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March-April-May 2007 - Pre-season

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Grasping at straws

That's what they make us do, as they stingily dole out the few clues we're likely to get for awhile.. the new ad is airing and shows - true to rumors - frames readied for 12 hamster portraits, which means they'll either fall back on "twists" we've seen before (add-a-hamster and/or revive-a-hamster) or that last year's spontaneous cut-short season has become perm: they haven't had only 12 since BB3.. BB4 had 12 for all intents & purposes but only because lucky #13, Scott Weintraub, was kicked out early for throwing chairs during a tantrum

There are also a lot of pink flamingoes scattered throughout the ad, including this one who sits inside the logo for a second - hmmm

The olive drab/palm tree motif might be the perm logo but I'm so not crazy about it that I'm not going to add it up top here til it shows up on the CBS site.. it's not going to work well with any of the colors I'd been thinking about using this year

And so it begins

The rumors are starting to swirl about the upcoming crop of hamsters, like they do, and like last year some of the rumors involve reruns.. the biggest story going around is that Janelle Pierzina & Will Kirby will return to Big Brother 8, possibly as "House Mom & Dad" - whatever that means

Most of us out here are hoping for fresh meat this year.. it's not that I don't enjoy watching the Big Buxom Blonde and the Evil Doctor - especially their world class flirting with each other - but does BB really need to bring anyone back for a third round? Let alone the fact that we definitely don't need in-studio scripted patter if that's the deal.. either way, if this one's true, Will & Janelle will have been on almost half as many seasons as Julie has

Another story making the rounds involves Rob & Amber Mariano (of two Survivors each and two Amazing Races together) moving in this summer.. maybe those shows consider them to be all-stars, but I don't know if they qualify here.. anyway, I kinda doubt that Romber would work for just half a million bucks

Meanwhile hamster hopefuls have sent in their tapes and scurried around to the various casting calls, and all they can do now is wait for their callbacks.. ever-cynical about the casting process, I don't really have high hopes for regular people showing up on our feeds this year, especially since the open call schedule shows a lot of same day/different area activities, meaning the real decision makers probably didn't even attend

I guess if someone outstanding showed up they might have a hope of getting passed on to the higher-ups, or maybe these live auditions were just to drum up pre-season buzz.. here are a few examples of hamsters we aren't likely to get to know this summer - if I'd known they were going to be doing this at Cache Creek casino, I might have headed up there to point 'n laugh watch.. I like that place

For now all we can do is hurry up and wait.. CBS doesn't even have a teaser site up so I can't even get an official BB8 logo to slap on here yet.. if you're someone who likes to be prepared, you can get your SuperPass at any time - they have tons of year-round content - every subscription includes ten free songs each month and a 14 day free trial.. or stay tuned as we get closer for a suggested timeline as to when to sign up to get the feeds to catch the full BB season

Speaking of staying tuned, do keep checking back here for rumor mill updates and/or real news leaks as we get closer.. plus there are going to be some changes here at that should be fun for all

The latest feedster frenzy

"Hamsterwatch Lite" on is continued (for now at least) at my MySpace.. yea, I've taken that plunge - add me and stuff

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Apologies for this feed turning itself on now, uninvited - "it's not a bug, it's a feature"

While we're waiting

Justin reads the San Francisco Chronicle
front page feature about him while riding home
If you're ready to start watching feeds again and can't wait for BB8 to start, you can warm up those feedster skills with Justin Kan, a 23-year-old guy who's living his life on the web 24/7 from San Francisco

Unlike most webcam shows, Justin's is mobile: his cam's in his cap, his gadgetry's in a backpack, and his signal goes out through his cell phone so we see whatever he sees, wherever he goes.. So far it's not that great a show, but let's face it: neither is the hamster habitat most of the time

Today he & his buddies saw somebody having a seizure and they called 911.. later they were hanging out in a park when a nearby building apparently caught on fire and several firetrucks siren'd in, but Justin's system crapped out just then.. oops

The rest of the time he's mostly just hanging out and talking about how busy he is.. His roommates aren't very lively (they seem to sit around watching him on laptops when he's out) and his friends aren't over-the-top characters either, but he does go out to local bars and although the sound in bars is even worse online than in person, it's fun when he comes out a bit sippy and talking to himself

His team has some tech problems they're still working out, he isn't allowed to enter some places wearing his cam, and he'll likely run into problems about webcasting ambient music without permission or royalties (or fishies or flames), but for the most part it's a pretty snazzy setup and he's got corporate sponsors footing the bills - for now, this is his job

Things might pick up: he's getting a lot of press (and bringing us to the interviews) and he's setting up dates with some girls who have visited his site (although tonight's stood him up).. But it's still a new venture - this is only Day 11 - and Hamsterwatchers, we know how things can start to unravel when the introductory niceties wear off and reality starts to set in

Not to mention the potential for the worse case of hat-hair ever seen

Check it out at - the site also has chatrooms (though about half the chatters seem to be kiddies testing out new vocabulary words).. Justin says he'll keep doing this indefinitely - if this year's crop of BB hamsters are a bust, we've got another alternative

Here we go again

Allison Grodner
Big Brother's big sister
Big Brother 8 is officially a go.. that's right, everyone's favorite guilty pleasure will be back this summer (well, everyone who's likely to be reading this page, anyway)

This time the show will be produced by Allison Grodner Productions, with Allison and Rich Meehan returning as co-exec producers.. Arnold Shapiro's new title will be executive consultant, so we can ass-ume he'll be less than involved

Allison said "We consider 'All-Stars' sort of the end of an era".. she can't really come out and say it tanked as a concept, but this gives some hope for the new regime, however she went on to use the dreaded T-word: "We're getting a chance to start once again with a fresh cast and new twists"

Gluttons for punishment can apply now for the 2007 season.. semi-finalist interviews will be held in May or June.. be sure to read the rules, especially the part that says you must be in "excellent mental health"

Julie Chen will be back in place in her boudoir for live show Thursdays

HamsterWatch will be back too, but with a different format.. nothing's definite yet but stay tuned, and have a nice spring

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Nobody is Head of Household
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Julie Chen makes her annual pilgrimage to 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on June 25 to hype Big Brother and get ribbed about her hubby Les Moonves (Dave's boss)

Thursday, July 5 at 8pm
Feeds will likely kick in after the premiere airs in the East

To follow

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Stay tuned for daily ratings. I will try to be kind & objective, but it's really up to them.. I'm making no promises here.

EditorsEveryone starts with a complimentary neutral, even them. Here's hoping for more reality and less 'twist' - it would be nice to give them lots of ups this year (for a change).

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