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February 12, 2008 - Day 5

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>> Jacob & Sharon are evicted - Amanda & Alex are HOH <<


I think they're guinea pigs, but I'm calling it Hamstercam because that's more appropriate.. it looks to be our FOTH/flames/fishies/blues this time and that's one welcome change.. there are two of them, and they're very active

I'm still not sure about the setup this time, but here's what I've got: Sharon & Jacob are ex's, and paired together by BB's matchmaking (convenient).. Ryan & Jen are current boyfriend/girlfriend, and not paired together (also convenient)

The pairs were assigned, and they are Alex/Amanda, James/Chelsia, Natalie/Matt, Jen/Parker, Joshuah/Neil, Jacob/Sharon, Ryan/Allison, and Sheila/Adam.. Sheila & Adam are just a bit less upset about their partner than Sharon & Jacob are

Jen & Parker won the "Power Couple" endurance/hang like a bat/sexual positions/slide out of pants comp and will evict another couple for Wednesday's show - though chances are good that their chosen couple is already gone.. we'll know shortly when the feeds come on to replace the hamstercam.. they also won $10k, but it wasn't clear whether that was each or for both to split

Other tidbits of note til then: Natalie was first into the house; Sharon & Jacob broke up because he cheated; Allison is a gambling addict but also a professional poker player - I don't know.. Sheila got cast in the BB8 Jen whine 'n cry for the premiere role, and Alex is using the Kail method of saying he works for his company rather than owns it

We got feeds

And with feeds come tears, of course

They kicked the feeds on for the Showtime audience, right when the show started to air in the West.. thanks a heap

I don't think I've seen Jacob or Sharon (though there are way too many of them to learn and keep track of), and I haven't heard them referenced either: they could be gone

Jen & Parker seem to be HOH, and Jen & Ryan's relationship is already out.. they're all running around excited and arguing - it sounds like noms are tomorrow, and if Jen & Parker can't agree (à la BB7's first dual HOH), they'll get penalty noms.. Parker doesn't care, as he's angry about Jen & Ryan being a secret team.. Jen does care

Corrections: Jen & Parker are acting like they're HOH, but Alex & Amanda are.. Jacob & Sharon are indeed history: they didn't even make an appearance on the feeds.. sadly, the feeds cut to a new, realistic flames version when they censor us, and not the Hamstercam like they should

There was an "Alliance of Six" at some point, but Jen blew that up when she outted her relationship with Ryan.. she also wins Line of the Night award with "Can we just start over with alliances, and nobody be in an alliance now?" Sure thing.. nobody but her and her boyfriend

My first impressions of this first night of this new season? Even with Jacob & Sharon gone, there are too damn many of them, and most of them are more or less interchangeable.. no videos from me yet, but they'll come


Daily ratings: Getting to know you edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value.. I don't have a lot to go on yet, but first impressions are fun to run with

It's confusing this time, and more than a little vague. How can they be '16 strangers' when two are a couple and two others used to be? How can they all be 'looking for love' when two (seemingly) already have it, and is BB really taking credit for 'playing matchmaker' for those two? Most importantly, does 'Power Couple' equate to HOH? Nobody knows - maybe we'll find out in time. There just doesn't seem to be much interest in all these nubile actormodels around the many fan sites, yet they persist on putting them in there - to the point of the required partner bed-sharing said with a scandalous tone by Julie, and a comp that went beyond innuendo into an area that seemed more like clothed porn. The tv writers are back to work today.. too bad they don't use union writers for this mess: it looks like it's going to need a lot of help.

Paired with Sheila
He's not really out there: I only saw him a couple times and when I did he was being alone and quiet. Maybe I was just on the wrong feeds, but I couldn't even get a cap of him so he's stuck with his CBS pic.

Paired with Amanda
I didn't get much on him either. There's lots of flurries & scurries over nominations, but he seemed to be staying neutral and out of the line of fire - even though it's his & Amanda's decision.

Paired with Ryan
She makes a real fun drunk girl. We might have some good times with Allison in the weeks to come - if they keep the booze flowing.

She seems to be trying to make some sort of Janelle-type fashion statement which isn't really working, but she's very outgoing, loud, and looks to have a lot of potential for fun.

Paired with James
She seemed to be mostly under the radar, whether intentionally or not I don't know, but she also seems to be a little self-conscious around all these extroverts. That could lead to fun watching, even if it is a bit mean to enjoy it.

Paired with Chelsia
I have to wonder how he plans to bike around the world on that squeaky Schwinn he rode away on on the show. For all his flamboyant appearance, he seems like he maybe isn't as wild or kooky as he'd like us to believe, and I vow to never call him 'Crazy James'.

$10k (or maybe $5k)
Ryan's girlfriend/Paired with Parker
She was in tears for the first couple of hours of feeds, apparently because she spilled the secret about her & Ryan and then resented the fact that Parker resented the fact. She whined & cried to anyone who'd listen about mean Parker, but she's supposed to be the BB superfan? You'd think she'd know enough to STFU. She seems to be have tremendous drama queen potential, and that will get old fast, but for now it earns her easy ups.

Paired with Neil
He seems to be everyone's favorite in there: they like him a lot and talk him up to his face and behind his back. I didn't catch anything that makes them all think so highly of him, so he's as neutral as if he were absent.

Paired with Natalie
I have to keep checking to see which one he is, but that goes for most of them at this point. For all his talk about how awesome he is, he doesn't seem to be all that.

Paired with Matt
Bikinis & boobage, and a tremendous range of facial expressions. She went off on a tirade about having a schizophrenic mom, no money in the family, and being proud of the fact that she pays her own bills (don't most of us?) I think we may have an Amber here which would get old, but for a first night it's all good.

Paired with Joshuah
He seems pleasant enough.. that's all I got.

$10k (or maybe $5k)
Paired with Jen
He's definitely the guy in the dick Dick role, and he's playing it to the hilt. Jen was in a frenzy about him most of the evening, and most everyone else talked about his arrogance and aggressiveness, including himself: he said something to the effect of 'if they [BB] want me to be like that, I will.'

Jen's boyfriend/Paired with Allison
His girlfriend cried to everyone for hours, and finally he said he'd thrash Parker for 'disrespecting' her. He didn't say anything about any of it being her fault for outing their secret that could have won them the game, nope. Just the usual 'it's not fair' that the lovebirds were put on separate teams. (Apparently it would have been fair all around if they'd been able to double-steamroll thru the game like Dick & Daniele did.)

Paired with Adam
She got the BB8 Jen role/edit for the show but I won't hold that against her. She does earn ups by default since she didn't do a lot that was noteworthy tonight, but apparently she has over the last few days. Several of them made reference to Sheila episodes that sounded firework-y.. let's hope we see some soon!

Paired with Sharon (his ex)
Gone before the feeds kicked in: he didn't even make an appearance. All that potential for rehashing their breakup and/or a jealous rage up in smoke.

Paired with Jacob (her ex)
Gone before the feeds kicked in: she didn't even make an appearance. She & Jacob have set a new BB record for fastest bounce sans violence.. (or maybe there was violence: we may never know.)

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Some of them said Thursday, but some think it's Wednesday. Sometimes they put food comps on the feeds.. sometimes not.

Jen & Parker as 'Power Couple' evicted Jacob & Sharon. Alex & Amanda are HOH.

Tuesday's premiere was third for its timeslot with a 4.6 rating and 7 share, behind 'American Idol' on Fox with a whopping 17.7/26 and 'The Biggest Loser' on NBC with 4.9/7. Both 'Idol' and 'Loser' were in their second hour, and both had more viewers than their first hour.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Wednesday, February 13 at 8pm. Show schedule is Tuesdays at 9pm, and Wednesdays & Sundays at 8pm.

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