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Big Brother Season 11

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Laura was evicted
Jessie is Head of Household
Nobody is Have-nots

Which additional food item should the Have-nots get with slop?
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B) Cabbage & cocktail weenies
C) Pickled eggs & pickled herring
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Thursday's eviction show led the hour with a 2.0 rating and 7 share, ahead of 'Bones' rerun on FOX with 1.5/5, '30 Rock' rerun on NBC with 1.1/4, and 'Samantha Who?' on ABC with 0.9/3.
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The habitat has 52 cameras and 80 mics.

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  Day 19 - July 23, 2009       Bookmark and Share

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>> Laura evicted 8-1 - Jessie won Head of Household <<

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    After a relatively uneventful HOH lockdown, they set about their Thursday tasks of cleaning the habitat and grooming themselves & each other, like they do

    It was the second week in a row with little to no campaigning by the nominees, and Laura walked the plank to Julie's boudoir after footage ran of her crying about not asking for votes - maybe she should have.. she likely sealed her own fate the night she paraded all her skimpy dresses for them all, proclaiming one as "what I'll wear when I'm in the finals".. Jessie won the HOH skeeball comp, dooming us all to hell for another week

    It was a relatively calm evening for the most part with most of them enjoying miseryguts Laura's absence, except for Natalie making a show of making tuna and Lydia making a stink about Natalie, and the two of them bitching to others about each other for several hours.. it wasn't much but hopefully it will escalate

    As disturbing as Jessie's HOH win is for most of us, noms tomorrow could be interesting as he's pretty much screwed no matter what he does: he "has" to put up Ronnie but he can't, he "should" put up Casey but he can't, he'd like to put up Jeff or Russell but he can't, and Natalie's pushing for him to put up Lydia but he won't.. fun times ahead for us

    Feeds highlights

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    7/24 - 1am on - Lydia bitches at & about Natalie, and Natalie bitches about Lydia
    7/24 - 3.15am - Jessie asks Lydia to talk to him & Natalie (even though both have only bitched about the other to him) - she refuses, and he reports back to Natalie

    Random caps of the day

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    Daily Ratings - Hello Gene Crowe special edition

    VTE = Voted to evict
    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    Was that a paid ad on Thursday's show about Jessie was a train conductor?? It didn't air on my station but I saw it on my 5pm viewing. How much extra is he getting paid this season anyway? Other than that he was barely on the show til the comp, so maybe they've finally realized their massive blunder in rerunning him. The 3-hour Ronnie Mutiny lost all of its oomph in the 3-minute edit: they didn't even touch the mob of 11 against 1, let alone the secret visits to Ronnie afterward. Well, they had to rerun the movie promotion and show them practicing skeeball for no reason, so that's where that time went.

    Julie really needs a new script writer: 'Ronnie can run but in the Big Brother house, no one can hide' - um, he hid pretty well for 48 hours, and 'Russell's wrath has only begun' - and it ended as soon as it began. But the clincher was 'on the internet Ronnie's being called the square root of all evil' - really??

    Jordan's speech was cut off when she slipped in an unpaid ad for McDonald's, and Laura said 'it was so fun getting to know all of you' - again, really? Laura had fun? I sure missed that. She didn't have much fun when her farewells were played, especially Kevin's and Russell's. I could go on - Ronnie's dubbed voiceovers, Russell's missing slither, etc. but I'll stop now because there were just too many holes in this show to bother filling. I've got nothing to say about the HOH comp: it's what it is, whether we like it or not.

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Laura

    He's still on his anti-Ronnie filibuster and it's gone beyond boring to downright annoying, along with his constant 'You have that woman thing going on' spiel. With his partner upstairs again, he's safe for another week or seven, so what's his problem? He got misty on the show over missing his little boy's first steps and rightly so: he'll never get those back again.

    Team Brain
    VTE Laura

    It looks like her stint at being the CBS whipping girl might be coming to an end - we'll see. She's all but certain the hinky vote was Casey, based on the fact that he was called to Diary tonight when nobody else was without an easily explainable reason, but most of the rest of them are looking to Michele. Word to the wise: if Chima goes back to waitressing, avoid her table.

    Team Jock
    VTE Laura

    He came close to making this a much more enjoyable week than it's going to be but at least he's safe from noms. He & Jordan had their awww moments on the show and more later on the feeds, and depending who ends up on the block, we should be able to expect a lot more from the two of them. Don't miss the new drinking game: I'll let it ride a few days to make sure everyone gets a good buzz.

    Team Jock
    VTE Laura

    Still on ignore and there he'll stay, and that's a good thing: I won't have to repeat here how he told Lydia that Casey's on her c**t (and no, the word isn't your first guess). I also don't have to report how he famously 'does not drink' but he did tonight.

    Team Popular
    No vote (nominee)

    She gave a good speech and came off looking endearing and not-dumb. 'You're all so Gucci' was cute and just one of many classic Jordanisms to come out tonight. She might be in trouble again this week depending how the stale cookie crumbles for noms, but she's likely in real trouble for the food comp tomorrow unless they help her out somehow. She enjoyed her meal tonight with relish, but we need her to have booze!

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Laura

    I'm giving him ups for 'two snaps' in whichever formation they were, and for his zinger of a farewell to Laura. I know it's not much, but it's Kevin so I'm being lenient. He also listened to Russell tell about his folks but alas, the feeds shifted us outside when Kevin started to tell about his family.. chances are they didn't sign releases.

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Laura

    What was that on her head during the show - the remnants of Bjork's swan outfit? Even CBS viewers must be getting tired of her (fake) tears, and feedsters are wondering how far she'll go undercovers with Jessie this time. She wasted no time taking a bubble bath upstairs, then climbing into bed with Jessie and planting a big kiss on him before going into her whiney/pouty/anti-Natalie routine, and later she started a big public to-do with Natalie over who's sleeping where. Lydia proclaimed she'd just stay up all night, and set to cleaning in a passive-aggressive rampage while Natalie bitched about her upstairs. Much later when Natalie finally left HOH, Lydia went back up and into Jessie's bed. Showmangle© is underway!

    Team Brain
    VTE Laura

    Her lemon number tonight was her first evening gown rerun, and it's not her most flattering. She was singled out by Julie and that was useful for CBS viewers as well as feedsters, to remind us all she's still there. She's getting blamed for Lydia's sleeping problems and for Natalie's hinky vote by some of them, and she'll likely be one of the nominees tomorrow since she's one of Jessie's only safe choices thanks to the teamie restriction and his many tangled alliances.

    Team Jock - Won: Slop pass
    VTE Jordan

    I'm all for a hinky vote as it causes unnecessary drama and that's what our summers are all about. She covered her ANGEL butt extremely well during her chat with Julie and you have to wonder if Diary knew she was going to do that and had Julie call on her on purpose? Sure, call me paranoid, but explain why she and Jessie were called into Diary together tonight: that may have happened in the past but I'm sure not aware of it - the duo & group Diaries I know about were hamsters' choice. She also made a huge public ordeal about making tuna, to the point of taking it into Diary with her, saying 'It's not done yet - I want you to eat it right!' She bitched about Lydia almost as much as Lydia bitched about her.

    Team Brain
    No vote (HOH)

    The dumbest hamsters ever will likely soon forget how they all banded together against him and agreed to draw straws to go up against him to ensure his exit this week. The dumbest hamsters ever also know that he lies like a rug, yet they're still hating Michele based only on his say-so. He's still in semi-seclusion and not a full citizen yet, but his fall from HOH that was looking to be long & hard was cushioned a bit by his days in isolation. Ups are for his HOH pics (link on the sidebar) - they are kind of cute and kind of sad, but better than the cheesy over-posed pics that usually go up.

    Team Jock
    VTE Laura

    He shaved his mustache and head again tonight, giving him yet another new look, and it was handy timing for the evil-looking 'stache to go. He proposed a solution to Lydia's problem about having nowhere to sleep (she said her designated bedmate Michele has night terrors or something), saying he'd gladly sleep in the Jail room to free up a bed, but Lydia refused the offer so Russell (rightly) decided she just wants to be pissy about it. In what seemed like a candid convo, he told Kevin quite a bit about his folks which seemed to explain a lot: it sounds like he worships his momma and is perhaps seeking approval from his dad, who's not a touchy-feely or outwardly supportive kind of guy. Ups are for his farewell to Laura, knowing full well how she pretends to hate her boobies getting attention. He seems to have the best grasp of what makes them all tick, and that should serve him well.

    Team Popular - Won: nothing
    She was the star of the first CBS eps although she was barely in there. Her boobies were a show in themselves, and she protested way too much about the attention they got (usually while thrusting them at anyone handy). Mostly she was a miseryguts, glaring & pouting, and claiming to have everything figured out like BB9 Allison but with Shelley Duvall's voice. Her face-off with Jessie was memorable thanks to 'let me get down to your level', 'you're not the boss of me' and 'thrown under the river'.

    Team Popular - Won: nothing
    His nekkid pics got out before the premiere, he said Julie's a ho, and he started a race riot in there - but his target Kevin wasn't offended by the words as much as that they hadn't been buddies. The habitat went nuts waffling about his eviction vote (vs Chima) but he was barely involved, although he did provide the fodder for her most shocking nominee speech ever. Despite all that, Braden turned out to be a funny hamster and a great third to the Jeff & Jordan comedy team.

    BB10 Brian Hart
    Team Brain
    BB8 Jessica Hughbanks
    Team Popular
    BB5/7 Michael Cowboy Ellis
    Team Offbeat

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