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This site is about the Big Brother feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Take a drink whenever April complains about something or someone.. whining counts

Tuesday, August 12 at 9pm: Veto comp, veto meeting, feast & fights, assorted out-of-sequence dramas

Westies can watch the air show live when it's on in the East at

Sunday's show remained in second place with a 4.1 rating and 7 share, far behind the Olympics on NBC with 18.8/32.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Task 1: Who should Dan get nominated? Jessie/successful

Task 2: Who should Dan hug for 10 seconds? Jessie/successful

Task 3: Who should Dan vote to evict? Jessie/successful

Dan gets $20k if successful and not discovered. Apparently the previously-announced 4th task has evaporated. It's not clear whether all the 'Dan is America's Player' suspicions will invalidate him.

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A chance of fights

Apparently they'll be on Craig Ferguson every Wednesday night now

The only remaining birthday is Dan's, September 1 - if he's still around then

Hopefully they'll get another shot at earning the grill.. it's waiting


They're all on slop 5 days this week, except Michelle

Memphis Bob was freed from his Wilma Flintstone onion necklace

Memphis Bob has a 1 week slop pass
(so do Janelle and Sharon)

BB announcements - clues?
·121 marble slots in a Chinese checkerboard
·Sweden is slightly larger than California
·The tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 stories
·Over 300 species of turtles alive today
·Wurlitzer 1015 Bubbler arguably the most popular jukebox of all time

'Switzerland' or 'The Psychologist' refers to Diary Room; 'Vacation' refers to pre-show hotel sequester

Jerry is being called 'The Colonel'

The winner will once again receive $500k, and second place gets $50k. The weekly stipend for the others remains $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman

Finale is scheduled for September 17. It's a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days

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  August 10 & 11, 2008 - Days 34 & 35

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>> Michelle is Head of Household - Keesha & Libra are nominated <<

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    Jerry mouths off (Monday)

    Jerry didn't use the veto, but he's pissed off the entire habitat by using his time in the limelight to mouth off about Dan

    Michelle got all fired up since Jerry's speech made it sound like a veto replacement would be his choice.. Keesha (who'd been promised safety by Jerry) is understandably unhappy, as is Libra.. Dan continues to be hurt by Jerry's over-the-top nastiness, and everyone else seems shocked by it too, even though most of them have spent most of their time lately talking about Dan being AP


    25 minutes of Michelle's Diary leaked out onto the feeds

    It was very flirty on both sides, with comments about how she looked and even growls from the male questioner.. he asked her if the meeting went as she thought it would, and she said she'd have put up Renny if Jerry had used the veto, to ensure Libra goes

    Her posing and baby talk was distracting, as was her referencing "Judaism" when referring to Jerry calling Dan "Judas".. the usual leading questions came along such as "Why are you upset with Dan?" as opposed to "Are you upset with Dan?".. she also did her weekly CBS Mobile fluff

    Slop cakes

    The problem with all of them being on slop is no booze

    Jerry & Renny have an unspoken battle going on about whose fried slop cakes are better.. it doesn't really matter what they taste like though, as Renny makes hers for everyone, so she wins by default

    Jerry keeps trying to retell his anti-Dan speech, but nobody's interested.. by attempting to make Dan look bad, Jerry seems to have pretty much buried himself, and helped raise Dan's standing a bit closer to where it used to be

    Speaking of which, I really shouldn't even post this, as my photochop abilities are poor, especially compared to artists like C=Venus, ArtMaggot, and the various choppers at Survivor Sucks, but I couldn't listen to Jerry mouthing off about Dan any longer without thinking of him as Sergeant Carter to Dan's Gomer Pyle

    Apologies for the sloppy chopping, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    One big hangover (Sunday)

    They're recovering today: rehashing, retelling, and revising.. Keesha says she isn't going to drink in there anymore, Michelle now firmly believes she saw the banner that didn't exist, most of them are finally starting to realize April & Ollie are a pair that needs to be broken up, and April & Ollie continue planning future weeks

    They didn't get up to much today/tonight other than "why Libra sucks" and "Dan is America's Player" at every turn, so it's a quickie mini-episode to combine with Monday's

    Find more screencaps of the day(s) in the forum, including slide shows by Alwaysroomforcake

    Daily ratings - Double duty edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    A 25 minute Diary leak in the middle of the day was something, but it was really something to hear the outrageous flirting by Diary personnel we've often heard about, but never really heard before. There were various other convo slips that slipped through on Monday too, without fishies intervention, but the extended fishies during Showtime hours were crazy and easily neutralize the errors/treats.

    Won: Designer clothes, $4k (TBC)
    She isn't showing up on my feeds much lately. She's either hiding out a lot, or the feedmasters aren't following her, or she's sleeping all the time. Hmmm, maybe she's suffering the fatigue that's common early in the first trimester? If she's not there yet, she may be soon: they went at it again Monday night in the pink poodle walk-thru room, while most everyone else was still up and around.

    Won: $20k (presumably)
    He's really in the doghouse with his former grandpa figure, but Jerry's ridiculous and off-script rant today seems to have made a lot of the 'Dan is the AP' chatter ease up, and Dan's getting back to being a more or less sympathetic and well-liked character in there. He looked ready to crawl into a very deep hole during sex chat Monday night, but he could have left the room anytime so he must have kinda liked it.. at least a little.

    Won: $5k (TBC)
    Silly man: he claims to have seen all seasons but we know he just fell asleep in his easy chair 5 or 10 minutes into each show. Otherwise he'd know that the veto meeting script is one that has no room for variation - definitely not variation of the personal scolding of uninvolved parties type. He says he keeps telling Diary to 'punish' Dan, but instead they left a throat lozenge in there for him so his tirades would be audible. He's also claiming now that his dinner tears the other night were fake.. yea, right.

    She's taking her sustained nomination well, considering she was expecting to be saved today. She even perked up to her raucous laughing self Monday night when she starred in the loud & funny convo about "wahooing" and "popping off", though she showed herself to be as naive as Dan about some subjects.. perhaps more so.

    Won: Hawaii trip, $1k (TBC)
    She seems resigned to leaving, so she's starting to enjoy herself a bit more again. Reports of her weight loss in there fluctuates as much as the value of Memphis Bob's Camaro, and she cycled through costume changes tonight faster than Renny.. planning her outfit for Julie's boudoir, maybe.

    Won: Classic Camaro
    He's getting around as well as always: he seems to be cozied up to everyone in there and nobody suspects how much double-dipping he's doing. Other than that, he doesn't get up to enough lately.

    After the veto meeting she said 'Nobody's gonna put words in my mouth' but then she came close to letting Diary do so in her extended leak. Her flirting and posing for her questioner bordered on sickening, but her babytalk crossed that border. Mixing up 'Judas' with 'Judaism' was ridiculous, but par for the course for hamsters. She & Libra each gave many versions of BB history today, and both had as many errors as accuracies.

    His daily routine is pretty dull (other than his evenings with April) but finding out today that he's scared of birds was kind of fun. He couldn't figure out why California birds just stare back, and when he thought a crow was coming for him, he made a dash to safety that probably rivaled the time trials on the Olympics track.

    She won Phase One of the (undeclared) slopcakes war with Jerry, which could be her subtle way of revving up her Dump Jerry Campaign again for next week - although after today, he doesn't need much help in that department. She also had a feast ready for them all at midnight when they came off slop, and she brought out more disguises from her huge bag of tricks to keep them rolling in the aisles. She's also started gunning for April, and that suggests a very fun future for us. Be patient, Hamsterwatchers, it will come.

    The first to get an empty wheel before their time, his comic relief wore off fast and he brought nothing but a major mirror obsession and raging insecurity. But it's not all bad: he laid around in pink pillows and talked himself gone with rampaging harangues, and he'll carry the fact that he lost to a girl while wearing spandex, then lost to three girls plus Renny. Rehabs will profit from the Jessie Drinking Game.

    The third fan fave to walk the plank, she was a great sidekick to the fun guys but she didn't bring much after they left, including any real attempt to save herself. Like many who have gone before, she seems like she'd be a cool person in reality, but this isn't. Her angry hat and illegal tribute bandana aside, she did a great Julie puppet and manscaping. Bikini fans will miss her, as will the Behind Pillows alliance.

    They all liked him and his shenanigans, but his comp potential and desperate pledges of multi allegiance got him booted anyway, plus he was Brian's pal. He entertained them and us like few have before, with skits, dances, nekkid romps, Ambien-induced bedtime stories and general looniness. Too bad he went before he made it upstairs: he'd probably have revived Bath Buddies® and done it right.

    He made more of an impact than most who get voted out first and he had the potential to be a fan fave but he over-allied and betrayed too early and had a very negative edit to boot. He was smart, funny, and a good ringleader for the guys - time will tell if they can be as fun without him. Sock Puppet Theater on only the second night of feeds, under his direction, could be the highlight of the season.

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    Michelle's Diary slip slide show
    with captions, by Cate of
    Reality TV Chicks

    Fight slide show by Aldav

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    Renny: [April]'s like a horse - she has peripheral vision

    Renny: Dan, you keep leaving the door open.. how are we supposed to talk about people?

    April: You think I'm mean? Really?
    Ollie: Heck yes.. it's sexy, it turns me on

    Memphis Bob: I've made it clear to him [Ollie], the showmance shit must go

    Libra: Some people are gonna leave here with just their stipend
    Keesha: I'm one of those people!

    Michelle (about Silicon Valley): Is that where they got a lot of women with fake implants?


    [Dan]'s America's Player.. he ain't doing shit he's doing for no reason.. he'll be fucking up this thing from now on - he's making money

    (about Dan): Little cocksucker with no body, bow-legged.. I actually hate him

    (Renny talking about BB8 Jen): Where'd you see her?

    (to Ollie & April): You turned her into a slut


    Sex: April/Ollie (10x)

    Makeout pairings: April/Ollie, Angie/Steven

    Major fights: 9
    Jessie vs Renny (pre-feeds)
    April vs Keesha
    Jerry vs Libra, plus Renny
    Jerry vs Michelle
    Jerry vs Memphis Bob (not on feeds)
    April, Keesha, Libra, Jessie free-for-all
    April vs Ollie
    Jessie post-eviction free-for-all
    April vs Keesha + Libra vs Michelle

    Impressive party tricks: Renny's fist, Renny's headstands

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 (meet April's boobies plus Jerry's affirmation; Jessie's HOH pics of himself; Jessie's farewell to Angie plus Michelle's 'whore slut skank' catsuit rant)

    'Best Week Ever' mentions: 1 (Ollie/April sex with the lights on)

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