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July 18, 2007 - Day 19

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Breakfast with Mom & Dad

I catch the farm report and get an earful from Kail & Mike, followed by an eyeful of Jen still in her modified catsuit, over eggs

None of them seem to notice she's 3/4 nekkid again, let alone comment about it

I'm barely over the shock of hearing Mike talk game and morning discoveries keep coming.. Amber's increasing her circle of huggers, and Zach knows all kinds of trivia about Harry Potter, giant squids, deep-sea welding.. it's riveting stuff

Mike's back to normal and most everything else seems that way too, when Dick explodes on Kail

Most of them act like that isn't happening in front of them too, or at least they don't say much about it.. afterwards Dick tells Jen (last week's target, you'll recall) how great it all was (how great he was), but that he would have done the same as Kail in her place

After that he goes to work on Jameka, who stays firmly committed to her fence, then she opens up a new arena.. this comes up later in the day and likely will again, and could potentially explode into a race war among feedsters, or not.. Dick seems to follow what she's saying, mostly, though he's still on his high from getting at Kail so it takes a few tries by Jameka.. she cries

Back to our regular program

Later on they're not only back to normal, they're ultra normal

All fireworks seem forgotten, as does the vote for the most part.. little whispers continue here & there, but for the most part they seem an unstressed, happy family again

Joe tucks his junk, like he does.. Nick puts a flower in his hair.. Jameka puts braids in hers

Mismatched factions are mingling peacefully, chattering and small-talking.. Amber continues getting around

Later she pets Eric again, absent-mindedly perhaps, while chatting.. Dick points out that maybe Eric's enjoying it in a special way - Eric tries to play it off but his expression, and his hands, indicate Dick called it

Family Feud

It's an extremely calm, get-along evening despite how the day began and despite the paranoia that's built up so early this season

That happens sometimes on Wednesday nights.. it seems odd before a live vote, with several claiming undecided, but it's nice just the same.. it's some of that get-to-know-them stuff that I've been missing

Nick & Daniele go off to their room and he sweet-talks at her.. the rest of them play a very long game of Family Feud (Big Brother style).. most of them give up a lot of info about their possible future strategies, among other things, and they have fun

Nick: All the guys out in tv land want to fuck you and all the girls wanted to fuck me
Daniele: Shut up

Dick & Jen have a very long talk alone in the backyard for a couple hours before dawn.. it's friendly.. they talk about the game and about the others - well, most of it's Dick talking about his game, his life, Daniele, his original thoughts about Jen, movies, politics, Kail (lots of Kail)

He even gives her fashion advice and says the catsuit looks better on her when it's on her.. she tells him she's a bikini model at one point but it doesn't seem to register - he responds that he's dated bikini models before including a Hawaiian Tropic finalist.. she says she was a Hawaiian Tropic finalist but I don't think he hears it

He acknowledges many times that she's a smart girl and asks why she acted the bimbo at first.. she says it's just how she is, that she didn't care what they thought of her.. it's some interesting dynamics here as their truce forms itself further.. you'd never guess from watching them where they were one week ago

So who goes tomorrow? I'm guessing Joe.. if they let Dick go, they have no show left

Daily videos

Kail & Mike morning check-in; Dick goes after Kail; Dick & Jameka about the vote, and about Jameka; Jameka braids her hair with an audience; Dick plants a seed about Jameka; and Family Feud are in the forum

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Jen is Head of Household
Dick & Joe are nominated

Who should Eric vote to evict? Polls closed at midnight

Thursday, July 19 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Tuesday's show was 2nd for its timeslot again with 4.5 rating/7 share, behind 30 mins of 'America's Got Talent' (7/12) and 30 mins of 'The Singing Bee' (6.8/11)

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It's personal today. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Lots of drama, even if they left out Dick's crushing-throat-bones threat - but that's grounds to be booted and everyone likes having him around. They are working the Jen Hate storyline hard with 'The Diva', 'Queen Bee' and lots of smooth editing, and I doubt it was chance that her catsuited butt showed up in the mirror as she swapped Joe for Daniele. They seem to be keeping the Jen/Eric team under wraps for a surprise reveal later, along with Dick & Jen's 'truce'. They're still working Zach as The Brain too, almost as hard as he is. We did have a couple Mike, Kail, Jameka & Jessica sightings but for all practical purposes, they're not even in there according to CBS.

She's all about drama for 3 CBS hours a week but like many big talkers, she's rarely involved when the poop hits the fan in the habitat. Most of the time she seems like she's at summer camp making new BFFs (that will last til October or so).

Sympathy ups for being a confused kid who seems to have some deep issues that are bubbling up with all our eyes on her. Most everyone's stuff comes out sooner or later in there (to those paying attention anyway), even if it's subtle or non-problematic, but most 'stuff' is neither for anyone her age. She's demonstrating why a 20-year-old kid should not be subjected to all this for either CBS dollars or our amusement.

Dick's working overtime here and big ups for that. He's providing all the fireworks, most of the good conversation, most of the entertainment, and nearly all the farts, belches & spitwads as well. He's also driving a lot of the changing personal dynamics in there including his own with his daughter, and that's becoming my main interest in this mess.

He seems like a good guy all around and maybe he's a good BB-er and I'm just missing most of his game-related appearances. There's plenty of time left though and if Joe goes, Dustin's situation in there will change so maybe he will too. Letting Amber hang on him 24/7 might come back to bite him but we'll have to wait 'n see.

If his AP vote results made a lick of sense, I'd like the concept a lot more than I do. He's in with everyone and trashing everyone else while refusing to commit to anyone, yet he's not on any radars as a potential target. What's up with that?

So far she seems to be the least disliked hamster of all time, which is pretty impressive. She may attract her share of feedster haters in time, but for now there's a lot of interest in her despite the lack of venom. I'm not a network tv programmer, but I take that as proof positive that people do want reality in reality tv. If we want a simplistic good vs. evil love/hate plot, we can watch a children's movie.

She was all about stirring things up a few days ago but her role is shifting out of the spotlight and into the general population (not counting her ongoing support role as professional eye candy, of course). She'll be back though - very likely in a kinder, gentler version. She may be in secret cahoots with Dick, which would explain just about everything if true.

She's the real sleeper and the real keeper of this bunch.

Even as hard as he's been working the last few days and as relatively undramatic as he's been about it, I think his 15 minutes are just about up.. too bad he spent 10 of them on gonorrhea.

She's simply obsessed with Dick and full of herself for her self-perceived little victories over him, but I think he's got the upper hand over her at all times. He may not have enough to combat her entire Boys Army, but she may not have enough to keep them all loyal to her either.. a good general doesn't forget about the other eight countries they're at war with in favor of annihilating just one.

He showed up today and even spoke! Well, perhaps I should say I showed up during his hours and heard him.. maybe he's a major player every morning for all I know. He still failed to impress me, but it's pretty funny that of he - of all people - suggested they use a 'non-verbal' signal for the live vote. (Thanks to hundrah for pointing out this one!)

I don't see the appeal and I'm never real fond of the Boogie/Erika method of getting ahead in this show anyway, especially when it's with someone who's obviously got some other stuff going on, but that's just me. Even those who like seeing a playa in the habitat have to be wondering where the show in this showmance is.

He's got all the 'smarter than you are' and factoids of Cliff Claven but without any of the charm or humor. He may be Kail's and CBS's golden boy brain trust but he does nothing for me and he doesn't seem to be doing much for the show besides fiddling with his chess piece 'structure'.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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