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June 2007 - Pre-season

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Trunk monkeys

We seem to have feeds! kinda.. going through and updating various pages here, I started poking around my RealPlayer to see if I could get the new direct feed links

What do you know? A BB8 logo is showing up for F1-F4 plus Quad for dialup and IDSN, and trunk monkeys are on broadband! The lil critters seem to be an ad series for a group of Oregon (?) car dealers.. I hadn't seen them before - they're cute.. (well, stranger things have shown up on BB feeds: remember South American volleyball and televangelist Dr. Gene Scott's brief appearances?)

So head on over to the no time-out feeds page and check 'em out - they're also posted in today's linkage.. if you're really anxious, you can configure your RealPlayer favorites now so you'll be all ready on July 5 - like last year, I've made & posted one-click files (a Hamsterwatch exclusive).. I can't guarantee these will be the perm links, but they're looking like they might be

Some folks have posted an air schedule that runs thru September 30.. I don't think it'll run that long with only 12 hamsters but I don't know, so if you don't have a SuperPass yet you might want to wait til June 30 to be safe.. I'll keep issuing reminders with SuperPass signup links

Update Well, the trunk monkeys seem to have moved on: as of June 21 we've got BB8 test patterns with new age/jazzy music and NFL Network - huh? Hey, isn't that a pay channel? Hmm I wonder if they've got licenses etc to stream that.. gotta love the overnight feed crew!

Getting ready

Apologies for the various links that aren't working yet, but I'm gearing up for the new season and am pedaling as fast as I can here.. everything's on the way

You'll note that the new chatroom is open and ready for business.. there will also be a forum here for less casual/more permanent chat as well as feed updates, screencaps, and of course TD's BB8 Park

The BB8 links page is off to a good start also.. there seem to be more Big Brother sites every season - I think this market is glutted, but still we carry on

Both the chatroom and forums will also have areas to discuss other 24/7 live feeds - there are more & more all the time.. some will fade away and some won't, but the concept is growing

After BB8 ends in September, I hope to shift my commentary & ratings over to these other feed shows like I did for on my MySpace blog the last couple of months, so hopefully you'll make this your one-stop Hamsterwatching site for all 24/7 feed shows!

And yes, the USB hamster wheel is a real thing.. apparently it speeds up or down according to your typing speed

It's official

The paperwork's been signed: RealNetworks will once again provide the Big Brother feeds this year as part of their SuperPass subscription.. please remember to sign up for your feeds here! New graphics & links will go up as soon as they're available, and will once again include a free, no obligation 14-day trial

Showtime will be running feeds nightly on its ShoToo channel: "Big Brother After Dark" will air 9pm to midnight BB/Pacific time (midnight to 3am Eastern).. it will be interesting to see how cable subscribers react to flames/fishies/FOTH or whatever they plan on using this year for censoring

The show's regular air schedule is mostly unchanged with live Thursdays at 8pm, Sundays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm.. full eps will be viewable on after the fact

"Housecalls" is also confirmed to come back, with Gretchen hosting solo.. Janelle may do a few and maybe some other formers as well.. let's hope they get a clue this year and let the official BB internet show talk about the feeds as shown on the internet rather than the air shows with their stale news & often fictitious storylines

The rest of the new and (hopefully) improved will be launching here in the next couple of weeks too, so check back before July 5 (when the season officially begins)

Don't get me started

The season hasn't even begun and already I've found my caps the other day and my wordage pasted onto various BB sites and MySpaces etc, sans credit.. granted I don't own the CBS ad or the feeds that future caps will come from - and that's acknowledged at the bottom of every page - but it takes some time to cap, select, crop, tweak, upload, and so on.. it also costs money to keep all those images stored

I do own my wordage - hence the © symbol on every page

Quit taking stuff that isn't yours, kids That goes for stuff you lift from this site and every other site, Big Brother-related or not.. if you can't do your own homework, find a new hobby

So apologies in advance to the majority of you who are not two-bit thieves, but I'm going to have to watermark all the caps that go up here this season due to the lazy eejits who don't understand that it is wrong to steal.. maybe I'm being petty, but so be it - these morons piss me off

PS I'm not even going to address the high school friends & foes "twist" rumor - if that one's true, I don't think I could stomach watching

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Nobody is Head of Household
Nobody is nominated

Julie Chen makes her annual pilgrimage to 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on June 25 June 28 to hype Big Brother and get ribbed about her hubby Les Moonves (Dave's boss)

12? 14?
TV Guide's July 2 edition has an ad that says '14 houseguests' this season, which is two more than the number of photo frames Julie stands by in the new ads, hmmm. What does it all mean? We'll find out soon enough. Thanks to Hamsterwatcher Vance for the info!

Thursday, July 5 at 8pm
Feeds will likely kick in after the premiere airs in the East

To follow

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Big Brother 7 All-Stars
Big Brother 7 All-Stars
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Stay tuned for daily ratings. I will try to be kind & objective, but it's really up to them.. I'm making no promises here.

EditorsEveryone starts with a complimentary neutral, even them. Here's hoping for more reality and less 'twist' - it would be nice to give them lots of ups this year (for a change).

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This site isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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