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8/25/04 - Day 55    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest

Love lies bleeding

It's that kind of day

Maybe I missed the good stuff, but I have a feeling there wasn't much..

Still, we have to find our fun where we can

The nominees pack - always a sad time - but at least they have their special personalized Big Brother 5 bags to ease the pain.. Adria helps Natalie decide how they'll split up the wardrobe and they wonder where it all went wrong..
They worry how they'll maintain the Twin Power onslaught once separated.. Natalie worries her nails down to the nubs.. then they go worry Cowboy some more

In the storage room Marvin hurriedly assures Cowboy that "Diane can control Drew".. and Cowboy leaves a bit of himself behind (huh??)
Outside, Karen cracks up with her 19th nervous breakdown and laments to the twins
Karen: I don't know where I sit..
I know I owe you a decision and I can't give you that..
I don't even know my sister, but if she walked through that door tomorrow, everybody would be an acquaintance

Twins continue their Prevent Cowboy From Campaigning campaign, this time feigning interest in his show biz dreams..
Twin: So Cowboy, you still gonna write that sitcom?
Cowboy: I am always writing it, in my head.. but I shouldn't talk about it, somebody might steal my One Night Stand idea.. but what I really want to do is act
Twin: You could be like Quentin Tarantino
Cowboy: Who?
Twin: You know - Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino acts, directs, and writes all that
Cowboy: She does?
Twin: He
Twin: So does Drew Barrymore, she produced Charlie's Angels
Cowboy: No way!
Twin: Drew's always changing, she keeps doing new stuff
Cowboy: I'm like that too.. I change my look a lot too

The day drags on.. all packed, Cowboy goes down for a nap to dream of stardom..
Twins cycle through a few more diss/plot/scheme/pray rotations.. Nik goes bowling

Suddenly, Marvin jumps into Karen's nap-cocoon, surprising her
Marv: So is this how y'all cuddle? You spoon?
Diane: Nah, that's old-school cuddling
Marv: What do you do now??
Diane (spins around): We get in each other's faces!!
Marv (hops up): Uh oh.. nothing going on here, Drew! She was just giving me a haircut.. yea that's it, a pubic haircut!

Later Nik sits down to play cards.. perhaps assessing the state of her game strategy?
(symbolically speaking, of course)
She starts with basic solitaire - the solo/individual routine has worked ok for her in life, but somehow she lost sight of that in here, having seized the first-time opportunity for her to get in with the girly-girl types..
Then she tries a tarot layout, hoping the cards will tell her what to do..
Finally she realizes it's all just a big mess now, so might as well play a random game
(of course this is just my interpretation.. but hey, I could be right - it has happened!)

Karen and Marvin compare notes and agree that Cowboy and both twins have to go

Another lockdown ends and they go out to find tomorrow's pricey HOH apparatus
It's a ski ramp!! Wait.. it's golf.. (the new camera's point-of-view is a bit iffy)
Drew says "Wow, where'd they get these balls at? They're all white!"
They read the rules and practice putt-putt like good hamsters..
Unable to compete, Nik wanders off in search of booze

Action sequence! Drew & Cowboy set up the pool volleyball set on pillows and
chairs (you can too!).. but it isn't as sturdy on land as regulation equipment


Funeral for a friend

Marv (to each in turn): Can you tell us your whereabouts at 8.30 last night in the Big Brother house?
Marv: Karen, did you hate Savage Junior so much you wanted him dead?
Karen: YES!!
Marv: Look him in the eye! Was he alive the last time you saw him?
Karen: YES! He was breathing!!
Marv: The murderer has been found! Have her bound, shackled, drawn, quartered, tied to the stake!

Marv: He was a good dragonfly
Cowboy: Yes, he will be missed
Drew: He looks so good there
Marv: He just wasn't cut out for Big Brother
Cowboy: Only the strongest..
Marv: Did y'all contact his family?
Marv: Let them know they can fly in safely.. they won't be trapped

A toast.. a moment of silence.. a flower for the little tiny coffin.. a funeral procession through the house.. and FISHIES!

(which means the rest of the services and the burial will be an on-air exclusive.. "unlimited access 24/7" my ass!)

(more to come)
Bobbin' 'n weavin' til the bitter end, they've got Cowboy so mesmerized with feminine wiles that he might not even realize there's a game going on anymore. Plus they're working on everyone else in there, and still find time to spew venom and pray - points for amazing time management skills!

The other night's creepy shower was bad enough; he had to go and top it off with an everlasting 'friendly' hugfest with the twins <shudder> .. hey Cowboy! April's long gone so you may as well stay if you can - but you better spend at least a few minutes this week with somebody who has a vote!

She said to Marvin that one of the things he 'needs to learn about girls is that girls don't masturbate.. well, very few do' .. I am thinking Marv might be able to teach her a thing or two in that department.. but it's much more fun watching him tease and torment her.

CBS can't even find much to say about the guy whose entire game is agreeing with whoever's talking to him at the time. Even his under-covers style with Diane is too boring to air. Acts like a 12-year-old following his big brother around and fantasizing about the girl next door.. even though he doesn't know what to do with her yet. Sit down Drew.

Another day, another breakdown, another way to use Bisquick. And photogenic in 99 out of 100 screen shots: she's an almost perfect hamster.

Where to begin? Murder investigations, golf commentary, dragonfly rites, messing with Diane and schmoozing Karen.. and always hilarious. Whatever feed he's on is the one to click. Watching Diane & Drew on the spyscreen: 'Let's see if they kiss'.. way to stir it up Marvin!

Finally remembering how to amuse herself, and also that she'd never hang out with people like these & they'd never hang out with her. She's been keeping a too-low profile for a change and prolly deserves a negative, but I'm keeping her in neutral cuz that's just how she is.

Bobbin' 'n weavin' til the bitter end, they've got Cowboy so mesmerized with feminine wiles that he might not even realize there's a game going on anymore. Plus they're working on everyone else in there, and still find time to spew venom and pray - points for amazing time management skills!

Better to call them hackers than editors for Tuesday's show.. are they watching a different hamster house? The pictures look the same (again, most of the same scene selections that have been posted here) but how do they explain portraying Drew as talking serious game when he was seriously fried with no reference to that? Let alone leaving out Cowboy's classic line about Drew's confusion seconds later 'No, it's not the first time you've felt that way!' Better they show Drew as he is, nodding & agreeing with anyone and everyone. Ditto with twins: a couple nice bits of them hammering people but somehow they still came across as somewhat sympathetic.. crying in bed together contributed to that (not to mention the kink appeal network tv is helpless to overlook) but when does the tv audience get to see the hateful venom Ad/Nat spew so often? Continuity is misleading too: what-happened-when is not exactly accurate. A couple more overly drawn-out competition segments, another idiotically exaggerated soundtrack. Show highlight: Marvin's diary room one-liners - keep 'em coming!

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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