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July 19, 2007 - Day 20

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Thursday math

13 hamsters + 10 live votes to the power of 1 prior live show = all day case of the blues

Much of the last minute primping is taken over by last minute waffling, certainty about HOH wins and resulting nominations, not surprisingly

Nick says Joe threatened him in the pantry.. Zach exaggerates (I think).. Kail whisper-yells at her boys.. Amber flutters and Dick seems relaxed

Zach: They just fucking gang-raped me
Nick: I want to be around everybody so nobody tries to talk to me

After those "convenient" slips of the pre-show feeds, it's not a huge surprise that Kail's boys desert her and Joe's out 9-1.. it also shows that all that waffling all week was for nothing, once again

Joe doesn't go out with the bang or the "Chenbot" he promised, but they rarely do.. but at least we know they won't be reviving a hamster this year, or at least not reviving Joe, since Julie tells him all about Eric

Here we go again

Dick's all smiles after his successful "without going over"win - no surprises there either

He repeats what he told Jen late last night/early this morning, that he probably won't sleep upstairs

For the others, the post-show adrenalin drop is visible.. except for Eric, who seems ready to party

Kail's not calm yet either.. she follows Mike to the pantry and then to the kasbah room, asking him about the vote and parannoying (© BB5 Diane) about Nick & Zach

Kail: Are we not an alliance?

Another HOH room debut.. this one's more about the photos and their stories than the snacks in the basket.. Dick drops some names but the Pirates stuff is legit and the rest probably is too.. at any rate, he has a captive audience and they seem to like hearing it.. the pics of him with teen Daniele & son Vincent, and with a very little Daniele are especially sweet

HOH pics of Dick with Daniele make the CBS "enemies" theme seem even sillier than normal (but also shows potential for them to jerk around this semi-rocky relationship for ratings).. the pics are also so blatant that they make the rest of the hamsters seem even dumber than normal

Eric, Amber & Dustin are the ones comfy enough to stake out the bed.. Daniele pokes Nick, and stays behind with him when the rest leave

Pizza, pasta and salad arrive - but no booze.. Dick gives a speech.. Jen's out of her catsuit and comes in a towel.. everyone enjoys it, especially the slop girls

Jameka: Your stomach's shrunken after not eating all week
Jessica: I'm gonna stretch it all out again

Kail's demise

I don't know where she is for this.. she just pops up on my feeds with nothing behind her

I'm also not sure why nobody's commented on her mom-jeans

She goes on a sort of rampage, most of it directed at hapless Mike.. she's baffled by Zach & Nick voting against her but apparently not by Mike's vote.. she fluctuates between what just happened and what she's going to do next(?).. he's baffled by trying to make up a round bed with rectangular sheets.. I'm baffled by his hair

Kail: Are we not an alliance?
Kail: That's why I want to jump start, and get Evel out
Mike: If you're planning a trip that's 50 miles away and there's a tree down in the road, and that tree is 25 miles down the road, and that tree is Dick..

Next she brings it to Amber & Dustin, and goes off on them for awhile about it.. Amber wastes no time in getting around, spreading the news

Finally Dick walks in and takes over and the others scurry away.. he tells Kail she will be nominated and she asks him not to rip her to shreds.. then she proceeds to tell him everything about her boys, including Nick, and what they did and didn't do for her.. he does most of the talking but he picks up a lot from everything she spills.. the others keep creeping near so they take it upstairs and it goes on and on and on

Dick: Who told you that?
Kail: My alliance that is not loyal is who told me

What's this.. fun?

They make an attempt to entertain themselves again, this time with bowling for soda bottles, but it falls kinda flat

Either it's not a very good setup for bowling, or they just suck at it.. let's just say they don't really need pins for their bowling

Then some real fun breaks out: it's Jameka's birthday tomorrow and it gets a jump start.. Eric makes a proposal to lick the body paint birthday message off the table if Jessica will lick.. err.. him

It's a disgusting display, but he pulls it off, then Jameka jumps on the table to orchestrate the next stage, and Eric goes up on the lazy susan

I think everyone's there but Kail, and everyone's loving it.. it's a good time.. the paint's applied to his nips with care and sure enough, Jessica licks it off.. Eric gets a little excited about it all

Nick shows a bit more personality than usual here & there.. he & Daniele hang out in HOH much of the evening.. Dick retells his HOH win several times, and about Kail's blabbering and how she gave up her secrets, then he relaxes with Eric, Jessica & Jameka for awhile - it's a nice chat and a nice group

They talk about Dick's relationship with Daniele and hers with Nick, and how Nick's been skating around between alliances pretty freely.. they advise Dick to hold off on talking to Daniele about it for a bit, but he realizes during this chat that Nick has learned some information from Daniele

Kail retells her tale to Jen along with her version of her convo with Dick.. she's not exactly truthful, saying things like Jen's name never came up (it did, several times).. Dick talks with Daniele in HOH and asks her about having told things to Nick, and if she'd told him about Dick & Daniele working together.. it stirs up snooping parent/snotty child dynamics that don't help either of them, but they get through it pretty well

Dick lets Daniele, Jessica & Jameka sleep in the comfy HOH bed and offers his snacks to them, since they'd all been on slop.. he goes to his usual bed with Mike, in the same room as Kail & Jen

Friday is not only Jameka's birthday, but it's also another food comp and another nomination ceremony.. Dick's said he's going to put up Kail and Jen, with Mike as the veto alternate if needed, and Kail as the target either way

Daily videos

Kail & Mike after the vote; Dick's HOH room; Kail nervousing to Amber & Dustin; backyard bowling; Eric & Jessica licking; Kail & Dick talk; and Dick & Daniele talk are in the forum

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Dick is Head of Household

Who should Eric try to get nominated? Polls closed at midnight.

Sunday, July 22 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Thursday's show placed 2nd for its timeslot with a 4.7 rating and 9 share, behind 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?' with 5.0/9.

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EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Where to start? Nick & Daniele's 'budding relationship', 'reign of terror', taking the uni out of unitard, still more gonorrhea, Julie's 'Jessica is Joe's bednip..bedmate' and 'Jen, how do you feel about Dick?' are all contenders for line of the night. A high school themed comp was fitting for this high school themed season but at least it had the 'without going over' factor we love so much. Even Jen was surprised at the number of Jencentric questions in the comp, but the real question is when did they change the rules so Eric doesn't have a choice now whether to do our bidding or not? Well, if they're making it up as they go (and they seem to be) they got fair payback tonight when Dick's f-bomb went out live to the East at the end of the show. That'll be a nice fine.. they can use all those 99¢'s from AP text votes to pay it.

Julie tagged her as a crybaby on live tv which is no surprise since they keep portraying her that way. I wonder why they don't show the real Amber, the one who can't shut up. She was all full of herself tonight since her best buddy Dick won the power, though she doesn't know he's not with her 100% anymore. Then she spent the evening running around spreading whatever she heard as soon as she heard it.. no doubt about it: she's the new April.

Once again one camera stayed on her for most of their pizza feast but it was good to see her eat. She was happier tonight than we've seen, obviously glad that her secret partner's in the HOH, and it doesn't say much for the others that they can't see it.. let alone two pictures of her on his wall up there in the same way Janelle, Kaysar & Howie pics were always up on each other's HOH walls.

No vote (nominee)
I knew he wasn't going since he is the show. I like the guy but I have to neutralize him tonight for his lecture/rants early this morning with Jen and late tonight with Kail. He doesn't give anyone else a chance to get a word in and repeats himself way too much. But it's his night and he played lord of the manor to the hilt, and he deserves to. I just hope he'll calm down a bit now and go back to entertaining us the rest of the week.

He came out a bit tonight, ending up in a few different game chats and enjoying himself with the late night socializing crowd. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him now that Joe's out of his hair. 'And that's that.'

I could have done without his cutesy 'can't spell America without Eric' but I ask again why wasn't he given the option to choose not to act as voted? He made a cute party favor and that was a fun time, but watching him lick the table to earn his licking was just icky.

Ups for having her birthday on Friday and for jump starting it tonight to provide a bit of spontaneous fun to distract us for awhile between Kail's all night whine. She was barely in the show tonight and I'm not sure Julie even knows her name, but early happy birthday from here!

No vote (HOH)
Kudos to her for listening to Dick's pre-dawn lecture/rant without slapping him at least once just to shut him up for a minute, and also for being graceful about tonight's show apparently being subtitled All About Jen. Once again, it isn't Jen who talks about herself all the time - it's Dick and Julie who do.

She's the life of this party but for some reason the powers that be keep poking at her. They aired her Diary saying that Dick's 'kinda gross' when she was far from looking her best and there was that whole Eric AP vote thingy. I don't get it. Hardly anyone else is even trying to have fun but her, and she brings it. She proved that tonight by being a good sport and giving Eric what he dared her to, though I'm not sure he thought too far ahead about it giving him a public stiffy.

VTE Dick
The little girl hairdo and raccoon makeup were bad enough but then she spent the next five hours whining about her failed alliance without being able to grasp the concept that her alliance failed. She might be fun this week since she obviously won't understand how BB plague works - she doesn't even understand how BB works. All I have to say about Kail at this point is STFU!

He's dead weight as far as I'm concerned, and though I think he may be a ringer for the producers and/or Dr. Will, I don't think he's living up to their expectations if so. He got a few earfuls tonight from Kail but somehow seems to have escaped any blame for voting against her like her other boys did.

I can't get into the 'budding relationship' and I'm not sure what else he brings to the table.

CBS's golden 'smart boy' was the only one of them who jumped Julie's gun by blurting out his vote before being asked, and he's high on everyone's hit list now including his former leader Kail, so things might be looking good for his demise sooner than later.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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