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Today's must-click special: Grin's BB5 Park: Day 45

8/15/04 - Day 45, part 1    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest
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Marv and Adria face off

Talk talk talk. Plot plot plot. Backstab backstab backstab. Fight! Fight! Fight!
A typical Sunday in the habitat..

Nik says she expects a welcome home party, with "two kegs.. no, three kegs.. and Shriner Bob and Amber and little green men." Diane says she's going to take Will camping, at a place called Big Bone Lake.

Will asks "Do I need to be concerned about bears?"
Drew looks like he's having another overanalyzing fit

Adria's frying up a savory something-or-other when Marvin comes in.. FIGHT!

Adria: Do you want to talk to me about anything? Cuz I'm here, if you do.
Marv: No, I understand how the game works. I been here six weeks - you been here one.
Adria: I'm still the veto holder.
(Marv recounts Hollygate, the Kiss, and how he stood up for Ad/Nat when Jase went off on her/them)
Marv: I ain't begging for the veto. Producers can get mad as hell at me for not begging for the veto, but I ain't gonna do it.
Adria: This is the same conversation as the other night - every time I try to say something you run over me.
(Adria recounts how faith is a big part of her life, and how he had offended her the other night about that)
Marv: I apologize if I offended your God, your Jesus.. I am playing a game here. It's a job, I'm not playing personal.

(Marv makes a peanut butter sandwich while she's cooking, talks about the buildup of stress because of the constant cameras, lights, etc., and that she had all that time without all that)
Marv: You were one of the only people in the whole damn house that I liked! I ain't got nobody in the house. If I wanted to break down and cry to someone I got nobody to cry to.
Adria: You have that option, to create an ally.
Marv: You had a chance - you had a sister!
Adria: So let's talk about the veto then. You have two chances: for the veto, and for the voters.
Marv: Tell the truth, do you work for CBS? Cuz you talk just like them.
Adria: (laughs) I do not.


Adria: I've already forgiven you for everything you said to me on Friday.
Adria: You're the kind of player who just accepts things? Not gonna campaign?
Marv: I ain't gonna walk around here with my resume of shit I done since I been here. People seen I busted my ass since I been in this house. I campaign by being here. I campaign when I was HOH and gave my snacks away. Told everyone why they're nominated. People know I was here for Karen when she broke down, crying for the shrink and they won't see her, that touched me. 'Please vote for me cuz Will sucks' - that ain't how I play. People know how I am. If you wanna look at that as passive, that's on you.
Adria: You're right, I think your actions with this vote have revealed themselves.

Marv: My worst nightmare is staying here, being #3 and get nothing. Bust my ass for shit.
Adria: I not gonna back door anyone.
Marv: That's what they want, they want you to lie and cheat. Look at the rules! Back door? Backstab? That's part of the game!
(They eat as they carry on, neither misses a beat between bites)

Marv: You just said, you as HOH said that you were just gonna put any two players out there and let the house decide. You mean you didn't let Jesus decide?
Adria: Tired of explaining, going round in circles.
Marv: Just explain that part and I'll let it lie.
Adria: I let my faith rule my life.
Adria: All right, well, I enjoyed that conversation.
(Each of them retells the convo throughout the day, but all the other hamsters later admit they had been listening)

Meanwhile.. Karen returns from visiting the shrink and eats a burrito -
whatever's going on with her, her appetite is still just fine

Where is the fun?

These big fight episodes might be important game-wise, and they're fun at the time, but they are stressful on all of us.

And they take up a lot of space.

Which means we have another two-parter day - get to the fun
Something has been revealed to me: the whole holier-than-thou vibe is not good tv. Now claims she wants a tie? Adria, get over yourself.

He's still just there, not doing much of anything. Points for trying to revive bath buddies, however feeble.

The repercussions I predicted manifested themselves as her getting too cocky and too vocal to each of the various alliances she's in bed with, which will come back to bite her. Dressed up sexy for the evening to entice her boy back.

Is he still in there?

Will her visit with the shrink be good for us, or will she get meds and become stable (dull)? And how far along is she?

Laid it on the line to Her Highness Queen Adria and came out ahead with a direct hit on the "faith or random" issue. AND came back to give extra-fun color commentary throughout the golfball-throwing tournament.

About the twins complaining about being shuttled in & out while switching: "I don't care if I'm gagged and tied up and put in the trunk!" That could be arranged..

I had kept her on a downward spiral, but she redeemed herself tonight with a flurry of happy fun. At least I think that was her - if not, I take it all back.

On again/off again about the whole nominated situation, and his bitchy attitude about almost everything and almost everyone has gone from being campy cute to tiring and dull.

Overall a good show, but puh-leez! "The remaining HGs fought for HOH" against video of.. shuffleboard? The manufactured melodrama isn't cutting it. So many shot-for-shot and word-for-word recaps on Saturday's show as my day 42 two-parter, plus Nik's black hole theories - repeated here first - were finally picked up.. (don't make me beg - just hire me!) Notably edited & absent: Adria's pausing her HOH room debut for "first, the rules"; and the streaking/strip-tease spyscreen escapades were a freaking week ago! Many who'd heard about Truth or Dare night but missed it thought that was it.. shame on you CBS.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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