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July 15, 2007 - Day 16

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Magnus opus

"Is that an avocado in your pants?"

Dick gets the opening quote again.. this time in response to Zach, Mike, Joe & Dustin stuffing their shorts with fruit

It's some production they're doing in an attempt to be entertaining.. unfortunately, the set-up & prep becomes everlasting and whatever follows is likely to be a letdown, losing any spontaneity it might have had

This is confirmed by lots of blues and slipped Diary voices requesting delays for proper shots and so forth, as well as Dustin's "This will be one of the best things to happen on Big Brother!" - that's usually a clue it won't be

But it's fun watching them get ready.. at least they're making an attempt at entertaining themselves and us.. Eric is surprisingly good as a WWE-type announcer (well, not all that surprising I guess, considering he's worked for them - something else to make you go hmmm)

[somebody, about Dustin's shorts]: Is that all you in there?
Dustin: Yes.. well, I'm looking at you guys - I'm semi-firm

Name That Pie

I didn't realize they'd had a list of options there - it sounded harder when they described it

If I were in the "it's all scripted" camp, I'd guess they were all apple - but I'm not a cynical person

By the way, TD (aka Mooman) figured out why Jameka was in tears after the noms (in today's must-click specials)

Dick had said he was flipping off Jen during her speech and surprisingly, CBS aired it sans blur

Whispers and primpers

Amber & her boobage work on Nick for awhile, but he gets away

Another bit of Diary slippage catches them telling Jen to put a shirt over her catsuit.. well, at least they're trying for some in-context wardrobe continuity for a change

Naturally they're whispering all over but I'm not following most of it.. Amber & Kail are freed and Dick gets the spoils

Amber: Jen secretly wants to be friends with me so bad

Apparently another "date" was won in the veto, by Mike, and he picked Amber so she's primping up a storm.. Eric watches and pretzels

Zach primps a sore foot.. Joe seems to dare his towel to fall off.. Jessica joins in the primping

Meanwhile Mike's ready and waiting in the kitchen, as usual.. Jameka & Zach have a Bible session upstairs.. somebody gets out the BB rulebook - I wonder why

Zach: Where was Jesus born?
Jameka: Nazareth? Galilee? Let's see, he was born in a manger in.. Jersualem? No, Bethlehem!
The rulebook is on a page with sections titled The Broadcasts and The Internet

Still life with chatterbox

There's a lovely spread laid out in the backyard for the "date"

Amber primping goes on a long, long time as Mike waits around in the kitchen, so we're treated to many slow, artistic close-ups of the table which will show up on CBS when this "date" airs

But let's enjoy them now for a moment, before things get ugly

Fortunately, no flies are seen landing on the food as it waits

The happy couple finally heads out and the others catch a peek from inside

It starts off well enough but before long Amber's on one of her monologues.. she goes on & on & on, like she does, eventually going on a full shred speed rap giving up way too much info about her (relatively recent) speed-taking days, her non-glowing driving record, and apparently anything else that flits across her mind.. I don't know what else she covers - I can't bear to stay with it long.. other than her drug history, whenever I do peek in she's talking about tampons or surgeries again

Amber: I can't believe I haven't gotten on your nerves once in here

The crew on duty are my new best friends tonight for a few back & forth quick cuts between Mike's dazed face and Amber's mouth as she blabbers on.. eventually he does get a few words in edgewise here & there when she finally pauses for breath or bites.. later she tells Daniele & Jameka "Mike totally has a crush on me"

It's only Day 16

This stuff usually isn't so rampant til we're weeks in.. it's only mid-July - this thing is scheduled to wind up on September 20.. despite all the constant whispering, a show today and a marathon clap 'n drink game tonight, we're pretty much facing two months of bodycounts

Some of the layabouts are more creative about it than others, but it's still way too much layabout for this early

Thank goodness for Jessica who entertains herself for hours with her hair.. the crew appreciates her efforts and provides some close-ups of the finished product

Later Eric bursts into a kooky hyper windmill thingy that delights her, and she works at it until she almost gets it

In the second unprecedented group event of the day, ten of them play the clapping drinking (water) game for hours.. Dick wanders around smoking & spitting, and Kail & Daniele glare at the gamers.. afterwards several of them are sick from drinking too much water

Dick tips off Daniele that she should start doing some cleanup, and she does.. Kail washes the dishes, Jameka covers the hot tub, and Daniele does the rest of Dick's usual nightly rounds

Much, much later after Eric's sleepwalking assignment is announced, nearly all of them are still up at 4am - you'll never convince me that this is coincidental.. I'm always up til 4am and Dick's the only one of them who always is, occasionally with Eric or Amber.. most scamper off to their beds around 5am but Amber's still giving Jen her sordid life story in a repeat of her entire date monologue, and Jen shares some of hers as well.. it's Jen & Amber's first conversation

To top off this long night (and further thwart Eric's assignment), Joe & Dustin have a surprise spat at 6am, which is interrupted by the blues several times(?).. Dick's still up & at 'em at 7am, congratulating himself and gloating about Joe (supposedly) replacing Daniele in a few hours

Father and daughter

I don't know if they came in as a team but I suspect they did, particularly because of her not being old enough to apply and because of the way they're working together in there, discreetly

There's something to their story though, and it's the kind of something that's likely deep and painful for each, and really shouldn't be aired in this venue, in my opinion.. but it probably will be

Daily videos

The first and a middle portion of the Magnus Olympics show, Dick/Eric/Joe masturbation chat, selected portions of Amber & Mike's "date", Dick & Daniele check-in (and later tension), Big Bootie/Zuma Zuma clapping game, Dick talks at Jameka, and a 6am Joe/Dustin spat are in the forum

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Jen is Head of Household
Dick & Daniele are nominated
Daniele holds veto

Whose bed should Eric 'sleepwalk' into tonight: Joe. Polls closed at midnight. I say Failed - 9.15am is not 'tonight'

Tuesday, July 17 at 9pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Sunday's show was 2nd for its timeslot again with a 4.2 rating and 8 share, behind 'Dateline NBC' with 4.8/9

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

I was going to do these sidebar pics before they played Celeb Lookalike last night.. honest!
Daily ratings are based on entertainment value. Editors are based on most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music) - thanks.
Sunday's show was predictable with its Hate Shallow Jen Campaign still underway, though I again question the Jen Drinking Game - it would still work as well with any of them (and if someone asks a direct personal question, does the answer really earn a ding?) They continued setup of the Nick & Daniele love story/triangle with romance movie music, and they set up the Magnus show for today's exhibition to follow on a later show. I have to say I'm surprised they aired the WoW joke though - that was pretty risqué for primetime CBS. I was also surprised they didn't show the pie throwing that happened at the food comp, especially with its goofy game show music intro. I feel for the editors who have to edit Eric down to quick tv soundbites - and they still couldn't get a clip without having to blur his mouth. Their Dick yelling at Jen took place before the live show & HOH comp rather than before the noms, but I guess the one he did later was too explicit and bloodthirsty to keep his good guy image with the viewers? Or maybe not, if they start to turn the Jen tide on Tuesday's veto show, they might air it then. (By the way, I'm still waiting patiently for oversized playing card themes to show up as comp apparatus.. it's supposed to be 'Alice in Wonderland'!)

Her everlasting spiels might be amusing if there wasn't a touch of desperate neediness about them. I think the show needs her for a few more weeks but I suspect she's a lame duck hamster.

Miss Misery snapped at her dad when he asked if she was ok, asked him what to say for her veto speech and then said some of the others are puppets, and later gloomed with Kail while the others played. Dick said others were complaining that she didn't clean up enough so she got to work, but she didn't acknowledge to him that she'd heard him let alone thank him for the heads-up. Typical snotty teen behavior - do we really need that on BB?

Cumulative ups for the Dick at Night Show and fireworks for us & CBS, in spite of his constant loogie hocking and misogynist commentaries. And sympathy ups for trying to be a dad for a moment to a daughter who doesn't seem to want one. We don't know their backstory (and it's not our biz anyway) but he seems to be more troubled than he wants to let on. It wouldn't have killed Daniele to say 'thanks for the tip' before she went a-cleaning, and he's probably wondering why she didn't.

He's been a little too heavy with his Evict Joe campaign lately and a little too light on entertainment for my liking. When he is on my feeds, he's usually got Amber wrapped around him and I just can't listen to much more of her.

He's good at his game (although his constant trash talk may come back to bite him) and he makes the funniest expressions and body poses as he goes through his day. I think the AP 'twist' is a crock since neither Carol nor Jessica made sense tv audience-wise, but you have to admit he carries out his instructions well. If only his speeches came with a Cliff Notes version. He may not get a check in his checkbox for tonight's sleepwalk assignment since half of them are still up at 4am.. maybe they're trying to save money.

Nearly everyone likes her and rightly so. She doesn't cause problems, make waves or ooze hatred and in fact, she spreads laughter - which they could all use a bit more of. And so could we. (Her pic is her own today because she seems to be the most genuine of this bunch.)

She's got the whole house buzzing since she's so well informed about them all, even as CBS is still painting her as a ditz. Most feedsters haven't warmed to her yet but I think some will, in time. She & Eric could steamroll through everyone in there with a bit of luck, but didn't 'Beauty & the Geek' already do that?

She's a breath of fresh air in there and plays her part perfectly. This mess would be nothing without her gems like 'You don't get pregnant from eating cookie dough' and the only time Daniele stops being a misery guts is when she goofs with Jessica.

He's on a whole lot of radars right now but I don't think he's a goner just yet. He can be amusing but more often he does things like catch my attention out of nowhere by spewing out stuff like tonight's 'I had to bleach my underwear to get the gonorrhea stains out.' Nobody wants or needs to know that, and why does he keep bringing it up?

She sat scowling with Daniele for the entire clappy-drinky game. Okay, if she doesn't want to play that's fine, but does she have to sit and glare at them all the whole time? She's the new target in Dick's crosshairs so I'm going to guess her time here is close to being over.

He really deserves sympathy ups for putting up with that date from hell but he got good eats out of it. His lost puppy look is almost endearing but not quite, and anyway we've already seen this act from Drew on BB5. He's everywhere lately so 'Where's Wallace?' is a bit overdue, but you know what I mean.

My money's on him to be the next to shake hands with Julie. If I'm wrong, sue me.

He's most everyone's alternate choice to Joe but I think he's going to stick at least one more week if not more - CBS seems to like him. It was a toss-up between Wallace or Cliff Claven.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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