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This site is about the Big Brother feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

No time-out feed links are posted and ready for Hamsterwatchers to grab.. get your RealPlayer ready to go for Sunday night!

Julie won't be on 'The Late Show' or 'The Late Late Show' to hype the show next week either.. odd.

Sunday, July 13 at 8pm: Introductions and first HOH comp. Feeds will begin when it's over.

Once again, overnight ratings will be posted the day after each air show, along with which shows had more viewers, if any? They don't have to go up against 'American Idol' this time but ABC's 'High School Musical' audition show looks like tough competition for Sundays.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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BB10 premieres Sunday, July 13

Eviction shows will have a live audience - the first one is July 16


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The winner will once again receive $500k. Second place will probably be $50k again, and the weekly stipend for the others will probably remain at $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season.

Finale is scheduled for September 17 so it'll be a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days.

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  July 10-12, 2008 - Days 3-5? - Pre-season

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>> Somebody (Jerry?) is Head of Household - Somebody is nominated <<
>> Somebody won the veto and used it <<

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Boobage in the house - already!

The leaks are really leaking now.. here's a video from inside the habitat, as they umm.. get to know each other

It all starts tomorrow night.. remember Hamsterwatchers, the premiere footage is always heavily edited (just like all CBS footage) so use it to get to know who's who, but wait for the feeds to kick on after it ends to get the real goods

I'm hesitant to say so for fear of jinxing it, but I think it looks like a promising season this time!

Early impressions (Thursday)

I'm a bit puzzled by this season's "leaks".. they sound like they're really ads to create buzz, likely put out by The Powers That Be, but disguised as "secret insider information".. I don't know why they just don't come out and tell us this stuff openly, but no matter

What we know so far - if the "leaks" are accurate anyway (and they probably are): they moved in Tuesday, but first they selected Jerry as the first Head of Household.. that's likely what Alison Grodner meant when she threatened the game would start before they moved in

Also, "half the house" is on slop already - so much for the liquid diet idea - sigh.. maybe they'll show that first food comp on the premiere? They won't have the usual 10 or so minutes devoted to the usual endurance comp for the first HOH

I'm not going to go into the who's bonding with whom reports, as I don't necessarily trust TPTB when it comes to that stuff and never have.. I prefer to wait for the feeds to kick in Sunday night to form my own judgments (and you should too), but you can read the supposed "leaks" as told to RealityBBQ in the forum

If you want to check up on our hamsters' past lives, you'll find some of their MySpace pages, etc on my links page - some of them have people handling friend requests already.. let me know if you have any additional official links or insider info that isn't showing there yet

Daily ratings - Hasty conclusions edition

Ratings will usually be based on entertainment value, but these are an early guess at their entertainment potential based on what we've seen & heard so far.. I'm keeping their CBS pics up here for one more episode.. be sure to learn who's who before Sunday when they come exploding through our RealPlayers en masse

The habitat decor is what it usually is: a lot of gimmicks that will be old by 10pm Sunday night. The kitchen looks kind of cute though with its 50s diner look, but I'm not expecting they'll go without a microwave (and clock) for long. I'm not making anything of the fact that the house tours show 14 photo frames. That count has been wrong in the past - I think it's one of the last things they fix up - and when Housecalls' Gretchen and seven reporters did a one day test run of the habitat, they had an eight-frame facade over the photo wall. Anyway, you just know if they had an additional hamster on hold, they'd be talking up 'another surprise' in a big way. I think the guitar and portable record player will be as functional as last year's many radios were: they're just too cheap to pay royalties for any music that might leak out onto the feeds. I am surprised but not disappointed that Diary doesn't look any different than it did last time but other than eviction votes, Diaries have become the least interesting parts of the show over the last few seasons. My biggest question is why is there a rocking chair outside the front door? It's not like anyone's going to hang out there to chat.

The 'leaks' have hyped her up as an 'alpha female' but I'm not so sure. She's newly divorced so she may have some 'issues' show up about that and/or her ex, which could be fun. She seems smart so she may do well on mental & memory comps, and she'll probably be able to drink the guys under the table. Otherwise she seems like the type of hamster one might like in reality, but that often makes for poor reality tv and worse Hamsterwatching. She brought 9 cartons of cigs with her, which might not be enough if she lasts.. nicotine withdrawals are always fun.

Watching-wise, I think she'll be our golden girl as she's never had roommates, and she talks a lot about being obsessive-compulsive to the point of not being able to sleep if the canned food isn't lined up properly in the cupboard. She's already worried about having messy people in there, and messy people are a staple of any season. She's also said she won't eat any gross foods, so count her out when that comp rolls around. She said she's up for a showmance and she has a big crush on BB6/7 Howie. If she lasts, she'll be one of many contenders in the 'deserves the money' camp as she's said she'll make a donation to a Down's syndrome foundation.

He only knew BB Australia before being locked up with prior season tapes and he swears he won't cry (we'll see about that), and he's worried about having to face tears from the others. He said it's always good to 'be friends with the gay guy' and he seems like he has a sense of humor so he could be fun. He also said he plans on talking to the camera so he gets easy ups for that: here's hoping he follows through. His official info has changed from 'San Francisco via Elk Grove' to plain ol' San Francisco.

He's something of a wild card as he's been a victim of pre-show negative hype but he has come across as being rather full of himself in his interviews. He seems to think he's already smarter than the others and that could be fun to watch (especially if he isn't) at least for awhile. He can't be the all-bad misogynist he's promoting himself as though: he's got a relatively long-time girlfriend, and a sister who's hugely supportive of him.

This guy sounds like he'll bring some laughs as he claims to be a huge fan & feedster but he was clueless about BB9's strip nights and pool makeout orgy. He also paused when BB5/7 Diane asked his opinion about BB8 Dick, then he asked who the interview was for (LA's CBS station and umm.. the web), and then proceeded to crack a nasty and obviously well-rehearsed dig at the Evel one. He also claims he'll confront bad behavior, yet will be focused 100% on the game - huh? Plus he's got an elaborate strategy he calls 'The X Factor' - you'd think such a fan would know that term's been used already. If he sticks, he'll compete in the 'deserves the money' sweepstakes as he's got a sick wife, all those kids & grands, and he also wants to donate to an animal shelter.

The phrase 'babe in the woods' comes to mind here. Between the freakish body he's so proud of and his overall naiveté, I think he'll be the #1 target to laugh-at-not-with. He seems like all his bravado talk is masking some huge insecurities, and he let slip that his dad is a psychologist who used to interrogate him about motives & consequences rather than just sending him to his room - and that tidbit came out of context, and out of the blue!

Bikini fans will probably like watching her but I have a feeling when she opens her mouth, she'll annoy more feedsters than BB5 Holly, BB8 Daniele and BB9 Allison combined. She's also afraid of slop, so be prepared for some whining there. She lives with her boyfriend but says she's open to a showmance, so that could get interesting.

Interviewers like her and she seems smart and personable enough to make feedsters like her, despite the overkill in the pre-show hype about her politics. She may think her three kids will make her a contender for 'deserves the money' but leaving a 4-year-old and two infants behind for the summer has already earned some major wrath among fans, so she's another wild card.. I can't call it. She mentioned Hamsterwatch to BB8 Jen though, so she gets easy ups for that.

Along with calling himself 'Memphis' when his name's Robert, this guy's coming across as the ass we don't want to pay to listen to. If we're lucky, he'll talk himself into some early fights but that's about all I can see him being good for in there.

She's not really a realtor - she's a 'broker's assistant' - so chalk up another exaggerated job description by The Powers That Be. She's also another wild card as she definitely sounds like she's holding back in her interviews and may know a lot more than she lets on. She says she's up for a showmance, and she thinks BB2/7 Dr. Will is dreamy. I still don't have confirmation of her having a stripping past but if true, that stuff always comes out sooner or later. Don't expect another BB9 Natalie though.. well, at least I don't think so.

His pre-show hype of being the goody two-shoes, stereotypical preacher's son is just that: hype. He didn't even bring a Bible in with him - praise the lord! He sounds fun, down to earth, and up for just about anything, including a showmance. He does have limited experience with girls though, so there's a chance he could get played in a big way. Incidentally, his official bio has changed from 'Minneapolis, MN via Des Moines, IA' to 'Bloomington, Minn. (suburb of Minneapolis)' and they're calling him Bryan Ollie now for press purposes, which will likely confuse many.

She's smart, feisty, outspoken, and says she knows the game. She's also well-travelled, including Thailand and Costa Rica, and that's probably the best experience around for learning how to get along with anyone. She'll also be a 'deserves the money' contender as she'd like to help her hard-working, pipe-layer hubby retire. The habitat 'leaks' suggest the others aren't warming to her but I want to like her. Then again, I wanted to like BB8 Sheila at this point last season, and look what happened there. Her official info has changed from New Orleans to 'Metairie, LA (suburb of New Orleans)'.. well, we already knew that.

He's got a boyfriend but sounds ready to flirt too. Plan on seeing plenty of his bare butt and other bits, as BB took away all his undies. Despite his pre-show rodeo hype, he was injured in the ring and hasn't put any underwear on goats in awhile. All kid-ing aside, he could be the strongest in the comps despite his age: rodeo is one of the toughest sports around, and his day job of GPS-related something or other sounds like it takes more brains than the average hamster brings to the table. He seems fun and likeable, and while nobody's going to enjoy chaw spitting, I think he'll be a favorite for us and them - but BB8 Dustin and BB9 Joshuah started out that way too. His official word has changed from 'Dallas via Opelousas, LA' to 'Dallas via The Woodlands, TX'

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"I kinda miss that 'Hi Julie', 'Hello houseguests', that whole thing.. Chenbot doesn't know how to
function afterwards"
-Julie Chen, on when a season ends.. complete with robot moves

"To celebrate 10 seasons of BIG BROTHER we are going 'old school' and returning to the original concept for the show - a group of strangers living together in a house and battling it out for half a million dollars"
-Alison Grodner

(gee, I thought it was due to fan/viewer demands and BB9's bottom-of-the-barrel ratings.. and anyway, the 'original concept' has viewers voting the evictions)

Watch this space - you know they'll get up to stuff

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