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Brendon evicted 5-2
Kalia is Head of Household
Nobody is nominated
Nobody is Have-not
Adam's elf ends Friday


Take a swig whenever Rachel says Brendon's name - see you under the table



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They're calling Adam's elf 'Cruddy'.

Brendon's knees got messed up from the food comp with the ant costumes.

They call Dominic PT for pre-teen, a running gag about how young he looks, and/or part-time, referring to his modeling career.

Nominations & veto were pairs-based until there were 10 left.

The evictee's surviving partner got one of four Golden Keys, meaning they couldn't be nominated or play for HOH until there were 10 left.

Dick left mysteriously, off the feeds, due to 'personal reasons' per him and CBS. We may never know the full story.

CBS shows air Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm

Big Brother After Dark airs 1-4am Thursdays and 12-3am other nights, on Showtime in USA and Global Reality in Canada

BB13 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. The BB veterans might get more.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

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Earth to Rachel

Thursday days usually aren't much, what with lots of trivia for rehearsals followed by excessive primping, but this one was different

Ass-uming Rachel was given some meds last night to calm her down, apparently they wore off by morning and she started up her hysterics again.. Shelly and Jordan each tried to help and talk sense into her about it being just a game, she'll get Brendon and her life back in September, etc.. she listened some and argued some, but each time she went back to Brendon, his peculiar way of providing love and comfort ended up making things worse again, like it does

Thus today's HOH lockdown was awkward, with her crumpled in his lap and sniffling, while Shelly, Jordan and some of the others exchanged looks that could be only be translated as "OMG is this for real?"

Luckily (and with a huge sigh of relief from me), Brendon walked the plank to Julie's boudoir on a 5-2 vote as expected and now we'll finally see Rachel on her own - I just hope she doesn't stay in mourning for long.. Kalia won the Eliminator Q&A HOH comp, and now we will have some fun


Kalia holds court

Once Rachel stopped crying, they eventually settled in for the long wait til the HOH room reveal

Nearly all of them have trashed Kalia lately - even BFF Daniele has gotten a bit snippy at her a few times, but that didn't stop Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Lawon, Porsche and Rachel from gathering around her in the lounge.. meanwhile, Shelly cozied up for a nice long chat with Daniele in the chrome room.. Daniele might see through that obvious ploy, but Shelly's pretty good at covering her tracks so it's hard to say unless/until we hear anything about it later

They all went up for Kalia's HOH room and gushed appropriately over her photos.. she got an Adele CD, wine, lots of snacks, a letter from her mom (I think? "Mamooshka"), and a pic of her new boyfriend.. she also got a belt that she thought was his but couldn't figure out why.. that inspired a lot of jokes but later she found out BB supplied it from her asking for a belt for her mic.. she gave some licorice she doesn't like to Rachel, and Daniele & Lawon scolded her for that afterward

Jeff cooked up a nice meal of steak, chicken & potatoes for Lawon & Jordan who both dug in with gusto at midnight.. Rachel went back to HOH to make nice and it seemed to go well, although Kalia told her she had no idea what she was going to do.. when Rachel left, Kalia made a comment about humble pie to herself, and added "Feels good doesn't it, homegirl? Trust me, I always had a plan here"

Meetings carried on throught the night and likely will repeat again tomorrow.. the target seems to be Rachel but I've not followed who she'll actually nominate or if it's even been decided.. they are aware of a revival possibility coming but they don't know how it's going to work


Ratings - Queen Kalia edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value
VTE = Voted to evict

Well, what can I say about Thursday's show? We've done The Rachel & Brendon Show to death and that was just its finale.. and good riddance. It's too bad they omitted the trashbag wedding but hey, that's why Flashback is included with the feeds. I'm just tickled with their latest website flub 'AEMRICA' and glad they corrected it for the final ballot, even though my boycott is gaining a teeny bit of support here & there. Adam's elf dance was cute, Dick's segment was Dick, but oh Julie, that hair! I thought she ditched the humongous do's a couple seasons ago.. maybe it was in honor of the Revival announcement.
Update: Their easy neutral was downgraded to negative when they cut off Adam's final Heavy Metal Elf Show to follow Shelly around as she took out the trash.

Paired with Dominic - GOLDEN KEY
Won: One week elf suit
VTE Brendon
Sure, I love his shout-outs (especially tonight's about BBQ Smackdown 8/5 3.09am) but I'm not playing favorites because of them. He's more than just comic relief in there: he's the guy who's always in a pleasant mood, gets along with everyone, is often cracking jokes, his peptalks are sincere, and he almost always contributes to my Lines of the Day, which is a good thing to gauge a hamster by. His game talks are usually more common sense than strategy which may or may not help him later, but he's still there and almost to jury so something's working right. I'm not sure but I believe tonight's the first time he admitted to being a fan of BB12 Rachel, which shows he's got good timing. His elf will end tomorrow and it'll be missed when it goes, but his Harvey Fierstein 'creepy voice' will probably continue. Bonus ups for telling Jorff and Rachel about Howie's jack shack tonight - how could they not know about that?

Paired with Rachel
Won: nothing
His return was unwelcome, especially now that he's had a year to suck the life and Vegas out of Rachel. This time he wore superhero suits, used not-funny voices, lost a toy turtle, lectured everyone, and had big goofy smiles for Big Booty & Porsche's striptease. He had a pathetic sense of entitlement and made a giant stink about Rachel calling him Buki.

Paired with Shelly
Won: nothing
She started off okay and had Dominic in her pocket, but Shelly befriended her so well that when they were both nominated, Cassi just laid down and died. She complained a lot, failed to fulfill her catfight potential, and was the third model in a row to be booted out second. She had the best Mirror-Face since BB5/7 Jase.

Paired with Dick - GOLDEN KEY/TICKET
No vote (HOH)
Many thought she was foolish to not to give the endurance to Kalia in order to play this week and now look what happened.. funny how that works. I don't think anyone will deny she's the real HOH this week (except Kalia obviously), and I'm glad they'll have their own room again as I'm not ready for another round of her silent click-talking strategy sessions yet.

Paired with Daniele
Won: nothing
We haven't had a premiere night no-show since BB9 Jacob, and we haven't had a mysterious early exit since BB9 Neil. These pairs twist seasons just seem to complicate things for production. No real word yet on why Dick's gone (and there may never be) but he sure was looking rough in the premiere.

Paired with Adam
Won: nothing
He was the first casualty of Daniele's too hard/too fast strategy but he didn't help himself by not brushing up more on how BB works. He told a lot of pointless lies about his modeling, schooling, virginity and then fessed up to them, which might have come back to bite him anyway. His adolescent jokes and behavior did nothing for me.

Paired with Jordan
Won $10k
VTE Brendon
I can't figure out how his mind works: he noticed that Julie didn't congratulate them all for making it to jury, but he had to ask Jordan if noms are tomorrow? He made a lovely meal for the sloppers end of slop - that's becoming a BB13 tradition, and a very nice one. Like Adam, he's a reliable contributor to Lines of the Day and that's a good thing.

Paired with Jeff
No vote (nominee)
Brendon's speech was a very hard act to follow but she did it with grace and her usual easy style, so kudos for that. She put in a lot of time and effort with Rachel both before and after the show, and that isn't easy. She took her post-slop dinner outside instead of sitting down to eat with Lawon which was kind of odd, or not.. I guess it was hard for them to bond as Have-nots since they had Rachel & Brendon sleeping between them all week.

Paired with Lawon
VTE Brendon
Big ups for being the first noob to earn the HOH key! Even better, the power started going to her head right after the show, when she said she 'might' let Adam sleep up there for his birthday. It's a nice thought, but the way she said it was everything. With six of them gathered around her for an hour or so before she even moved into HOH, I pictured her thinking 'they like me, they really like me!' She will be drunk with power in no time and that'll be a good show for us.

Paired with Porsche
Won: nothing
He claimed to be a fan since BB1 but even watching only CBS, he clearly wasn't paying attention: who throws a veto comp when they're on the block? He went in with a clearly outlined womanizing strategy which failed miserably, he set off another BB Weinergate, and he panicked himself right out the door.

Paired with Kalia
VTE Brendon
He had a really bad week but none of them are very aware of that as he doesn't complain non-stop like normal hamsters. He got a little catty in HOH with Kalia & Daniele about Rachel which was funny, and doubly so for often acknowledging that 'everybody thinks I'm just floatin' through' yet he's still there with a membership card that's as valid as everyone else's. He thoroughly enjoyed his meal but he ate it all by himself which was kind of sad.

Paired with Keith - GOLDEN KEY
VTE Jordan
As things turned out, it's lucky for her that she started shifting from Rachel to Daniele last week. She's even starting to lightly bash Rachel a bit (pointing out to the HOHers that Rachel didn't thank her for her sympathy vote, among other things) but that's likely a survival move as much as anything else. I've stopped posting Daily Porsche Sightings as she's all over now, but I still need a decoder ring when she gets going.

Paired with Brendon
VTE Jordan
Julie's 'keep it clean' was due to a Rachel F-bomb in the HOH comp: it was bleeped in USA but hit the air in Canada. Her epic meltdown carrying over to a second day was unnecessary but an hour or two after she was abandoned by Brendon she perked up and became a citizen with the rest of them, and even chatted awhile about things other than BB or Brendon. She's still bashing 'floaters' for no reason (BB9, BB11 and BB12 winners weren't big in comps, which is how she defines 'floater' - not to mention the fact that Dr. Will, the generally accepted master of the game, never won a single competition.) She is human and we all have our faults - hers are just very visible and make her an easy target.. she's not a bad person and I'm glad we finally get to see her on her own.

Paired with Cassi - GOLDEN KEY
VTE Brendon
For those who still doubt she owns them all, consider these tidbits. Instead of gathering around Kalia like the rest of them, she took the opportunity to chat with Daniele, as she's as aware as we are of who the real HOH is this week. She hit up Kalia later, with Lawon in attendance, and tossed out things like how there are 'some' that everyone has problems with, and also 'people who don't do anything - just as an example'. Then remember her tears yesterday about missing her daughter which led directly to Rachel's big meltdown, but Shelly's name hasn't been connected to it since. Tonight when she came out of Diary sniffly and was asked if she cried in there, she said she had but then quickly blamed it on to 'allergies'. Late night she sat outside and described hubby Tony to Jordan & Lawon - she's obviously crazy about him - and then the tears flowed again talking about Josie, but tears with a smile.


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Sunday's show remained in first place with 8.05 million viewers, 4.7 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' rerun on ABC with 4.5/2.8/5, 'America's Got Talent' rerun on NBC with 3.7/2.3/4, and 'The Simpsons' and 'The Cleveland Show' reruns on FOX with 3.6/1.9/3 and 3.3/1.8/3 respectively.
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Julie to Rachel: Keep it clean

Adam: How many times do you get to be on Big Brother?
Shelly: Once
Adam: That's right! At least, if not more

Shelly: Maybe we can win a grill

Jeff: When are nominations - tomorrow??

Rachel to Kalia: And I'm sorry for saying that two weeks ago

Adam about Brendon: We had a lot of leftover food last week because the machine wasn't eating

Rachel: Adam, who's the biggest fan in the house, is a floater - there's something wrong with that

Lawon: Every week there's a new main character in this story


CBS can't spell AMERICA

Kalia's HOH basket chop by C=Venus

Farewell Weeping Knight by BB House Rodents

Daniele's HOH blog indirect cause of Rachel's meltdown

B-Side Blog with Wednesday's show

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Sex events: 2
Brendon/Rachel 7/25 3.10am
Brendon/Rachel 7/11 3.32am

Sex events cancelled by knee-jabbing:
1 Brendon/Rachel 7/26 2.54am

Major fights/house meetings: 1
Brendon, Jordan, Dominic, Kalia, Jeff, Daniele plus supporting players 7/27 1.18pm

Noteworthy fights: 5
Rachel vs Daniele 8/3 3.52pm
Brendon vs Kalia 7/27 12.52pm
Brendon vs Daniele 7/25 10.55am
Rachel vs Cassi 7/17 8.25pm
Brendon vs Rachel (ongoing)

Striptease shows: 2
Porsche, Adam

Weddings: 1
Brendon/Rachel 8/2 10.36pm

'The Soup' mentions: 1
Adam <3 Tori, Hofftacular comp & visit

Beyond BB scandals: 1
Jeff & Dumbledoregate

Nominee speech scorchers: 1 Dominic

Premature exits: 1 Dick

Absentee hamsters: 1 Jason

CBS goofs: 15
- Misspelled AMERICA
- Revival poll & Brendon's eviction posted a day early
- Pauley Perrette in BB 'Newest Photos'
- All noobs are Alan Cumming
- Called noms 'eviction ceremony'
- Cassi's exit interview bla bla bla
- Survivor Jenna Morasca at ComicCon in Jordan's HOH pics
- Cassi misspelled by Allison Grodner
- Golden Ticket Holder 7/17 show
- Julie congratulating Jordan for her 'first HOH win' 7/14 show
- Forgot to move Julie to The Talk
- Labeling Jeff as Dominic
- Premature show schedule
- 3am wrong trivia screen
- Typo 'Evil' Dick
(I'm not even tracking out-of-sequences on the CBS shows or the Showtime crawl errors)

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