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The dim and the witless

Newsflash! Drew & Diane made up!
Last night about 1.30am the three remaining Santa Monica Van Boys discovered more spider activity. Drew proceeded to terrorize Diane, chasing her around the yard with a bug. Just before she "almost died of a heart attack" he admitted it was only some grass - but the bridge had been built, and they were a couple again.

Diane confronted/harassed Drew about their Relationship and their Future (to the point of imagining telling their grandkids how they fell in love on tv) (whoa, the L-word).. but they ended up wrestling and calling each other names anyway, which of course led to bedmates and kissy-kissy as usual. (Glad I missed it - thanks to NikAtHome at ©KeithX's TV Updates for staying up.)

No voting today so no let-up in the barely-disguised tension in the house - in other words, a very s-l-o-o-o-w day. So let's look at some other pressing issues..

The rumors

The committed couple rumor that won't go away: At this point, this one's just ludicrous - based on one line in a Shapiro interview before the show even started. (He also said there will be a woman in the house who's "so smart we won't believe it!" yea huh..)

Usher is coming: Maybe so - nobody would have expected Sheryl Crow in the backyard - but there's not much point in speculating. He will, or he won't. If he does, the feeds will be jammed and unwatchable anyway.

The Young & the Restless rumor: This one's true, a CBS incestuous promotion disguised as America's Choice. Online voting starts tomorrow August 19 at 6pm BB time (and no pay phone calls this time!) Will Cowboy get his wish?

More twins switching rumors: The Ben/Drew, Diane/Lindsey, Holly/Molly rumors finally lost steam after Ad/Nat came out. However, after the big DNA (DoNotAssume) twist reveal, all the in-house twins compared notes and it turns out that Ben and Lindsey were in the preliminary selection process, and were told the same stuff as Ad/Nat (i.e. "there are no guarantees that both of you will go in the house.") So there was something to this rumor after all, almost.

Is Karen pregnant?: It would definitely be a good twist! But anyone who seriously believes it needs to pay better attention to her cycle disclosures, and study up on female biology..

Paris Hilton's missing Chihuahua Tinkerbell will be their new pet: Yes, it's this easy to start these rumors..

Meanwhile, back in the habitat..

Nik gets down in an artsy-craftsy kinda way, making an M&M mosaic..
..and making a board game from cereal boxes (they're not just for cards anymore!)

Their Royal Highnesses worried about the other hamsters' health for a minute
but quickly returned to discussing their own worthiness and brilliance some more

Marvin packed (again!) but this time he found Lori's panties..
he asked how to get his vitamin-colored pee spot out of them

Then he struggled to close his bag - it can't be cuz he bought too much on vacation!

Diane continued her quest for answers about love - this time
with Natalie - who gave her tips about dating Christian boys

Dominoes were introduced: probably a preview of tomorrow's HOH competition
(likely involving six-foot multicolor foam dominoes, with rules involving
Julie's favorite phrase "without going over")
Diane gave Drew lots of loving gazes and thumped his arm a lot during the game
Karen gave a victory dance when she won a hand - a preview of tomorrow?

Drew & Diane had an impromptu two-step in the kitchen - with a dip
Drew perked when Nik came in and started talking about fetish balls and dominatrices
(she is not all that well informed, but we won't go into that here)

Fun with RealPlayer and
Things I can live without hearing hamsters ever say again

Water-color Nakomis and Adria dances over everyone

I'm the kind of person who..
I'm not the kind of person who..
That's just the way I am..
Anybody who knows me will say..
S/he is showing her/his true colors..
Nothing personal..

All week she's schemed to have a tie so she could decide it on the live show, and now everyone is going to vote live. Ha! That'll take some of the wind out of those sanctimonious sails.. nice one, CBS! (It'll be even better if there isn't a tie.)

The new Young & The Restless heartthrob? Vote early, vote often.. cuz otherwise he's going to med school, and nobody wants to see that happen.

Her meltdown is in the gushy gooey stage now: she's making eyes at Drew and talking about their kids. Hang in there sports fans, this is the calm before the storm.. Hurricane Diane is brewing.

Blinded by the dizzying light of Diane dancing and bobbing circles around him, he needs to a) remember that he wants her out of there; b) count the remaining Santa Monica Van Boys and realize that 3 is more than 2,2,2; and c) catch on that Diane doesn't really like him - she just thinks he's a cute accessory.

"I'm pissed that I had to wake up to pee - it ruined my nap." You just gotta love her!

A top ten Marvin moment took place today, when he put on Drew's striped knit hat, thrust his finger out and cried "Don't you question my balls!"

Badly misinformed about just about everything she pontificates about, which is fun from here. Today said she always wanted to play the violin; Karen said "Oh, classical?" "Yea, classical, whatever comes to mind kinda shit." She topped that off with "I'd like to play the piano too, cuz it has all the notes."

Maybe they'll go back to switching and we'll only have to listen to one of them. It would be cool if she won HOH though - hysteria in the house!

"People are saying things about everyone and I don't know what to do anymore." That's why he should be packing.. he's gone past his use-by date.

Where to begin on Tuesday's show? Diane & Drew: I dunno which was worse - making their whole thing look healthy, the sappy love-theme music, or showing their cutesy kiss as the only clip from raunchy Truth or Dare night. Now we know that last night's DR feed slip-up was to get an Adria comeback to Nik's attitude (who cares?) Both the Christmas and movie comps were dull, drawn-out and just plain stoopid - the latter just an obvious paid plug for a lame teen movie and M&M's. Kudos for a probable tv first tho: the topic of male pube shaving (more on this in Tuesday's afterthought.) The Marv/Adria fight was way underplayed, which probably means there will be a tie after all, and that she's not going to kick him out (hooray for us!) Show highlight: Drew confusing fetish with phobia (his body hair, again)

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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