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Premiere event: take a swig every time Julie says 'but first' - everyone's still sober

Jessie is Head of Household
Lydia & Chima are nominated

Thursday's premiere won its timeslot with a 2.2 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Bones' on FOX with 1.4/5, '30 Rock' on NBC with 1.2/4, and 'Samantha Who?' on ABC with 1.0/4 (adults 18-49)
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It's aawwwwnnnn

Veto comp is Friday? Saturday?

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I don't know for sure but am guessing/hoping we'll have weekly visits from Craig Ferguson again (even though they've revived the 'no outside contact' catchphrase)

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There are four teams: Populars, Jocks, Brainiacs, and Offbeats.

Teamies of the HOH cannot be nominated.

Comps will determine living conditions for the teams. The losers will live in the Jail room with lights always on, cold water showers, and slop.

Viewer votes will determine one additional food item the sloppers can have.

Promises of a 'green' habitat have apparently been grossly exaggerated: they still have the washer & dryer (rats!) not to mention tons of TV lights, but they did get recycling bins and a compost machine.

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The habitat has 52 cameras and 80 mics.


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  Day 5 - July 9, 2009       Bookmark and Share

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>> Jessie is Head of Household - Chima & Lydia are nominated <<

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    Operation Sexbomb

    That's the name Lydia & Kevin came up with to get her off the block, and she worked it hard with serial cozying campaigns through the habitat

    She seems to have as many alliances going as BB10 Brian Hart, and we all know how that turned out

    Jessie's tweeting from BigBrotherHOH as will future HOHs, but don't bother to reply - they won't see them.. they all did an impromptu beauty pageant thingy in the backyard after Showtime signed off, that was really quite fun - a few caps of that are in the forum.. they all strutted their stuff, like they do, and Casey was a decent emcee, but the real surprise was Michele who really worked it

    Feeds highlights

    The timestamping is off on the FlashBack feature, but meanwhile these are good tidbit segments from this first night of feeds - times are actual/BB time, to be adjusted if I figure out their system

    7/ 9 - 11pm - F3 - First tears of the feeds (Lydia), and Operation Sexbomb on Jessie
    7/10 - 12am - F3 - Beauty pageant show

    Other random caps from the evening are on my Twitpic

    Welcome back, Hamsterwatchers

    Watch Big Brother 11 on SuperPass. Everything you can't see on TVGET YOUR FEEDS ALREADY
    It has begun

    If you're just arriving here this season, I've already posted a few Hamsterwatch episodes with news, rumors, and links to what our new hamsters are about.. please to enjoy

    If you're a feedster, you know it's urgent you be watching these first days, as deals & alliances have already been made that will affect the rest of the season - not to mention learning who's who

    Join us in the Hamsterwatch Chatroom evenings to point and laugh, and say WTF?

    Daily Ratings - Here We Go edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value.. this is where the bulk of the haps will be this season

    Even though they unfollowed me on Twitter, I'm giving them ups for being back, for giving us a good premiere without a lot of unnecessary fluff, and for Julie cutting down on her 'but firsts' so we could all stay sober. Also we didn't have to have 2 hours of feeds without audio (remember last time?) and there were only a couple momentary fishies all night. The Jail room was a brilliant idea but unfortunately it doesn't have the lights on 24/7 as promised - boo! The bubble wrap wall with the green recycle arrows looks surprising cool on the feeds - but don't try it at home.

    Team Popular

    I didn't see much of him and have no idea what his voice sounds like. We saw a lot of that dazzling actormodel smile in the pre-season, but tonight he was all goofy expressions.

    Team Offbeat

    I was all set not to like him but he was a decent emcee for the beauty pageant, and we need one of those. When he went up for his turn to spin and moonwalk, the rest of them were at a loss as to what to say.

    Team Brain

    Something happened to get her nominated but I don't know what, and I didn't see any indication tonight of the fireworks she promised. She laughs at herself too much and too loudly, but I think she's playing the game - I'm just not sure who with.

    Team Jock

    His teamie Natalie hates him.. that's all I got.

    Team Jock

    Yep, he's back, and the vast majority of the BB interwebs are asking why?? He started tweeting tonight, so there's no excuse for you not to. He's still full of Jessie-isms but he's still full of himself too.

    Team Popular

    This girl's funny: she can talk about any subject and run off down tangents you never saw coming. She said in pre-interviews that she waitresses at a bowling alley, but tonight she said she'd also worked at Hooters - surprised? Her stories might get annoying but for now, they're pretty funny to listen to. It's looking like Lydia's the only one who can shut her up, and that's by out-talking her.

    Team Offbeat

    Mr. Fabulous kept a disappointingly low profile on this first night of feeds, so I'm still not at all sure what he's about behind the flamboyance. He did urge Lydia to go out and set Operation Sexbomb into action, so the two of them might be actual allies, but it's too soon to know for sure who's lying through their teeth.

    Team Popular

    She was mostly subdued and seemed almost gloomy most of the times I saw her, except when it was her turn to strut her bikini for the pageant. She said she cried last night but I don't know why, and she got a little snippy when Jordan & Lydia decided to wear lingerie for tonight's debut - I bet she wishes she'd thought of it first.

    Team Offbeat

    Qualified ups because she's one of the busiest hamsters we've seen since BB6 April and BB5 Diane, and she cried within two hours of the feeds kicking on, but she might get irritating if she keeps gaming this hard. Or evicted. Operation Sexbomb was all go tonight though and wow did she make a lot of rounds, using different tactics with everyone she cozied up with.

    Team Brain

    She's laying very low but she surprised everyone by doing a full-out bikini hoochie dance during the pageant show - nobody saw that coming from the neurobrainy. I don't know where she stands as far as the game, but I have high hopes that she knows what she's doing in there.

    Team Jock

    She spent half the night counting votes - and they haven't even had the veto comp yet! Even Jessie, who listened to Michelle harangue about game all last summer, told her stop talking game when they were holed up in HOH after lights out. She seems to be all game, all the time - and that's never my cup of tea.

    Team Brain

    I was a little disappointed that he wasn't as fun & perky as he'd led us to believe he would be, but he salvaged that by telling a funny story about being jealous & angry when he found out his wife had a friend named Tom on her MySpace. He spent a long time with Lydia as one of her Operation Sexbomb victims, then an hour or so with a harem of girls in the spa/gym, and then went up to compare notes with Jessie, so he's working a lot of them too.

    Team Jock

    I have no idea what Lovemuscle brings to our table.

    Didn't make it through the front door:
    BB10 Brian Hart
    BB8 Jessica Hughbanks
    BB5 Michael Cowboy Ellis

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    Craig Ferguson to Julie Chen: Have you got a whole bunch of new skanks & ho's?

    Julie: Step into your underwear and grab your toilet seat

    Jordan: Booger means sex

    Chima: This live feeds thing is weird - this whole time we hadn't been watched

    Casey: Best looking season ever!

    Lydia: I hope everyone in the hot tub drowns

    Jessie: I do like taking naps

    Jessie: Our discreetness is immaculate


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    Naughty past that may have surprised the producers: 1 (Braden)

    They'll have to work hard to get up to as much sex & fights as last season, but I have high hopes for them

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