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This site is about the Big Brother feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Julie won't be on 'The Late Show' to hype the show this week: he's on reruns. So is Craig Ferguson.. maybe next week?

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Sunday, July 13 at 8pm: Introductions and first HOH comp. Feeds will begin when it's over.

Once again, overnight ratings will be posted the day after each air show, along with which shows had more viewers (if any? At least they don't have to go up against 'American Idol' this time.)
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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BB10 premieres Sunday, July 13

Eviction shows will have a live audience - the first one is July 16


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The winner will once again receive $500k. Second place will probably be $50k again, and the weekly stipend for the others will probably remain at $750, including sequester weeks.

Finale is scheduled for September 17 so it'll be a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days.

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  July 8, 2008 - Day 1? - Pre-season

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>> Somebody (Jerry?) is Head of Household - Somebody is probably nominated <<

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Time to jump to conclusions

In what I think is an unprecedented move, CBS started running ads on Monday night introducing a few of the hamsters - before their official "Early Show" intros and even before the CBS BB 10 site launched

That probably means they moved in Monday, and have likely held their first HOH comp

It was awfully nice of The Powers That Be to give us an extra few hours to form snap judgments based on first impressions of edited mini-clips

And now the official CBS site has launched with all the official stats and PR Department-approved bios, so we can go nuts.. I see a lot of hair gel in our futures

Update Apparently they moved in Tuesday, and voted for the first Head of Household before doing so

Daily ratings - Snap judgments edition

Ratings will usually be based on entertainment value.. everyone gets complimentary neutrals for now, but face-value first impressions are in effect.. links to the hamsters' own sites and scoops are appearing gradually on my links page, where they'll be added to thru the season as new stuff is discovered

In the I Told You So Department, I am including the "audition process" for each (per AP wire story).. a few applied, but note how many were recruited - as usual

They earned their neutral with an age- and educationally diverse cast, although some of this group was either carefully chosen for their 'values' or such things were hyped up in the official bios. Either way it won't matter much, as most of those pre-fab fights will have taken place before the feeds kick on.

29 - divorced
Orlando, FL via Virginia Beach, VA
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
College grad: advertising
Birthdate 7/2/69

She didn't make the pre-announce ads but her CBS bio says she's a 'Korean-American tomboy who can mix it up with the best of them'. She has a mentally disabled brother, so watch out for more early days 'retard' fights, maybe. She's won Guinness-chugging contests at a bar, and she'd like to be with 'a guy's guy'.. hey, Brian says he sees himself as that! Coincidence?

Audition process: Attended an open casting call in Florida

30 - single
Higley, AZ via Arlington, NE
Financial Manager
College grad: sports/fitness management
Birthdate: 3/24/78

Her early preview clip said she doesn't want anyone's politics pushed on her, and her CBS-stapled description tag is 'Perfectionist'. She looks something like BB6 April so she'll be easy to remember anyway.

Officially, CBS says she works for a car dealer and has OCD - that sounds like fun for us! She sounds closer to her dad than her mom, and she has an identical twin. She also describes herself as 'outgoing, competitive and attractive'.

Further research indicates she's had a DUI conviction.

Audition process: Discovered by casting staff after making it to the 'Survivor' semifinals

27 - single
San Francisco via Elk Grove, CA
Telecommunication Account Manager
AA: Air Force
Birthdate 8/21/80

Per the preview ads, he is ex Air Force (because he preferred hotels over tents, per his sound bite). CBS tagged him 'The Leading Man' and nope, he's not the gay cowboy as prematurely announced on many sites, but he'll probably never live that down now.

CBS bio says that he has 'worked' as a snowboarder among other things, and that he's 'involved in several entrepreneurial ventures' we'll probably hear too much about. It also says he's 'a guy's guy' whose Italian momma is the most important person to him, 'along with his sisters'.

Audition process: He said he was spotted by a casting associate and had to be coaxed into auditioning

24 - single has a girlfriend
Dearborn, MI
Catholic School Teacher
College grad: kinesiology*
Birthdate 9/1/83

He didn't make the preview ads and that's surprising since he's their token radical conservative. His CBS bio says he is 'not a fan of liberals', that he would have left the country if Hillary had become president, and that vegans are 'weird tree-huggers'. He also thinks 'tattoos are trashy' and 'piercings are for freaks.' He does like Cheez-Its though.. maybe he can use them for strategy planning like BB5 Drew.

* the science of human movement

Audition process: After sending in an audition tape, he's been invited to the audition finals three times

75 - married
Magnolia, TX via Wilkes-Barre, PA
Retired Marketing Exec
College grad: marketing management
Birthdate 3/13/33

Preview ads said he's a 75-year-old great grandfather, married for 54 years.. sounds like a possible fan favorite, unless he's a total ass.

His CBS bio lists 'Great Grandfather' as current occupation, and says he's a diehard BB fan - even a feedster! We'll know soon enough if that's true or not. It also says he's a former Marine, Mrs. Jerry has Parkinson's disease, and that they have 2 kids, 5 grands, and 4.5 great grands. Another who says he's 'very competitive', and his heroes are those in the military so that could make for some early bonding. It also says he 'likes to touch' - that could make problems.

Audition process: He sent in an audition tape for 'Big Brother 9' but was called for '10'

22 - single
Huntington Beach via Rudd, IA
Professional Bodybuilder
No college mentioned
Birthdate 4/23/86

His bio claims he's a professional bodybuilder, but there's already evidence that he's just another actormodel type. 'His favorite activity is communicating with people that contact him whose lives he has helped to change' - oookay - and he describes himself as 'personable, confrontational and a flirt'. He didn't make the preview ads.

Further research indicates he's been on MTV's "Exposed" and "Next" - he lost on both

Audition process: His manager received a last minute call from a casting associate for him to audition

29 - single has a boyfriend
Burbank via Sterling, OH
Waitress (Hooters)
No college mentioned
Birthdate 8/1/78

Her tag on the preview ads said 'The Bombshell' (they really miss BB6/7 Janelle, don't they?) and she states she doesn't think she could commit to anyone for the rest of her life.

Wow, even her official bio describes her as 'a blond bombshell'. It adds that she's a 'proud member' of PETA and that she aspires to Hooters management. 'Her proudest accomplishment is leaving home, moving to California by herself not knowing a sole' (spelling per CBS and/or Keesha). She once dated a friend's ex while the friend was 'still in love with him'. She's a MySpace friend of BB8 Zach's and her pics suggest she wasn't born blonde. Her page also says she's a 'college grad' and 'in a relationship'.. hmm.

Audition process: Casting associates called her restaurant looking for a blonde waitress to audition

31 - married
Spring, TX
Human Resources Rep
College grad: political science
Birthdate 8/6/76

'The Chameleon Mom' per the preview ads, and hers showed a cute lil baby (awww) and an Obama sign on her lawn 'in George Bush land'.

Her CBS bio also focuses on her being an Obama supporter. She has a 4-year-old girl and 4-month-old twins - one black and one white. She's only met her dad once, she was a college athlete (volleyball) and she 'likes to gossip' - we like that! She describes herself as 'intuitive and spunky'.

Audition process: She 'turned it out' at an open casting call in Houston

25 - has a girlfriend
Los Angeles via Collierville, TN
AA: event management
Birthdate 12/6/82

His CBS bio says mixologist 'should not be confused with a bartender' but I'm already confused. It also says he has sold Nike knock-offs on the street and he describes himself as 'outgoing, energetic and active.' Well, most of them do. (His name is really Robert.)

Audition process: A casting associate hounded him to audition

28 - single
Cumberland, RI
No college mentioned
Birthdate 12/29/79

No preview ads for her although her CBS bio says she's a 'firecracker' from a large Portugese family, and that she 'jumped up at her brother's wedding' when they got to the 'any objections?' part. She describes herself as 'crazy, funny and outgoing' - we'll see about that. She's athletic - or was, having won several running comps, and she ran a marathon once.

Rumor mill: Hamsterwatcher Rueb reports that she worked (stripped) at The Foxy Lady (adult content) in Providence, RI.. is this her?

Audition process: Her second time trying out after sending in an audition tape

27 - single
Minneapolis via Des Moines
Marketing Sales Rep
College grad: sociology/communications
Birthdate 10/22/80

On the early ads, his CBS tag was 'The Preacher's Son' and he says he has nothing against gays or lesbians, but doesn't think they'll go to heaven.

Per his CBS bio, dad is a Pentecostal minister complete with faith healing and speaking in tongues and Ollie fondly calls his family the 'Black Brady Bunch' '. He doesn't drink, smoke or curse, and what do you know? He too describes himself as 'animated, energetic and good looking'. (Ollie is his last name - his first is Bryan.)

Further research indicates he may have participated in a college bar version of 'Singled Out'.. that doesn't fit with his official bio, really? Julie says in his meet-the-cast video that he recently lost his virginity and that he's 'making up for lost time'.

Audition process: Attended an open casting call in Minneapolis with the motivation of 'winning it all'

53 - married
New Orleans, LA
Beauty Salon Owner
Some college
Birthdate 7/29/54

She didn't make the preview ads, although she looks great for her age unless her official photo was a 'lucky' snap. She's been married 27 28 years and has 2 grown kids. She was an NFL Saints dancer, and she likes to dress up and do impersonations. Naturally, she describes herself as 'vivacious, witty, passionate, dynamic and entertaining'.

Audition process: She 'turned it up a notch' at an open casting call in New Orleans

35 - single has a boyfriend
Dallas via Opelousas, LA
Geographic Consultant/Rodeo Competitor
College grad: ag/marketing
Birthdate 5/24/73

He made the preview ads.. Will the real gay cowboy please stand up? Ahh, here he is.. bull riding, to be specific.

His CBS bio says he rodeo's at night and consults by day, so although he's a champion, apparently it doesn't pay the bills. He describes himself as 'spontaneous, outgoing and outrageous' - yes I know, it's getting old. He also says he's 'extremely good at reading people and then manipulating them into doing what he wants them to do'.. we'll see.

Further research indicates he's also won Goat Dressing, Steer Decorating and Wild Drag Race rodeo events.. (these are literal descriptions: two guys put underwear on a goat; two guys tie a ribbon on a steer's tail; and two people drag a steer that's carrying a drag-outfitted rider).. photo:

Audition process: Casting associates called his gay rodeo organization looking for competitors to audition

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