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Karma Electra

Her Royal Highness spoke and the token was banished, as predicted.. Keeping a low profile usually works well in these games, but not when you have a DNA (DoNotAssume) Ad/Nat twist.

Will wasn't quite up to HamsterWatch-ing standards so I didn't get to know him in there as well as some of the others. Let's face it: a token gay Will is only as good as his Grace - and Nik was the wrong chick for that job. But Will was cool. One of his finest moments: when he stereotyped and played the show tunes card, suggesting "Pussy Power" make matching clothes (uniforms) out of the HOH curtains "like in The Sound of Music."


11th-hour hissy fits weren't enough to save Will.. but I think he'll be surprised at the number of het female fans who think he's dreeeeeeeeeamy. He's one of the few hamsters ever - maybe the only one - who never had a hate-able moment. And an awesome exit interview to boot - complete with insightful analysis, tears, venom, and smiles. So long, Will.

The good news: Marvin's still with us!

The weekly stress of packing, prepping to walk the plank to Julie's boudoir, then reprieve followed immediately by HOH competition is getting to him

He wigs out a bit but rebounds as always - reminding Cowboy that 3 Santa Monica Van Boys beats 2 pair of twins, then he kisses some MILF ass.. just cuz he can

Marvin decides to campaign for a change - directly to us, the voters - rallying support to put him on The Young & the Restless "so I can get outta here and get something to eat.. lookit these pants, they're falling off!"

Their Former Royal Highnesses are everywhere, still yapping nonstop

Will: If karma's a boomerang, I'll see you sooner than later
Adria: I dunno what he meant.. Karma Electra? I really don't know.. but I could throw some dance moves on her

Adria: I hope he (Will) ends up with a friend from this
Natalie: We'll end up with a friend <grin>

Natalie: The reason I voted Will out is cuz he had 3 people in his alliance, and they wouldn't talk to me.. not one came to me and said 'Natalie please save Will'.. at least Marvin is by himself

Adria: I'm glad you guys weren't put in this position this week.. you have no idea how hard this week was.. the next few weeks might be better for you guys

Natalie: I wish you'd share some of what you learned this week with me
Adria: I will.. did I say anything bad?
Natalie: Nope, you were very nice

that dingo: pick up two of those buttplugs off the chessboard and use 'em

Drew and Diane continue to run amok also, before she starts her rounds kissing up to the new power

Diane: There's something funny going on with you & Cowboy & Marvin.. and the twins..
Drew: Everybody knows everything going on in here

Diane: It isn't the young, dumb & the idiotic, cuz then Cowboy might go.. Young & Restless can you get hold of me after the show, like when my face clears up?

Diane: with a bunch of dumb fucking retarded people.. and you're on that list
Diane: Now we're even: I hurt you by something I did, like you hurt me with something I did
Drew: Why are you saying this?
Diane: Oh.. that's how I feel about the twins.. now they want my trust, and Nik has never broke a promise with me.. and then you're gonna get on a soap opera and meet some hot-ass chicks
Diane: I hope you get the soap opera thing.. and I hope you don't forget me when you do
Drew: Shut up
<kiss> <cry>
Diane (to Nik): Do I feel a tear coming? Aww Drew I love you, and I can't wait til we're outside this game, but right now it's about the game.. I'm gonna see if God tells me anything while you're out

that dingo: plenty of chess piece buttplugs to go around

Karen keeps being Karen.. Drew can't believe Will took his Ipod.. Nik keeps being Nik.. Diane complaints of the day include migraine and enlarged lymph nodes

Back to Marvin - where we belong - pouring hot honey on himself and dancing up a sexy storm to land that Y&R spot

Another disgusting-food competition.. another Nik HOH room debut.. and cards! Finally Marv has a five of clubs to beat that game of solitaire

Rumor mill update

Photo: MTV
Maybe it's just coincidence, but I found this on in the Diary of Usher section..

(apparently he is seen talking with BB5 people in the show)

Flip to #9.. the caption is:
M&M's have to seperated by color in Usher's green room

M&M's eh.. what's the odds of those turning up again?

psst.. it's spelled separated (hire me)

She can't believe she has to settle the tie on the live show?? (she only plotted and schemed all week so she could..) Neither Marv or Will talked to her about the veto or tie-breaker?? (let's revisit the kitchen fight, shall we?) I didn't think she could get more delusional, but she did. Keep 'em both in with the fishies.

Just yesterday he was the front-runner for the soap walk-on, but Marv surprised everyone with his enthusiastic campaign for the part. Cowboy had better step it up: he's had it too easy in there too long - his time is ticking away.

"I'm gonna see if God tells me anything" (I swear I don't make this stuff up!) Her lapdog strayed without permission so she's moving on to her next victim, telling Nik after the food comp in a very bossy tone "Come 'n get me when you get into the room." And to top that off, looking at the wall pics she said she misses Scott! The meltdown continues, right on schedule.. yep, everyone's in there to "paranoi" her.

Even Julie noticed that he's "caught in the middle between Diane's affection and Adria's influence".. well, we know which way that went now.

"Clean, not sticky"
She's going to be a little lost without Will, and will probably alternate glomming onto Diane/Drew and Nik this week (which should up all of their individual ratings considerably.)

How much better can he get? This was Marvin's night to shine in oh-so-many ways (fish-shake dribble aside) - let's hope there are many more like it to come. He's become the star of the show, and he's almost making me start to care who wins.

Just what we need: another week of her in the golden robe, spewing misinformation about wicca, physics, and bondage <yawn> She's already going full shred authority figure just a few hours later.. and what's up with "Marv is really willing to work for the good of the team" Hello?? Has she ever even had a convo with the "got no allies" guy?

"Adria, thank you for revealing to me what I needed to know in this game this week." Yea, that goes for me too. Keep 'em both in with the fishies.

A great show Thursday, the tension and drama standing on their own with no assistance necessary (glad they are taking my advice.) Once again they chose to share most of my highlights (and not just the game-pivotal ones - hire me!) A major faux-pas from Julie, announcing Nik as HOH "for the second time in a row".. huh? Hmm, well she gets her info from, where Nik as been HOH for the last two weeks. Show highlight: watching all the hamsters do a mini-primp in the DR hallway mirror after voting. P.S. Why food comp tonight - what's planned for them tomorrow? And why o why go to fishies whenever the director tells them to lean this way or burp that way? We know you guys are in there with them, jeesh.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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