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This site is about the Big Brother feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Sunday, July 27 at 8pm: Food comp, nominations, assorted dramas

Wednesday's eviction show remained in second place for the hour with a 4.2 rating and 8 share, behind 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Fox with 5.0/9.
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Nominations Thursday

Veto comp Friday

Plotting, scheming, hating

Maybe no Revive-a-Hamster after all.. boo


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Nobody's on slop

'Dominican Republic' might refer to Diary - I'm not sure

Jerry is being called 'The Colonel'

The winner will once again receive $500k. Second place will probably be $50k again, and the weekly stipend for the others will probably remain at $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season

Finale is scheduled for September 17 so it'll be a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days

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  July 23, 2008 - Day 16

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>> Steven evicted 9-0 - Keesha won Head of Household <<

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    Swab the decks

    Live show days mean primping the habitat and themselves.. they're mostly rules-followers this time, so everything sparkled by the time Julie said "Hello houseguests"

    Steven walked the plank as scheduled, despite some pre-show chatter about flipping the vote.. Julie just said "Awww" to his saying he wants to see his boyfriend soon: yet another indication of a revival on the way

    HOH Committee

    Waiting for the HOH room, Michella & Libra co-sucked up to Keesha for awhile, with April joining.. finally the room debut came.. it's early enough in the season that they all act happy to see the HOH goodies, and most stick around to socialize.. Jerry's such a outcast anymore, he couldn't get anyone's attention

    Renny stayed after the others and Keesha made it clear she trusts her most.. then the piranhas went to work

    It felt like Keesha was getting pushed & pulled every which way and back again as they came at her in ones and twos, then herds and mobs.. at one point she told Memphis Bob that she wanted to put up Angie, and he made a beeline to the spa to tell Michelle & Jessie

    Libra worked on her for an hour or more, pulling out every emotional blackmail trick in the book, and later followed her upstairs for tears about wanting to see pics of her babies.. it's going to be a long week

    The drunken mob got to her spyscreen, Dixie Chicks CD and HOH robe before her, ate all her candy bars, most of her chips & snacks, and drank all her wine (except for one bottle she hid away and shared secretly with Renny & Memphis Bob).. the entire habitat was tipsy, and a few were smashed.. Renny was the star of the night with headstands, hand tricks, raucous laughter and genuine support for Keesha - well, it felt genuine to me

    Find a few screencaps in the forum

    Daily ratings - Spit 'n polish edition

    VTE = Voted to evict
    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    Wednesday's show had a confusing start with Julie in her prison break jumpsuit saying 'Even the quietest mouse can't escape the eyes of the cat' - huh? Steven's exit was classic and proved how much we need a revival of these first two heavy casualties. The faces in the mirror gag is way past its shelf date and they need to retire it, and it wasn't right to play Missing Items before we can play along: there are way too many of them in there still, and we rarely get to see the room decors other than in passing. I haven't watched all the shows so I don't know if they've made any explanation for how the former Battling Barbies are now BFFs, but I'm really stumped over why Libra got two audience questions? Either way, the things being asked keep tipping them off as to what's being shown on tv and I call that 'outside influence'. Julie said 'it's Day 16' and we're all in synch, so they better not try to full any funny stuff with that again.

    VTE Steven
    She's the only one who didn't participate in Animal House tonight, and she's Keesha's number one target.. coincidence? Some of the forces at work might still shift her away from that goal - we'll find out soon enough. Angie would be great to keep around but she's absent more than she's present, and most of the time she acts like she's just killing time and would just as soon go home.

    VTE Steven
    She did her share of pushing Keesha, and pushing Ollie too. This 'relationship' seems like it's already peaked and is on its way downhill as they pick little spats with each other over nothing, but they're stuck in there with each other so maybe they'll get busy again or have some big fights. Or both.

    No vote (nominee)
    Again with the Mrs. Chen? He tried to keep up with the wild bunch by telling stories about teaching sex ed, but he's more like a tag-along little brother or sidekick, and his leaders Brian & Steven are gone. He could be a co-nominee tomorrow.. we'll find out soon enough.

    VTE Steven
    They're shunning him so bad now that it's getting sad, and even though he's easily Public Enemy #1, he'll be safe this week: apparently he wormed his way into getting a safety guarantee from Keesha before anyone else did.

    No vote (HOH)
    He ran errands and interference for a very worried Michelle tonight, and was actually impressed by Renny's very impressive party skills. Basically it was another day of Jessie talking himself up, but he's surrounded by pros at that and he can't keep up. It was also the second day in a row of him making a fool of himself on national tv.. it's all good.

    VTE Steven
    She got pummelled by almost all of them and she may or may not fall victim to any of their influences, but she's not going to boot Libra so we'll just have to wait that one out. She is a fun and funny drunk, and a gracious hostess as they invaded her new room over & over and steamrolled through her goodies. Her late night smackdown on Libra was a joy to behold.

    VTE Steven
    She psychologically assaulted Keesha in three or four intense sessions that would have made most people either crumble or knock her block off. She pulled every trick out of the book and topped it off by crying about her babies. She did all this wearing a shirt that said SOCIALITE.. maybe SOCIOPATH would be more accurate. And then she came back for more after the others finally passed out - but Keesha had a couple 'I told you so's' up her sleeve and shut her down.

    Won: Classic Camaro
    VTE Steven
    Like Angie & Dan, he can be fun but his stock dropped when the ringleaders walked out the door. His party chat consisted of talking up his supposed showbiz savvy & experience AGAIN, and it's more of a crushing bore every time we hear it. I'm still not sure how he got from HOH to the spa so fast to report in to Michelle & Jessie: he must have teleported. Even though they're friends in there, he's the other option Keesha might put up with Angie tomorrow.

    VTE Steven
    Jessie had the title but Michelle made the noms, and she's the one who suffered the fall back to citizen tonight. She whooped it up in various groups but she's nervousing (© BB5 Cowboy) badly, knowing that she and/or her cohorts could be on the block tomorrow. She & Renny snapped at each other a couple times and while it was probably nothing more than sippy bickering, we might eventually see a smackdown between those two.. that would be something!

    VTE Steven
    Julie Momma? He joined in the fun to a point, and considering he doesn't drink, he holds up real well being surrounded by a houseful of drunks. His fling with April seems doomed already, but he might go for another roll in the red plaid with her, if he can, especially since he doesn't seem at all interested in playing the game.

    VTE Steven
    Hands down star of the night in a big way, easily filling a huge gap left by Steven tonight and then some. Her party tricks warrant a sidebar tally, particularly the fist in the mouth, and the headstands weren't bad either. She's a silly drunk, and a very fun one, but just like in the sober and/or medicated daytime, she does not miss a thing and doesn't hesitate to snap at someone when needed.

    They all liked him and his shenanigans, but his comp potential and desperate pledges of multi allegiance got him booted anyway, plus he was Brian's pal. He entertained them and us like few have before, with skits, dances, nekkid romps, Ambien-induced bedtime stories and general looniness. Too bad he went before he made it upstairs: he'd probably have revived Bath Buddies® and done it right.

    He made more of an impact than most who get voted out first and he had the potential to be a fan fave but he over-allied and betrayed too early and had a very negative edit to boot. He was smart, funny, and a good ringleader for the guys - time will tell if they can be as fun without him. Sock Puppet Theater on only the second night of feeds, under his direction, could be the highlight of the season.

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    Libra: People are starting to notice that people aren't cleaning up
    (err.. people named Libra?)

    Dan (to Jerry): You've done an excellent job assimilating to the group

    Angie: Hell, I get you confused with Jessie
    Memphis Bob: I know, but you're dumb

    Steven: Suck it, bitches

    April: I don't need to be known as the bulimic bitch on the show

    Keesha: I gotta get head of household so I'm not the blonde walking around with dark roots

    Renny: Dan, you're a man with no country


    I like her (Rennie) a lot more now that she's medicated & drunk

    (about hide 'n seek): There's too many people that are like already in bed - well, there's only two..

    Be careful - the cameras are out there


    Sex: April/Ollie (2x)

    Makeout pairings: April/Ollie, Angie/Steven

    Major fights: 2
    Keesha vs April
    Libra vs Jerry, plus Renny

    Impressive party tricks: Renny

    'The Soup' mentions: 1 (meet April's boobies & Jerry's affirmation)

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