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February 14, 2008 - Day 7

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>> Amanda & Alex are Heads of Household - Allison/Ryan and Jen/Parker are nominated <<

>> Neil's gone - Sharon's back <<

Neil, we hardly knew ye

Somebody does though, and it looks a lot like Perez Hilton

There are lots of pics on Neil's MySpace with this green-haired guy.. the caption on this one is "Mario Y Yo" (Mario and me) - Perez's real name is Mario Lavandeira

I'm not saying that has anything to do with Neil's departure, but it's interesting to say the least.. it's also interesting that nobody seems to be talking about why Neil left, even in whisper sessions.. the control room was being very sloppy last night with the flames switch and a number of unimportant but verboten tidbits slipped through - nothing definite about Neil's departure though

Since it sounds like Sharon & Jacob were sequestered, maybe Neil was shuttled out to a hotel or Palm Springs condo to be rotated back in later

Not much else so far today, except for a big fight over a misunderstanding of a generalization, and the earth shattering news that Natalie told Allison that she was a stripper for five years.. who woulda guessed?

Line of the Day award is going to Parker.. it's still early, but I doubt anyone will be able to top "I'm sick of people's dumbass assinine ass comments"

Valentine's Day

Not many hearts & flowers in this group, unless you count Jen & Ryan's superquickie in the bathroom last night

CBS seems to be basing the whole theme for BB9 around Valentine's.. I wonder what they'll do in a day or two when it's forgotten again til next year

They all had a nice family dinner, complete with gushy sentiments around the table about their loved ones and each other.. I bet The Powers That Be are sorry the prep 'n primp went on before Showtime, but I'm sure there will be more of the same in the weeks to come


Alex really went after Amanda about the earlier fight and her being a blabbermouth.. he just kept at her as if she'd suddenly be able to pull out a time machine and have a redo

She finally cried and tried to explain herself.. it was all a little sad with her framed in flowers, on Valentine's Day and all

They both got over it though: they had a pillow fight later complete with bed tumbles in undies and ear piercing screams, and she paused to say hello to us


Feedmasters got some careful, loving shots of tinkertoys and blocks in the hamster cage, either for show segues or an upcoming memory/observance comp.. or just to amuse us

"Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared with love in dreams"

So says the Dostoevsky quote on their wall

Matt's been dissing Natalie around the habitat lately, but that wasn't enough to prevent them going at it - well, she went at it, he just laid there.. they wrapped up with a decidedly un-Valentine-like convo before going off to sleep

Matt: Do not get emotionally attached to me
Natalie: No
Matt: Promise me
Natalie: No
Matt: Promise.. I don't want to hear "I love you" or anything like that
Natalie: No
Matt: Okay.. just don't say anything
Natalie: Don't get emotionally attached to me either.. you never know
Natalie: That was fun

Daily videos

Paranoia and a big fight about more secret partner questions; Amanda to Alex about her dad & Parker (see the video's notes); a partial description of this year's magic ping pong ball veto rules; and Matt & Natalie go to town are on my YouTube (linked top & bottom of every page)

Correction: Within minutes of Matt & Natalie being uploaded, some whiny snitch reported them even though there was nothing explicit to be seen, and my YouTube account is now suspended.. a number of other BB9 YouTubers uploaded this series and they remain just fine.. apologies to my 5,400 subscribers - it wasn't my doing

I have a pretty good idea whose doing it was, but I haven't in the past nor will I now name this person - there's no point.. karma will boomerang itself sooner or later

Meanwhile you can watch the Matt & Natalie episode at Veoh: part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - epilogue
My other BB9 videos are now over there as well

Daily ratings: Romance is (not) in the air edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value

Dear Allison, Rich, Robyn and friends,
Another season and another set of 'twists' out the window before they even get off the ground. I know you guys check the sites, at least sometimes, and I know you've seen the utter lack of enthusiasm among otherwise diehard BB fans about this season's cockamamie setup and the mostly adolescent cast. I also know that ratings are your be-all and end-all and that we feedsters don't mean squat, but we are the pulse of your viewers so give us a listen for a change. Try something fresh this summer, please: regular people, true diversity in the cast, and no freaking twists! If you want sex in there - and you obviously do - put in real couples and don't sabotage them: it's simple. Genuine human behavior is the best bet for interesting dynamics any day of the week, and ordinary people are the true wackos.. the ones who seem like they'll be wild 'n wacky are usually dull dull dull once the novelty wears off.
Also, it's time to put in some new trivia or dump it entirely in favor of something else like say, the Hamstercam! And the music is still WAY TOO LOUD when you block us out of the feeds.
Thanks for your consideration in these matters.
Your pal,

Paired with Sheila

He showed up today! He didn't say much though. He's already in the 'why did they cast this guy?' category as far as I'm concerned.

Paired with Amanda

He sure got upset about James' random comment and about Amanda's spreading it around, and he hasn't let go of it yet. Hey Alex, you're co-HOH and sitting pretty right now.. get over it or you're going to confront your way right onto the block next week. Normally I'm all for fights and the like in there, but this guy's hugely repetitive and boring about it. As far as what James said - about there might be more secrets they don't yet know about - this doofus needs to listen to Julie and expect the unexpected.

Paired with Ryan

She was around a lot today but didn't do a lot, at least not that I noticed, but they've had a booze delivery for Showtime so things may be looking up.

Paired with Alex

She's proving to be a real busybody and stirring up things right and left. That's good for us but unfortunately for her, it's made Alex go around bitching to anyone who'd listen how he's got no chance in the game due to his ditzy partner, which he followed up by browbeating her about it til he made her cry. For her part in this soulmates convo, she highly exaggerated a confrontation with Parker last night regarding a lightly-said suicide comment and her dad's death, and later stuck her tongue out at us.

Paired with James

She's not out there much, but she's busy. I'm still thinking she might have a lot of gameplay potential but if so, it might be hard to catch. She works quietly.

Paired with Chelsia

He caused an uproar around the habitat with a random comment similar to Julie's 'expect the unexpected'. Amanda's the one who spread it around but James got the flak for it. It all seemed to confuse him.

Won: $5k
Ryan's girlfriend/Paired with Parker

She had a lower profile today than she has, but she's still whining and crying too often, and doesn't seem to have much else to offer. Some superfan: a lot of her BB facts are off and obviously her strategy isn't the tried 'n true variety.. I bet she only ever watched the air show and never got into the feeds - always a fatal error. She doesn't seem to be complaining about her & Ryan's instamatic sex so I guess nobody else should either.

Paired with Neil Sharon

He seems to be getting over Neil's departure and even told a story at the Valentine dinner table about some guy in his life back home. Other than that, he kept a fairly low profile today and didn't cry.

Paired with Natalie

Did he put on the crown randomly, or was he feeling a bit threatened at the moment and wanted to make a not-very-subliminal statement? No matter.. it looked silly whatever the reason. He had his fun tonight thanks to Natalie, and then he wrapped it up with a random 'Do not get emotionally attached to me.' Who says romance is dead?

Paired with Matt

Today she said she was a stripper for five years, which probably didn't come as a huge surprise to most. She's still got the widest variety of facial expressions of any of them, and she gets around and into the middle of everything enough that we get to see many of them often. Well, we didn't see her face when she was doing Matt: she was undercovers til she finished him off.

Won: $5k
Paired with Jen

I'm not sure how directly involved he was in the causes of the James/Alex fight today but he sure ended up in the thick of it. Then again, he usually ends up in the thick of whatever controversy is going on. I think he's still trashing Jen to anyone who'll listen but that's not going to do much for him unless he and/or she can win the veto.

Jen's boyfriend/Paired with Allison

Jen's a lucky girl. First we got to experience Ryan's snoring, and now he's inspired a remake of that old classic Sixty Minute Man (click to listen). They're going to change the lyrics a bit for him though: the new version will 'Sixty Second Man'.

Paired with Jacob (her ex) Joshuah

She seems to have gotten all her anger & angst out last night and was relatively quiet and low-radar today.

Paired with Adam

She had a few one-on-ones and small group combos but aside from her fake fight with Joshuah yesterday, and despite her Pet of the Year background and recent appearance on the Scott Baio reality show, her in-house moniker of Mom seems to fit. She's up early, she cooks and cleans, and is pretty much like watching Kail in there. I have a feeling Sheila may be doing more driving game-wise than Kail did though, and doing it better.

Paired with Joshuah

He left suddenly and mysteriously. Details to follow as/if they become known.

Paired with Sharon (his ex)

Gone before the feeds kicked in: he didn't even make an appearance. All that potential for rehashing their breakup and/or a jealous rage up in smoke. To make it worse, he & Sharon didn't even get an exit interview in Julie's boudoir - how rude!

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Food comp might be Thursday will happen eventually. Sometimes they put food comps on the feeds, sometimes not. Veto comp is Friday and won't be on the feeds.

Alex & Amanda are HOH
Allison & Ryan and Jen & Parker are nominated

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Sunday, February 17 at 8pm: nominations & assorted dramas

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