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This site is about the Big Brother feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Take a drink whenever April complains about something or someone.. whining counts

Sunday, August 10 at 8pm: Has-beens revival, food and/or luxury comp, nominations, assorted out-of-sequence dramas

Westies can watch the air show live when it's on in the East at

Thursday's eviction show kept them in second place with a 4.1 rating and 7 share, behind 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Fox with 5.5/10.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Task 1: Who should Dan get nominated? Jessie/successful

Task 2: Who should Dan hug for 10 seconds? Jessie/successful

Task 3: Who should Dan vote to evict? Jessie/successful

Dan gets $20k if successful and not discovered. Apparently the previously-announced 4th task has evaporated. It's not clear whether all the 'Dan is America's Player' suspicions will invalidate him.

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A chance of fight follow-ups

Veto meeting on Monday

Apparently they'll be on Craig Ferguson every Wednesday night now

The only remaining birthday is Dan's, September 1 - if he's still around then

Hopefully they'll get another shot at earning the grill.. it's waiting


They're all on slop 5 days this week, except Michelle

Memphis Bob has to wear Wilma Flintstone onion necklace

Memphis Bob has a 1 week slop pass
(so do Janelle and Sharon)

BB announcements - clues?
·121 marble slots in a Chinese checkerboard
·Sweden is slightly larger than California
·The tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 stories
·Over 300 species of turtles alive today
·Wurlitzer 1015 Bubbler arguably the most popular jukebox of all time

'Switzerland' or 'The Psychologist' refers to Diary Room; 'Vacation' refers to pre-show hotel sequester

Jerry is being called 'The Colonel'

The winner will once again receive $500k, and second place gets $50k. The weekly stipend for the others remains $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman

Finale is scheduled for September 17. It's a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days

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  August 9, 2008 - Day 33

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>> Michelle is Head of Household - Keesha & Libra are nominated - Jerry won veto <<

>> Latest Twitters should show here - if not, see them here

    Hurry up and wait

    Some of them were talking about how much fun they'd be having if they hadn't voted out Steven & Brian.. them and us too

    I thought I'd heard they were told to be ready for the veto comp at 10am, but at 2pm they were still sitting around waiting.. most of them are looking forward to their feast tonight: I have to admit I was almost hoping it would be a combo event: whoever eats the most raw lobster with cockroach sauce wins the veto, or something, but no such luck

    Jerry does it again

    April, Jerry & Memphis Bob joined the three VIPs for the comp, adding yet more fuel to their "Dan is the AP" suspicions.. it took another three hours or so, but Jerry won the veto again, apparently by chopping onions

    He credited a past life as a potato chopper for his win.. Libra came in second, again

    Jerry leaned in for a hug with Keesha as he promised he'd use the veto on her, as agreed with Michelle and her hug, and that demon spawn Dan would go up instead as a kind of lesson, or something.. Memphis Bob wore his onions around with his $85 shirt, but they had more of a Wilma Flintstone look than his v-neck designer likely had in mind

    Dinner for nine

    It started tense, with all of them locked in HOH for two hours showering, primping and making a nuisance of themselves.. they were finally released to a sumptuous feast - that was cold

    They all dug in and enjoyed it anyway.. Renny set things off by toasting everyone around the table with mostly glowing words: her various subtle gems went >whooosh< over most of their heads, as usual.. then they all took a turn saying glowing things about each other

    Keesha's were pointed mostly at April: she sounded like she was making nice but she wasn't being particularly nice about it.. Libra sounded like she was giving her nominee speech.. Dan choked up when he told Jerry he was sorry things went the way they did, and that he'd thought of Jerry as a grandfather he didn't have, making Jerry tear up
    By the time they finished dinner, they were well liquored up and they kept on drinking, and then the fights began, like they do

    Libra ran away to cry before the lovefest was even finished, then cornered Ollie in the pantry afterward to beat him up for a long time about "ho and scallywag".. meanwhile, Keesha & April revived the Barbie Battles in the spa

    Pretty soon it was another free-for-all, with the Battling Barbies duking it out all over the habitat, Libra making a big deal of everything in the universe, and all of them blaming everyone but themselves for Steven, Angie and especially the flip to Jessie
    Michelle got into it with Libra in a big way and several others, but her biggest battles were with herself: she threw solo tantrums in the backyard, the living room, and outside her own HOH room.. it was peculiar to say the least, and very amusing
    The guys stayed out of the way as much as they could, other than Jerry who of course butted in here & there when one of the battles rolled into his vicinity.. Memphis Bob tried to get absorbed into the pool.. Ollie & Dan tried to sink into the living room couches for awhile.. Ollie finally made a safe getaway, but Dan's attempt to hide in the shower backfired when Michelle found him there

    Renny, who set this whole thing in motion with her dinner toasts (and probably the mutiny that evicted Jessie as well), showed up here & there, giving hugs to the distressed.. her name never came up in any of the evening's blame games

    All in all, it was a very fun evening with about four hours of chaos that will get boiled into four minutes for CBS.. it really pointed out the utter necessity of booze in there

    Find lots of screencaps in the forum, thanks to chewy9028, Alwaysroomforcake, and a special narrative photo-recap of fight night by ABT

    Daily ratings - Bang! Crash! Pow! edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value.. there was lots today

    It's not right of them to stick everyone in HOH when it's still someone's power room, let alone when it's primping hour. It's also not right to take two hours to set up a meal and then serve it cold. It is however very fitting to serve mass quantities of wine & beer with the meal, giving us the kind of show we pay to see.

    Won: Designer clothes, $4k (TBC)
    Well, our new drinking game got off with a bang tonight. She didn't have as much to say as some of the others during all the shouting and finger-shaking, maybe because she's guiltier of more of the flying accusations than most of them. Fortunately for Ollie, they didn't get busy tonight.. she might have killed him if they had.

    Won: $20k (presumably)
    Kudos for making Jerry feel the guilt over what an ass he's been the last couple days, and for doing it in such a sweet and sincere way. I don't know if it'll help much, but it can't hurt. Ups also for Dan's feeble attempts to hide from all the raging females. You had to feel bad for the guy - this is probably all new for him - but it was also funny watching him duck.

    Won: $5k (TBC)
    I have to give him credit for a second veto win in a row, even though it's swelled his head til it's too big to fit into his USMC hat. He got misty when he heard Dan's heartfelt speech, and deservedly so: Jerry's been very nasty & bitter about Dan, and the lengths he's gone to and the things he's said have been totally uncalled for.

    She put on a show of shows, and kept recycling and playing it through again at louder & louder volume. I thought we'd heard all of her vocal variations, but when she starts screaming, it's an all new sound effect and a very unique one. For being as volatile and outspoken as she is, she's sitting very pretty right now. She'll likely be saved on Monday, and she's in excellent standing with Renny, Jerry, Memphis Bob, and now probably with Michelle too.

    Won: Hawaii trip, $1k (TBC)
    I seriously thought her head was going to explode tonight, several times. And for a bonus, she kept getting shoo'd away when she'd try to join various fights in progress throughout the night. Even after all her many outbursts and explanation attempts, she's very likely as much of a goner as she was before dinner.

    Won: Classic Camaro
    It was weird enough seeing him forced to chat with his old nemesis Jerry for most of the night, but when the fighting girls took it outside a few times, he couldn't get low enough in the pool to stay out of the line of fire.. I kept thinking I bet he wishes he had a snorkel.

    First they all took over her room and bathroom for two hours: that'd be enough to make anyone spit. But then revelation upon revelation got the better of her, and she started questioning everyone except her dearly departed Saint Jessie, who's the one who fed her all her faulty info to start with. Her solo tantrums will go down as one of the highlights of BB10, rivaling Edward Norton's office fight with himself in Fight Club. Thanks to Michelle, there are about 49 pillows in the wrong place around the habitat tonight.

    Once he escaped Libra in the pantry, he did pretty well for himself tonight and avoided most of the worst of the flying flak. He & Dan couldn't sink deep enough into the couches at one point when the living room became center stage, but he finally made a clean escape and wasn't heard from again.. not even at bedtime with April.

    She is truly the master at the subtle dig, personality profiling, and manipulation without malice. So much so, that she's beginning to make Dr. Will look like an amateur.

    The first to get an empty wheel before their time, his comic relief wore off fast and he brought nothing but a major mirror obsession and raging insecurity. But it's not all bad: he laid around in pink pillows and talked himself gone with rampaging harangues, and he'll carry the fact that he lost to a girl while wearing spandex, then lost to three girls plus Renny. Rehabs will profit from the Jessie Drinking Game.

    The third fan fave to walk the plank, she was a great sidekick to the fun guys but she didn't bring much after they left, including any real attempt to save herself. Like many who have gone before, she seems like she'd be a cool person in reality, but this isn't. Her angry hat and illegal tribute bandana aside, she did a great Julie puppet and manscaping. Bikini fans will miss her, as will the Behind Pillows alliance.

    They all liked him and his shenanigans, but his comp potential and desperate pledges of multi allegiance got him booted anyway, plus he was Brian's pal. He entertained them and us like few have before, with skits, dances, nekkid romps, Ambien-induced bedtime stories and general looniness. Too bad he went before he made it upstairs: he'd probably have revived Bath Buddies® and done it right.

    He made more of an impact than most who get voted out first and he had the potential to be a fan fave but he over-allied and betrayed too early and had a very negative edit to boot. He was smart, funny, and a good ringleader for the guys - time will tell if they can be as fun without him. Sock Puppet Theater on only the second night of feeds, under his direction, could be the highlight of the season.

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    B-Side Blog on being at Jessie's eviction

    CBS teaser for the hamster
    has-beens comp

    If that doesn't do it for you, try their dancing doggies

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    Memphis Bob: You do a basic outfit that I would buy: my jeans range from $250 to 300, then like this t-shirt cost like $85, and then my shoes, whatever
    Memphis Bob: If it's like the top designers - first of all, I couldn't fit in any of their shit anyway.. if I go into Armani, nothing fits me; Gucci, nothing fits me; Prada, nothing fits me; John Varvatos, nothing fits me; Ted Baker..

    Renny (saying grace): Everyone in this house will remain special to one another, bad or good

    Renny (toasting Jerry): I talk some smack about you in Dairy Queen.. but you cease to amaze me with your winnings

    Keesha: She followed you around like a fucking cricket

    Ollie: Big Brother, why don't you give alcohol every night?

    April: Ollie and I will be together after this

    Libra (to April): I have never not liked you.. yet the other day when you called me a bitch, I was done with you

    April: I didn't hear what I just heard


    Put that prick [Dan] up there so he feels what he did to Jessie

    Memphis hates the shit out of me, but that's his problem

    (to Keesha): I still love you baby, whether you like me or not

    If you don't believe me then you'll never believe me - I'm that trustworthy

    You'll never see another 75-year-old like me

    (about Dan): There's Judas! There's the prick, the little motherfucking cocksucker

    I haven't broken one promise in here.. other than to Brian


    Sex: April/Ollie (9x)

    Makeout pairings: April/Ollie, Angie/Steven

    Major fights: 9
    Jessie vs Renny (pre-feeds)
    April vs Keesha
    Jerry vs Libra, plus Renny
    Jerry vs Michelle
    Jerry vs Memphis Bob (not on feeds)
    April, Keesha, Libra, Jessie free-for-all
    April vs Ollie
    Jessie post-eviction free-for-all
    April vs Keesha + Libra vs Michelle

    Impressive party tricks: Renny's fist, Renny's headstands

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 (meet April's boobies plus Jerry's affirmation; Jessie's HOH pics of himself; Jessie's farewell to Angie plus Michelle's 'whore slut skank' catsuit rant)

    'Best Week Ever' mentions: 1 (Ollie/April sex with the lights on)

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