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Big Brother Season 11

Take a swig whenever Jeff says 'fuckin' (and start looking for an AA sponsor)

Jessie is Head of Household
Jordan & Michele are nominated
Team Brainy are Have-nots

Which additional food item should the Have-nots get with slop?
> Cabbage & cocktail weenies

Thursday's eviction show led the hour with a 2.0 rating and 7 share, ahead of 'Bones' rerun on FOX with 1.5/5, '30 Rock' rerun on NBC with 1.1/4, and 'Samantha Who?' on ABC with 0.9/3.
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Veto comp on Saturday

Chima's birthday is Tuesday

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There are four teams: Populars, Jocks, Brainiacs, and Offbeats.

Teamies of the HOH cannot be nominated, but they can compete in the next week's HOH comp.

Comps determine living conditions for the teams. The losers live in the Jail room with lights always on cold water showers, and slop.

Viewer votes determine one additional food item the sloppers can have.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 80 mics.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman


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  Day 20 - July 24, 2009       Bookmark and Share

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>> Jessie is Head of Household - Jordan & Michele are nominated <<

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    Another day, another handshake

    After Jessie guaranteed Ronnie safety again/still, they shook & handshake-hugged on it.. Ronnie told him & Natalie "You are my brother from another mother, and you are my sister from another mister"

    Team Brainy lost the food/have-not comp again and moved back into Jail, but they got cabbage and cocktail weenies to go with their slop

    Lydia told Kevin (again) about servicing Jessie with HJs, saying there had been "a few" - I'm figuring three: under the tent in HOH, on the REDRUM sofabed one afternoon, and last night/this morning in HOH.. the odd part was Kevin acting like he hadn't heard about the first one before

    Jessie nominated Jordan & Michele according to plan - well, the plan with some of them anyway.. Casey seemed perturbed, Michele upset, and Jeff & Jordan confused.. it was a fun evening though with some stories and laughs, and no drama, culminating with Chima telling her story to Russell downstairs while Jessie & Lydia went undercovers upstairs, upping the tally to four

    Feeds highlights

    If you have SuperPass you can watch anything you missed, or see it again.. just enter the date, time and feed on the FlashBack page

    7/24 - 3.10pm - F1/2 - Lydia & Kevin talk about HJs
    7/24 - 5pm - F3/4 - Jeff visits Jessie before noms
    7/24 - 9pm - F3/4 - Truth or Dare: Natalie moons Lydia, Ronnie hugs Casey, Kevin wakes up Jessie, Russell licks Chima, Michele cuddles Jeff, Chima licks Russell, etc
    7/25 - 12am - F1/2 - Russell clears the room, and dies laughing
    7/25 - 2.30am - F1/2 - Chima tells Russell about her rape
    7/25 - 2.30am - F3/4 - Jessie & Lydia undercovers tent
    7/25 - 3.30am - F3/4 - Jessie gets a condom

    Random caps of the day

    These are my most recent screencaps - click thumbnails to enlarge or click here to see more.. you can log in using your Twitter nick and password to leave comments on any cap, and your comment will also be automatically posted to your Twitter.. use #BB11 in all tweets and comments for a clickable link to tweet with other feedsters
    Daily Ratings - Truth or Fart edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    I've been wondering, maybe Big Brother's been getting worse & worse each season because Alison Grodner's been trying to get out of doing the show, but maybe Julie Chen didn't want to give up her primetime gig. For the three of you who don't know, Julie's hubby and babydaddy is Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS, so I would imagine she can pretty much call her own shots about stuff like that. Maybe Alison's ever-worsening twists, uninspired casting, recycled comps, recruiting of actormodels & waitresses instead of hamster wannabes, and mysterious & incohesive storyline editing is just her way of trying to kill off the show so she can be cut loose from it. The lackluster ratings would seem to indicate she's succeeding, but so far it keeps coming back like a tired, molting phoenix. But now that Julie's going to be a mommy, maybe she'll decide to spend more time at home, and we can all go cold turkey next summer and get on with our lives.. Alison included.

    Team Offbeat

    He's looking rough and he's getting grouchy. I don't think he ever got a chance to talk to his partner Jessie between his HOH win and nominations, thanks to Lydia & Natalie alternately babysitting Jessie round the clock. So Casey's one of the few who still doesn't realize the plan to kill Ronnie has been tossed, and he was its most vocal supporter. All that's well and good but only worth a neutral: ups are for his succession of quickfire one-liners about Russell's midnight chemical fart that kept Russell - and us - rolling for far longer than a fart should be funny.

    Team Brain

    It sounds like Chima had some more problems with production during the comp today. She said 'They [the show] fucked me - they like pissing me off.. so I can be the Angry Black Woman.' Sure, she gripes a lot about a lot, but there is quite possibly some truth in that. We'll see if she remains the designated whipping girl on the next few CBS episodes, or if they air her 'America can suck it' Diary - said about viewers bothering to vote for cabbage rather than doing something important, but they might snip that part for air. She lightened up though and got cozy with Russell several times, including some licking action during Truth or Dare and an extended, get-to-know-you convo (with some touchy-feely), as well as telling him her rape story, well after their midnight curfew.

    Team Jock

    The Jeff drinking game is moving right along, and anyone playing is feeling no pain. He was quiet but busy today with a pre-noms visit with Jessie, consoling and pep-talking Jordan after her nom along with their usual daily dose of cuddling, teasing and flirting, and trying to work out with Jordan & Casey the logistics of Ronnie not getting nom'd. All that and he also slept a LOT, contributed to the sidebar quotes, and confessed he writes his name with his finger in the velvet of the Diary couch whenever he's in there.

    Team Jock

    He's still on ignore but it's been difficult to do lately since he's been on the feeds nonstop as well as being involved in most pivotal convos plus the only sex we've had so far. But today followed the Thursday show's example: he wasn't shoved down our throats all day, making him a lot easier to avoid.. at least until he & Lydia went at it.

    Team Popular

    While others were wearing their BRAINS or ATHLETES team shirts, she started the day wearing BEER. She went on to flash her junk again, and entertained all of them and us with more Jordan stories all afternoon and evening. She was hurt and confused by her nom, but she doesn't realize how few choices Jessie had. Casey & Jeff tried to figure out the situation for awhile but Jordan, with her keen social skills, was the one who noticed and asked 'Why are they all friendly with Ronnie again?'

    Team Offbeat

    He's starting to come out a little more each day and today he earned solid ups for the way he climbed onto Jessie's bed for Truth or Dare, complete with the first real smiles we've seen from him. He also got Lydia to confirm the HJ rumors (although somehow he forgot that she'd already told him about the first one), and he's getting a good, jokey rapport with Russell that has a lot of amusement potential for us. He's also in a great position game-wise, being both under the radar and also under Lydia's powerful wing.

    Team Offbeat

    Feedsters who were shocked by her telling Kevin about three Jessie HJs (four after tonight, plus full-out sex) just haven't been paying attention: she told BB5 Diane in her pre-show interview that she was willing to do any guy or girl in order to further her game, she named and put Operation Sexbomb into action on the first night of the feeds, and her behavior towards Jessie doesn't include anything intimate. It always comes back to game - and Natalie - even right after they had full-out sex tonight, with no segue at all. Speaking of Natalie, if glares could kill, she'd be long since dead from some of the icy stares Lydia's given her lately. I'm convinced it's not jealousy: it's just wanting that game spot if Jessie goes the distance. Her cleaning rampage last night must have been more stomp than scrub, as Jordan recleaned the bathroom tonight, with several of them complaining how dirty it was.

    Team Brain

    Like Jordan, she also seemed upset and confused by her nom, and was likely also wondering what happened to the agreed-upon plan to kill Ronnie. Little does she know he's been running a smear campaign about her for weeks - probably because she'd be real competition for him should they both end up in the finals - but it's been effective so she's in real jeopardy this week. Kevin kindly said he'd use the veto on her should he win it, but I don't think he got Lydia's permission before making the offer so that might not happen. I thought Michele was the one who suggested Natalie give Lydia a surprise mooning but later Russell said it was his idea. Either way, it was a brilliant idea to add fuel to that showmangle©, and it will have repercussions. Lydia's already escalated that to saying she saw more than she could have: she glanced for a nanosecond before looking away and stomping off. Amid much laughter.

    Team Jock - Won: Slop pass

    She's become our ninja hamster this year: she's always anywhere that anything's happening, but you never notice her arrival. We know that BB gives some cheap clothes to those who don't read their instruction sheet and bring logo items, but Natalie said today they'd bought her jeans as well as bikinis.. being a tomboy type, maybe she didn't bring the designated female hamster uniform at all? The tension between her & Lydia is getting thicker by the hour and they're bound to blow sooner or later. Natalie told Kevin (probably truthfully) that she'd probably marry the guy she likes if he asked, and that she likes Jessie as 'a best friend, maybe even like a brother - but to date, no' so all the jock matchmakers can call off those wedding plans once and for all.

    Team Brain

    Our supposed BB scholar shows a little more ignorance of the whole process each day, and he's underestimating those who aren't in on his revival by suddenly being openly social and perky again with no explanation or transition. I still like the idea of the geek taking out the jocks and populars, but he's hitched his wagon to the jocks and I'm not sure he realizes they'll drive off without him the second they don't need his vote anymore.

    Team Jock

    He had a banner day that included a hiney slip, friendly almost flirty fun with Kevin, a deadly fart that cleared the room and caused the kind of hysterics you had to be there for, two or three highly contagious giggle fits, licking, being licked, and flirty chats with Chima - carrying her off at one point, and a long late convo with her where he listened without drawing the attention back to himself, like most hamsters invariably do. He's a keeper.

    Team Popular - Won: nothing
    She was the star of the first CBS eps although she was barely in there. Her boobies were a show in themselves, and she protested way too much about the attention they got (usually while thrusting them at anyone handy). Mostly she was a miseryguts, glaring & pouting, and claiming to have everything figured out like BB9 Allison but with Shelley Duvall's voice. Her face-off with Jessie was memorable thanks to 'let me get down to your level', 'you're not the boss of me' and 'thrown under the river'.

    Team Popular - Won: nothing
    His nekkid pics got out before the premiere, he said Julie's a ho, and he started a race riot in there - but his target Kevin wasn't offended by the words as much as that they hadn't been buddies. The habitat went nuts waffling about his eviction vote (vs Chima) but he was barely involved, although he did provide the fodder for her most shocking nominee speech ever. Despite all that, Braden turned out to be a funny hamster and a great third to the Jeff & Jordan comedy team.

    BB10 Brian Hart
    Team Brain
    BB8 Jessica Hughbanks
    Team Popular
    BB5/7 Michael Cowboy Ellis
    Team Offbeat

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    Kevin: You were giving out hand jobs at the time
    Lydia: How do you know about that?!
    [huh? she told him on July 14]
    Kevin: Did this HJ go yesterday?
    Lydia: Umm well, there's been a few
    Kevin: Does he have a nice peepee?
    Lydia: I haven't seen it.. the other part? Freaking huge
    Lydia: I'm not gonna have sex in this house

    Jessie: Everybody seems to think that because of my physique, I have a fucking ace up my sleeve
    Jeff: Who says that?

    Jeff: I'm supposed to be on 'The Bachelor' next month

    Casey: I'm tired of fucking taking orders from an 18-year-old
    Jeff: She thinks she runs this motherfucker

    Kevin to Casey: You look sour

    Russell: What's the longest you've gone without sex?
    Chima: I don't know.. two years?
    Russell: Are you kidding?! They make people like you??


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    Hamsters who met before BB11: 2
    -Jessie & Casey

    Sex events: 4 Lydia/Jessie

    Major fights: 5
    -Natalie vs. Jeff
    -'Beaner' race wars starring
    -Laura vs. Jessie plus Natalie
    -Post-Braden eviction blowout
    -Everyone vs. Ronnie

    Naughty past that may have surprised the producers: 1 - Braden

    Shocking true stories: 1 - Chima

    'The Soup' mentions: 3
    -Wedgie comp + Jessie
    -Technotronics (Clip of the Week)
    -Jordan's time-telling

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