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July 10 & 11, 2007 - Days 11 & 12

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The longest day

Jen comes through Jen Appreciation Day unscathed, and even gives us a surprise bonus ending - more on that in a bit

This group acts like they're nine weeks in and not less than two: they do nothing to amuse or entertain themselves, let alone us.. Dick's the only one making an effort but he's spread a bit thin lately, as is Amber, who's hyper enough to entertain in theory but it doesn't tend to happen.. most of them lay around most of the day

Kail descends from her ivory tower long enough to take the requisite happy photos - tomorrow she rejoins the population.. Carol's barely seen on her next to last day - it's like she's already walked the plank and flown back to Kansas.. Jessica's turning out to be more fun all the time, delivering lines like "You're so bad at this show" and being generally fun among a house of miseries

Laying around takes the form of stripes, bikinis & skin, naturally.. and yellow undies for Joe, who has a few special moments today

One of them comes in the form of Julie impressions when he explains how she'll tell each evictee "You can go ahead and set your bag down" when they enter her boudoir (always one of my favorite moments)

Later he does a house-wide skit of "Amber from Vegas" that's pretty fun.. Amber does her rap act for a minute while packing (just in case).. we get a surprise Jen & Eric hammock session where they're not only strategizing together, but Jen lets slip a real doozy

 Joe: It's more like a raccoon tied to a phone pole
 Jen: I think that I already won it, I won HOH tomorrow
 Eric: You want it?
 Jen: No, I did.. on accident, I didn't mean to
 Eric: What?
 Jen: I won HOH tomorrow.. I didn't mean to, like I tried to drop out but I won it already
 Eric: You think that this happened? How is that?
 Jen: I just did
 Eric: I have no idea what you're talking about
 Jen: I won because it was based on Carol and then like, she gave me a bunch of answers
 and I knew 'em all.. it's weird
 Eric: It's possible..
 Jen: I couldn't pass it up
 Eric: If it's based on Carol, most people are gonna be fucked
 Jen: I'm pretty sure it is
 Eric: That's what it was last year
 [cue the blues]

Jen is summoned to Diary a bit later and then Eric's called in after her

We know they don't care about us catching all these oops's, but I do.. and there sure are a lot of them so far

Daily videos

In the forum: some flirty chat from Nick to Daniele (there's some buzz about them having had some undercovers action a few hours earlier, as a note); Joe & Dustin flirting, kinda (watch Jessica - she's not enjoying it); Amber's wild ride in the teacup; a two-parter of "Amber from Vegas" by Joe; and Eric & Jen in the hammock

Jen Appreciation Day (Tuesday)

Jen and her bikini play golf while Daniele tries to keep Nick's attention

The control room allows confirmation of what everyone out here already knows, that Dick & Daniele are working together.. all of them might know that too, but they're playing along with the storyline - so far

Daniele messes with Mike's pic, but Big Brother yells at him when he does same to hers

This episode's about Jen though, and about perceptions and persuasions

She's been cast in the buxom role and she's doing what she can with it.. the rest of them hate her boobies & bikinis and the way she flaunts them around - or do they? She seems to gather a crowd ok - Joe even flaunts back

All we really know is what's been fed to us: Jen told Dick to back off when he got touchy-feely with her (or didn't), and they had a public fight about some out of place tampons.. by the time we came along, Dick was spreading venom about Jen far & wide - we didn't really know why, but most of them seemed to be buying it

Maybe he started doing that after being rejected by her, or maybe he saw a strong competitor and wants her gone for that reason.. it doesn't really matter why he got the Hate Jen ball rolling: he did, and he did it well

But just as a reminder, Janelle wasn't all that popular in her early days either: her co-hamsters were fed venom about her because of her clothes, her looks, and mostly her attitude around them - sound familiar? The hamsters bought it then too, and continued to spread it, much the same as is going on now with Jen

CBS is helping the anti-Jen storyline along even more than they did with Janelle, so feedsters (who should know better) have jumped onto the Hate Jen train too without a lot to base it on, like a nerd herd.. again a reminder: a lot of future Janelle fanatics didn't like her much at this point either

So am I sticking up for Jen? Not necessarily.. just hoping people will think for themselves based on what they've seen first-hand and unedited (hey it's my fantasy, stop ruining it).. but the bottom line is this miserable cesspool of boredom they call a cast has no hope of getting any better unless something stirs it up - such as Jen winning HOH when they're all ready to boot her out.. then we'd get to watch them all come groveling - and that's always fun

Jessica's getting to be a bit more fun.. her hair alone is fascinating - what's going on there? She put in her Showtime shift by pointlessly folding shirts for a half hour, while falling out of hers

The usual Tuesday night waffling is in full bloom but it won't save Carol even if she strips on camera and anyway, she has to get Flav's hat back to him.. Zach shares too much info about his shaving practices as he asks Dustin to examine something


Dick & Daniele, the stars of the CBS show, both lay around between venom-spreading.. she tends to mope a lot too

Back where we belong

In keeping with the spirit of the new Hamsterwatch, which is to try to find some fun in all this again like the old Hamsterwatch, here's Jameka being uniquely stylish, and a something in their sky

Nobody gives a damn about Eric's dumb mission and we certainly didn't need a checkbox graphic about it

And back to Jen.. anyone who's seen Pat Beale-Wicks-Butcher-Evans wear these gaudy bikini shirts on "EastEnders" over the years has to chuckle when Jen wears hers.. well, anyone with a sense of humor anyway

Maybe she'll turn out to be everything they say she is and maybe she won't.. give her time, but remember that if we don't have some personality conflicts in there, we don't have anything but a really boring summer - and she's our conflict at the moment

Yea, crying over her photo was bad but let's not forget the staged aspect of this season so far - we've seen it for Showtime and we've had a few slips about Diary telling them what to say (which we've never heard before).. but they are making a tv show here - they don't care about us

Remember too that CBS also presented Janelle as a vapid, shallow bimbo for most of her first season

BB8 is really just filling roles this season from the last two, and storylines might even follow suit.. they must have really liked the formulas of BB6 and BB7 but unfortunately for us, they're too clueless to realize it was the individuals in those roles that made them work

Daily videos

Confirmation of Dick & Daniele working together, more about Diary telling them what to say, and Amber gets owned by tetherball are in the forum

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Kail is still Head of Household
Amber & Carol are still nominated

Who should Eric vote to evict?
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Thursday, July 12 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Tuesday's show was 3rd for its timeslot with 4.5 rating and 7 share, behind 'America's Got Talent' at 8.14/14 and 'The Singing Bee' at 8.0/13.

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EditorsTuesday's show was the set-up show. They did what they could to keep the feuds alive, naturally (though they don't have much to work with there) and they started setting up the roles for the season since the enemies 'twist' has already lost what little appeal it had. They worked hard to set up Dick as the New Puppet Master, Amber as the Drama Queen, Nick as the Sensitive Hunk/Innocent Victim, Zach as the Brain, Joe as the Bitch, Jameka as the Complainer, Jen as the Siren aka Big Buxom Brunette, and Daniele as the.. err.. 'thin' girl. They didn't use all that evict-Amber-redirection footage they have yet, but they made up for it by all but omitting Carol from the show. Finally, how did a game of hide 'n seek a) become primetime tv and b) take 5 hours?

She's one of the strongest anti-Jen crusaders, largely because she talks the most and talks to the most people. The show made it sound like she was praying to Obiwan with that music. She got pwned by the tetherball when Dustin smacked it hard into her face tonight, so hard she went off for medical care. She ended up apologizing to him as he felt so bad, but she already loves him 'sooooo much!' (It's not even been two weeks!) We'll be hearing more about the tetherball injury, especially when the bruises show up.

She doesn't seem to be too aware of Jen one way or the other - she's too busy being humiliated at the thought of being the first to go. Anyway, she doesn't get fed a lot of anti-Jen medicine since it's usually attached to a dose of anti-Carol. She started to play today by campaigning for votes and Waffle Alliance members but it's too little, too late. She's gone.

She's the #2 hate Jenerator, second only to Daddy, and she seems to take some personal pleasure in spewing Jen venom. Is CBS going to go the easy but cruel route again by focusing on her skeletal frame? I have a feeling she spent time in other parts of the house during the 5-hour hide 'n seek veto, but they only showed her in the kitchen for both, hmmm.

He's all about getting Jen out of there ASAP and has pretty much everyone else behind him, which conveniently keeps the focus off breaking up him & his partner. He's driving the game but more than that, he's using tactics that very few have used in BBs past: he asks people about themselves. 99% of all hamsters (and humans) just talk about themselves, and only absorb bits about each other when they're volunteered.

He's played the Jen hate game but he seems smarter than to be as vicious about it as some. He's getting around more and starting to come out way ahead of his gonorrhea pal, which probably means he'll be gone before the other, louder, bitchier half of that pairing.

Did he come up with the ex-girlfriend story on his own or did they 'suggest' it to further their casting of Daniele in the role of Anna Rexia? Either way, they could have edited it otherwise - they cut 45 minutes to 1 after all. He can even out-talk Amber, and that's saying something. He's going out of his way to not commit a vote to either nominee, so maybe they'll arrange a tie for him to break to endorse their dopey 'twist'. He's one of the nastier Jen bashers, usually doing his with extremely graphic comments about her Jenitalia.

She's not jumping on any hate trains and probably won't. She keeps her dispute with Dick under control and hasn't even (visibly) reacted to Daniele's racial comments. More importantly, she provided some good fun tonight by angsting over a Diary summons in pincurls, and later whooping it up in one of the few fits of real laughter we've seen. She suffers nightly by having to stay up til Showtime's over and she doesn't seem to approve of the whole 'be good tv from 9 to 12' thing.

She might be all they say and she might not, and I seem to be one of the few willing to wait and find out. But that's ok: as long as she stirs it up by merely being there, it's all good. She looks a lot like Heidi Fleiss and/or Adrienne Curry, and sounds like her at times too. It's pretty early to call, but it's looking like she might be the Most Photogenic this season - which would stand if earned, even if she does turn out to be a witch. As far as the drinking game (take a drink when Jen says 'I') anyone would get smashed playing that game about any of them.

She's turning out to be her own brand of fun in a way. She's got the squeaky voice going and the hair that defies logic or description.. she's a Tiara Girl yes, but she's also fun in small doses, kind of like watching cartoons.

He and his gonorrhea should just go home.

She doesn't say much about anyone - not that we hear anyway - but she sure gives a lot of disapproving looks. Because of that she seems cast in the Maggie role except she's sharing her HOH bed with Jen, and that's a new twist. She can't act her way out of a paper bag (even with a full script) so I don't expect to see much of her on future air shows. She needs to come down from her ivory tower and show us what she's made of, and soon.

Neither Dumb nor Dumber has anything on this guy. What's he doing there and why are we going to have to waste a week on his eventual eviction?

Same story as Mike, except that he had a very thin plotline this week that helped develop the Jen Hate story that they managed to edit to make him look less ambiguous than the stuff we see. Daniele keeps making eyes at him, so he might stick for another week or two so they can develop a protective daddy subplot and have Dick beat him up.

It's starting to look like CBS has shining hopes for him, but whatever they've got they pulled out of thin air. He's barely there at best. Even if he's part of Kail's Poptart Boys, they're about as interesting to watch as the blues rolling across our screens.

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