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July 24 & 25, 2007 - Days 25 & 26

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Bodycounts continue (Wednesday)

It's layaround day and waffling day in the habitat, and you know how I feel about that stuff

I guess it's another live vote this week, as Eric's still trying to earn some cash at 7pm by pushing Kail against the Mike tide

Since I'm still on official boycott of the waffling aspect of the game, I'm taking the day off from this page - but I'll probably be posting a few videos, caps and rants in the forum and spewing assorted typos & nonsense in the chatrooms as we go.. stop by either or both and join in (registration is required for each, separately)

My question of the day is this: when did the Diary hallway become a storage closet, and why didn't they bother to move that stuff out for the summer? It makes "Big Brother" look very much like the red-headed stepchild of CBS that I suspect it is.. I'm just surprised they let it be this obvious, Mrs. Moonves or no Mrs. Moonves

What, me worry? (Tuesday)

I hear that this guy is nominated for eviction.. he doesn't seem to have caught on though

As far as I know he hasn't campaigned or even acknowledged he'll be off the squeezed-in sofa and in his own chair in a couple days

I'm pretty sure he also doesn't know that he's being targeted all over town to go directly from that chair to Julie's boudoir, but that could also be waffling misdirection.. I'll wait 'n see

The daytime habitat's as dull as Mike is lately.. Dustin's about to stretch or something on the deck and rolls up the mat first, saying it stinks.. Dick says it's probably all the spilled sodas but we know better - we know it's all his hocked loogies piled up out there.. he pulls up both mats and hoses them off good, and the deck.. Amber has a glamour shot moment

Special thanks & shout-out to Jessica's family, who kindly quoted me in her MySpace blog.. they don't much like the extra-trashy way CBS is editing this year either

Dustin peeks through the camera peeky-hole and then cybers the cam, kinda.. it's not as cute as when Will did it last year, especially when Nick & Daniele urge him to "Deepthroat! Deepthroat!"

Bubble Bath Buddies breaks out upstairs with Eric & Jessica - it is cute.. he seems totally smitten with her, more every day.. so are many feedsters

Eric: Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend?
Jessica: No.. if I had I wouldn't admit it on tv! But no

Dick comes in and teases them for a bit, then returns later to hang out awhile (it isn't true Bath Buddies without an audience).. Eric's convo strays like his eyes at times.. they add more hot water a few times but after an hour the suds are history

"I wanna be sedated"

Say what you like about Dick - and many of you do - he is the show and everyone knows it

He spends a few minutes rocking out to the Ramones - it's fun stuff.. he also makes a volleyball net for them all, by tying a streamer to the giraffe - none of the others even bother to come up with this kind of stuff

Here's a nice pic of Jameka for her fans, friends & family, since CBS seems to have forgotten she's in there.. this guy's still there too.. so's Kail

Got a quarter?

I'm not sure where they get quarters - maybe they're leftover from BB6

It doesn't matter though - they have one or a few, and they put them to good use.. Big Brother lets them have their pasta-earned beer back tonight, and it's a good time

Jessica, Mike & Zach start it off.. she's the best of those three, making several hits.. Zach talks big.. Mike neither talks nor hits often.. more join in and eventually most get sippy and/or hiccuppy

Jameka helps Kail with her clap dancing some more - she's getting a little better and gets absolutely giddy about it.. then it's time for Giraffe Volleyball

I think just about everyone joins in, surprisingly, and they have a good time together, surprisingly.. Jessica ducks out early and hits her bed.. Eric follows and gets the compliment that's also the kiss of death for a guy in his situation

Jessica: That's why I like you.. you make me laugh

Shenanigans continue into the night

The feeds get my attention again when I hear a huge loud flesh-on-flesh SLAP

It turns out Eric & Jen are doing stage fight moves, and well

Daniele & Amber rate the guys in there tonight, and Daniele says something about Mike being "pretty".. since Nick's started to look so much like Boogie (to me anyway), I can't help but hope this gets back to him (it probably will - it's Amber).. I have a feeling he wouldn't think much of it, and I'm all for that

Nick violates his restraining order at one point and ends up at the hot tub with Jen and her glitter 'kini.. I'm not sure if Daniele finds out or not.. Mike's there too but stays quiet

Later Eric escalates his snotty little brother method of courtship and mummifies Jessica.. he admires his work and then pulls her around the house a bit.. I keep remembering how much beer she sipped during Quarters as she cries "Help me! Get me out!" from inside her bundle

Nick leans in when he & Dustin check each other out through the funhouse glass between the rooms.. later the Jessica Show carries on as she & Eric play guessing games with Dick as an audience.. they're joined by Jen & Jameka who also have fun.. Mike joins too but stays quiet

I must amend the way this episode began: I do catch Mike doing a bit of confused, shruggy, stuttery campaigning with Jen.. he sounds like he's trying to remember what Diary told him to say but maybe it's his own doing.. suffice to say Jen puts him in his place, without even trying

Mike: I think the only reason why people would vote me out now is because they view me as a threat and maybe hard to get out down the line
Jen: How?

Daily videos

Eric & Jessica Bath Buddies; Dick listens to Ramones; a long but fun Quarters drinking game; Jameka & Kail clap dance; giraffe volleyball; The Jessica Show with sidekick Eric, with surprise campaigning by Mike (kinda); and The Dick at Night Show are in the forum, plus you can catch up there on the full versions of the fights shown on tonight's show if you missed them

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Don't blame her

Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Dick is Head of Household
Kail & Mike are nominated

Who should Eric 'get evicted'? (Odd wording!) Polls closed at midnight: Kail

Thursday, July 26 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Tuesday's show stayed in 2nd place for the timeslot with a 4.5 rating and 8 share, behind 30 minutes of 'America's Got Talent' with 6.7/12 and 30 minutes of 'The Singing Bee' with 5.7/10.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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But umm.. sure it isn't too late to swap this cast out for people who actually applied to be on the show? Daily ratings are based on entertainment value. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Tuesday's show might have been a good one for its fights except I'd already seen them before they were edited into handy bite-size pieces, and I'm afraid they're going to head deeper into the gutter by airing Dick & Daniele's intense convo from last night to further their stupid 'twist'. The veto comp was colorful for a minute and Eric made a good host, and it's about time they figured out Mike's a liability rather than the asset they hoped. They seem to be catching on that Zach's also bad tv since they accompanied his streak with dopey cartoon music, but this episode was mostly The Poor Kail Show and nobody needed that. Do they even know Jameka's in there? And what's up with the AP wording this time: 'Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house?' What happened to 'who should he vote for?' Due to the national ads tonight, I'm guessing their Movie Night prize this year will be 'No Reservations' or 'Rush Hour 3' - my money's on the former.. they usually go B list.

Her everlasting yack didn't bother me much today as I clicked away whenever she started. She's starting to stir stuff up with too many people about too many people and there are already whisperings about booting her back to Vegas. My wish is that she sticks long enough to be on the jury but that she's the first on it: I relish the thought of her on her own for a full week with nobody to talk to.

I didn't see a bit of her & Nick's bed whispering today since I clicked away whenever they showed up. She does seem to have recovered from last night, at least for now, and I'm glad of that as well as seeing her out there playing volleyball and having a good time.

He grilled Jen for awhile about her sexual history and that made a lot of feedsters get a bit squirrely. Dick gets away with a lot but he should know only Howie can get away with that line of questioning when it's that graphic and have most be ok with it. Easy ups today for hosing away his loogies, building a volleyball game, joining in Quarters with a vengeance, playing third banana to Jessica & Eric, and continuing to amuse with The Dick at Night Show and Hide the Bunnies.

I saw him today but only in passing. Step it up, dude.

He was definitely good tv today between Bubble Bath Buddies, puppy-dogging after Jessica (not to mention mummifying her), stage fighting with Jen, and being his general dweeby self. But after tonight's America's Player wording, if Thursday's vote is a tie that he has to break, I'm going to lose it.

CBS may have forgotten about her but feedsters haven't. She remains the least hated hamster ever, and with good reason. She's a keeper.

She may say 'I already win challenges - I can't be smart too' for CBS but she just might be the sharpest one in the habitat. Kudos to her for not bursting out laughing when Mike tried to campaign at her, but she did topple his sorry speech by asking 'How?' when he said he's a threat to the others. She also pointed out to him that they'd each be better off with 'recruited' hamsters like themselves over the BB scholars who applied (and applied again, in some cases). I'm not so sure Jen was recruited though: she may have been drafted.

When is CBS going to realize what they've got here? Easy ups all the way.

She may have been the star of the show tonight but on the feeds she's as drippy as ever. Can we have a double eviction this week? Please?

See Kail, but add wah-wah-wahh-wahhhh.

Maybe a triple eviction?

How about we just cycle these bottom four out for the alternates? Or better yet, dump all four and just fast forward four weeks so we can all get out of here that much sooner. Somebody said today 'Zach's jacking off in the storage room.' I'm not sure who said it or why, and it probably isn't true, but it's ok by me if it becomes one of those offhand 'jokes' that turn into rumor that turn into fact.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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