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Daniele is Head of Household
Brendon & Jordan are nominated
Brendon, Lawon, Jordan are Have-not
Adam's in elf suit 1 week


Take a swig whenever Rachel says Brendon's name - see you under the table



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They're calling Adam's elf 'Cruddy'.

Brendon's knees got messed up from the food comp with the ant costumes.

They call Dominic PT for pre-teen, a running gag about how young he looks, and/or part-time, referring to his modeling career.

Nominations & veto were pairs-based until there were 10 left.

The evictee's surviving partner got one of four Golden Keys, meaning they couldn't be nominated or play for HOH until there were 10 left.

Dick left mysteriously, off the feeds, due to 'personal reasons' per him and CBS. We may never know the full story.

CBS shows air Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm

Big Brother After Dark airs 1-4am Thursdays and 12-3am other nights, on Showtime in USA and Global Reality in Canada

BB13 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. The BB veterans might get more.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

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Waffle Wednesday

Whispers started up about the vote like they do every Wednesday, even though it's a solid 6-1 or 5-2 that Brendon's leaving tomorrow.. feedsters who know better fell for some of today's waffles for awhile, but even CBS had Brendon evicted already when they prematurely posted their Revive-a-Hamster poll for a minute - see Links of the Day below

They took their silly pics and Daniele wrote her blog, which led to a nice explosion: she told Shelly that she said in it for Tony to remember to put a heart on daughter Josie's hand for the first day of school, which led to Shelly breaking down, which led to Rachel finding out about it and accusing Daniele of using her blog to emotionally manipulate Shelly, which led to Daniele going outside and blowing up about that, which led to a Rachel versus Daniele confrontation that made my Extracurricular Tally - flashback 8/3 3.52pm (use quads and/or separate feeds for this one - it goes on awhile, between the palms)

Since I believe Shelly owns them all and said here way back on July 18 that I thought she could almost take on Dr Will (Daniele's social game isn't far behind Shelly's but it isn't nearly as perfected), I think Rachel had this one right in a way: sure, Shelly obviously misses her daughter but I'm thinking she might have used this to vent that, while at the same time she may have known it would stir things up.. also, Rachel let slip that Diary may have suggested she start all that (hence the many palms blocks), and she definitely used her Diary/actoring voice when it was going on, in my opinion.. why would they do that, you ask? Because it will help CBS explain Brendon's eviction after showing the happy trashbag wedding


Wait, there's more

An epic Rachel meltdown took place after all that, about two hours' worth of real tears, much sobbing, and threats to walk out.. she said repeatedly to Brendon that she's ruined his chances to stay tomorrow, she's ruined his life, she ruins everything, and the like.. he attempted to console her in his usual dysfunctional way, and it carried on unchecked for hours as the rest of them rehashed it all, like they do.. Brendon finally requested that BB shrink Dr Zachary be called in to see her.. she went to Diary for awhile and came out very quiet, possibly dosed, and he went into his hearts & flowers routine

Elsewhere around the habitat, Adam did a very early (5am) Heavy Metal Elf show today, complete with studying and his strategy plans.. Shelly continued gardening and fishing along with cleaning - meaning planting seeds and extracting info.. she did her backyard stealth sneak to the hammock again, this time with Brendon & Rachel alternately trashing, scheming and cooing in it - she paused to listen awhile before crawling underneath to surprise them this time.. later she leaped over it with them in it.. Daniele & Kalia ran around rearranging and hiding things, most likely to mess with the rest of them.. Daniele also put something in her blog about Fara, but that didn't cause any problems


Revive-a-Hamster is on

Apparently I was the only one who capped the premature poll on the CBS site - goof #14 for them on my tally.. I've been saying that it was coming for weeks, and now we know it is

I strongly endorse a boycott of this poll once it's posted tomorrow night! They can put in whoever they want despite the vote: the infamous game show laws do not apply to reality TV.. they don't need the $1 for text votes, and free voting on the CBS site just inflates their traffic numbers so they can charge more for ad rates.. okay, call me a cynic, but I do know how these things work - I deal with real biz stuff for major corporations when I'm not hamsterwatching, and I put in a few years with a major media corporation

I figure a low voter turnout would send the message that we're sick and tired of their stupid has-beens twists, especially twice in one season.. but all that said, let's toy with the possibilities, since one of them could be coming back on August 11: the winner of the poll will compete with that night's evictee for revival.. remember these are not endorsements, merely speculation

Keith He was a troublemaker as well as a paranoid basketcase when he was in there - imagine him after four weeks locked in a hotel room, climbing the walls

Cassi Bikini fans favor her but she wore a lot of unflattering shapeless outfits when she was in there and she didn't shower for a week - just search Google Images for "Cassi Colvin" (with quotes) to get your Cassi bikini fix.. many would like her back to stir up Rachel, which it would for a minute, but Cassi failed to bring any real drama there.. she would however help Shelly's game a lot, and I'm all for that even if she doesn't need any help

Dominic Daniele fans and a few others want him back, and TV viewers (who are the vast majority of voters) have short memories so he'll probably be our rebounder.. The Powers That Be love their Donatos and having Dick on tomorrow's show to analyze Daniele's game lends credence to that, unless they'll also have expert(s) on to analyze the eight other survivors' games as well.. they also love to help the Donatos, as proven by BB8's America's Player.. personally, I didn't think much of Dominic as far as being a very entertaining hamster, but that's just me

Brendon It's possible but unlikely that CBS will bring him back again? Surely even they can't screw up that much.. sure, he's got a handful of fans but the vast majority of feedsters aren't even in the "love to hate" category about him - then again, we weren't for Jessie either and they dragged him back, so maybe I'm giving them too much credit.. at any rate, we've never seen Rachel on her own and that would be great: maybe she'll get her Vegas back! Also, I have a feeling Shelly will work on her as to her choice of boyfriend, her self-esteem and his effect on it, and assorted other life lessons she could use, in my opinion.. anyway, imagine Rachel once she realizes her Buki (and therefore she) lost a public vote

Jordan Yes, they slapped her up on the poll for a minute after pulling the Brendon one down, but that was the same kind of damage control they did when they prematurely posted (or intentionally leaked, ahem) the All-Stars voting ballot before BB7 premiered.. on the off-off-off chance Jordan goes tomorrow, she'll get scooted back in without question - no discussion needed there


Ratings - Bikini Hour Prediction edition

Ratings are based on potential HOH entertainment including this week and next week's Revive-a-Hamster festivities. Pics are yesterday's - I didn't get a chance to work up 12 new ones today.. bikini fans can rejoice.

I'm not convinced if today's slip was a goof or just an intentional leak - they like to do those. Regardless, I have a feeling the whole vote and my endorsed boycott of it could end up so many wasted pixels since it's possible none of the four evictees on the ballot will even get revived. I'd rather see the August 11 evictee come back in the revolving door since I'm against the whole has-beens idea in principle, and because that would make this upcoming HOH and the entire week pointless, which could lead to some fireworks. That's why Chima lost it, and with good reason, so we might end up with a doozy of a show on feeds if that happens again, depending who wins HOH tomorrow.
By the way, observant Hamsterwatchers have noticed I've not moved empty wheelers to the bottom of this section as they're evicted this year. That's because I figured a revival was coming and I didn't want to have to deal with moving them down only to move them back up. Once we get through this revival fiasco, I'll shift evictees down where they belong.

Paired with Dominic - GOLDEN KEY
Won: One week elf suit
He'd make a fun HOH but he said during this morning's Heavy Metal Elf Show that he doesn't want it - flashback 8/3 5.00am. Anyway, I want a meltdown the following week and Adam wouldn't do that if his target left only to come right back in, like BB9 Ryan didn't when James took a spin around the revolving door. I'll miss his elf - he did it well.

Paired with Rachel
Taking a cue from CBS, I've installed his evicted empty wheel early. Even if he survives tomorrow or comes later, he'll be on Hamsterwatch ignore.

Paired with Shelly
She started off okay and had Dominic in her pocket, but Shelly befriended her so well that when they were both nominated, Cassi just laid down and died. She complained a lot, failed to fulfill her catfight potential, and was the third model in a row to be booted out second. She had the best Mirror-Face since BB5/7 Jase.

Paired with Dick - GOLDEN KEY/TICKET
She can't win HOH so she won't be having the revival meltdown I was half expecting tomorrow. Chances are she'll have a hand in this week's HOH unless Rachel gets it, in which case Daniele will either start her veto wins again or she'll be booted and revived. Bet on it.

Paired with Daniele
We haven't had a premiere night no-show since BB9 Jacob, and we haven't had a mysterious early exit since BB9 Neil. These pairs twist seasons just seem to complicate things for production. No real word yet on why Dick's gone (and there may never be) but he sure was looking rough in the premiere.

Paired with Adam
He was the first casualty of Daniele's too hard/too fast strategy but he didn't help himself by not brushing up more on how BB works. He told a lot of pointless lies about his modeling, schooling, virginity and then fessed up to them, which might have come back to bite him anyway. His adolescent jokes and behavior did nothing for me.

Paired with Jordan
Won $10k
He's due for an HOH win since he's the only vet who hasn't had it yet, but I hope he doesn't get it as he's far more fun when he isn't winning. He'd probably aim for Kalia to be gone, but he could go hardcore and renege on his deal with Daniele. Either way, he'd probably have a nice hissyfit when whoever is revived since he wasn't in bed with any of them. Well, he got the Coup de Jeff that set off Chima, and turnabout's fair play.

Paired with Jeff
I don't see her winning again so soon, especially since she has so many pinky swears in place with the hamsters we have left. But if it happens and even if her target is revived, she'd just make a Jordanism about it and we'll all laugh.

Paired with Lawon
They're all tired of her so it would be delicious if she won HOH and got higher and mightier than she is now, and they'd all have to suck up to her which would be great comedy. She'd get a world class case of HOH-itis, we'd get all of them bitching downstairs about it, and she might even end up throwing her mic in the pool and exiting through Diary if her target (likely Rachel) comes right back in. If not, she'd have one of the hardest falls from power we've seen in awhile. Oh yes, I am hoping for Kalia to win tomorrow.

Paired with Porsche
He claimed to be a fan since BB1 but even watching only CBS, he clearly wasn't paying attention: who throws a veto comp when they're on the block? He went in with a clearly outlined womanizing strategy which failed miserably, he set off another BB Weinergate, and he panicked himself right out the door.

Paired with Kalia
He is playing this game but he's playing it on his own schedule, which is far more leisurely than the rest of them. He'll make an outstanding HOH when he does win it, and he will, but I don't think it'll happen yet. On the off-chance it does happen tomorrow, he'd probably target one of the vets and then make a lot of great faces when the revival happens.

Paired with Keith - GOLDEN KEY
Like her vote tomorrow, she's the wild card for HOH as it wouldn't be very safe for her new career as a double agent if she were to win now and have to make a public stand. On the other hand, they're all tired of Kalia and she'd be an easy target for Porsche. Kalia on the block will be almost as good as Kalia as HOH so it's all good. Porsche would also tell a weird unrelated story when Revive-a-Hamster happens, and like those are always like interesting?

Paired with Brendon
Winning HOH would fit the pattern and also put an end to her mourning Brendon and we'll all need that to happen sooner than later. She'd also get drunk with power again and hopefully drunk on Patron in her goodies, and we'd get our Vegas back. Top it off with her not really having anyone to confide in and plan with, putting Daniele on the block, and losing her mind when Dani either wins veto or is instantly revived.

Paired with Cassi - GOLDEN KEY
I don't think she's ready to win HOH yet, since she understands its repercussions better than most. If she does, she'd make careful calculated decisions with empathic heart-to-hearts about them, and end up getting a vote in finals from whoever she boots out (Rachel? Daniele? or the easy public service choice, Kalia?) if she gets to the end. She'd probably have a quick shocked reaction to revival and then laugh about it with something like 'I got got!' In other words, she'd play it all out great for her game, but a Shelly HOH won't do much for our amusement.


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Sunday's show remained in first place with 8.05 million viewers, 4.7 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' rerun on ABC with 4.5/2.8/5, 'America's Got Talent' rerun on NBC with 3.7/2.3/4, and 'The Simpsons' and 'The Cleveland Show' reruns on FOX with 3.6/1.9/3 and 3.3/1.8/3 respectively.
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From the Oh Really? Department: Kalia told Daniele that Dr. Will's brother is one of her "good friends, like best friends" - flashback 7/20 3:04.40am F1 (Big ups to @smellykelley, @zzziiinnnggg, @LunaCee73 for digging up this one).

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Adam to us, studying at 5am on Day 33: Day 34 Brendon evicted, who the fuck knows who wins HOH?

Adam during the blog fight: Anyone here from out of town?

Daniele: So you don't hear things that are coming out of your mouth?
Kalia: Nope, that's the beauty of it

Shelly: I won't go in that shower without shoes on
Jeff: Ohhh, Shelly! I just got that

Big Brother: Daniele, please do not obstruct your microphone
Adam: Here we go again

Jeff to Kalia: Is that name of your vibrator, The Eliminator?

Jordan on the show: Pawns normally go home sometimes


Revive-a-Hamster poll and Brendon's eviction posted prematurely by CBS, apparently a Hamsterwatch exclusive

TMZ exclusive on the bizarre Boogie lawsuit mess

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Sex events: 2
Brendon/Rachel 7/25 3.10am
Brendon/Rachel 7/11 3.32am

Sex events cancelled by knee-jabbing:
1 Brendon/Rachel 7/26 2.54am

Major fights/house meetings: 1
Brendon, Jordan, Dominic, Kalia, Jeff, Daniele plus supporting players 7/27 1.18pm

Noteworthy fights: 5
Rachel vs Daniele 8/3 3.52pm
Brendon vs Kalia 7/27 12.52pm
Brendon vs Daniele 7/25 10.55am
Rachel vs Cassi 7/17 8.25pm
Brendon vs Rachel (ongoing)

Striptease shows: 2
Porsche, Adam

Weddings: 1
Brendon/Rachel 8/2 10.36pm

'The Soup' mentions: 1
Adam <3 Tori, Hofftacular comp & visit

Beyond BB scandals: 1
Jeff & Dumbledoregate

Nominee speech scorchers: 1 Dominic

Premature exits: 1 Dick

Absentee hamsters: 1 Jason

CBS goofs: 14
- Revival poll & Brendon's eviction posted a day early
- Pauley Perrette in BB 'Newest Photos'
- All noobs are Alan Cumming
- Called noms 'eviction ceremony'
- Cassi's exit interview bla bla bla
- Survivor Jenna Morasca at ComicCon in Jordan's HOH pics
- Cassi misspelled by Allison Grodner
- Golden Ticket Holder 7/17 show
- Julie congratulating Jordan for her 'first HOH win' 7/14 show
- Forgot to move Julie to The Talk
- Labeling Jeff as Dominic
- Premature show schedule
- 3am wrong trivia screen
- Typo 'Evil' Dick
(I'm not even tracking out-of-sequences on the CBS shows or the Showtime crawl errors)

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