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July 7, 2007 - Day 8

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CBS and/or RealNetworks Please turn up the volume on the feeds.. thanks for putting music for the blues at the same level as the feeds, but you should have upped the feeds to its levels, not vice versa

Producers Please do yourselves and us a favor and tell those drips you call hamsters to step it up.. and I don't mean with phony shows staged for three hours each night

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A dull habitat

I missed much of the daytime but I don't think much happened - not much does with this group

I really don't want to be this cynical, but it's only our third day and their seventh or eighth (they keep contradicting each other) and everyone's bored to tears already in there and out here.. this is possibly the dullest cast we've ever had.. they act like most do at the end of August

Naturally they go around talking themselves up, how cute and popular they are, and how much we must be loving them.. we're still getting to know them but the popular vote doesn't seem to be leaning toward loving

We get cut to the blues way too often (trainees on duty, I guess) but sometimes it's appropriate, such as Dustin telling a story about a friend who went to the ER complaining "I pooped out bloody"

Carol's working for a vote here & there, but Amber's covering a lot more ground and working it much better faster harder.. Joe tells a whole lot of stories.. Jen's wearing the same slogan shirt as yesterday but today she's rocking it with a Heidi Fleiss look

 Carol told Zach 'I'm only here cuz [Jessica] wrote my name down on a list' so I guess she
  just doesn't get how it all works, or something

Fortunately we have Dick.. he's a nutcase yes, and will likely offend most everyone at some point, but he's there for us - granted, for himself too

He starts a lively discussion about religion in the backyard.. it's the kind of general philosophical convo that many people like to have from time to time, but much like Dr. Will, Dick notices that he's found some vulnerable spots and he zeroes in on them.. Jameka actually raises her voice at one point and says she's not going to participate in such discussions anymore (which is a classy way to handle such an event) but Dick keeps at it, pacing excitedly between them

Nearly all the gathered hamsters get up and skulk away, one by one (which shows us what they're made of - bok bok) until only Jameka & Carol are left to fend off Dick's repeated jabs.. Carol shares some interesting theology, including my pick for line of the day: "The first murder was the sheep".. it's a good time, hamsterly speaking, and when Dick finally leaves, Jameka & Carol discuss their mutual dislike of him.. especially Jameka

Putting the show in Showtime

I noticed last night that when the Showtime window kicked in at 9pm BB time, there were suddenly a lot of quick cuts, slow pans and zooms all around the habitat, but tonight's shenanigans go a whole lot further, and disgust me

We've always known that CBS edits what we've seen on the feeds into what they want to feed to their tv audience, but it looks like now even the feeds are going to be coached, staged, scripted - choose your term - at least for three hours a night

Around 8.30 several of them are primping, as if for a Thursday live show, and several have arranged "dates".. Amber gets ready for hers with Mike, making a final check that her back-tat and thong straps are visible, while one of the Gonorrhea Boys assists

Downstairs Mike roams the kitchen aimlessly, trying to look busy or something.. he's clearly uncomfortable and clearly just biding time - in place

Amber comes down and they greet each other more like hamster roomies than each other's date, and then 9pm hits and you can practically hear Ricardo Montalban saying "Smiles everyone, smiles!" Everything changes: the smiles come on cue and our daters' conversation livens up.. they even stroll around to admire the scenery

The cameras cut quickly from here to there to there, and the habitat is suddenly alive with activity: Jen & Eric strategize and/or date in the hammock, Carol strategizes and/or moans with Joe in the hot tub, and the quicker we jump from group to group, the more we hear the word "alliance" from them - I haven't heard that word from them since the feeds came on.. Jameka looks lovely all dressed up, with a flower in her hair, but disgusted - I can't tell if that's about Dick or someone else, or about having to participate in this charade for Showtime's benefit

Various hamsters have impromptu, out-of-character convos about what events happen on which day (to educate the audience).. after a short burst of the blues (which I can only assume was for BB to make "suggestions") several of them pull up their shirts to compare the day's sunburns - they did after all advertise nudity for the Showtime show.. they're even running crawls across the bottom of the Showtimers' screens to fill them in on what's supposedly happening, things like "Joe is getting on everyone's nerves".. oh really?

The more it goes on, the worse it gets.. this is the most obviously staged setup on the feeds since Erika's waiting for the ghost faces to appear last year and Janelle's great but phony scream over same, and it disgusts me.. this 9pm Action! cue is the worst thing to happen to BB since they started with the lame "twists" way back on BB4.. it does backfire on them a bit tonight though, when Carol says to Eric - on the air - that the producers told her to "fight more because she's the third most popular houseguest on the show".. mmm-kay

Meanwhile all the hamsters keep getting around and having juicy convos (which I must stress is a rarity for this bunch) and the cameras keep following them.. several of them talk about booting Amber instead of Carol on Thursday - well, they need some footage to create that misdirection they love so much on the CBS show.. Zach's about the worst actor among them, with Mike & Kail not far behind

Jen hangs out in HOH for awhile, and later "our" player Eric talks Kail's ear off complaining about everyone and everything under the sun.. it's comical how much it looks like a therapy session: he's bitching & complaining without pausing for breath, and she just keeps nodding without saying a word

  Actually, the therapy session might have been much later.. if it matters

The Showtime shenanigans start to wind down after awhile - I guess they just need to hook people in for the first hour or two - but we're still treated to odd & rare things like surprise visitors casually dropping in, spontaneous hallway dancing, and random tandem body checks in the mirror

Conveniently, the pantry gets restocked while we're still on cable air.. they get called in to see even though it's an hour or two before slop restriction's lifted.. they crowd in there ooh'ing & ahh'ing like they'd never seen groceries before - you'd think Santa Claus had come, but he's not due for another month or so.. tonight's episode seems to be brought to us by Corona.. finally midnight arrives, Showtime leaves, and they're off to feast

  One of them was even excited about seeing paper towels in there.. I swear it's true

Eat a peach, and everything else

They weren't all on slop but they act like it

It's quite a gathering, although everyone seems to be cooking and/or eating for themselves - it's not a group meal.. one camera stays on Daniele who daintily eats a chip before starting to fix whatever she's fixing.. even Kail comes down for a bite

Most eat with gusto, and some eat with more gusto

That one camera stays on Daniele, as if to document this event, so I will too (I can pretty much guarantee people will be asking "Does she ever eat??" many times in the weeks to come, and they can be referred here)

A spontaneous moment of pure joy is shared by former sloppers Jameka & Eric, but things turn ugly again later with some vicious trashing of Jen by the Dick & Daniele posse and some retaliation by Jen later, and then things turn even uglier as Jen & Eric (mostly Eric) trash Daniele on the HOH veranda

Half of these hamsters are still up at 5am, and Night Prowler Dick til 7.. they didn't hold the veto meeting today like they thought they would yesterday, but half of them think live eviction is Tuesday so don't set your clocks by them.. other than that probably happening Sunday, I don't expect they'll get up to much - other than laying around, of course

Things are getting ugly though and bound to get uglier, but please producers, for the sake of all that's good and pure in this world, can we please have some reality in our reality tv? Cut out this charading for Showtime before you kill the whole concept that makes Big Brother unique and stop messing with the one thing that makes us plunk down our cash for you.. fiddle with the air show all your like, but please keep the feeds real.. thanks in advance from your pal, dingo

Daily videos

Are in the forum, as mentioned above.. they include a two-parter of the God & sheep argument, golf narration by Dick, a taste of Eric's harangue to Kail, group Jen bashing, and Jen confronting Nick about Daniele

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Kail is Head of Household
Amber & Carol are nominated
Daniele holds veto

Eric will get $10k for every five assignments completed. They'll give vote choices at the end of every air show, starting Sunday.

Sunday, July 8 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Thursday's premiere had a 4.9 rating/9 share, making it #2 for its timeslot behind a rerun of 'Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?' on Fox with 4.8/9

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EditorsIf you still think the producers don't mess with the game, consider that they decided Eric has a chance to win a boatload of extra cash and that 3 didn't get to compete for the first HOH, and then get over it: it's what it is. I'm never crazy about the air shows but with all that on the first night, I'm a little disappointed - let alone the lame 'twist' and the non-shock of its victims against such overly dramatic music. I don't know why they felt they had to give Dr. Will more airtime, but I guess he's good for ratings. The 'Mushroom Madness' HOH comp makes it sound like we can expect a lot of Alice in Wonderland comp themes this year with mad tea parties and the like (a Down the Rabbithole claustrophia comp might be fun). It was nice of Julie to give us some disguised dirt about two having had plastic surgery, four would give up their best friend for cash, etc. so that was a plus. All in all, a neutral show but special free ups because it's back on the air.

She's busy busy busy, getting to most everyone and talking non-stop until feedsters are screaming STFU! She may have told her boyfriend that she'd try to play the guys as part of her game, but her little girl might get confused seeing her mommy on tv on a 'date' with someone else. She's probably going to stick this week: all the talk about switching from Carol to her is likely just a combo of Waffle Alliancing, show for Showtime, and the usual misdirection to create a 'surprise' eviction on CBS.. yawn.

She admitted a few things today including the fact that she didn't apply to be on the show, that her daddy (the state senator) pushed the idea once she was asked due to Jessica naming her as a 'rival', and that Diary's been telling her she's the 3rd most popular hamster so she should fight to stay. She also mouthed off her religious views, and while she doesn't seem to have as much conviction behind them as Jameka, she adamantly argued that 'the first murder was the sheep' back in the Garden of Eden - I guess that Cain/Abel thingy was just a footnote in her Sunday school. She's the least threatening of them all but she's going out first.. typical.

She's making some moves (all of which are following DickDaddy's lead in my opinion) and she's mouthing off some nasty stuff about Jen, but it's working: Jen cornered Nick at 4am all worried & 'jealous' about her. After seeing all her bones sticking out and all her complaining about being on slop, she gets ups for their off-slop food fest at midnight. She daintily ate a few chips (one at a time), shredded some lettuce, and ate a tortilla (with some sort of filling, I think). Afterwards she had a cookie. (Jameka chowed down about five times as much, and seemed to enjoy it a lot more.)

I'm not so sure if it was Jen who got Dr. Will coaching or Dick, but he sure is attempting to play Will's game. He's looking for weak spots and going after them - which resulted in our first argument - and he's spreading poison to nearly everyone about nearly everyone else, and they're buying it. He's getting a bit cockier as we go, including fancying himself a witty golf commentator like Marvin, but he's no Marvin. Some of his nicknames for the others might come back to bite him, particularly 'Angry Jew Boy' (for Eric, I think).

His big moment of the day was telling about his friend saying 'I pooped out bloody'.. he should stick to gonorrhea.

Will somebody please find his power switch and shut him off? He was so much better when he wasn't saying much.. now he won't shut up and worse, he repeats everything he says at least six times, in succession! He's also got a mouth on him, using the f-word every chance he gets and the c-word almost as often (particularly about Daniele, who he referred to as 'fucking anorexic cunt' a few times.. charming.) I'm sure the producers are proud of their pet now. The only thing he won't talk about is his vote, in case we decide something other than what he commits to - which you can bet we will, if we don't get a chance to evict him first.

She backed off from arguing with Dick which was a smart move, but she didn't do it til after raising her voice at him and then she kept rising to his bait anyway. Afterwards she went on to Carol for awhile about how horrible he is and that means he definitely got to her, which means he's definitely one step ahead of her. She so thoroughly enjoyed her off-slop midnight meal enough that she had several.

They hate her. Not just the girls now, but some of the guys are jumping on the Trash Jen train thanks to Dick's lead. (They even want to get her a JENITALS slogan shirt.) It's got her rattled too: she confronted Nick in the pantry saying she was jealous and upset over all the attention he's been fawning onto Daniele. Odd how they seem to be fighting over him, when he seems like he might be more interested in the guys. But hey, maybe that's his strategy. Yea, that's the ticket, strategy.

She's a non-hamster at this point.. she's getting less airtime on the feeds than anyone and when she does show up, she's usually quiet and usually frowning. I don't know what her role's supposed to be.

Anyone who wants to name his own group the 'Super Sexy Alliance' should be the first out of that alliance in my opinion. Well, Showtime did inform their viewers that he's 'getting on everyone's nerves' - I didn't realize that meant ours.

I was hoping she'd be kind of like BB5 Karen but she's turning out to seem more like BB6 Maggie with her constant glares, disapproving stares, and staying shut up inside her private sanctum. She did come out for Showtime (as ordered, probably) but headed back home quickly. She made a comment about how she doesn't know what all the other girls are thinking or doing since she's stuck up there on her own.. huh? She's not locked in there. That just sounds like Maggie sending her minions out to do her dirty work for her, so she can slide into the winner's circle with clean hands.

He's a lousy actor and didn't seem to be a very fun date either: one of the first things he mentioned to Amber after they called 'Action!' for Showtime was his last date. He's still barely there, doesn't seem to have a clue about the game or much else, and doesn't say much at all. I'd still like to know why he doesn't talk up his modeling or 'Gay Straight or Taken?' appearance - he was on the debut show even - that's the kind of thing they'd keep him around for.. they'd all like more showbiz connections.

Speaking of gay, straight or taken, I'm pretty sure he isn't taken. He's got himself in the middle of a girlfight between Jen & Daniele and he doesn't seem too comfy there but then again, he's not much of an actor either. He won his feedster target stripes today when Daniele asked him why we'd pay to watch them do nothing. His response: 'Cuz they're butts'.

The worst actor among them, hands down. When Showtime kicked in he was stiff, awkward, and had no clue as far as pretending to provide info about the show in a conversational way. In fact, he was so bad that I'd bet $10 he was the reason for at least one of the sudden cuts to the blues.. I'd like to have heard BB reprimand him for acting just a little too stoopid to be convincing.

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