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July 20, 2007 - Day 21

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Dick tells all

..again, a few times

Pre-nom visits come along, like they do.. Dick retells the how's and why's of the past 20 days and his part in particular a few more times.. a few of the visits are noteworty, particularly Nick's and Zach's, and an exchange with Daniele between them is a highlight

Other than pointing out the obvious target on Kail's back and sharing how much she shared, Dick tells Nick that he better not be jerking around Daniele to make her "the next Erika"

Later Dick relates this to Daniele, who smiles and squeals "You told him that?" Call me sentimental, but it feels like something of a turning point for father & daughter maybe

Later Daniele's clearly happy to tell Amber all about how her daddy's looking out for her feelings, and that she isn't going to get played by Nick at all, that in fact she's going to play him.. we'll see

Kail makes her limited rounds including a stop with Dustin who basically repeats what Dick told her last night, that she shouldn't have allied with strangers on Day 1 and stopped there.. she seems resigned to being nom'd and evicted, but he tells her not to give up

Cocoons & bodycounts come and go.. Dick offers up his snacks for some ("just don't eat the Ho-Hos").. Jameka asks a camera for some privacy as she gets ready to go out for pre-noms lockdown - it shakes its head no

They've done their food comp - it sounds like another messy affair, and it also sounds like nobody's on slop this week.. nominations come later with Kail's & Jen's the missing keys.. I don't know who Eric went to work about


The high point of the day for me is the return of the grill

Dick & Mike check it out while Dick retells the story of his week again.. but I'm looking forward to the 2007 Fourth Annual BBQ Smackdown Series

Time will tell who comes out ahead this summer, but suffice to say the grill's looking smug.. its record remains unbeaten and in fact, no hamster has won a single round against it since it exploded in BB6 Ivette's face

The nominations done & taped, Jen seems nonplussed as she examines a package of pancreas - a food comp result, apparently.. Kail seems - plussed I guess.. Dick's feeling no pain and becomes the first hamster to slide down the banister in the three seasons they've had it (at least the first I've seen)

They have lobster tails with their pancreas, and they get an assortment of beer.. it's Jameka's birthday and although they won't give her a party til Sunday (boo!) she's having a great time

Jessica's not sure about the meal.. Eric chows down a bit later.. Jen eats so much that she says she looks pregnant, and shares with Jameka

Jessica: [Pancreas] tastes just like chicken from a Chinese restaurant
Dick: That's probably what it is

Showtime brings a surprisingly fun Daniele & Eric shower, but they have to make it seem salacious with slow head to bare feet pans and deliberate close-ups of their waiting clothes - it's ridiculous

Kail's not doing well at all - I know, she's not looking so well here either but most of us don't as we do our nightly rituals.. she seems to have not only given up, but her spirit seems broken and that's never fun to see.. she may be a bad BB gamer, but she doesn't seem to be a bad person.. personally I don't think the brutality against her around the web is warranted.. it's probably going to hurt her far more & far longer when she finds out about it than the thrill someone got from an anonymous hate post about her

She beds down before 9pm.. I think Dick may have seen her tuck in on the spyscreen, as he makes a beeline to her room and asks if she's ok.. she grabs him and sounds like she's about to sob.. maybe he doesn't want to face that or maybe he's just riding a high horse, but for whatever reason he veers it back to the game history and lecture about her poor game for another hour or two.. greenlight does no more for him than for most, but it does make his tats come alive

Jen comes in after Dick leaves and then Mike joins them, and Kail seems to have bounced back a bit and is looking ahead again.. I hope she makes a damn good effort to win the veto

Zach comes out

They make the beer go a long way

While Kail, Jen & Mike commiserate in the kasbah room, the rest of them liven up a Friday night

Daniele & Dustin have new looks tonight.. Nick's look keeps evolving

Dick stops retelling his tale long enough to finally pour a brew from the balcony, something he's wanted to do for awhile.. Zach volunteers to catch.. Eric follows up by shotgunning another

Zach says maybe he'll streak the house.. Dick chugs down a Guinness and says he would, but his daughter's there - she concurs it'd be creepy.. Eric seems to be feeling his shotgun

Zach comes way out

Granted, he brought up the idea but the rest of them run with it

It starts to take on almost a hazing kind of feel as they chant for Zach to streak! streak! streak! - and they hide the towels in the gym.. he says he's game though, and suggests waiting til Showtime's over.. the blues come on for a minute and around 11.55pm they gather outside

A bit of preparation, a bit of urging on, a bit more Dutch courage.. and he's off

And then this

Zach gets his high fives and so forth, and the next thing you know nearly all of them are gathered in the living room for stories.. Zach takes the spotlight again and tells how he used to be a goth(?) and goes off on a blues-infested tale of an S&M club, a mountain, and a porn film.. or something.. then Mike tells a story!

Sorry, I have no idea what Mike's story's about

I'm enjoying a relaxed Jessica & Daniele Show with special birthday guest Jameka when Eric joins them and starts discussing Zach's peepee and Jen's genitalia in detail, like he does.. Dick's doing another round of This Week by Dick in the backyard for Zach, when tension erupts

Dick: Where's the alliance right now?
Zach: Let me finish
Dick: Sorry dude
Zach: You're like my fucking girlfriend! I wanna hit you.. no, I don't mean that

Daily videos

Dick talks to Nick; Dick talks to Daniele; and Dick talks to Zach (pre-noms); and Daniele & Eric shower; Zooma Zooma game; creative beer drinking; Zach streaks; Jessica/Daniele/Jameka goof off in HOH with Eric; and Dick & Zach tension in the backyard are in the forum

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Dick is Head of Household
Kail & Jen are nominated

Who should Eric try to get nominated? Polls closed at midnight.

Sunday, July 22 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

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EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Where to start? Nick & Daniele's 'budding relationship', 'reign of terror', taking the uni out of unitard, still more gonorrhea, Julie's 'Jessica is Joe's bednip..bedmate' and 'Jen, how do you feel about Dick?' are all contenders for line of the night. A high school themed comp was fitting for this high school themed season but at least it had the 'without going over' factor we love so much. Even Jen was surprised at the number of Jencentric questions in the comp, but the real question is when did they change the rules so Eric doesn't have a choice now whether to do our bidding or not? Well, if they're making it up as they go (and they seem to be) they got fair payback tonight when Dick's f-bomb went out live to the East at the end of the show. That'll be a nice fine.. they can use all those 99¢'s from AP text votes to pay it.

Julie tagged her as a crybaby on live tv which is no surprise since they keep portraying her that way. I wonder why they don't show the real Amber, the one who can't shut up. She was all full of herself tonight since her best buddy Dick won the power, though she doesn't know he's not with her 100% anymore. Then she spent the evening running around spreading whatever she heard as soon as she heard it.. no doubt about it: she's the new April.

Once again one camera stayed on her for most of their pizza feast but it was good to see her eat. She was happier tonight than we've seen, obviously glad that her secret partner's in the HOH, and it doesn't say much for the others that they can't see it.. let alone two pictures of her on his wall up there in the same way Janelle, Kaysar & Howie pics were always up on each other's HOH walls.

I knew he wasn't going since he is the show. I like the guy but I have to neutralize him tonight for his lecture/rants early this morning with Jen and late tonight with Kail. He doesn't give anyone else a chance to get a word in and repeats himself way too much. But it's his night and he played lord of the manor to the hilt, and he deserves to. I just hope he'll calm down a bit now and go back to entertaining us the rest of the week.

He came out a bit tonight, ending up in a few different game chats and enjoying himself with the late night socializing crowd. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him now that Joe's out of his hair. 'And that's that.'

I could have done without his cutesy 'can't spell America without Eric' but I ask again why wasn't he given the option to choose not to act as voted? He made a cute party favor and that was a fun time, but watching him lick the table to earn his licking was just icky.

Ups for having her birthday on Friday and for jump starting it tonight to provide a bit of spontaneous fun to distract us for awhile between Kail's all night whine. She was barely in the show tonight and I'm not sure Julie even knows her name, but early happy birthday from here!

Kudos to her for listening to Dick's pre-dawn lecture/rant without slapping him at least once just to shut him up for a minute, and also for being graceful about tonight's show apparently being subtitled All About Jen. Once again, it isn't Jen who talks about herself all the time - it's Dick and Julie who do.

She's the life of this party but for some reason the powers that be keep poking at her. They aired her Diary saying that Dick's 'kinda gross' when she was far from looking her best and there was that whole Eric AP vote thingy. I don't get it. Hardly anyone else is even trying to have fun but her, and she brings it. She proved that tonight by being a good sport and giving Eric what he dared her to, though I'm not sure he thought too far ahead about it giving him a public stiffy.

The little girl hairdo and raccoon makeup were bad enough but then she spent the next five hours whining about her failed alliance without being able to grasp the concept that her alliance failed. She might be fun this week since she obviously won't understand how BB plague works - she doesn't even understand how BB works. All I have to say about Kail at this point is STFU!

He's dead weight as far as I'm concerned, and though I think he may be a ringer for the producers and/or Dr. Will, I don't think he's living up to their expectations if so. He got a few earfuls tonight from Kail but somehow seems to have escaped any blame for voting against her like her other boys did.

I can't get into the 'budding relationship' and I'm not sure what else he brings to the table.

CBS's golden 'smart boy' was the only one of them who jumped Julie's gun by blurting out his vote before being asked, and he's high on everyone's hit list now including his former leader Kail, so things might be looking good for his demise sooner than later.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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