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Rock lobster

Cowboy isn't dissuaded from his acting dream by Marvin's triumph yesterday, as he soliloquizes over today's HamsterWatch star of the day:

"This was my friend Lobster, I knew him well"

It's a typical afternoon in the habitat - bodies everywhere
Karen tries to figure out the show air schedule and Nik blows a big one
(no gag reflex, remember?)

Diane seeks love advice from Karen, who has a surprise non-photogenic moment
but recovers quickly
Diane: I'm just not sure what's up with that Vanessa chick..
Karen: She's just a hot chick he picked up at spring break, that's my impression
Diane: I tell him how I feel, he tells me how he feels - he can't say it, but he can draw it - so I said 'What are we? If we were outside here would I call you my boyfriend?'.. we want to get the same flight back.. then hopefully move out to LA together
Karen: It scares me that Drew is so convertible
Diane: I told him 'If it's you and the twins at the end, do you think they're gonna vote to keep you???'
Karen: Blood's thicker than water
Diane: That's my favorite saying.. I gave my sister my blood once for Christmas..
Nik: That's cool!
Diane: ..cuz she was treating me like water
Karen: Have you noticed all of a sudden Pretty Boy became My Man Drew to Marvin? It's his right to vote however he wants, obviously
Diane: He's gonna vote the way I want him to, trust me

Marvin outdoes himself again, this time by cooking up for everyone
the lobster tails they got from (you can too!)
Of course Chef Marv includes all the fixings, and he explains to them what's in
all the various pots.. they all eat together, more or less like a happy family

No false modesty here: Marv enjoys his meal as much as anyone..
the gourmet cuisine is topped off by the evening booze delivery, yay!

They all love the fabulous meal and everyone cleans their plates like good kids

Karen and Ad/Nat tackle the huge clean-up - Diane escapes outside to pick scabs
Once the work's done Cowboy comes in to play Notice Anything Different..
with a routine Scott did weeks earlier (and much better)

Cowboy gets no takers among the clean-up crew
so he takes his act outside and gets the same reaction..
He tries it on Drew - two ways - but Drew doesn't notice much of anything lately

Diane turns the convo around to Holly once again - they're all sure now she's a twin
Diane: I'd never wear an outfit like that! Well, I did once..
Nik: Sitting by her (in the pre-show selection process) I wanted to vomit! I was just hoping she wouldn't speak..
(because of her appearance Nik? hmmm..)
Karen: Sometimes the gap between her teeth was there, and sometimes it wasn't
Diane: I know! And one of them was cool.. I liked that one
(suuuure, Diane)

They sip the evening away with a marathon trivia game..
having come up with Atreyu and Artak, they're still obsessed with the
girl's name in The Neverending Story (but you can find out!)
Marv kicks butt in most categories, but shockingly
admits he's never seen E.T. or the original Star Wars

It's a nice evening sipping around the fire - even the twins join the group again
(look in the background: Drew's playing catch with himself.. what's up with that?)

Marvin's still entertaining Karen & Diane from his bed in his trailer
with stories and Young & Restless and Sopranos trivia
"It's cool with central air".. (what is the name of that Italian meat anyway?)

The handjive duo's covers are moving more, but they're still not very exciting

(after half an hour or so of slurpy kisses and moving covers):
Diane: Sorry
Drew: You know how to get me going
Diane: Sorry
Drew: It's all good.. and what about mama?
Diane: You know what I love?
Drew: My receding hairline?
Diane (back to game game game): Me and you to the end
Drew: (mumbles something)
Diane: What? It sounded like you said hogtie
(keep dreaming, Diane)

Another day, another bug on a string

Marvin had Diary Room personnel checking the average lifespan of a dragonfly.. said he wanted to "find out if we killed him with a rope around his thorax, or if this was his last day on earth anyway"

Unfortunately I missed the entire Savage Junior adventure today..

Considering the outcome, I think I'm glad.. I'd hate to have become attached to him, knowing what I know now.. rest in peace, little guy.

(yesterday's part 2 is mostly posted - and it isn't pretty - thanks for your patience)
They're both pissy about being in trouble for breaking the same pinky promise? Well.. they were the ones selling the 2-for-1 scam - get over it! I can't tell their hands apart but they both ripped into their lobster the same way they rip into their fellow hamsters. Helped clean up, keeping them neutral.

He's about two days from his expiration date. His showers have gotten too creepy in too many ways lately to keep him around much longer.. I won't even go into the crying issue. Ate up all his vittles.

It's getting hard to top herself: most of her best stuff lately would be priceless coming from anyone else, but it's what we've come to expect from her. So swoony over Drew that it's alternately laughable and sad, and the O-less wonder's bedtime antics are pathetic: Ms. Big Talker is a cold fish in the sack. If she's ever going to be 'satisfied' she'll need someone to tie her up and do bad things to her.. and Drew is not the guy for that. Ate like the pretty big sister whose date is waiting in the car.

CBS can't even find much to say about the guy whose entire game is agreeing with whoever's talking to him at the time. Even his under-covers style with Diane is too boring to air. Ate like a 12 year old: 'what's this stuff' face and as usual, let the mom-figures clean up.

Against all odds, her in-your-face style of flying under the radar keeps working for her, and her perceptions of the others are getting more fine-tuned and accurate daily. Never one to turn down a meal, she loved this one and - unlike most of them - she let Marvin know his efforts were appreciated. And she washed the dishes.

Fresh off yesterday's HamsterWatch double-ups tribute, he keeps on going by cooking up a gourmet lobster tail meal for all. Newly-revealed diary gems include 'uglier than homemade sin', boxfest was 'just like Christmas in the rich neighborhood' and 'I kinda liked everyone for a little while.. and I hate these people!'

It's official: CBS alternates 'Jennifer' and 'Nakomis' on the show's opening roll call - Tuesday was a 'Nakomis' show. I loved seeing her watch the spyscreen and claim 'I know there's some smack being talked there, but I don't care' HA! She dug in with gusto and avoided cleanup duty.

They're both pissy about being in trouble for breaking the same pinky promise? Well.. they were the ones selling the 2-for-1 scam - get over it! I can't tell their hands apart but they both ripped into their lobster the same way they rip into their fellow hamsters. Helped clean up, keeping them neutral.

Better to call them hackers than editors for Tuesday's show.. are they watching a different hamster house? The pictures look the same (again, most of the same scene selections that have been posted here) but how do they explain portraying Drew as talking serious game when he was seriously fried with no reference to that? Let alone leaving out Cowboy's classic line about Drew's confusion seconds later 'No, it's not the first time you've felt that way!' Better they show Drew as he is, nodding & agreeing with anyone and everyone. Ditto with twins: a couple nice bits of them hammering people but somehow they still came across as somewhat sympathetic.. crying in bed together contributed to that (not to mention the kink appeal network tv is helpless to overlook) but when does the tv audience get to see the hateful venom Ad/Nat spew so often? Continuity is misleading too: what-happened-when is not exactly accurate. A couple more overly drawn-out competition segments, another idiotically exaggerated soundtrack. Show highlight: Marvin's diary room one-liners - keep 'em coming!

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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