bean - yet

After the party breaks up, Jessica warns Eric that Dick & Daniele think he was the two votes, and that he may be about to meet the backdoor.. he's shaken but follows up with his usual spiels


That's game-speak for owned, and Dick's feeling it

He goes on another solo rant about Eric in the wee hours.. meanwhile Eric's nervousing badly and works on Jessica inside

Jessica finally gets free and comes out to talk to Dick around 5am.. he's got 1,000 theories about who did what to whom and what they should do about it all.. later he goes on yet another solo rant, parannoying his brains out.. he winds it up by killing the bunnies instead of hiding them

It's a pretty safe bet at this point that Jessica will win the veto - it's her turn to get some CBS airtime, and dropping her into this kind of twisted situation seems to be the only way they know how to go about accomplishing that

Meanwhile all of them keep waiting for another "twist" but they can't seem to bang the rocks together hard enough to figure it out.. they also seem to have lost sight of the fact that this next eviction is the last that doesn't go to the jury

For all their smarts, Dick & Daniele are being eejits to want to kick out Eric now: once you know someone's lying, you just stop listening to them.. as far as they're concerned, Eric's still voting as he wishes and he seems likely to vote based on gameplay rather than personal like/dislike, and both Dick & Daniele stand a good shot at earning a gameplay vote

At this rate, the now-defunct LNC is likely to have Jen, Kail and Zach on the jury, which was the one thing all seven agreed they didn't want

Something else that seems to have been overlooked in all the hoopla tonight is that Kail has now (finally) proven herself capable of being one hell of a strong competitor

Daily videos

The HOH comp; HOH room debut; Dick & Daniele put it together, and bring in Jessica; Jessica spills to Eric; Dick rants again, and yet again are on my YouTube.. see also videos in the forum by LilTiger

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Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Daniele is Head of Household
Nobody is nominated

Who should Eric 'get nominated'? Polls closed at midnight: Jen. Last one who should he 'get evicted' was Kail: failed.

Sunday, August 5 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Thursday's show placed 2nd for its timeslot once again with a 4.6 rating and 9 share, behind 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' with 5.1/10.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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VTE=Voted to evict
Daily ratings are based on entertainment value. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
I'm rerunning Tuesday's here for Thursday's show - I'm tired of all the nit-picking about their fictionalizations, and this would have made a better show anyway: Nick goes on a murderous rampage after being nominated, causing him to shave his head and beat Eric to a bloody pulp. He did bring Daniele & Jen together though, but exactly how he did that is too steamy for primetime CBS. (Showtime's going to release it on DVD though.) Dick & Kail kissed and made up, and she broke up with hubby Darin in Diary as a result - much to Dick's amusement, since he'd already moved on to Amber, who finally stopped crying over Dustin rebuking her advances by making a big speech about how he's happy ever after with Cap'n Crunch. Just before Julie announced the new evictee, Zach tore out of the house and through her boudoir as he'd seen a plane banner offering him a job at Discovery Channel. Jameka & Jessica won the House of Cards HOH comp in a tie thanks to yet more faulty questions, and proceeded to evict everyone else and proclaim themselves the winners.

VTE Nick
Still more tears - nothing new there, but maybe these are born from guilt over her part in 'best buddy' Nick's eviction. Somebody needs to put her out of her misery (and ours) - send her home!

VTE Nick
She hung on longer than all but Kail, so kudos for that and big ups for a hard-earned win, but getting into another snippy argument with Jen on the comp apparatus was unnecessary, especially since she had the only dedicated cheering section on the sidelines. Hopefully her HOH will be her own, since she's the only one who can shut Dick up when he gets going but then again, they are a team. We'll see. Meanwhile she was likely Eric's target for his weekly AP scapegoat, but she figured him out stat and even filled in her know-it-all dad about those phantom 2nd votes that were bought with 99¢ text messages that fattened the CBS coffers a bit more.

VTE Nick
I was one of his biggest fans early on but I'm just really tired of his 24/7 trash talk and I miss his fun & light-hearted side. It's his third safe week in a row, and it's high time he relax and go back to hiding the bunnies. Last minute upgrade to full ups for acknowledging to Daniele that she did indeed figure out the Eric problem.. that's the kind of thing this father & daughter need.

No vote (HOH)
He can be really fun when he gets going but he can be a real drip too. Here's hoping he gets off his HOH high horse ASAP and goes back to being the fun guy.. away from Amber if possible.

7 of 12: $10k so far.
VTE Kail
Another iffy vote he's going to have even more trouble slipping out of, on top of a banner they all had to see stating he lies.. not that that means anything necessarily. If any of them are thinking, they'd realize that banner just meant some anti-Eric/anti-Amber viewers have some cash to throw away. But hey, if any of them are thinking, they'd realize Eric's always in with Julie way longer than it takes to cast a vote.

VTE Nick
Well, the least hated hamster of all time is quickly catching up with some of the most dreaded in greater BB fandom. The reason seems to be that she prays and she says 'mm-hmm'. I don't hold either of those against her - I just need her to be more fun with more of the fun people more of the time.

VTE Nick
She hung in there a good long time until an apparent DQ knocked her off, but she was off-cam for the whole thing, and why was that? I guaranteed she'd stick and she did (trust me, already!) and public sentiment about her is turning a bit. Not so in the habitat though: she's still Public Enemy #1 and nobody out here knows why, other than 'cuz Dick said so. They can all trash her 24/7 - and they do - but heaven forbid she speak up for herself or trash back once in awhile.. it's simply not allowed on BB8.

VTE Nick
I missed her coming off the apparatus but I'm just glad she's extra-safe another week.. feedsters desperately need her in there.

No vote (nominee)
She hung on there as long as Daniele and big ups for that. She's talked up as a huge fan and former finalist, but after giving up to Daniele's promise (a promise Daniele might not have any power to keep, by the way) I had to wonder if she ever saw the famous Jennifer promise to Kaysar. She was overheard in Diary this morning seemingly asking to leave but she might as well stay now: if she lasts one more week in the habitat she'll get to jet off to paradise (© me) for several more weeks of fun & sun with pay.

VTE Kail
I bet he's sweating now and rightfully so, since he was the one originally targeted for tonight's visit to Julie's boudoir. He's not all the things some of them are claiming (and likely not any of them other than a little dull), and horrid rumors are no reason to send him packing before his time. He's still on the hit parade of must-evict hamsters but some eyes are starting to turn to Eric now, so Zach might stick to creep them all out a bit longer.. here's hoping.


He went from designated pretty boy to badass with pink nails but remained ambiguous. He got blamed for just about everything but spent most of his time laying around with Daniele so missed his chance to get in the game.


He was on Big Brother 8. Barely. His game was like Drew's but without Diane, and without winning anything.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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