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All creeped out and nowhere to go

Twins are busy tag-teaming: one goes for Diane as she puts on makeup for hot-tubbing, and the other goes after Cowboy.. whoa, what's this?!

Meanwhile Marvin works a bit on Drew, who's clearly out of his element - he tries to talk game but can only manage "She's a strong player and stuff.. riiiiight.. yea.."

Everyone's having a great time tubbin' and sippin' and.. hello, what's this?!!
Marv (about the hot chick at Y&R): She was eight times better than Lori - I'd kick Lori outta the bed - and she had a big ol' diamond ring on
(someone): Did you ask her how many carats?
Marv: Nah, that'd be crass.. I just asked how much it cost
Marv: Hey y'all getting drunk, you're missing out on the comedy here

They play a drinking game of cumulative phrase-remembering.. Drew's distracted
when it's his turn - his contribution is "You have to say your sexual fantasy"
but Diane's having some top-troubles

Once adjusted, she feigns nonchalance for a minute, then says "I love you Drew"
No reaction.. she repeats "I love you Drew".. no reaction..

Diane has a quick 'n flirty tete-a-tete with Marvin, then goes down the hall acting a bit pissy, where she meets Drew
Big Brother: Diane, please put on your microphone
Diane: Ha ha, I'm going to pee!
Drew: Wanna wrestle?
Nik/Karen: Well, he did flip her off and call her a bitch

Drew gets something from the fridge, whispers to Nik, then scurries back down
the hall where he ambushes Diane from the cement room as she exits the bathroom

Meanwhile Nik lies in wait with spoon in hand and Karen behind her.. direct hit!

Ok, now it gets weird..
Twins hug Cowboy good night and go off to plot and scheme and shower.. there's no point saying anything else here: the pictures speak for themselves - as does Cowboy's face - I'll just point out that yes, in the 3rd & 4th pics they are playing pattycake..





yea there's more to come - believe it or not - stay tuned

don't say I didn't warn you

Used the veto - big deal. Hours of bitching and scheming should affect her rating, but she was genuinely happy for Marvin and that was good to see. Plus she's stirring up shit everywhere - that's always a good thing.

Double whammy day: America's Choice loser and substitute nominee. As disappointed as he was by both, he still cheered Marvin on his 'expense of a lifetime' and was able to separate being happy for Marv from his own misery. He's getting in pretty thick with those twins.. we won't bring up co-ed showers here else he might creep his way down to neutral or worse.

She's paranoi'ing a little more each day, and it doesn't help that all her allies are terrorizing her for kicks. But even spotlight-obsessed Diane enjoyed hearing about Marvin's adventures for a little while, and didn't tell a story about herself for at least an hour.

Drew didn't really seem to be aware there was a soap opera competition going on, no more than he's aware that everyone and their brother-sister-twin is working on him. But he loves hearing Marvin stories anytime, and wants to be just like him when he grows up.

First to bring up Marv's AC win as a fair balance to an eviction, but only cuz she's the only one (besides him) who can think outside the hamster box. She loved watching him bask in his glory, and she had a late-night meltdown to sweeten the deal.

First-ever HamsterWatch double-ups plus contact upgrades and honorary nicknames for all! Marvin had such a great time at Y&R, and he didn't keep his joy to himself: he spread the wealth with all of them, making them forget about game & alliances & evictions, and for a couple hours, they were all <gasp> happy! Marv just rocks.

She put aside the Five Fingers & a Pinky-Swear Plan cuz she didn't want to play dirty (yea right!) so now her arch-nemesis Adria is staying. One of the oddest people in there - and not for the reasons she thinks - she actually questioned later whether Marv hugging her on his triumphant return had hidden meaning or ulterior motives game-wise.. and I thought Diane & Drew had intimacy issues! But she was happy at the time, and has been a font of night-time entertainment lately.

Thrown back into the void by her loving sister - would she have done the same to Adria? Only their momma knows for sure. I don't seem to have any pics of her smiling during Marvin's story time.. but I'm sure she did - she's been smiling up a storm for Cowboy lately.

Manufactured melodrama made a return Saturday, complete with action-hero music and use of the word "livid." Kissing Lessons was cute (a full week late!) but didn't hint at what followed.. And stinkfoot?! Are they even watching Marvin?? Well maybe the "black David Copperfield doing it with smoke and mirrors" has tricked them too. Nice to see CBS also picked up on Karma Electra though - I was starting to think I'd imagined it. Hey! Maybe I tipped them off and they ran back to check the tapes? (we could at least talk about hiring me yanno.. I won't hold you to any commitments) (that goes for anyone with a killer job available who likes what they see here)

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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