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July 16 & 17, 2007 - Days 17 & 18

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What's six hours between friends? (Tuesday)

So Eric failed his sleepwalk task, but on a (late add?) technicality of not getting chased away by Joe rather than not having done it "tonight"

Even those who don't think CBS changes history before putting it on the air can't deny the blatant (and pointless) lie of saying it happened at 3:30am rather than 9.15am the next day

Amber cries a lot, but a lot more on the show than on the feeds.. what's up with that? And Nick had not one but two last-minute Diary redo clips in tonight's show - he wore that wintery sweater last night, not when he discussed what he was discussing.. that stuff isn't important, but it tickles me to count them up in the aired episodes

Christmas came to the habitat earlier than usual, and is it unusual that Dick has talked about curling a lot? I guess not.. it is unusual that they showed an Eric hammock-dump, considering Jen flipped out of it at the start of that butchered-for-television convo.. well, maybe he did fall out - I missed it if so - but this way it adds to their Eric the Geek character.. <buzz>

Tacos, beer & waffles

Nick & Daniele explore the lower depths of the gym

It's a waffling kind of day, naturally.. Joe's covering a lot of ground and seems to be making some headway.. Dick seems complacent and feeling safe, but he may pick that up in the next couple of days

It's looking like a live vote on Thursday, which is unusual with so many of them there - especially for only their second live show - but we have the quick primps in the Diary hallway mirror to look forward to

Jen gives her new catsuit arrangement a test run before its starring role on Showtime later.. she's not calling it her onesie anymore - maybe that's a brand name.. Amber primps for a long time but says it's not for anything or anyone, she just wants to feel pretty.. Daniele primps with her a bit but she's not happy about it.. Joe works on Jessica, and all of them

Jen: My life is the most unbelievable life I've ever experienced
Daniele: I'm so depressed.. my face is like beet red

Nick talks to Jessica for awhile and I wish I'd paid more attention because shortly afterwards she's in the shower, crying.. Joe consoles her a bit but she says she'll be okay - she doesn't tell him why she's upset.. I think I heard her end her convo with Nick by saying "I don't like having to lie"

I don't like seeing any of them truly upset, but it's especially bad when it's Jessica

Jessica: Ewww, I still don't like olives! [she's on slop 'n condiments]

After the sloppers slop, the eaters prepare and eat tacos (that look pretty good), and they get a hefty beer & wine delivery

Most seem to enjoy it - even Mike shows up.. later Eric soaks his head

Jen's come out

They aren't making much of an effort on some days for Showtime anymore, but Tuesdays must have good viewer numbers

At first glance, Jen and her new catsuit arrangement seem to be entertaining the boys at the hot tub, but they don't seem to notice her boobage falling out everywhere - Nick cracks a rare smile, but I'm not sure if it's about Jen or something else.. Mike's clearly unimpressed

She continues to work it around the house, in both casual and game convos with all and sundry

I feel like I'm putting together a Jen Johnson Bikini Calendar here rather than a page about a reality show

She & Joe have some fun with a tandem plunge - I think everything stays in place.. later there's some attention on some (Nick & Daniele?) undercovers action but as usual, it goes nowhere

Father and daughter, volume 2

Daniele & Dick have a chat in the hammock, and she breaks down

It's real tears, and touching stuff all around.. she says she's confused over Nick and her longtime boyfriend outside, and the pressure of the game's getting to her - she's just a kid

Dick's obviously hurt seeing his little girl hurting and he does what he can.. he stays calm and he says some good stuff to her.. it doesn't seem to be all that she wants or needs to hear though

These two seem to have some deep issues and a big gap between them.. it seems mendable but it also seems like neither of them have the tools to mend it.. I wonder if BB will stoop so low as to dangle a walk offer to them, something like a year's worth of counseling - though it might do their relationship more good than $500k probably would

Afterwards Daniele goes off to her room and Nick, and Dick recovers and ponders while Jessica, Joe & Dustin spin the teacup.. it's a surreal scene but truly one of the best I've ever seen on Big Brother - kudos to the camera crew for this one

Daily videos

Eric, Jen & Jen's boobies chat in two parts, Dick & Danielle's talk in three, plus a P.S. of her afterwards, and of him with the teacup trio are in the forum

Failed (Monday)

Eric crawls into Joe's bed around 9.15am and Joe sleeps through it.. not even in my world does 9.15am Monday morning qualify as Sunday night

I give the guy credit for trying though - it's not his fault they kept the whole house up til after 4am

Daniele uses the veto and Joe is nominated

The site's creeping again this morning - please try again later.. afternoons & evenings are better than mornings


Maybe Joe's nominated for excessive use of stripes

Whatever the reason, I guess I should have followed a bit of the waffling, but I still don't plan to.. it does my head in

Results of the new noms aren't as spectacular as some hoped but it's a long time til voting, and Joe wants to stay.. give it time

The real question of the day is when are they going to start complaining about Dick's phlegm wads all over the backyard? That seems overdue, to say the least

Daniele says she's lost 9 pounds on slop this time - since Friday (is that physically possible?).. Zach dangles in thin air and tells Amber how he drove from Florida to California in two days (is that physically possible?).. Jessica gets an extreme close-up in abs class

Joe & Dustin hash it out in a telling hammock convo - one of several today that's disturbing, each in its own way.. the feedmasters produce a glossy soft porn of Jen's bikini bath for Showtime, but an attempt at bedcovers movement with Nick & Daniele goes nowhere

It's Hamsterwatch Ultralite today, but lots of videos to make up for it

Daily videos

Eric's morning-after visit to Joe; Daniele & Joe after the veto meeting; Kail works Daniele against Dick; slop bucket drumming; Jen's bikini bath in two parts (adolescent boys of all ages will enjoy this one); Joe & Dustin talk things over in three parts; Bath Buddies 2007 starring Joe & Jessica; a fun Hide the Bunnies; Dick relaxes (and laughs!); a long Dick & Danielle talk; and Dick at Night are in the forum


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Jen is Head of Household
Daniele used veto
Dick & Joe are nominated

Who should Eric vote to evict? Polls closed at midnight

Thursday, July 19 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

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Since there's precious little entertainment value and since volume of the feeds remains so low, today's ratings are based on whispering qualities. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Lots of drama, even if they left out Dick's crushing-throat-bones threat - but that's grounds to be booted and everyone likes having him around. They are working the Jen Hate storyline hard with 'The Diva', 'Queen Bee' and lots of smooth editing, and I doubt it was chance that her catsuited butt showed up in the mirror as she swapped Joe for Daniele. They seem to be keeping the Jen/Eric team under wraps for a surprise reveal later, along with Dick & Jen's 'truce'. They're still working Zach as The Brain too, almost as hard as he is. We did have a couple Mike, Kail, Jameka & Jessica sightings but for all practical purposes, they're not even in there according to CBS.

She's not a bad whisperer since she gets so worked up and usually escalates to voice, but she goes too fast to keep track of what she's saying and she goes on too long to want to bother trying.

I'm getting caught up in the subtle undertones of her relationship with Dick (not to mention the occasional blatant sniping) but she's a rotten whisperer. We have weeks of increasing psst'ing ahead of us and she already does it too often, and she does it without making any sound at all. Based on that, she's got to go.

Although he often speaks very low for the Dick at Night Show, he usually limits secret conniving with others to short sessions and tends to speak low for those too rather than whispering. And as a bonus, he usually follows a secret conniving session with a long, loud tirade against the hamster being discussed.

He's a decent whisperer and can usually be heard clearly. Too bad he's usually doing it with chatterbox Amber.

He doesn't seem capable of whispering and that's good for feedsters but unfortunately it takes him 30 minutes to say anything.

Not only is she an audible whisperer, but she tends to add a footnote or two to herself about her whisperee after they leave. We need more of that!

She usually whispers loud enough and clear enough to follow, but better than that, she usually just says whatever she wants to say out loud.

She doesn't get into too many whisper convos compared to some, but when she does she can usually be heard and she often makes bonus vocal asides and goony faces as a bonus.

He's not a bad whisperer, partly cuz he can usually be heard and partly cuz his whisperings usually have a catty element which makes them extra fun.

I should abstain here since I rarely hear her whispering.. as far as I can tell, she's still counting on her band of boys to carry her to the end and lay the winner's prize at her feet. But it's her cackle that erupts out of nowhere that has to go.

He's a non-whisperer. If he shows up at all in a whispersation, he either nods or stares.

The only times I can make out his whispering is when they put it on the show with subtitles.

Like Dick, he's too sure of himself and his theories to even bother whispering.. he just blurts it all out.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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