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July 6, 2007 - Day 7

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Yay, what fun

Amber does some pre-comp shmoozing, complete with tears, and announces that she'll keep the nominations the same if she wins the veto

She also has a heart-to-heart with Jameka, proclaiming "Me and you have that heart-to-heart bond.. and me and Nick do too"

I'm not sure if any of it's sincere or whether Jameka thinks it is or not.. then she moves on to Kail and that one ends with a hug.. it's amazing how fast some of these hamsters can form such deep bonds

Then the flames blues take them away to their veto comp.. they're gone for a very, very long time

Four or five hours later they're back, or so we think, but it turns out the comp is still comping: we've landed in HOH where the non-vetoists are locked up.. Zach, Eric, Mike, Dustin, Dick, Joe and Jen lie around and play guessing games.. it's riveting

  Why couldn't the feeds have stayed on them the whole time? Dull yes, but better than blues

Another while goes by and we get the blues some more, and then we join them en masse in the backyard, eating pizza - even the sloppers (wow, do these guys have it easy).. this group is clueless about giving us clues: no veto necklace in sight & no talk about it, nothing for the longest time til we finally get an inkling that Daniele won it

All I can pick out is that they had to hunt for veto symbols, most rounds took an hour, nobody found anything for four rounds, everyone found one but Amber, and there were bags of hair involved - eewww

They seem to have a pleasant enough time over pizza and undisguised one-on-ones.. well, most of them anyway

Jen's tank slogan today is JENTH DEGREE (on the back it says JENSA MEMBER), and we get the first dreaded mandana of the summer.. I'm pretty sure Daniele ate something but umm.. well, never mind

What.. a.. dump

Next thing you know they're busy sorting thru chaos

What gives - are they trading rooms? Putting back into place whatever was torn asunder for the comp? We don't know and they won't tell us squat, but it is a fine mess they've dragged us into

Dustin vacuums while Joe sits & watches, and kinda flirts.. convos form here and there, like they do, and it's the usual stuff: the Bathroom Alliance..

The Wine Alliance.. the Hammock Alliance..

The Friends of HOH Alliance lets us get a good look at the new upstairs decor finally: instead of individualized chic it looks more like Institutional IKEA, and we're treated to a zoom on the same pic of Kail & Darin that made the web rounds a week ago, as if it's news

Naturally, nearly all of these casual and/or to-the-end alliances mouth off about whichever other hamsters aren't around

Carol gets nominitis

Not every first-out hamster freaks out over it, but some do.. remember Alison's cycle of intense working out, crying, and hiding in the pot last year at this time?

Carol's turning out to be quite the entertainer as her truth sinks in - well, it's entertaining if you have a bit of a cruel streak, I guess.. she pleases some feedsters by suddenly squeezing her boobies for no apparent reason

Zach steps right into the role of comforter as she sniffles.. he develops that into a straddled backrub, which she then develops into a crucifixion pose

That leads to a period of butts-up posing, which inspires a play-along session.. from there the fun ends (or begins, depending on your perspective) as Carol starts freaking out about having cameras watching her

Much later, after the Greenlight Giggle Alliance settles down for the night - or so it seems - Joe & Jessica stare ahead into the darkness like an old married couple, and then Jessica spontaneously erupts into something

I don't pretend to understand this stuff.. I just report it

Still life with mustard

Our postscript for the day is once again brought to us by Dick, who creates another mustard painting masterpiece while prowling the night on his lonesome

Tonight's piece is accompanied by breakfast and a dedication:

You can tell that Dick's not on slop or he wouldn't be going thru the mustard so wantonly for his artwork.. later he's joined by a way too chatty Eric and a very quiet Mike for overnight guy-flavored shenanigans in the backyard til dawn, or therabouts

Say, didn't somebody get seriously reprimanded for wasting condiments last year while others were on slop? Hmmm.. I guess they're letting him get away with it for now, since the rest of this crew is so very dull so far.. at this rate most non-addicts checking out the feeds will be cancelling them before their free trials end, and that can't be good for business

A final tidbit I'd almost forgotten about that cracked me up and will anyone else who deals with HTML on a daily or casual basis.. Jen was telling Mike about her internet hobbies, her websites and her many reserved URLs.. he seemed flabbergasted (almost as if it was the first time he'd heard of the internet) and asked her how she does that stuff? She explained that it's all in code: "you put a triangle and then some more stuff and then you put the triangle the other way"

By "triangles" she means <these kind of brackets>

Daily videos

Just a few to whet the appetite as I get stuff set up and try to find the right settings again.. these are pretty much just testers but they might be fun

Carol freaking out from the cameras
More Carol freaking out from the cameras
Kail, Zach & Jameka chatting in HOH
Dustin & Joe flirt, reminisce, and make a truce
Joe entertains the girls with Granny Erotica dancing

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Kail is Head of Household
Amber & Carol are nominated
Daniele holds veto

Eric will get $10k for every five assignments completed. They'll give vote choices at the end of every air show, starting Sunday.

Sunday, July 8 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Thursday's premiere had a 4.9 rating/9 share, making it #2 for its timeslot behind a rerun of 'Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?' on Fox with 4.8/9

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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Daily ratings are based on entertainment value, and I'm not keeping up well with the details yet.

EditorsIf you still think the producers don't mess with the game, consider that they decided Eric has a chance to win a boatload of extra cash and that 3 didn't get to compete for the first HOH, and then get over it: it's what it is. I'm never crazy about the air shows but with all that on the first night, I'm a little disappointed - let alone the lame 'twist' and the non-shock of its victims against such overly dramatic music. I don't know why they felt they had to give Dr. Will more airtime, but I guess he's good for ratings. The 'Mushroom Madness' HOH comp makes it sound like we can expect a lot of Alice in Wonderland comp themes this year with mad tea parties and the like (a Down the Rabbithole claustrophia comp might be fun). It was nice of Julie to give us some disguised dirt about two having had plastic surgery, four would give up their best friend for cash, etc. so that was a plus. All in all, a neutral show but special free ups because it's back on the air.

She started the day crying before the veto comp (hence the ups) but Dick had beaten her to the first tears title a few hours earlier. She got busy throughout the day, working on lots of them to save her skin and it seems to be working: she's smiling tonight and Carol isn't. I wasn't able to follow her carefully to see what kind of shmooze style she uses, but it seems effective and that's what counts.

I don't know why most or all of them have decided she'll be first out but she seems to have given up so that's reason alone for her to be gone. She moped around after the veto comp and later started parannoying about the cameras on her: it's about six weeks early for that kind of stuff. She has huge entertainment potential but possibly BB6 Jennifer potential too.. it may be best for us if they cut their losses now and move on without her.

I don't know what's going on here. After she won the veto she was about as miserable as the rest of them - what's up with that? She finally gave a smile about it (or about something), but she just doesn't seem to be playing along except when it's time to complain to someone about DaddyDick. Doth she protest too much? It's hard to tell and we may never know for sure: if she & Dick are conning the producers about their feud so they can be on the show, they won't cop to being secret partners in private or in Diary.

He started the day by being the first to cry but that went on yesterday's edition and he didn't do a whole lot to top that today. He's so busy working everyone so hard to turn them against each other that it's hard to imagine that none of them in there are seeing thru all this busywork. But that's what happens when you have mostly all actormodel types: they can't see too far beyond their own auras.

Joe & Dustin remind me of BB5 AdNat: I know which is which, but I still can't really tell them apart. I caught a short interlude of them making peace (or pretending to - they could be conning Allison & Rich also) and flirting up a storm tonight but other than that, I'm not seeing much of the entertainment value they and their reputations advertised. Gonorrhea keeps popping up in conversation around the house, but that's no party.

I'm sure he's in there - I caught a couple caps of him today - but he's mostly absent from my feeds most of the time. Maybe he's only going to come out when we tell him to do something. Update: He came out overnight to talk to Dick & Mike. And talk and talk and talk and talk.

I don't have much of a read on her yet but I kinda like what I see. She's got a quiet style of working on her fellow hamsters and it seems effective, but I don't think she's covering enough ground for it to be effective for long. Maybe she's just working on the ones that need working on and will get around to the others when she has to, but that isn't usually the best route to long-term success in the habitat.

She's almost as busy as Dick but she's a lot more subtle about it. She seems to be focusing mostly on the guys and to her credit, she's already cozy with the straight ones, the gay ones, and even the ambiguous one. Meanwhile, the girls seem filled with Jenellousy which bodes well for us with the promise of catfights ahead - meow! Word on the street is that she was coached by Dr. Will and that could be true, but she needs to limit her personal slogans to just one per shirt.

What's up with her? Her most-hated rival is about to get gone and you'd think she's losing her best friend: things that make you go hmmm. Sure, there's a chance the veto could be used and she could be sitting next to Carol next Thursday, but it's a slim chance - so why is she such a misery guts? Much later, in the greenlight, she told Joe she thought 'elections' might be tomorrow.. has she ever watched the show?

Joe & Dustin remind me of BB5 AdNat: I know which is which, but I still can't really tell them apart. I caught a short interlude of them making peace (or pretending to - they could be conning Allison & Rich too) and flirting up a storm tonight but other than that, I'm not seeing much of the entertainment value they and their reputations advertised (Granny Erotica dance included). Gonorrhea keeps popping up in conversation around the house, but that's no party.

She likes her HOH room and she seems to like chatting with the 'nice' and 'mature' hamsters up there, but I haven't seen much else of her to gauge what she's about. I'd kind of like to like her but I don't yet.

Once again.. who? I know he's in there - I saw him a few times, mostly when he was getting worked by Jen in the hammock (and he didn't seem to have a clue what was hitting him), and then later when he was the silent third wheel during the Dick & Mike talkathon. I don't want to call him a meathead but if I did, you'd know who I meant.

I saw him in there too but other than flirting with Daniele and seeming to succumb to Joe's suggestion to form a Beautiful People Three-Way Alliance with her, I'm not sure what he's about. But if and when I start referring to the dumb jock, you'll know who I mean.

He gets around better than some but I'm not sure how effective he is about it: Jen & Dick have both already been everywhere first. He jumped in a few too many times to be Poor Carol's white knight for my liking, but it's surprising that she doesn't take advantage of that: it may be the only hope she's got. Otherwise I don't have much of a read on him except that he looks uncannily like BB5 Eric/Cappy, with hair.

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