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July 21 & 22, 2007 - Days 22 & 23

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Skin flick (Sunday)

Let's just cut the crap: they want to make this a soft porn skin show, so I'll play along

It's probably not coincidence the pantry's stocked with melons and phallic fruit & veg.. maybe the other foods didn't even have a match in those pasta bowls

Jen's about the only one who's trying to fulfill the show's real objective

Jessica tries sometimes, but Jen tries harder

Dick kinda tries sometimes, but it backfires.. Kail & Eric both fail miserably and repeatedly

Zach & Amber both put in full frontals, but to no avail.. Dustin's on the wrong show entirely

Birthday blues

Jameka's birthday was Friday but Big Brother told her they'd throw her a party today

They primp like it's a Thursday, getting dressed up & decked out, then wait outside for the party prep lockdown to be lifted.. it feels like they're waiting for a firing squad

I write it off to the heat they're complaining about at first

They finally come in, but the spirit doesn't lift after the initial low-energy cheer.. when Jameka opens her gifts, I'm amazed to see that she doesn't get a digital camera or discover that Kmart loves her - she gets her own belt and some hair rollers

She does get a touching letter from home that makes her weepy - Amber moves in for the first hug after the reading.. they continue to stand around like it's a funeral.. then they dig into the melted ice cream cake, and disperse

WTF is going on here, Big Brother? Other than Jameka's letter, she - and all of them, and all of us - would have been better off if you hadn't even bothered.. this was an insult

I was going to put them in their recycled party hats on the sidebar (they've used the same hats for three summers running now) but it's too depressing

Daniele doesn't put hers on, and I don't think Kail does either but I don't have a cap of her so she's replaced by the Editors spot, the leftover ice cream cake mush

Fight night

I'm not sure what sets it off but Nick & Dick are going at it in the backyard

On the surface it sounds like Dick's perturbed by Nick & Daniele hanging out in HOH all the time, and everyone else too.. underneath it seems (to me) to be about Dick being upset that his secret partner isn't concentrating on the game, and maybe she's heading towards being this year's Erika.. on top of his usual get in everyone's face, that is

Nick seems to be just letting off steam.. some think that he has fallen for Daniele for real but I happened to watch the first episode intro's again the other night and he makes a big huge deal (several times) about how his game is going to be flirting

Amber starts crying and the other kids crowd around her out of the line of fire

Dick & Daniele go at it next, not surprisingly.. she acts like any typical 20-year-old whose parent is embarrassing her and causing her grief over her boyfriend.. he rises to the bait this time (unlike the others) and loses his cool as well, like so many parents do so often.. to his credit though, he stays seated throughout - unlike when he stands over anyone else to get his point across

Afterwards Dick & Amber go on about it in the pantry, and hug.. she carries that convo to whoever she can find and retells it, and hugs.. Zach tries to join in one hug but well.. you can see

Also afterwards, Nick lays in the hammock with Daniele in a heap next to it.. he keeps saying how much he really does care about her, but he doesn't touch her or console her.. he just keeps saying he wants her to trust him

Big Brother takes away their beer, although it seemed to being doing some good to calm down both Dick & Nick when the fireworks ended.. Big Brother would do everyone a lot more good in my opinion if they cut their ridiculous "twists" once and for all and stop messing with people's lives in this heartless way.. it's not a game when they keep dragging family laundry out there for all to see and share, and it's very liable to do far more harm to Dick & Daniele's rocky relationship than it possibly can stand

Daily videos

Dick & Daniele (early) fight; Kail & Jameka chat while they don't show us Dick & Jessica do cannonballs; Eric harasses Dick in the shower, with flour; Jameka's birthday party; several Fight night videos; a long, interesting Dick & Jen overnight convo plus Dick hides the bunnies & decorates are in the forum

Have mercy! (Saturday)

No, I don't mean that in a fun Motown kinda way

These guys are talking & acting like they're down to the desperate Final Four stage anymore.. we might be misled by the way the feedmasters tend to forget the rest of the house, but in there they should realize there are a full dozen of them left and it's a very long time til Julie announces a winner

Jen won the veto (surprise!).. the comp itself was a costumed affair, hence the inspiration for today's sidebar pics.. most are character-driven but some are physical resemblance

Kail's still a mess, fluctuating between giving up and wallowing in regrets rather than moving forward.. little does she know they're thinking of keeping her and getting rid of her boy Mike.. if that happens, we'll have to go through all this yet again

Dick's rants seem to be slowing down just a bit, but he's still responsible for reviving that unnecessary old "under the bus" chestnut.. Daniele's responsible for being the first to talk about the wrap party.. Eric's the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse all in one

Mike seems more relieved that Kail forgot about his vote than he's concerned about the remaining ten hamsters.. Nick goes ambiguous again, with Dustin as his new target now that Joe's history

Nick: It's weird, it feels like we're the only ones here
Dustin: Yea, it does
Nick: It's like you and me are gay lovers and this is our house

Amber comes way out

I'm not sure what to make of this

Nick & Danielle are cooing and hitting each other in HOH, like they do.. Amber's having a bath and Nick hollers at her if she's ok.. the feeds flash quickly onto her in the suds, face in hands, and I think oh jeez, she's crying again

It's a very quick flash and then back to the cooey gooeys some more, and then another quick flash on Amber towelling herself off - full frontal

I think they tell the hamsters that their personal/private moments will be respected, up to a point.. Zach's streak last night was something else - designed to be public - but this is different.. the super quick flashes make me wonder if maybe they don't like Amber so much, or maybe they're getting complaints from the Showtime subscribers they promised nudity to

Regardless, Amber should know there are cameras in there

Soon after she's not feeling well - her killer headache has migrated to her tummy - hmmm.. Jen treadmills awhile with Kail who complains about Dick, then Showtime follows a towel-clad Jen all around the house, daring it to fall off

In other "news", Nick & Daniele remain holed up in HOH.. as a couple they have less chemistry than even Drew & Diane, and it doesn't help that we've heard each of them say they're just playing the other.. they get occasional visits from Eric and Dick who continue their respective spiels.. Dick's working hard on building his not-an-alliance team of Daniele, Jessica, Jameka & Eric at every chance he gets

Nick: How about it America, like the mustache?
Nick: How about it America, does Zach have a small penis?

I suspect this is about it for the day, unless some fun breaks out.. I'm not holding out hope for that though

Daily videos

A dull family dinner, a quick Dick & Kail argument, Nick & Daniele cooing while Amber bathes; Nick & Daniele again, not having sex; Bedtimes and Jessica golfs with Dick; 4am Dick & Jessica chat; and a short Dick at Night Show are in the forum

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Four reality tv categories - zero noms for BB

Dick is Head of Household
Kail & Jen are nominated
Jen won veto

Whose personal property should Eric covertly target? Polls closed at midnight: Jen
The last one - try to get nominated - was Jen

Tuesday, July 24 at 9pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Sunday's show had a 4.2 rating and 8 share, placing it 2nd, tied with 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition'. 'Dateline NBC' won the timeslot with 5.5/10. Thursday's show also placed 2nd with 4.7/9 behind 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?' with 5.0/9.

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Pics & daily ratings are Saturday's and are based on entertainment value. (If I updated for Sunday, they'd all get negatives.) Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Sunday is usually the fluff show but this one was the slander show. They continue to show Amber only when crying in Diary and they continue to make Jessica look like a mindless ditz (she isn't). They introduced Nick's ambiguity, began to paint Jameka in the angry black woman 'role', and exploited Kail's homophobic naivete for no reason other than to crucify her. They did air Dick's 'retarded' (perhaps in an attempt to balance Kail's 'vendenna') but otherwise his editing was exceedingly kind considering the amount of post-vote browbeating he did to her & others, not to mention his spitting habit. At least they got their money's worth from the only remaining 'twist' participants. Nick & Daniele went from Thursday's 'bud' to 'blossom' (gag) and the Jen/Eric wrestling match was a couple weeks old, but by and large it was The Eric Show start to finish.. plus a healthy dose of gratuitous bikinis diving in pasta, of course. It's no wonder they got no Emmy nominations.. as a standalone tv show, it generally tanks. That's sad - it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm sure many are giving her ups of one sort or another for her bath flash, but I have a feeling she's not going to be too happy that one slipped out to the feeds, let alone Showtime. She's getting a little paranoid in there, wondering if Dick's turned on her since he's hanging out with the other girls now when he's not spewing his Kail-Mike spiel everywhere. But maybe that's her own doing too - she seems to be velcro'd to Dustin round the clock.

She's not nearly as gloomy as she used to be and that's good.. maybe it was just the slop, or maybe it's because she knows her dad isn't going to nominate her, or because she likes the constant flirty attention she gets from Nick.

The caterpillar with a hookah seems appropriate for him - not for drug reasons, but for that all-knowing smugness. Well, maybe smugness isn't the word since it's all true, but they do each have a smug delivery. I'm glad he eased up his lectures today - I don't really want to downgrade him to negative, but I will if I have to. It still makes no sense that none of them bitch about the dickwads (©attw x) all over the backyard.

He seems like a nice guy.. what can I say? Nice guys don't tend to go all the way in this game though.

He doesn't seem like a nice guy.. well, maybe he is, but his usual subject matter and vocab are pretty bad. Most of the time he talks like a 7th grader who wants to seem worldly and for some reason, they all seem to be buying it in there. If we didn't know he was the AP, we'd all be screaming WTF is he doing in there?

'The time has come' the Walrus said, 'to talk of many things.' It's painful to watch her struggling to stay up til Showtime's over each night. I'm looking forward to her birthday party tomorrow - I hope Kmart loves her as much as most feedsters do.

No surprise she won the veto, is it? Naturally she gets to wear the crown today.

Talking about a pre-show interview: 'I figure if I'm gonna be at a party this summer why not be on national tv? But this has NOT been a party!' Amen.

It said EAT ME so she did, and grew as large as the room. That made her cry and now she needs to go home before she drowns.

White knight wannabe, but he doesn't have what it takes to save his damsel Kail, let alone his own skin.

Ambiguousness returns, with a vengeance.

He's toast.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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