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Russell is Head of Household
Ronnie & Lydia are nominated
Have-nots ended Wednesday night for Jessie & Natalie
Kevin has an extra day of slop
Squash & squid are extra food items

Who should win Coup d'Etat and have the power to overturn noms once in the next two weeks?
Voting has ended

Which additional food item should the Have-nots get with slop?
Sardines & saltines
Eggplant & eggnog
Liver & limes
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Tuesday's show was 2nd for the hour with a 2.5 rating and 8 share, behind 'America's Got Talent' on NBC with 3.1/9, and ahead of 'More to Love' on FOX with 1.8/6 and 'Superstars' on ABC with 0.9/3.
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Comps determine living conditions. The losers live in the Jail room with lights always on cold water showers, and slop.

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Teams are over. There were four teams: Populars, Jocks, Brainiacs, and Offbeats.

Teamies of the HOH could not be nominated, but they could compete in the next week's HOH comp.

Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. It's possible Jessie gets more (BB7 All-Stars did).

The habitat has 52 cameras and 80 mics.

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  Day 32 - August 5, 2009       Bookmark and Share

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>> Russell is Head of Household - Ronnie & Lydia are nominated <<

>> Tweeting Big Brother since BB8 - click to see all or follow - latest:

    Here a fight, there a fight, everywhere a fake fight

    As reported in yesterday's Hamsterwatch episode, Lydia went on a big crying jag to Kevin and then Diary last night about Jessie manhandling her and leaving bruises.. I figured it was just Lydia being Lydia, until today when she showed said bruises and said they were from Jessie repeatedly knuckling her backside

    She's making it sound like he held her down forcibly and virtually beat her up, but the butt-knuckling was Sunday night when they also played their Extended Foot in Crotch game in the Jail room.. Lydia had no problem with any of that at the time or since, until last night after Jessie played Toss Natalie Around (aka "wrestling" in Jessie-speak) in front of everyone

    This afternoon a "house meeting" was called in which Russell laid into Michele, Chima & Natalie did the same, Ronnie chimed in of course, and pretty much everyone got loud.. Jeff, who'd been let out of Diary to attend (hmmm), stormed out when his name came up, saying "I'm not involved in this!" but later he stood by listening to an extended rehash/new argument about who said what, which is very unlike him

    Lydia kept up her Poor Me act throughout the day, talking a lot about wanting to cut herself (although cutters generally don't announce it).. Kevin wrote PERSPECTIVE on her arm to remind her to keep some, but she went whining back to Jessie anyway, until even he'd finally had enough and started yelling at her

    Feedster messages began being played for them at 8pm - many were not complimentary, which made a nice change, but there were only a few of them and they repeated several times.. Chima & Russell finally patched everything up - in public of course, since privately they were always fine - just in time for a new week and new HOH regime

    The topper of this mess of a day? The kitchen has mice.. now bring on the grill!

    Feeds highlights

    If you have SuperPass you can watch anything you missed, or see it again.. just enter the date, time and feed on the FlashBack page

    If you missed it:
    8/1 - 2.30am - F3 - Chima & Russell plan their fight
    8/2 - 11pm - F3/4 - Jessie knuckles Lydia - she's fine with it at the time

    8/5 - 3.40pm - Quads - House meeting to confront Michele
    8/5 - 4.30pm - F1/2 - Kevin versus Jessie/Natalie and assorted others
    8/5 - 7.45pm - F1/2 - Jessie finally yells at Lydia
    8/5 - 8pm - Quads - Phone-in messages begin, at 15 minute intervals
    8/5 - 11.30pm - F4/5 - Jeff & Jordan talk game
    8/6 - 12am - F1/2 - Chima & Russell spat follow-up, with Lydia as their audience
    8/6 - 3.40am - F3/4 - Ronnie & Michele spat, Ronnie tears up the Swim room

    Random caps of the day

    These are my most recent screencaps - click thumbnails to enlarge or click here to see more.. you can log in using your Twitter nick and password to leave comments on any cap, and your comment will also be automatically posted to your Twitter.. use #BB11 in all tweets and comments for a clickable link to tweet with other feedsters

    Daily Ratings - Wednesday Waffles on Steroids edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    Many think this whole thing is scripted, but I don't. For one, there are labor laws that even CBS can't get around; and two, nobody could make all this up. Which is not to say I don't think at least parts of it and/or some characters are scripted, but that's just supposition on my part. This was one giant mash-up of a day which may be thanks in part to Diary influence/nudging/whatever you want to call it but bottom line, these hamsters are the biggest train wreck we've seen in a long time - maybe ever. As far as the producers' visible hand in anything today, the phone-in messages they chose could have been meatier and they repeated far too soon, but it was nice of them to throw feedsters a bone of our own.

    Team Brain

    She's getting around a lot more than she appears to, and she seems to be in a good spot with most of them - odd, since she's one of the more volatile ones in there. She patched things up with Michele after the 'house meeting' which was good to see, but the lengthy recap/explanation/make-up of her & Russell's fight to Lydia (who missed the main event) was peculiar and repetitive. Even their recaps stick to their original script and for those who still don't believe they staged that fight, a) watch them plan it on Flashback!, b) ask yourself why neither of them screamed 'I'm not playing now - I mean it!' during the fight, and c) why didn't either of them tell anyone afterward that they'd planned it for fun but then it got out of hand and 'real'.

    Team Jock

    All signs indicate the Coup d'Jeff (© DogDave) was awarded including his being released from Diary to attend the 'house meeting' - and knowing it was called 'house meeting' - to standing alone for a long time and looking far more thoughtful than we've seen him, to lurking at a lengthy he said/she said meeting and even asking for specific clarification about the infamous Green Room Lie.. all of which is highly out of character for him. My hope of hopes is that he'll use it to bounce Jessie tomorrow: we can live with Ronnie another week if it means another Week 4 eviction and no jury pay for Jessie. It'd make Jeff even more of a hero out there as well as in there with all but Natalie & Russell, but I doubt it'll happen. Using the Coup the following week would make jury enemies of the reigning HOH and whichever replacement nominee(s) Jeff puts up, so it may never be used at all.. just another ploy to garner $1 text votes and thousands of CBS website hits.

    Team Jock Won: $2,500

    If he wasn't on ignore I'd be tempted to give him ups for finally yelling at Lydia. But he is on ignore and if he's still there tomorrow night, he'll get an empty cage. I know I threatened that earlier but I forgot to change the graphic.. this time I won't.

    Team Popular

    Once again she stayed out of all the crossfire, processed it quietly to discuss with Jeff later, and enjoyed her food with gusto. She and Jeff both stepped up when Michele broke down and made her feel better by saying all the right things, including 'Don't be sad, you're Gucci'. She made an offhand comment to Jeff during their greenlight comedy show about guys who start as 'somebody you wouldn't want to date, but then when you get to know them, they can become really attractive'.. hmmm.

    Team Offbeat Won: $5,000

    He keeps getting involved in fights that aren't his, and mucking it all up for himself. He made a big stink about his chess analogy having gotten out and repeated by Jessie & Natalie, but apparently he holds Lydia blameless for being the one who leaks all that stuff in the first place. To his credit, he tried to get Lydia to drop her Jessie fixation especially now that it's gone into the tragedy phase, but she only listens for as long as he's speaking and she doesn't seem to retain any of it.

    Team Offbeat Won: Plasma TV

    I can't deal with the hand-to-forehead, poor me, endless repetition of 'I was going to cut myself but they'd throw me off the show' routine any longer. If she hadn't been turning on the waterworks on a regular basis all along over nothing, we might have taken this new routine more seriously. But since it came along after the sequence of events described above, I'm writing it off as just more Lydia drama that nobody needs. I'll say this for her though: she has the most peculiar eviction eve campaign style we've ever seen. She topped off the night by reporting Chima's 'whore' comment to Jeff, Jordan & Kevin as if it was a new horror, and she added that 'it took her two hours to admit it' - not!

    Team Brain

    I want to give her sympathy ups for being blindsided yet again and compassionate ups for finally breaking down after she swore she wouldn't, but she should be starting to see this stuff coming by now, and she doesn't. She's on to Natalie but not to how she works, and she's been on to Ronnie for some time but he keeps getting the upper hand somehow - or did. She'll get the last laugh on that score when she says 'I vote to evict Ronnie' tomorrow night. Often the pattern has been the hamster who needs to win HOH the most does, and if that pattern holds we'll be seeing her room debut tomorrow night.

    Team Jock

    Everything's her fault but it's no fun watching her work. At least she finally took a shower tonight. By the way, I don't buy her routine of being ignorant about tampons and female anatomy in general. I think it was just more of her stale naïve act, which also fuels her glee at making Jordan sound dumb.. Natalie was grinning like a Cheshire cat throughout that exchange.

    Team Brain

    'So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.'

    Team Jock

    According to his HOH blog, he duped me along with many others. If the blog is legit - and there's no reason to think it isn't - his loyalties lie with Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie after all (even though he sent Ronnie to the eviction chair and his doom tomorrow), and he's bought everything they've dished out to him about Michele. That saddens me, but at least he seems to trust Jeff and doesn't think Jordan's any sort of threat so even though the feedmasters try to force the ickies on us most of the time, the watchable twosome should stick for awhile as the others get weeded out. I still think Russell's one of the fun ones, but he's got to stop the marathon rehash sessions with Chima - they go nowhere and they're boring, and he's got to get free of the ickies in general.

    Team Offbeat - Won: 1 week banana gig
    Videos of him & Jessie together surfaced early and their covert partnership ran the house for two weeks, but that deal expired after the Ronnie Mutiny was forgotten and Casey was blamed for Natalie's hinky vote. His quick wit provided memorable one-liners on a daily basis, and they only got better from both Angry Banana and Sad Banana. He came in like an aging Mike Boogie but he got past that, earning lots of fans thanks to his humor, his laid back style, and his ability to not take it all so seriously.

    Team Popular - Won: Nothing
    She was the star of the first CBS eps although she was barely in there. Her boobies were a show in themselves, and she protested way too much about the attention they got (usually while thrusting them at anyone handy). Mostly she was a miseryguts, glaring & pouting, and claiming to have everything figured out like BB9 Allison but with Shelley Duvall's voice. Her face-off with Jessie was memorable thanks to 'let me get down to your level', 'you're not the boss of me' and 'thrown under the river'.

    Team Popular - Won: Nothing
    His nekkid pics got out before the premiere, he said Julie's a ho, and he started a race riot in there - but his target Kevin wasn't offended by the words as much as that they hadn't been buddies. The habitat went nuts waffling about his eviction vote (vs Chima) but he was barely involved, although he did provide the fodder for her most shocking nominee speech ever. Despite all that, Braden turned out to be a funny hamster and a great third to the Jeff & Jordan comedy team.

    BB10 Brian Hart
    Team Brain
    BB8 Jessica Hughbanks
    Team Popular
    BB5/7 Michael Cowboy Ellis
    Team Offbeat

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    Jeff to Lydia, about Jessie: Why do you keep going back for more?

    Michele: I don't think they'd allow me to say a nice [farewell] message to Ronnie - they'd be like 'no'

    Lydia: Are you really gonna vote to keep me here?
    Jeff: Yes Lydia, yes, for the second time, yes
    Lydia: So I have Michele, you, Jordan, Kevin
    Jeff: That's all you need

    Jeff: [Michele] sucks at this game! I don't give a fuck if she is a doctor

    Jeff: Ronnie is still the rat no matter how much you point the finger at Michele

    Jeff: I'm the captain of the loser crew.. when shit goes awry everyone comes outside

    Michele to Chima: Thank you for not clawing my face off

    Kevin to Jessie/Natalie: I don't like being tag-teamed by you two

    Jessie: I'm more delusional than anyone in here

    Natalie: I want to go back and redo my goodbye message

    About viewer messages
    Russell: Dude, why do they all hate us?
    Ronnie: Are we one of the most hated casts ever?

    Jordan: Don't be sad, you're Gucci

    Lydia: Did you ever say I'm a fucking whore, and all I wanna do is suck Russell's dick and Jessie's dick, and that's why I go up to the HOH room?
    Chima: I did say that - at least I'm honest

    Ronnie: Michele shut up, I'm not talking to you - if I want you I'll say 'crazy bitch'

    Jeff: Ronnie didn't even touch those drawers - he slammed them with his mind

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    Hamsters who met before BB11: 2
    -Jessie & Casey

    Sex events: 4 Lydia/Jessie

    Makeout pairings: 0

    Nominee speech scorchers: 2
    -Chima, Casey

    Major fights: 8
    -Natalie vs. Jeff
    -'Beaner' race wars starring
    -Laura vs. Jessie plus Natalie
    -Post-Braden eviction blowout
    -Everyone vs. Ronnie
    -Russell vs. Chima (3 fake rounds)
    -Kevin vs. Ronnie (2 rounds)
    -Russell, Natalie, Chima vs. Michele

    Naughty past that may have surprised the producers: 1 - Braden

    Shocking true stories: 1 - Chima

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 of 4 Fridays
    -Wedgie comp + Jessie
    -Technotronics (Clip of the Week)
    -Jordan's time-telling

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