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We have two make-out couples and the tension is building

Take a swig whenever someone says I or we have to win HOH

Matt is Head of Household
Andrew & Kathy are nominated
Enzo, Brendon, Andrew & Ragan are Have-nots

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Next CBS show is Thursday 8pm: Live eviction, live HOH comp, assorted dramas

Continued slurping & excessive waffling
Lots of bubbles on Thursday
Food comp? and nominations on Friday
Veto comp and Matt's birthday on Saturday

Some stabo HAVOC might return, and BB11 Jeff Schroeder will probably be showing up at some point for a cross-promo opp for his CBS webshow

Wednesday's show won the hour with 6.6 million viewers, 4.1 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Minute to Win It' on NBC with 5.9/3.5/7, 'So You Think You Can Dance' on FOX with 5.3/3.3/6, and two 'The Middle' reruns on ABC with 4.1/2.8/5. 'Big Brother 12' also won the 18-49 demographic.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Additional Have-not food items:
Baby food & bok choy

Two hour finale is September 15

Annie & Monet have been sequestered so we might end up with Revive-a-Hamster

The saboteur was Annie. She'd have won $50k if she lasted five weeks undetected.

Have-Nots have their own room again, cold showers again, slop again, plus popcorn, plus additional food items decided by viewer votes.

Nobody knows why Paolo isn't there.

The winner of BB12 will win $500k and 2nd place gets $50k. Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.


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  July 28, 2010 - Day 26       Bookmark and Share

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>> Matt is Head of Household - Andrew & Kathy are nominated <<

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    Finally, a fight

    It wasn't much of a fight but it's the best we've had so far, so I am initiating that section of the sidebar tally

    As near as I can tell, Andrew yelled at Kristen because she talks to Kathy, and Kristen yelled back - Flashback to around 9:45am Quads for the start, then 10:06am Feeds 3/4 for the continuation.. Andrew cried, and Brendon comforted him with a peptalk.. Andrew & Brendon talked about faking a fight last night, but I'm not going there again after Chima & Russell last year

    The camera came out and they posed their cheesy poses, like they do.. they did a group lasso, Britney crawled into the giant cat toy, and they did a group shot in the spa/gym/cabana room in what's become tradition this season

    Later Andrew called a house meeting, their second.. he pulled up a vase, choked up, apologized to Kristen, and told them he's under pressure from slop and being nominated.. it wasn't much compared to the last house meeting

    Evening brought more nothing, until Brendon & Rachel had another little bedtime spat, this time he grabbed her to pull him towards her after she turned away.. their spat/makeup cycles are coming along faster.. at least til tomorrow, there are 11 of them in there but the feeds are as dull as if they were down to three or four - feedsters are dropping like flies

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    Daily Ratings - Nothing Begets Nothing edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value, and it's missing

    There was a show Wednesday but I've already forgotten it, much like they forgot Ragan or Kristen on it. All of them need to stop yelling in Diary, especially Hayden (and I don't believe for a minute they'll do anything about it like the EW article promises), but at least they're expanding Britney's role a bit more. But enough of that, let's get nitpicky. I heard they misspelled Kristen's name on Sunday's show, their HOH blog page is titled 'Big Brother HoH Tweets' and their Stabo page says 'As the Big Brother Saboteur, Annie wreaked havoc on the house guests for the first week in the house' - gosh, I missed that. I remain available for copy writing, editing, proofing and common sense gun-for-hire.

    You'd think the first Major Fight to hit my sidebar tally would be upsworthy huh? Not in this case. Andrew said going in that his style would basically be chaotic but I'm not so sure he's ACTING (Jon Lovitz voice) all of this, especially the tears. It's interesting that CBS plays up his Orthodox-ness, but I don't think they made him comment about playing for veto on sabbath.

    I'm getting better at avoiding his slurpiness with Rachel, but they still manage to creep onto my feeds more than necessary. The way he grabbed Rachel in anger and pulled her around to him was a whole new kind of uncomfortable.

    Won: $10
    She tried, but even the Comedy Stylings of Britney Haynes can't override the blah that Big Brother 12 has become.

    His comments about being constipated from his slop/baby food/ketchup diet were replaced by his poop comments when he finally did. Guido Howie indeed.

    He's still in there.

    She kept campaigning but mostly from a horizontal position. She was Matt's original target (so he said) so it'll be surprising if she sticks tomorrow, but I'm prepared to be surprised.

    Won: $100
    See Andrew: their fight wasn't much more than a spat that wouldn't even make the sidebar in a normal season, but this isn't.

    Won: $1,000
    He has the most Lines of the Day from the feeds and the show, and I appreciate him for that.

    Won: $1
    It was nice to read another literate blog but he's taking the 'greatest player ever' shtick a bit far. I was pleased that he validated the fact that he is a superfan and has only been playing BB-dumb, so take that, doubters & arguers. Ups are for his random but funny twistie-tie tweet that came out of nowhere.. why can't he tweet more? When it's somebody icky they flood my stream.

    Bla blah blah, bleah and blech. As long as she and her Ken doll remain glued at the lips, I'm not paying attention to either.. unless they spat.

    I hate to say it but he's turning from the funny, erudite, compassionate guy we liked into a droning bore. Hopefully it's temporary and he'll come back to us.

    Won: $10,000
    She promised princessy but failed to deliver, opting instead for poor-me tears, complaints about being fat, and a lot of moping around. But she wasn't all doom & gloom: she rode the slip 'n slide and made fun of her keep-warm sleeping layers, and she was Britney's #1 mean girl cohort. She tried out for ANTM and might have fared better there, as they wouldn't have flashed her boobies.

    She turned her nomination into the House of Annie and wheedled everyone for days, to no avail. She promised catfights with Britney and Rachel but nothing came of it, leaving her in the 'Who?' category for future BB trivia, even including her stabotage. She's lucky she went early: she might have cracked bad and the chops would get really brutal.

    Paolo Aviles
    30 - Unemployed real estate agent

    Lucky #14 got away before the season began without any secrets exposed or embarrassing incidents to live forever on the web. Her dirty laundry will remain in the hamper, but boobies fans will be forever disappointed and wonder 'what if?'

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    Matt via @BigBrotherHOH: Ragan just proposed to me with a twist-tie ring! What do I say?! I'm so giddy!

    Andrew after fight: Where's my yarmulke?

    Kathy: I'm okay as long as there's no more screaming today

    Andrew to self: This game is tough

    Enzo: It's like a meteorite coming out of my ass, yo

    Enzo about meeting: I just gotta change my shirt cuz I had this on the last house meeting

    Matt about meeting: That was like a C.. last week's was like an A

    Lane: Is alliances good for tv? I mean does America like alliances?

    Lane: It's what men do! Men in Texas go out in their backyards and shave each other's arms, and carry guns

    Ragan: They [BB] need to come up with some new games

    Enzo: If I win tomorrow, I'm putting myself on the block

    from the show:
    Lane: I didn't know Jewish guys wore ninja outfits when they pray

    Lane: We might be bored and want to go shoot a turtle


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    Makeout pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    Sex event pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    House meetings: 2

    Major fights: 1
    Andrew vs Kristen

    Deaths: 4 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 of 3 shows
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals
    -Rachel the waitress chemist
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    'The View' mentions: 1
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 3
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika
    Rachel & BB2/7 Boogie's pal/biz partner
    Matt & BB8 Joe

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


    Big Brother 12
    I'm hoping for some killer matches

    Big Brother 11
    Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
    Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0
    Big Brother 10
    No title events
    Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
    Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
    Round 3, BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Big Brother 8
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
    Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
    Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1
    Big Brother 7 All-Stars
    BBQ training sabbatical
    Big Brother 6
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0
    Big Brother 5
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
    Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
    Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Nakomis 0, CBS 0

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